913 - Palace Lord Ye returns?

Chapter 913, Palace Lord Ye returns? 


“What does that mean? A threat?” Liu Gelao couldn’t help slamming the table, standing up abruptly. 

“You guys have done something wrong, yet you came to question us? Do you think the lives of my Heaven Wasteland people are worthless?” 

“Exactly, one pays a life with one's life, don't tell me that Chief Supervisor Li Wanhai does not understand this simple rule?” 

Li Wanhai's attitude, which was arrogant and aggressive, had immediately infuriated all the important officials of the empire that were present.

Li Wanhai simply sneered, without even casting a glance at those people. 

To tell the truth, he indeed did not take the so-called important courtiers of the empire seriously at all. To him they were just a group of frogs. Although they might have a bit of a status in Heaven Wasteland Domain, but in the Vast Thousand Domains they were just nobody, right? Li Wanhai, who had traveled across many domains, was seen as a distinguished guest to all. Even the Prince of the Dragon Blood imperial court, which had been suppressing Heaven Wasteland Domain to a miserable state in the recent period, also only had equal status to him. In his eyes, the present Heaven Wasteland Domain was nothing but a little village. If there was someone that he feared in the entire Heaven Wasteland Domain then it would be the murderous demon Ye Qingyu. 

Li Wanhai felt that he had already given enough face to the stupid and ignorant imperial officials of the empire by coming in person today.

“Chief Supervisor Li Wanhai, this is indeed no small matter, wait until I inform Her Majesty...” Lin Zheng also did not want to tear open the face of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce.  

But Li Wanhai coldly sneered, interrupting Lin Zheng, “Well, Lord Lin Zheng, I do not have time to haggle with you, the reason you are delaying this is just to get more benefits. Haha, how about this, from the offer before, the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce is willing to add another one percent, and this will be the end of the matter, and we will both be happy.” 

When Li Wanhai finished and saw that Lin Zheng gave no response, his eyes flashed and he added, “As for the families of the three lowly servants, they are making a clamour, but that's only because of greed. You do not have to worry, my Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce have our own way to seal their mouth. I have seen too many of these unruly people... I also must advise you guys that gratitude and contentment are important. My Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce has already backed down, don’t be too greedy and try to swallow an elephant. To tell you the truth, your Heaven Wasteland Empire does not have much qualifications to bargain with my Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce.”

He had directly spoken out his conditions. 

Upon hearing these words, the faces of the important officials all darkened; however Lin Zheng gently waved his hand, motioning them to restrain their anger. 

For a moment, the atmosphere was silent and tense. 

Lin Zheng slowly sat back down on his mahogany chair, and did not say a word, seemingly pondering about something. 

To tell the truth, Li Wanhai was aggressive and threatening, and it would be a lie if Lin Zheng said that he was not angry. He, who had been sitting firmly on the minister chair for so many years, was not a person that was easy to deal with, nor had he not encountered difficulties before. However, he was still hesitant after weighing the pros and cons of the present matter. There was no clear direction. 

The retreat of Fu Tianao, for the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce, was nothing but a little piece of minced pork. In fact the condition they proposed was more like they were getting rid of a beggar, and it was obvious that the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce looked down on Heaven Wasteland Domain. However the strength of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce did indeed make his threat become very weighty. The loss of the opportunity of cooperation was probably only the first step, that Fu Tianao would most likely not let go of Heaven Wasteland Domain that easily. 

This was the focus of Lin Zheng's hesitation. 

But today if they really did exempt Fu Yan from punishment, then it would be a very bad sign. With this precedent, the other large or small foreign chambers of commerce would follow suit, and Heaven Wasteland Domain would lose its majesty. For Heaven Wasteland Domain, the subsequent situation would gradually spiral out of control, until the authority of the empire was under threat. In less than three years, the cracks accumulated in Heaven Wasteland Empire would lead to the lost hearts and minds of the citizens, and it would be tantamount to the loss of the foundation. In the long term, in less than half a year, the Heaven Wasteland Domain was bound to become a mess. 

In the end, the empire was not strong enough. 

A weak country had no diplomacy to speak of. 

If the strength of Heaven Wasteland Empire were a little stronger, how would the chambers of commerce dare to be so arrogant and domineering? 

Lin Zheng sighed inwardly, suppressing his anger, before he lifted his eyes, and finally spoke, “I already understand the sincerity of the President of your Chamber of Commerce, but this is an important matter, and not something that a little Right Minister could make a decision. I need to report to the Empress before I can give a final answer.”

Lin Zheng wanted to delay the matter for a few more days until the Empress returned, in order to ask for instructions on what to do. 

But Li Wanhai was clearly reluctant to give him any more time. 

His face grew serious, eyes flickering a ferocious light, saying, “Lord Lin Zheng takes care of the political affairs on behalf of the imperial court, how would you not have the authority to take care of a little dispute. Our president has little patience left, I have to hear a reply from you soon, if there is no clear answer by today, then my Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce has no choice but to do something to show our stance. At that time, you people would be on our knees begging the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce for mercy. Haha at that time, it would be too late to regret it.”

The scene suddenly turned serious and biting cold. 

The people present could not suppress their anger any longer.  

Li Wanhai was still smiling coldly. 

At this time--

“Lord, commander Wang Lijin of the Light Palace asks to see you,” another bodyguard came in to inform.


What was he doing here? 

Lin Zheng, Heng Weilin and the other officials were all somewhat puzzled when they heard the report from the bodyguard.

Although they had not met Wang Lijin before, they had heard rumours about him circulating around the imperial capital. 

The fatty was considered as one of the few older courtiers, but also a gambling addict, who had even gambled his official seal. Not many people really had a good opinion of him. Back in the beginning of the empire, the fatty had always been considered the worst among the leading commander figures, and being a disgraceful existence. However, after the Battle of the Light Palace, in which the fatty unbelievably counterattacked, Palace Lord Ye Qingyu had put him into an important position. 

But when everyone thought that the fatty was going to correct himself and start a new life, he went back to his old ways in the shortest possible time, and was once again addicted to gambling, becoming how he used to be in the past.

So the fatty's assessment in the imperial capital was not particularly good.

Fortunately, the fatty rarely fooled around, hardly left the Light City, and had never harmed other troops. Thus, Lin Zheng and the others did not control him. Moreover, he was a trusted aide of Palace Lord Ye Qingyu. 

But why did he come here today all of a sudden? 

Everybody had a dazed look of bewilderment. 

“Let him in,” Lin Zheng responded in a loud voice after a thought. 

Although there was a problem with his character, he was still the Commander of the Soldiers camp of the Light City, as well as being Ye Qingyu's trusted aide. Thus he must not treat him with disrespect.

Soon, a chubby figure appeared in the main hall.  

“Hey... Lord Lin Zheng, Lord Liu Gelao, and other Lords, long time no see!” Wearing the same disreputable and obsequious smile, he acted out his distinctive character. The commander of the Light camp had profound strength, but could not control his very large body. He was clad in an armour that did not fit his body, and seemed to have rushed here in a hurry. His armour was not dressed neatly, and was a bit breathless.

And in his hand, he was carrying an extremely exquisite-looking black lacquer box. It was unknown what was in the box but he wore the most mysterious expression. 

Long time no see?! 

Heng Weilin did not know whether to laugh or cry. 

Although Lord Ye Qingyu had a well-known reputation, he had not been fortunate enough to meet him. However, he had encountered the fat commander of Light City many times before. As a result the fatty was being a little too overly familiar with him. 

 Lin Zheng cast a glimpse at Li Wanhai, saw that a little irritated look came over his face, gently sighed, and turned to say to Wang Lijin, “Commander Wang Lijin, what are you looking for me for?” 

“Oh, actually, I'm not here to see you, but to find a little guy called Li Wanhai, is he here?” Fatty rolled his eyes. He clearly saw Li Wanhai, yet pretended to not have noticed him. 

“You're looking for me? Who are you?” Li Wanhai found it infuriating to be addressed as ‘little guy’. But he did not know about the identity of Wang Lijin, and also did not care, casting disdainful sidelong glances at him. 

“Oh, oh, so you're that Li Wanhai who has an exaggerated opinion of your own abilities? Haha, the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce is very remarkable. When I was outside I thought I heard a dog barking inside, but it was you.” Wang Lijin smiled insincerely, his body trembling as he spoke. It was unknown whether he was nervous or excited, but the fat that were covered tightly in armour were shaking uncontrollably. 

Li Wanhai almost erupted. 

Instead of arguing with the fatty, he turned to Lin Zheng and snapped, “Lord Lin Zheng, this fat man is one of your people of the Heaven Wasteland Empire? If this piece of fat is still alive after one hour, your Heaven Wasteland Domain doesn't even need to think about getting the support of our Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce, you choose.” 

Lin Zheng and others felt great when they heard fatty scold Li Wanhai, but also knew that now was not the time to act brave, since it would only make the situation worse.

“Lord Wang Lijin, what are you here for today? If there is nothing, why don’t you leave first?” Lin Zhen tried to act as peacemaker. 

Fatty grinned. “Of course I have something, and something big, did I not say that I’m here to find that Li Wanhai thing who uses his position to bully others... Hey, so that old boy is Li Wanhai. Great, old boy, listen up, I am the commander of Light City of Heaven Wasteland Empire, Wang Lijin. Today I am here on the orders of the Lord of my Palace, to specially come bring you a gift. Hehe, take it. I bet you'll be happy with the gift.”  

As fatty was speaking, he handed over the black lacquer box. 

Li Wanhai was taken aback. 

But Lin Zheng and others all sprang up, face lit up with excitement. 

Lord Ye Qingyu? 

Lord Ye Qingyu of the Light Palace?!  

The Lord Ye Qingyu that the fatty had mentioned would not be anyone else. Could it be... could it be that Lord Ye Qingyu was back?

The courtiers were all bursting with excitement——

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