912 - Arrogant threat

Chapter 912, Arrogant threat


“What? Another ten sects are injured? It has only been five days since the previous news!” 

“Qin Zhishui, the City Lord of Matchless Blade City, also lost to that person, and is said to be badly injured... Sigh, this Qin Zhishui is Palace Lord Ye Qingyu's best friend. It would be great if Palace Lord Ye Qingyu were in Snow Capital now. Given his strength, he could easily deal with that damn Wen Fusheng.”  

“Ever since he came to our Heaven Wasteland Domain, he had wounded and killed at least eight hundred of the top experts... The martial world of Heaven Wasteland Domain soon won’t be able to lift their heads.”

“According to our previous investigation, that Wen Fusheng is most likely using a false name. It is unknown where he is from, but his strength is at least at the Immortal Step realm. Adding to this, he is ruthless and arrogant. He challenged other martial artists to a duel and threatened to defeat all sects of the major Demon clans and Human Race all over Heaven Wasteland Domain. He wants to flip Heaven Wasteland Domain upside down. Moreover, every time someone takes up the challenge, they were beaten half dead and kicked off the stage.”

“If this continues, the experts of Heaven Wasteland Domain would be crushed to its lowest, and unable to rise again...” 

Lin Zheng carefully checked the official document, then said to the young imperial strategic adviser, “Shang Rui, let the other courtiers know about the information on the official document.” 

“Yes!” The young adviser responded with a cupped fist salute, turned to face the other courtiers, and spoke in a serious tone of voice, “Since yesterday, nobody has dared to take up Wen Fusheng's challenge. He had put out the words that if no experts of Heaven Wasteland Domain show up within three days, then he will call the experts of Heaven Wasteland martial world... as sick dogs of Heaven Wasteland.”



An uproar broke out.

In the world of martial arts, it was a great insult to the domain to call the experts sick dogs.

“Is there no one in Heaven Wasteland Domain who can compete with him?” Elder Liu Gelao was boiling with rage. 

Shang Rui shook his head, “Lord Liu Gelao, please calm down, there are experts in Heaven Wasteland Domain, but there aren’t many who could win against Wen Fusheng. Lord Hu Yu and the Demon King of the Snow Ground Demon Court Lord Yan Buhui all have the power to win against him. But, that Wen Fusheng is challenging the people of major sects, and it is obviously against the martial arts rules if a King of a foreign race or an expert of the empire took the challenge. He will take the opportunity to criticize us.” 

Lin Zheng nodded, evidently agreeing with Shang Rui’s analysis. 

As an imperial strategic adviser, Shang Rui was a person of outstanding talent of the younger generation. He was good at what he does, had a rare calm mind, and was not fickle or impatient. He was a young official who Lin Zheng had personally cultivated. 

“The impact of this matter should not be underestimated, especially since it is related to the affairs of the sects. It seems that it will need to be reported to Her Majesty for her to make a decision.” Lin Zheng put the official document aside. 

Then he took another two documents from the thick stack of files next to the table, unfolded them one by one. Scrunching up his brows and rubbing his temples, he then continued, “There are two matters in the recent reports that are very strange. I think there is some connection between the two, but for the moment, I can't figure it out. Since you are here today, let’s discuss it together, feel free to express your views.” 

“The matter that Minister Lin is talking about, could it be regarding the disappearance of the Brute Race of the northwest territory?” Liu Gelao suddenly thought of something.  

“Elder Liu Gelao is right. The Chi Wasteland Brute Race within the northwest barbarian territories is only a small tribe with less than ten thousand people, and has been living along the five thousand kilometers of west boundary of the northwest territory. There are no other races around within a thousand kilometer radius, so there has never been an expedition, and there is no news of an epidemic. They can be said to stand aloof from worldly affairs, but ten days ago they have disappeared mysteriously. The empire had sent people to check, and found that not only were there no signs of living beings, even the houses have gone missing. This really is too bizarre.” Lin Zheng again looked at the scrolls of documents in front of him, still finding it strange. 

“The other matter that Lord is referring to that is associated with this, could it have something to do with another super Chamber of Commerce, the Engraved Cauldron Chamber of Commerce?” Shang Rui immediately reacted. “Lord thinks that this matter has something to do with the Engraved Cauldron Chamber of Commerce?” 

Lin Zheng nodded, turning to look at the courtiers again, “I believe everyone have seen the official document that the Engraved Cauldron Chamber of Commerce submitted the day before. They proposed to buy the usage rights to the five thousand kilometers of west boundary of the northwest territory for one hundred years. Not only did they offer a very high price, but also promised to share ten percent of profits to the Heaven Wasteland imperial court. They said that the area was the former encampment of the Chi Brute Race. These two matters can’t just be a coincidence.” 

“Minister Lin's worries are reasonable, thousands of kilometers of the northwest territory are barren land, where there are no resources. Why do they have to offer such a high price to buy the land, but also only request for one hundred years of usage rights. Don’t tell me they plan to open up land for agriculture and forestation?”

“These chambers of commerce all come to Heaven Wasteland Domain to rake in money, they would not have plans of forestation and land creation.” 

“The boundary they were going to buy happened to be the place where the Chi Wasteland Brute Race, who had disappeared overnight, lived. I do believe that there is something fishy in this matter.” 

The several courtiers were furious again.

As soon as the Chi Wasteland Brute Race had disappeared, the Engraved Cauldron Chamber of Commerce proposed to buy their land. It was too coincidental. 

The disappearance of the entire Chi Wasteland Brute Race was too bizarre, and the true intention of the Engraved Cauldron Chamber of Commerce was also too hard to fathom. However, there was one thing that was certain: things would not be as simple as it seems. There must be a great secret, otherwise the Engraved Cauldron Chamber of Commerce would not have offered such a generous price. Businessmen always pursue profits and benefits. They had invested so much, thus the expected harvest must be even greater. That was why Lin Zheng had been slow to respond. 

Everybody felt a headache coming on. The complexity of the situation was more terrifying than predicted. 

It was at this moment that there was a sudden movement in the hallway of the side palace hall. 

A bodyguard darted over and knelt down.  

“Lord, Li Wanhai, the chief supervisor of the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce asks to see you,” the bodyguard informed loudly. 

Following this remark, all the discussions in the hall came to an abrupt end. 

All the officials glanced at each other. They obviously understood what Li Wanhai’s purpose of coming here was.  

Lin Zheng maintained an indifferent expression, neither swiftly nor slowly put away the two documents in front to the original place, and then responded, “Invite him in.”

After a while, two figures came in from the outside. 

The first who strode in was a man who looked around forty or fifty years old and was very broad. He had a beard that seemed to have been trimmed with a sword, and his lips were thin and pale. There was constantly a hint of sharpness and shrewdness emitting from his eyes. He was dressed in a dark purple silk robe, with a white-jade hat crowning his head and a tassel made of gold and silver threads and jade beads, exuding a noble air. 

He was followed by a seventeen- to eighteen-year-old attendant, whose hair was bunched up and dressed in a blue-grey plain cotton robe.

Some of the important courtiers that were present had followed Lin Zheng to welcome Li Wanhai before, including Heng Weilin and Shang Rui. Thus they naturally recognied him with one glance, while it was the first time that the others saw the members of the legendary Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce that were stationed in Heaven Wasteland Domain, and unconsciously studied him a little longer. 

Li Wanhai was not a simple person. 

As one of the trusted aides of Fu Tianao, he had taken on the role of chief supervisor of the encampment site in Heaven Connect City for more than one hundred years, and held and exercised power and control to all large and small affairs in the encampment. Since Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce was settled in Heaven Wasteland Domain, Fu Tianao had send him over for the purpose of maximizing benefits in the shortest time possible, as well as investigate the feasibility of the manufacture of heavy weapons in Heaven Wasteland Domain. 

For the super-large chambers of commerce, businesses such as agriculture, forestry and livestock only returned little sprofits, and to be able to work with the rulers in the domain, monopolizing the manufacture of weapons and battleships was the real “fat sheep” that they wanted to swallow.

Therefore, since Li Wanhai had come to Heaven Wasteland Domain, in addition to sweeping the market at the fastest speed, and the implementation of resource exchange, he also had to constantly investigate the strength of Heaven Wasteland Domain, to ensure that the news obtained will become the bargaining chips in future negotiations with the Heavenly Wasteland imperial court. 

Lin Zheng was naturally aware of this matter. 

But he did not intervene. 

First of all, although they had never left Heaven Wasteland Domain, the opening of the Domain Gate had allowed them to touch upon a little of the information and channels from all sides, as well as the conduct and actions of these super chambers of commerce. The manufacture of heavy weapons and airships was indeed what Heaven Wasteland Domain lacked and most urgently needed. If these super-large chambers of commerce could really bring them resources, then it was worth investing a little more. 

In the main hall. 

Li Wanhai cast a disdainful glance at the courtiers of the Heaven Wasteland Empire, and gave smile. He did not bow nor did he say a word. 

After a few minutes of silence.  

A small smile pulled the corners of Lin Zheng’s mouth, he slowly got up, and said indifferently, “Chief Supervisor Li Wanhai has to deal with numerous affairs every day, I did not expect you come to my humble home. What is the matter?” 

Li Wanhai gave a faint smile upon hearing this and answered frankly, “The reason I came here, I believe Minister Lin and the others already know. My family’s young master had stayed in the residence for several days, and the imperial guards had not retreated a single step. Today I came to remind Lord Lin that young master has no patience left anymore, and ask you to give an order to withdraw your troops. Otherwise, once young master strikes back, the next thing that may happen is not something I can control, and not something you can take responsibility for.” 

There was an undisguised threat in his tone of voice.  

“The outcome of this matter is of great importance and is not something that can be decided in a moment. I ask Chief Supervisor Li Wanhai to wait a few more days.” Lin Zheng did not seemed to be enraged by him, his expression was still calm and imposing. “I will inform Her Majesty, and ask Her Majesty to make a decision. Soon there will be an outcome. Chief Supervisor Li Wanhai, please be patient.” 

“Oh, wait patiently? Young master has most likely run out of patience.” Li Wanhai smiled. “These days, I have been trying to pacify young master with the cooperation between the Sky Suppressing Chamber of Commerce and Heaven Wasteland Domain, so that he temporarily stays in the residence and does not cause trouble. Only then can we live together in harmony, but you are not giving face to our chamber of commerce. If it goes on like this, then forgive me for not being able to take our cooperation into consideration.”

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