910 - Return to Heaven Wasteland Domain

Chapter 910 - Return to Heaven Wasteland Domain


When everyone got to their knees in unison, that moment also signified that all those small disturbances around Heaven Wasteland Building in the recent days would come to a complete halt.

This did not end in the way that Ling Xiangqu and the rest of the temporary commercial alliance had anticipated.

The martial arts lunatic Ye Qingyu had used a violent slap to put an end to everything.

This slap had also broken up the fragile commercial alliance in the shortest possible time and also forced those representatives of the chambers of commerce who had unilaterally broken their cooperative agreement with Heaven Wasteland Domain to realize that not every mistake would be forgiven and even if they tried to compensate for their mistakes, their compensation might not be accepted. Most importantly, they now realized that Heaven Wasteland Domain was unlike the average new domain and they would be forced to pay a high price if they tried to bully or treat Heaven Wasteland Domain with contempt.

Therefore, no one dared to object when Ling Xiangqu and that young disciple who had been injured in their attempt to gain sympathy were forcibly removed by the white-robed divine guards.

Those two people ultimately knelt once more in front of the Heaven Wasteland Building to acknowledge their mistakes, then they quickly disappeared with no further thoughts of revenge.

They could only hope that Heaven Wasteland Domain would show them mercy and not come after them retroactively and that Heaven Wasteland Domain would forget all about them, as if they were discarded trash.

Those representatives of the various chambers of commerce who had supported Ling Xiangqu earlier trembled helplessly like ducklings that were trapped in a storm.

Fortunately, Ye Qingyu's status had been elevated so high that he would not deal with them individually any longer.

If not for the fact that Ling Xiangqu had gone too far, he would not have appeared at all. He hoped that Great Dragon Turtle Demon and the others would be able to handle everything appropriately without his help. After all, these were the people who had to manage Heaven Wasteland Building in the future and he would not be able to help them settle their problems each time.

Wu Yuan and Qian Jin were also amongst the crowd and they did not even dare to breathe loudly.

This was Qian Jin's first sighting of Ye Qingyu and this was also the first time this young merchant apprentice witnessed the attitude and aura of a true expert. At the moment, Qian Jin suddenly had an inkling why the Alliance of Domains chose to stand with Ye Qingyu instead of supporting the Dragon Human Race's declaration of war. The young Qian Jin was suddenly conscious of his insignificance and shallowness. All his arrogance and conceit in the past instantly collapsed when he saw this young man in white who was even several years younger than him.

Wu Yuan felt the same way.

He was born as a lower-class peasant and built his massive business from scratch which meant that he was also considered a rare talent. He had met countless talents and ambitious men, and weathered through all kinds of crises, but this was the first time he had met a person of such high-quality. After he saw Ye Qingyu in real life and at such close proximity, he felt that Ye Qingyu did not look like his portrait in the formation hologram at all. Some people were born with an innate aura and would be destined to live in the spotlight and rise far above the common people. He saw all these qualities in Ye Qingyu.

Wu Yuan was immensely relieved that he made the right choice.

Soon, he heard Ye Qingyu call out his name.

"Chairman Wu Yuan, what a pleasant surprise to see you here." Ye Qingyu's face broke into a smile as he greeted Wu Yuan. "Why are you still outside? Please come in. Apologies, we had to attend to a small matter earlier and have not shown you the hospitality that you deserve."

Wu Yuan had not expected the deputy spokesperson of the Human Race to remember his name and was even more surprised when Ye Qingyu singled him out. He was stunned into silence and he only reacted when Qian Jin nudged him lightly. He quickly greeted Ye Qingyu in response.

Ye Qingyu said a few more words of pleasantries, then he walked out of Heaven Wasteland Building along with the four white-robed divine guards.

This was enough for the other chambers of commerce to look at Wu Yuan with envy and jealousy.

They could all tell that although Ye Qingyu had only made a few perfunctory remarks and did not mention that Wu Yuan would be entitled to any special treatment, it was obvious that Wu Yuan's chamber of commerce would enjoy a smooth road ahead when entering the Heaven Wasteland Domain market. They went crazy at the thought of how much his chamber of commerce could stand to profit and benefit from this.

The meetings continued.

Ye Qingyu's actions were to establish a clear principle for Great Dragon Turtle Demon and the others to follow – Heaven Wasteland Domain could not be humiliated. If anyone dared to humiliate Heaven Wasteland Domain, their stance must remain firm, regardless of who they faced or how many they faced.

This made the negotiation and agreement processes that they were about to handle next a lot easier.

No one else dared to create a scene.

The news spread quickly.

This caused a stir in Heaven Connect City and everyone realized how firm this new deputy spokesperson of the Human Race was.

Ye Qingyu arrived at the congress divine temple of the Alliance of Domains together with the four white-robed divine guards. Then, he completed the final part of his induction process and visited Tang Chong before he left.

Twenty-one days had passed since Ren Puyang left Heaven Connect City.

It would be a long while before the spokesperson of the Human Race returned and there was still no news from him.

The other leader of the white-robed divine guard, Xiao Lin, had also accompanied Ren Puyang on his journey.

Ye Qingyu boarded the airship to return to Heaven Wasteland Building and along the journey, a sense of pride and determination welled up in him as he looked at the rows of buildings in Heaven Connect City and the magnificent scene below.

The path ahead is like a wall of iron, yet with firm strides, he would conquer its summit.

He knew that he was starting to reap some of the results from his hard work.

Heaven Wasteland Building would no longer face any issues.

However, he guessed that there might still be some conflict at Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Therefore, he planned to return to Heaven Wasteland Domain immediately.

For some reason, he had a feeling that something big was about to happen.

He would have to make certain preparations.

Then, he would be able to swim against the current and emerge victorious.

Three days later.

Snow Capital, Heaven Wasteland Domain -

As the capital of Heaven Wasteland Empire, since they had opened their doors and passed the grading assessment, Snow Capital was many times more lively than it had been a year ago.

The entire Heaven Wasteland Empire functioned like a well-oiled engine and everything was well-organized.

The Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps had already returned to Heaven Wasteland Empire.

Empress Wuzhao, Yu Xiaoxing returned to rule authoritatively over the land.

However, since the Chaotic Windstorm, Empress Yu Xiaoxing had taken a serious hit. Thereafter, she had been so busy with the grading process at Heaven Connect City that she did not have the time to quietly cultivate in peace which resulted in her foundation being damaged and left her feeling exhausted all the time. Since her return to Heaven Wasteland Domain, she had been inundated with a deluge of government affairs to handle and found that she was struggling to handle the demand on her. Therefore, two weeks ago, she decided to cultivate in self-isolation and delegated the Minister of the Right, Lin Zheng, to handle the affairs at court and appointed several prominent ministers and military officials to support him.

Early in the morning.

The golden rays of sunlight splashed down and a gentle breeze swept through the area.

This was early spring and despite the chill, it was bursting with life everywhere.

The officials had gathered at the side palace hall of the residence of the Minister of the Right.

Lin Zheng sat on a wooden armchair made of rosewood and frowned slightly as he browsed through several specially marked document scrolls.

Dozens of officials from the empire were seated along two rows of seats. A large majority of officials were of the Human Race and some were senior officials who had worked since the era of the old emperor of the Snow Emperor, while some were younger advisers who Lin Zheng had appointed from the various races and who he had taken pains to groom.

There were many government affairs to handle and Lin Zheng had not slept for three days and nights. He had summoned these officials late at night the day before for a meeting and these officials all held several official papers each and were discussing in hushed whispers while frowning deeply.

The citizens of the domain had greatly benefited since Heaven Wasteland Domain had passed the grading and opened up its Domain Gate to the other domains.

Heaven Wasteland was a new domain and had been cut off from the main civilizations of the Vast Thousand Domains for a long time. They were already lagging far behind as compared to the development of the Vast Thousand Domains, so after they opened their Domain Gates, everyone in the empire hoped to establish economic and trade relations with the other domains as well as the major cities along the Road of Chaos to propel their own development.

Heaven Wasteland Domain had its own advantages. It was naturally blessed with rich resources and everything was in its primitive form which resulted in unlimited potential for its resources. It also had mineral products that were only exclusively found in Heaven Wasteland as well as herbs, divine items for cultivation and many others – these were all fortunes that others in the foreign domains could only dream of.

There was also one point that Lin Zheng and the other heads at the imperial court was most concerned about – After Heaven Wasteland Domain permitted foreign domains and forces to establish representative stations, these domains and forces would naturally bring along their own martial arts experts of the various races which would bring up the standards of the domain's martial way education. A domain's ranking in the Vast Thousand Domains was determined by its overall martial arts development. One person alone would not be able to accomplish much but if they could bring up the standards of the entire domain martial arts development, only then would they be able to increase the status of their domain and reinforce their own defensive abilities.

The citizens of Heaven Wasteland Domain felt extremely excited because of all these benefits opening up the domain would bring and the developments they witnessed happening.

However, the problems that arose slowly came to the fore.

A large majority of the forces and chambers of commerce that entered the domain came with the motive to earning the maximum gains and were sincerely willing to cooperate, but they showed no reverence to the living creatures of Heaven Wasteland Domain and no respect to Heaven Wasteland Empire. They had a superiority complex, so there were some who bore ill-will toward Heaven Wasteland Domain among those.

Furthermore, despite Ye Qingyu being so well-known throughout the Vast Thousand Domains and having so much authority, there were still many forces with ulterior motives that plotted against him secretly. These forces were also waiting for an opportunity to stir up trouble.

In a short period of time, many problems and friction between the outsiders and the citizen occurred.

This was the cause of Lin Zheng and the other officials' troubles.

Lin Zheng and the other officials at court frantically dealt with all these people and the troubles they had caused which left them completely exhausted.

Fifteen minutes later.

Lin Zheng slowly put down the scroll in his hand wearily and looked at his colleagues who were equally worried. Then, he slowly said, "Let's exchange views on your thoughts in relation to these matters."

The court officials looked at each other in dismay and at the moment, no one knew where to start.

"My lord, I think the most pressing issue right now is the matter relating to Zhen Tian Chamber of Commerce," a young official said in a clear voice as he stood up from the crowd and clasped his hands together in greeting. He looked like he was in his twenties and had a handsome face. He exuded a unique elegance and his brows reflected his firm character. He was wearing the blue robes with silver patterns of a remonstrance official. 

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