906 - Explosive News

Chapter 906 - Explosive News


The moment the news got out, the feverish atmosphere in Heaven Connect City quickly began to cool.

In the beginning, many people did not believe the news and headed to the Heaven Wasteland Building to see for themselves. They were all left astonished by what they saw.

The news spread like wildfire and the disciples of various forces gathered together and went toward Heaven Connect City from all across the land. They either stood along the main streets or remained hidden in the dark from afar as they observed the four white-robed divine guards who stood guard in front of the representative station. Disbelief was written all over their faces, and after they looked again to confirm that they were not seeing things, they secretly committed the faces of the four divine guards to memory, then hurriedly rushed back to their own representative stations to report the news.

This cycle of people coming and going kept repeating for a period of fewer than two hours.

The various malicious characters who had been stirring up trouble in front of the Heaven Wasteland Building over the past few days hesitated to make their way forward. They were not being so aggressive for the time being.

At that moment, shock and astonishment broke out all across the land with all sorts of gossip swirling around the Heaven Wasteland Building.

"What is going on? Why are the white-robed divine guards guarding the Heaven Wasteland Building? Am I seeing things?"

"This doesn't make any sense. The white-robed divine guards are controlled by the Alliance of Domains, no one should be able to hire them for private use. This has been the case throughout history. Why are they guarding the Heaven Wasteland Building then? I heard that these are the men sent by Tang Chong. Has he gone mad? Is he not afraid that the upper echelon of the Alliance will come after him? Tang Chong has become rather famous in recent years as one of the outstanding younger-generation divine guards and it's widely agreed that he has limitless potential. Is he not afraid that his actions will cost him his future?"

"Isn't it possible that he might be acting on the orders of the spokesperson of the Human Race?"

"Ren Puyang? That idea is even more ludicrous. Ren Puyang is known for being incorruptible and he would never wield his authority in such a manner. Although Mister Ren Puyang was rumored to think highly of Ye Qingyu, I don't think that it could be to this extent, right? Even if he has a high opinion of Ye Qingyu, sending divine guards over would not protect him, but instead, it would harm him and fan the flames even more. I highly doubt someone of Mister Ren Puyang's character and integrity would do such a thing…"

"Could there be some secret behind this?"

"It would definitely be something that we are not aware of… What could it be?"

This sudden turn of events made almost all the forces sink into deep contemplation. The news that Ye Qingyu would soon become Ren Puyang's deputy had yet to be disseminated and was only known by a select few in the upper echelon of the Alliance of Domains. So all these forces, both large and small, were not able to figure out what was happening. This was especially so of the forces with ulterior motives that had already conducted checks on the identities of the four guards outside the representative station after receiving news from their spies.

At first, some had assumed that the Heaven Wasteland Building was so crazy that they must have hired people to pose as white-robed divine guards. However, they were shocked to find out that upon further investigation, these white-robed divine guards were not just any ordinary white-robed divine guards, but they were elite guards and were all high-ranking guards led personally by Ren Puyang.

What could be happening?

No one was able to make sense of the situation.

However, one thing was clear.

Not one force or person would be able to cause a scene in front of the Heaven Wasteland Building again.

Any place where white-robed divine guards were stationed was considered to be under the protection of the Alliance of Domains. If anyone dared to challenge their authority, it would be the equivalent of opposing the Alliance of Domains. In a place like Heaven Connect City, where the headquarters of the Alliance of Domains was located, no one would be mad enough to challenge their authority because that would be like courting death.

The Heaven Wasteland Building did not issue any statement in spite of the gossip that swirled around.

Thus, no one else came forward to cause a scene in front of the representative station and those representatives of the various forces observing the situation also retreated on their own accord.

Peace was restored to the Heaven Wasteland Building.

Five days later—

The white-robed divine guard, Tang Chong, personally visited the Heaven Wasteland Building and brought news of the developments regarding Ye Qingyu's conferment procedure.

In the quiet room of the Heaven Wasteland Building—

"Lord Ye Qingyu, the procedures have all been completed. All you have to do is to head to the Congress of the Alliance of Domains to be formally inducted." Tang Chong saluted him respectfully.

He had to treat him respectfully.

Although his status in the Human Race camp at the Alliance of Domains was extremely high, and together with Xiao Lin, they were the right and left-hand men of Ren Puyang, from this day on, Ye Qingyu would be Ren Puyang's deputy. This meant that Ye Qingyu's status would only be second to Ren Puyang. Despite the fact that Ye Qingyu would not have any definitive authority, this nominal title was more than enough to demonstrate his status. Furthermore, after being by Ren Puyang's side for such a long time, he knew for a fact how much effort Ren Puyang put into developing Ye Qingyu, and he was also aware of Ye Qingyu's heaven-defying abilities. If all went according to plan, Ye Qingyu would shoot to fame. Thus, Tang Chong and Xiao Lin shared the same thought—which was to make sure that they were on good terms with Ye Qingyu before he truly rose to fame.

"Many thanks for your help during this period, Divine Guard Tang Chong," Ye Qingyu thanked him with a smile.

He was aware that without Tang Chong's help, the conferment procedures would not have been processed so smoothly and effectively.

Then, Ye Qingyu accompanied Tang Chong out of the representative station, and as countless pairs of eyes watched, they boarded the airship and headed toward the congress divine temple of the Alliance of Domains.

This set off another round of chatter.

Every living creature who was paying attention to the situation could already tell that their doubts were about to be cleared up soon. The truth behind the situation would be revealed soon enough.

Time flew by.

Everyone was on tenterhooks.

That very afternoon, the news released from the congress divine temple of the Alliance of Domains spread like wildfire throughout all of Heaven Connect City.

Ye Qingyu has been formally appointed as the third deputy of Ren Puyang.

Everyone was dumbfounded by the news.

"The third deputy?"

"Did he become the third deputy of Ren Puyang?"

"How can this be possible?"

"What kind of person is Ren Puyang?"

He was one of the prominent lords of the Alliance of Domains. In his earlier days, he was an invincible talent and was one of the most outstanding talents in the Human Race apart from [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]. Since he became the spokesperson of the Human Race and managed all matters concerning the Human Race, he had both a powerful authority and status. In other words, Ren Puyang's status even surpassed the sect leaders and patriarchs of these super forces.

It also could be said that in the Vast Thousand Domains, his words carried absolute power and authority in matters related to the Human Race.

Now, what kind of person was Ye Qingyu?

In positive terms, he could be considered the leader of a tiny new domain, but in negative terms, he was the killing demon whom everyone hated. He had offended the Dragon Human Race and was in a precarious position.

Yet, this person had suddenly been appointed as the deputy to Ren Puyang, the prominent human. It was extremely baffling.

It was even more legendary than legends and more miraculous than miracles could be.

What was this called?

A counterattack?

Or was it the rise of Ye Qingyu?

At the moment, the feelings of the upper echelon of countless forces were extremely complicated and they did not know how to react.

Yet, this was the truth.

Whether or not they were willing to believe it or would be able to accept it, they were all aware that this news would turn the tide around irrevocably. Ye Qingyu's status had changed tremendously. If he had been a lone ranger in the past, now Ye Qingyu was completely untouchable. Whoever wanted to harm him would first have to seriously reconsider their options.

There was also a deeper meaning behind Ye Qingyu's appointment as the third deputy.

This was also what the major forces feared.

Everyone within the major cities along the Road of Chaos knew that in order for a title to be conferred within the Alliance of Domains, especially the title of the deputy to the spokesperson of a super race like the Human Race, this important decision and confirmation had to be agreed on by the Alliance of Domains. It was not something that could be decided by one person or one force. This rule had been in place since the formation of the Alliance of Domains, which meant that the various leaders of the major races had come to an agreement after many rounds of discussion before this news was formally released under the name of the Alliance.

In other words, this was the decision of the entire Alliance of Domains.

The entire Alliance of Domains had agreed to appoint Ye Qingyu as the third deputy of the Human Race.

There was still a tremendous gap between the deputy and the leader, but from this day on, this meant that the entire Alliance of Domains would support Ye Qingyu.

How did things turn out this way?

No one could figure it out.

This news spread like wildfire in the shortest time possible, and after it left everyone in the city reeling, it spread at an equally frenzied pace across the other major cities.

Since the formal announcement was released, Heaven Connect City was obviously the first city to be sent reeling. Those within the city who did not think highly of Ye Qingyu or the Heaven Wasteland Domain felt completely stunned and baffled. The first wave of gossip swept through the town furiously as everyone tried to guess what exactly this appointment meant, and soon afterward, this became the hottest topic on the streets and amongst the major sects.

"I must be dreaming. What is going on?"

"This is a shocking new development."

"Didn't I tell you a few days ago that someone would come out to protect the [Ice Sword Killing God]. Today's news proves that I was right after all!"

"You are too naive. This is no longer a simple matter of someone protecting him. Since this was a notice released by the Alliance of Domains, this means that the prominent men within the Alliance of Domains are all on his side. He has obtained the protection of the entire Alliance of Domains!"

"How exactly did he do it? Not only did he turn the tide, but he also obtained the support of the various spokespersons of the other races to be promoted to such a lofty position."

"I must have really been dreaming. This is the most astonishing and explosive piece of news in the past thousands of centuries…"

"I guess we have been looking at it from the wrong angle all along. Now that I think about it, it doesn't matter whether Ye Qingyu has the [Dragonblood Halberd] or not. If he truly managed to kill the retired emperor of the Dragon Human Race, this shows how terrifyingly powerful he is. I'm guessing that he is probably as strong as a Peak-level Great Saint. The Alliance of Domains would not be able to deal with him that easily if he is as strong as I think he is."

"I don't think so. The Heaven Wasteland Domain is only a new domain, which would limit Ye Qingyu's cultivation progress. Furthermore, didn't he almost die when he faced the Black Moon Immortal Palace?"

"That was in the past… Regardless, Ye Qingyu is now the deputy of the spokesperson of the Human Race, which means that with the elevation of his status, everyone who bears him or the Heaven Wasteland Domain any ill-will will need to think twice before they act."

In less than two hours, all sorts of theories and gossip surged through the city like a flood and completely buried the rumors that were related to Ye Qingyu and the Dragon Human Race. 

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