905 - A Lil' Frightening

Chapter 905 A Little Frightening


"That's right, small chambers of commerce like us are just nobodies who simply wanted to help you lower domain people out by cooperating, but who knew that you'd actually offend the Dragon Human Race and cause us to lose nearly everything. We've already endured great pressure and losses, yet you remain shameless enough to pocket our deposits. Do you actually have a conscience?!"

"Indeed! These lower domain bastards mustn't have seen money before. Their behavior is way too disgusting!"

"Sigh, we've truly been tricked to the extent that we can no longer make ends meet. Profiteering thugs like you have cut us right down to the bone... The hundreds of people from my chamber of commerce can't even have full meals anymore, and the elderly are nearly starving to death. This is all your fault. If you have any decency, return our deposits right now!"

"I say, hand over the killing maniac Ye Qingyu first. This lunatic should be tied up and handed over to the Dragon Human Race. He's unworthy of remaining in Heaven Connect City!"

"Not just him. Everyone from the entire Heaven Wasteland Domain should get the f*ck out of Heaven Connect City!"

For some time, countless people furiously hurled abuses. Some were afire with indignation while others cried aloud, railing against the Heaven Wasteland's shamelessness. Even more people among the crowd shouted chants which stirred up the onlookers around them.

More and more figures were drawn over.

About an hour later, as more and more figures were drawn onto the streets surrounding the Heaven Wasteland Building, the conflict between the Heaven Wasteland Domain and the Dragon Human Domain became the focus of the entire Heaven Connect City. The commotion made by the gathering crowd caused even some people who did not actually pass by to hear what was going on and come forth with a mentality of watching the fun.

Suddenly, a commotion broke out among the depths of the crowd, with loud exclamations heard.

The surrounding figures made way one after another.

Several figures dressed in the attire of the Dragon Human Race walked out.

There were six of them in total, including a white-haired old Dragon Human, a young child, and a mother and son. Every one of them had a face of grief and indignation, and was wearing plain-colored clothes. They supported each other's trembling bodies as they slowly made their way to the main entrance of the Heaven Wasteland Building under the gazes of countless pairs of eyes.

People of the Dragon Human Race have finally showed up.

What will they do?

Are they going to charge in and kill out of revenge?

But none of them look like an expert. Their auras are weak. They don't seem to have the capability to charge in and take on Maniac Ye.

Some people were feeling doubtful.

Just then...

"Ye Qingyu, you son of a bitch, get your ass out here. You shamelessly assassinated our old emperor and even dare to act innocent, hiding like a dog in the safety of this building. This world is so unfair. Sadly, we don't have the ability to take revenge. Since we can't kill you, we hope only to die so as to comfort the brave spirit of our old emperor!"

"Even in death, we'll use our blood to color the Heaven Wasteland Building red."

"This is the blood of hatred. Our blood shall not be wasted. One day, the Dragon Human Race will exterminate the bastards of the Heaven Wasteland Domain. Hahaha, we respectfully await the arrival of Maniac Ye in the netherworld!"

The six of them yelled impassionedly in front of the Heaven Wasteland Building.

Their voices were swiftly followed by two or three loud blares.

Bam bam bam!

Under the watch of countless eyes, they knocked themselves on the walls of the Heaven Wasteland Building, instantly causing their brains to burst apart and splatter. As fresh blood dyed the lower halves of the walls red, these people became devoid of breath.

Countless people were promptly dumbfounded.

Nobody had expected something like this to happen.

A hard-to-describe, heroically-tragic aura pervaded the air.

"Look, everyone, the killing devil, Maniac Ye, is so arrogant that he even compelled the citizens of the Dragon Human Race to use death to make their will clear. His evildoing is simply hair-raising!"

"These kind of people are unfit to remain here in Heaven Connect City!"

"F*ck off!"

"Butcher him!"

“Kill him!"

As angry roars were heard among the crowd, flames were fanned and a bloody smell diffused throughout the air. Seeing the bodies of the old, young, and female beings lying on the floor, a popular wrath surged and instantly combusted. A group of beings charged out of nowhere and forcefully smashed a few putrid corpses of spiritual creatures against the four walls of the Heaven Wasteland Building, causing a rotten stench to instantly encircle the station building.

The situation appeared to be spiraling out of control.


In the meeting hall.

The Great Dragon Turtle Demon stood in front of a table with a calm expression as he watched everything that was happening outside without giving any commands.

"My lord, why not let me go out to address them and drive them away? These fools have been led by the nose and feel that the situation isn't messy enough. To think that they'd actually come here to stoke the flames!" An angry-looking Si Yu'an suggested in a low voice.

"That won't do, Brother Si Yu’an. These clownish and despicable behaviors are deliberately trying to enrage us. This being difficult times, we'd give them the chance to whip up public opinion even more if we take action. Perhaps, there's a subsequent series of conspiracies awaiting us." Adviser Xu remained able to provide sensible advice despite having on a saturnine face.

"Indeed, that these people would suddenly gather here is surely premeditated. They want to make things even more difficult for the Heaven Wasteland Domain by causing a bigger mess at the eye of the storm. We mustn't fall for their trap." Registrar Liu nodded as he muttered.

To one side, the Great Dragon Turtle Demon laughed faintly and expressed his agreement with their ideas.

After a brief consideration, he said, "Let them scold, throw things, and even knock themselves dead on the walls if they want. We don't have to stop them or more so to chase them away. If the walls are dirtied, we'll wipe them clean later... Hoho, unfortunately for them, to act weak in front of us is the wrong choice and has even given us an opportunity. Hoho, I believe that many onlooking forces aren't blind and will soon realize who's the one acting pitiful and who's the true victim. Registrar Liu, get your men to secretly observe those representatives who've come to spread rumors and stir trouble. We mustn't let these people off. Find out who they are and record their names on a list. When this storm has passed, we shall make them pay a hundred times higher price when they come forth to request cooperation once more."

Everyone immediately understood his meaning tacitly.

Refusing to cooperate with these forces and chambers of commerce would naturally do more harm than good to the Heaven Wasteland Domain. They certainly did not want the current feelings of resentment to affect the domain's future development, and had their own ideas regarding how to make these groups pay the price for offending the domain.

They knew that the domain had to assert itself appropriately.

The humiliations of today must be compensated a thousand times over by every perpetrator.

In the following days, everything proceeded as Great Dragon Turtle Demon had instructed.

Sergeant Yu personally led five or six guards to guard outside the Heaven Wasteland Building. Whenever they spotted people sent by the Dragon Human Race or representatives who tried to incite the crowd to heap abuse on the Heaven Wasteland Domain, they would neither drive away or obstruct these people regardless of what they did. However, anything damaged by these people would be swiftly repaired and restored to their original condition.

As such, those onlookers with eyes and brains slowly realized what was going on. They gradually took pity on the Heaven Wasteland Building, and saw how no retaliation was taken against the continual abuse. Instead, by quietly enduring everything, it made its weak position apparent. Conversely, the faces of those impassioned and indignant people gradually became hideous like no other.

In the evening, Sergeant Yu returned to the meeting hall and reported back to the guard captain, Si Yu'an.

"Captain Si Yu'an, twenty trouble-making forces, each consisting of twenty people or so, arrived today. The ones who arrived last were each carrying a pot filled with dirty blood which they tossed at the courtyard of our building. These are truly the doings of thugs. To think that these people would be capable of doing such a lowly thing." Sergeant Yu didn't quite understand the plans of his higher-ups and had restrained himself to an extreme. If not for his devotion to his duty, he would probably have led the guards under his command to teach these rogues a proper lesson.

Although Si Yu'an was relatively calmer, a tinge of worry flashed across his eyes nevertheless.

These small fusses might seem insignificant, but there was a chance that, over time, the lies would be repeated enough times to become accepted as truth.

From the look of things, it was necessary to inform the higher-ups as soon as possible and arrange a few countermeasures.


In the Heaven Wasteland Building.

In the quiet room on the fifth floor.

Ye Qingyu, who was sitting cross-legged and attentively gathering qi on a stone bed, suddenly and slowly opened his eyes.

His expression was calm and indifferent while his body was completely spotless, giving him the stateliness of a divine monk who had gained the Dao.

As his ears twitched slightly, he heard something. He thus swept his divine consciousness across several kilometers around him, absorbing everything that happened into his mind. After glancing across briefly, he understood what was happening in the outer world.

"Some rascals are stirring trouble. What a bunch of clowns."

Switching his thoughts, he grabbed hold of the silly dog who was napping all sprawlingly on a soft cushion and muttered a few sentences in its ears.

The silly dog transformed into a beam of flowing light and left the Heaven Wasteland Building.

In the early morning of the second day.

A medium-sized reception airship cut through the clouds and slowly cruised up to the Heaven Wasteland Building. Its pale-golden formations shone like the first rays of dawn and illuminated the five-story building.

Tang Chong, the white-robed divine guard, appeared.

Under the gaze of countless astonished eyes, this extremely-high-status guard commander was personally received by the Great Dragon Turtle Demon. He entered the Heaven Wasteland Building with a smile on his face and only left after an hour or so.

He left behind four people as he departed.

Dressed in the white robes and battle armor of the Alliance of Domains, they were aces among the divine guards.

Instead of leaving together with Tang Chong, they remained standing at the main entrance of the Heaven Wasteland Building as if to guard it, with two of them on each side. Their bodies were as lofty and upright as long spears, while their eyes fiercely watched over the crowd and passers-by in the surroundings.

Judging from their looks, they were clearly under orders to protect the Heaven Wasteland Building.

For some time, everyone was astonished like never before.

First, the Divine Guard Commander, Tang Chong, had made a high-profile appearance and was seen laughing and joking with the Great Dragon Turtle Demon, who was in charge of the Heaven Wasteland Building. After he left, white-robed divine guards were actually placed in charge of protecting the Heaven Wasteland Building... The information disclosed by these sightings was plentiful indeed.

It was a little frightening. 

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