834 - Return kindness with ingratitude

Chapter 834, Return kindness with ingratitude

On the main seat in the main hall, Empress Yu Xiaoxing was patiently receiving the five visitors of a foreign race.

Although Yu Xiaoxing had heard their manner of speaking and questioning tone before, but as the Empress of Heaven Wasteland Domain, she still acted very tolerant and kind.

On the other side stood Old Fish, who disliked getting involved in trifles such as receiving guests and discussing official business, but was somehow standing in the corner of the hall.

He had a strange look and curiosity in his eyes, as though he was studying the guests of the Dragon-Human clan.  

Seeing Ye Qingyu come in, Yu Xiaoxing revealed a faint smile, and then introduced the two parties, “Everybody, this is Palace Lord Ye. Palace Lord Ye, these are guests from the Dragon-Human clan, who have been waiting for a while.” 

Upon hearing this, the several experts of the Dragon-Human clan immediately cast their eyes over with a hint of curiosity. They were all sizing up the youngster at the door, whose robe was whiter than snow, black hair like waterfall, and had an aura of elegance. 

“You... are Ye Qingyu?” The Third Princess of the Dragon-Human...

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