830 - Defensive force and token

Chapter 830, Defensive force and token

Was that the place that determined the fate of Heaven Wasteland Domain?

Looking at the great temple, which was like the residence of where the gods lived, a tinge of nervousness and anticipation suddenly slid out from the brows of the members. 

“Since you have come, take your ease.” The skinny Elder Shuang Wuyan seemed to be aware of their nervousness. 

Everyone were stunned. 

Ye Qingyu also did not expect the usually cold elder to be so attentive and pay attention to the comfort of others, and to speak up and console them before Elder Yan Wushuang did. Does this mean that the icy-cold elder had already begun to stand on the side of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps? 

Ye Qingyu nodded, a faint smile curving on his lips. 

A moment later. 

The airship came to a beautiful complex with glazed tiles and vermillion roofs. 

High-rise buildings stood in great numbers, and ancient buildings of different ages joined closely together like the scales of a fish. Each and every single one was grand and dazzling. 

“The Green Xuan Hall below is where the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps will rest.” Ren Puyang, who was standing on the bow of the ship, pinched his fingers together to form a hand seal, and gently drew a line in the air.

The airship, glowing with golden formations, seemed to be following his will, and instantly passed through the vast sea of clouds and slowly landed below.

In the Green Xuan Hall. 

The encampment was more like a large and grand manor, resplendent and magnificent, with beautiful glitter and decorations of gold and jade. 

The innumerable gardens and pavilions were decorated with blue, purple, black, jade and peacock green, and sapphire blue gems, as well as other colourful glass and crystal embellishments. The design was exquisite and the arrangement was ingenious, displaying a unique architectural art.

Ye Qingyu, Yu Xiaoxing, and the other core members followed behind Ren Puyang. As they did, their eyes could not help but wander across the beautifully styled and unusual terraces, jade pavilions, and the waterside garden. 

As the members of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps walked along the main road of the main hall, there was reverence and admiration glowing in their eyes.

“I can't believe that even an encampment in the Heaven Connect City is so beautiful,” Empress Yu Xiaoxing couldn't help marvel out loud.  

“Hehe, that's not the case... the generous treatment to the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps has exceeded the reception standard of general rating mission corps’...” Yan Wushuang smiled, admiring the beautiful sceneries. “This Green Xuan Hall is very close to the Parliamentary Temple of the Domain Alliance, and is usually only arranged for the super forces to rest. It is also the first time us brothers are here at the Green Xuan Hall. Speaking of which, it is also because of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps, haha...”

Ren Puyang also turned around, wearing the same warm smile as before. He looked over in the direction of Ye Qingyu, and did not conceal his admiration in the slightest, “This polite reception was arranged because the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps has greatly shaken the whole Road of Chaos. No other forces were against this arrangement.” 

When the main road came to an end, the crowd saw three main halls and two side halls that were scattered in a triangular pattern.

The main hall was majestic and wide, with green eaves and vermilion pillars that were decorated with gold. It looked imposing and extraordinary. On both sides of the side hall at the back, there were a total of twelve courtyards, all of different styles but were all beautifully constructed, adjacent to the building. 

At the same time, Ye Qingyu noticed a very strange sight along the way. 

Around the main hall and near the walls of the Green Xuan Hall, there were about ten bronze human statues along the way.

These dozens-of-meters-tall, burly statues were glowing with a black gold sheen as they stood in front of the square of the Green Xuan main hall, overlooking the center of the square. Whether they were wielding a battleaxe or giant sword, all radiated a majestic fighting intent, were lifelike and seemingly invincible. 

“I wonder what these statues are for.” 

A trace of puzzlement flashed in Ye Qingyu's eyes. 

Evidently, the dozens of statues looked a little out of place, and were not very harmonious with the magnificent and beautiful style of the Green Xuan Hall. 

Under the arrangement of Ren Puyang, the near thousand members of Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps were soon settled down. 

A moment later. 

In the hall on the east side of Green Xuan Hall. 

“Hehe... my brother and I have finally completed our task. It's time for us to leave.” The fat Elder Yan Wushuang looked at the core members of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps with the same familiar smile on his face. 

“Hey, what are you talking about? You old fat man, you're running away so quickly? Didn't you boast that this is your territory along the way and said you would take us out to eat and drink!” Ximen Yeshui joked. 

Previously, when Ximen Yeshui saw that the streets and bazaars were many times more lively and bustling than Snow capital, he was already thinking to tell the old fatty to take him and Wen Wan around.  

“Report back.” The thin Elder Shuang Wuyan's tone was still as cold as ever. 

But somehow, this icy cold tone did not feel cold and unfriendly. 

It turned out that they have a task to do. 

The Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps also did not try to make them stay any longer after they learned this.  

“Don't worry, when we return from reporting back, I will privately take you around the major restaurants and tour the famous streets. You will be so happy that you won't remember Heaven Wasteland!” The fat Elder winked at Ximen Yeshui. It was unknown what ‘common interest’ the two men had secretly chatted about. 

There's no banquet without an end. 

Ye Qingyu and Yu Xiaoxing were not too surprised about the departure of the two elders, and seemed to have expected it to happen.  

“In this one month, the two elders have been taking good care of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps, and even repeatedly saved us during the dangerous times. I am very grateful. I have two little gifts that I hope you would not mind accepting.” Ye Qingyu flipped his hand over and two red-bottomed jade boxes appeared. 

Those two jade boxes looked extremely delicate, the pattern was simple and exquisite. 

But no one present could sense what was inside. 

Along the way, not to mention the fact that the two elders had repeatedly guided and assisted them, during the attack in Black Moon Immortal Palace alone it was all because of the two elders that allowed Ye Qingyu enough time to reach the Chaos Storm and to save so many members of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps. 

Ye Qingyu and the other members were incredibly grateful to them. 

“Haha... it is our duty to protect you, we are originally not allowed to accept gifts... but I heard the rumours that you, in the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss... hehe, those treasures that not even a Quasi-emperor could obtain. If I do not accept this gift then I will certainly regret it till I die.” The fat Elder Yan Wushuang took one of the jade boxes, his face wrinkled up in a smile that made his eyes disappear into slits. 

The thin Elder Shuang Wuyan flashed hesitation in his eyes. 

But he didn't say anything in the end and accepted the other jade box. 

Then the fat Elder Yan Wushuang suddenly thought of something, twisted to the side and explained, “This... Mister Ren, you saw it. We did receive a gift, but we didn't take bribes!” 

“Hahaha... you fatty, even if it is a bribe, what can I do?” Ren Puyang's lips were curled in a helpless smile.


The members of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps also burst into hearty laughter. 

The continuous days of assessment, travel, attack, and escape had made everyone's body and mind extremely tensed up, and now that they were finally settled in the city, their mood naturally relaxed a lot. 

After the two elders bid farewell to everybody and left, Ren Puyang then introduced the rules and the laws of the city to Ye Qingyu and others, and then asked a few detailed questions about the attack in Black Moon Immortal Palace a few days ago. 

After the time to drink a cup of tea.  

Ren Puyang had already spoken to everyone in the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps, but also remembered the names of the main members. He thought of something and then turned to look at Ye Qingyu and the others, “Regarding the attack on the Human Race diplomatic corps, the human representatives of the Domain Alliance will certainly not leave the matter at that. Through this battle, the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps has risen to fame, and the major forces naturally would not recklessly attack again. However, the Heaven Connect City seems calm on the surface, but there is still a dark tide surging. It is not an absolute pure land, you still have to be on guard these days, and not be too careless...” 

As Ren Puyang reminded them, his eyes flashed an imperceptible seriousness. 

Given his position and seniority in the Domain Alliance, how would he not know that the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps, who was seemingly under protection, was in fact still on the edge of a vortex. 

“Thank you for your advice, Mister Ren.” Ye Qingyu nodded.

He was also very clear in his mind that, although the Black Moon Immortal Palace was a deep sect, it was now nothing more than a pawn in the so-called [Camp]. The forces that truly held the sovereignty of the [Camp] were now just hiding in the dark, waiting for the right moment. 

“Right, in the Green Xuan Hall where you live, a strong defensive force has been placed. Even if a pinnacle Saint level expert were to attack it won't be so easy...” Ren Puyang handed Ye Qingyu a key-shaped formation token before he continued, “This is the key to activate the power of the defensive force. I will now hand it to you.” 

Ye Qingyu received the token, a glimmer of light flickering in his eyes. 

He found that the strange key was not only a little warm to the touch, but there was a faint blue formation glow, like the aura of some ancient mysterious formation.  

“Defensive force... what exactly is that?” Ye Qingyu was a little curious. 

Puzzlement was also flashing in the eyes of the other members.  

“Well, this... you'll find out after you look at it yourself.” Ren Puyang smiled kindly. 

“Then thank you Mister Ren.” Ye Qingyu nodded and expressed his thanks.  

In the previous battle, the damage that the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps had sustained was still not completely restored. Although they had entered Heaven Connect City, it was hard to guarantee that there would not be any forces secretly attacking them.

Although Ye Qingyu was not quite clear on what the defensive force of the Green Xuan Hall was, but for Ye Qingyu and the others, his intention really was the same as offering coal in snowy weather. 

Moreover, Ye Qingyu found that the Mister Ren before him, whether in his speech or manners, seemed to attach great importance to the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps. He really could be considered as a clear stream in the Domain Alliance. 

Then, Ren Puyang seemed to remember something else, and handed Ye Qingyu a jade token that was emitting brown mist. “This is the Domain Alliance’s communications jade token. In the case of an emergency you can use it to contact me directly. However, it can only be used three times.”

Ye Qingyu took the token and again expressed his sincere thanks. 

Although they did not understand Mister Ren’s respected and honourable status, but Ye Qingyu could roughly understand the meaning from the two elders’ words. 

Being able to receive such a token meant that Ren Puyang would help the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps in any moment of danger.

The weight of this commitment had made Ye Qingyu feel enormous gratitude towards Ren Puyang, the Human Race representative of the Domain Alliance.  

“It's late, I've got other business to attend to, so I'll leave first.” Ren Puyang got up and bid farewell to Ye Qingyu and the others. 

The crowd walked Mister Ren to the door of the hall. Before Ren Puyang left, he again glanced at Ye Qingyu, a hint of hesitation flickering in his eyes. He seemed to have something else to say. 

 “If Mister Ren has something that you want to say, then you can just say it bluntly.” Ye Qingyu smiled.

Ren Puyang turned around, looked at Ye Qingyu, a solemn expression across his face, and said, “In these days, it is predicted that there will be the representatives of many forces coming to this Green Xuan Hall. How to deal with them, is up to you. But no matter what, you must remember that, from today on, you do not have to compromise with anyone else, because standing behind you is the entire Human Race.” 

Hearing this remark, Ye Qingyu's heart was pounding fiercely. 


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