829 - Ren Puyang

Chapter 829 Ren Puyang


Unlike the other great cities, Heaven Connect City was extremely peaceful and incomparably prosperous. Disciples and Patriarch of major sects and forces of various domains of the great world were found here. As the nominal center of power and main city of the entire world, the huge city could be said to be a collection of the characteristics and specialties of all domains, and a place of integration of domains and races. 

So the beings that were found in this city, in addition to the experts of the major forces, there were many merchants, traders and adventure teams who had come to the city of integration. Compared to the other eighteen cities before, Heaven Connect City accepted all creatures and races, the laws were strict, and the defensive force could be said to be the greatest. 

Some people said that in Heaven Connect City, as long as one had enough wealth, one can have everything. 

Others said that in Heaven Connect City, as long as one has enough talent, one can have everything. 

More people said that, if you stand at the corner of the city wall of Heaven Connect City and throw a brick down, then out of the ten people you hit there would most likely be at least eight who were a prince or...

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