829 - Ren Puyang

Chapter 829 Ren Puyang


Unlike the other great cities, Heaven Connect City was extremely peaceful and incomparably prosperous. Disciples and Patriarch of major sects and forces of various domains of the great world were found here. As the nominal center of power and main city of the entire world, the huge city could be said to be a collection of the characteristics and specialties of all domains, and a place of integration of domains and races. 

So the beings that were found in this city, in addition to the experts of the major forces, there were many merchants, traders and adventure teams who had come to the city of integration. Compared to the other eighteen cities before, Heaven Connect City accepted all creatures and races, the laws were strict, and the defensive force could be said to be the greatest. 

Some people said that in Heaven Connect City, as long as one had enough wealth, one can have everything. 

Others said that in Heaven Connect City, as long as one has enough talent, one can have everything. 

More people said that, if you stand at the corner of the city wall of Heaven Connect City and throw a brick down, then out of the ten people you hit there would most likely be at least eight who were a prince or a descendant of a major sect or force. While the other two were most likely to be the head of a clan or a leader. 

If the name was changed, Heaven Connect City could even be called the Imperial city of the world. 

Therefore, many rich and powerful youngsters with ordinary strength saw Heaven Connect City as the most ideal place to live. If they could become a registered citizen of Heaven Connect City, then they could basically do what they want across the world. 

Evidently, the majority of the people on Welcome Square were not particularly powerful and with relatively ordinary status. They were curious about the various rumours and news of Ye Qingyu that they had heard these days on the Road of Chaos and had come to take a look at what kind of person Ye Qingyu was, who single-handedly defeated the legendary Black Moon Immortal Palace?  

And it was clear that after laying eyes on Ye Qingyu, many people were slightly surprised to see that the legendary madman, the god of death, was so gentle and refined, just like an elegant Immortal, untainted by a speck of dust. 

For a moment, spirited discussion filled the air. 

The people of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps were also examining the surroundings. 

The lively atmosphere on the Welcome Square was completely different from the cold atmosphere on the Welcome Square in the previous great cities. All of the people of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps wore a curious look on their faces. Some of whom were a little nervous, but immediately straightened up upon hearing the voices around them. 

Because they knew that the War God of Heaven Wasteland Domain, Ye Qingyu, now had an enormous weight on the Road of Chaos. They also knew how famous the Young Lord was in Heaven Connect City. 

Ye Qingyu just smiled and didn't say anything. 

At this time---

“Haha, elders, long time no see.” 

A mighty and clear voice, which was resounding and calm, sounded from the layers of clouds in the sky. 

The crowd turned, following the sound. 

In the middle of the air, a giant ship slowly pierced through the clouds, crossed the city gate, came to the crowd, and slowly descended.

It was an airship built based on the mythological beast Qui Nui, several hundreds of meters long. The shape was strangely beautiful, and there was a magnificent and ancient aura of the mythological beast slowly being emitted. A pressure instantly permeated the entire square, and filled everyone with a sense of awe. 

A slender and straight figure appeared on the front deck of the airship. 

“Haha... Mister Ren, you personally came... Haha, have you been well... I did not expect you to be sent here to receive the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps. It really is unexpected!” The fat Elder Yan Wushuang was taken aback for a moment. He obviously recognized the voice of the owner, wiped away the beads of sweat across his face and walked towards the airship with a smile. 

Yu Xiaoxing and Ye Qingyu exchanged a glance, and at the same time also moved toward the airship.

The faint formation light shield that shrouded the airship began to fade, and a tall and slender figure gradually grew clearer as he slowly came down from the deck.

All of creatures and figures of different races suddenly marveled out loud. 

“It's him?” 

“Mister Ren personally came?” 

“No way, am I mistaken?” 

Everybody was shocked. 

Ren Puyang, one of the representative leaders of the Human Race of the Domain Alliance, can be counted as the voice of the Human Race in the city of Heaven Connect. His strength was of unfathomable depths, and he had supreme prestige among the Human Race and many other races. He was also one of the influential people that held the right to speak in Heaven Connect City. He was an honourable and righteous person, that even the enemy had to admit that he was a true humble gentleman.  

Hearing the exclamations around, Ye Qingyu was secretly apprehensive.

He could not help but carefully study Ren Puyang. 

This Human Race senior only looked around thirty or forty years old, and had a gentle and warm face, beautiful brows, a tall nose and bright eyes. His long blue hair was secured back with a sword-shaped white jade hairpin, and his ocean blue robe was flickering with a ripple-like luster. He was both handsome and elegant. 

But Ye Qingyu couldn't see through his strength. 

In Ye Qingyu's perception, Ren Puyang was deep and unfathomable, and he simply could not detect how powerful he was. There was not the slightest trace of yuan qi or aura emitting from his body yet he still gave the feeling that he was too strong, and that Ye Qingyu was no match for him. 

After a little while. 

“You are Ye Qingyu? Haha, young and promising, not bad. Also has an extraordinary presence... To know a man by repute is not as good as meeting him face to face.” After Ren Puyang exchanged greetings with the two elders, his gaze fell on Ye Qingyu, carefully examining him. His eyes grew brighter and in the end were overflowing with admiration.  

 “Mister Ren... you know me?” Ye Qingyu asked curiously.

Before that, he was sure that he had never met this envoy.  

Ren Puyang gave a smile, shook his head, and answered, “Of course I do. Haha, although I have never seen you before, but during this one month you have caused quite a stir on the Road of Chaos. Not only had you utterly defeated the Black Moon Immortal Palace alone, you have also received the protection of a Quasi-emperor. This matter had shocked many sects and forces and has become the most popular topic in the great city. We are both part of the Human Race, I naturally have to pay more attention to you.” 

“Hey, hey, Little Ye, cling onto him, this Ren Puyang, he is one of the representatives of the Human Race in the Domain Parliament. He has a much higher status in the Domain Alliance than my brother and I,” Yan Wushuang suddenly remembered, rubbed his belly and beamed as always. 

Seeing that the two elders’ attitude towards Ren Puyang was not much different, and from their demeanour which seemed to highly respect this Mister Ren, Ye Qingyu immediately knew that this person could be trusted, and was finally able to relax a little.

Ye Qingyu and Yu Xiaoxing had never expected them to send out such a distinguished special envoy to meet the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps.

After exchanging greetings, they boarded the ship. 

Once they had boarded the airship, the formation brilliance around the ship instantly surged as it slowly ascended and headed toward the direction of the inner city.

The members of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps stood on both sides of the ship, overlooking the huge city below, eyes frequently flashing a strange luster.

The airship flew above the city at an altitude half the height of the city wall, and looking down below at a close range, one could really feel the sacred and ancient Dao aura coming from the smooth mirror-like white jade wall. It was as though there were strands of silk-like rays of light circulating around the city wall like a colourful dragon. 

The roads that opened up in all directions were directly connected with the ground, or rather suspended in mid-air like an illusion, winding and crisscrossing. Similar to a spider web, a number of thousand-meter-high formation viaducts led to different parts of the city. There were formation airships and huge airships shuttling back and forth, as well as imposing knights and sect disciples clad in various uniforms, but all were beautifully dressed. They were riding different spiritual beasts and birds, traveling across the sky and along the roads at a rapid speed.  

Although Ye Qingyu had previously seen the ancient city of the God and Devil Age in the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss, he also couldn't help but marvel at the grandeur of this majestic giant city. 

As for Old Fish, holding the silly dog, his eyes darted left and right with curiosity.

Beside them, Wen Wan and Ximen Yeshui were staring fixedly, as though they were almost unable to resist the impulse to go wander around. 

As the other members of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps, each and every one of them was incomparably shocked by this huge city. It could be said that ever since formally stepping into the Heaven Connect City, their mouths had never closed once. 

Gathering all living beings of Heaven and earth was probably the definition of this giant city.

In Heaven Connect City, just the style of the roofs of the building alone, there were already as many as dozens of types, including the ancient style like the era of God and Devils, or were in strange and bizarre shapes like pagodas and discs. It was simply unheard of and unseen before.

As for the material used for these colossal buildings, they were even more colourful and varied, making one unable to take their eyes off of them. 

Some buildings were paved with coloured glazed tiles, flickering with golden light, and illuminating the surroundings. While some used dark green stones that overlapped each other, simple and ancient, but filled with spiritual energy.  

In addition, every building was richly ornamented in thousands of different styles- vermillion lacquer, gold-plated, as well as red pillars carved with dragons. It was dazzling without losing the solemnity.

“It's...” Ye Qingyu was stunned. 

Ahead of the airship was a majestic temple towering straight into the sky, incomparably imposing.

With their height, they should be at least five to six thousand meters away from the center of the temple, yet they were actually the same level as the terrace on the side of the temple. The temple was simply too tall, too majestic, almost to the point of being unbelievable. If Ye Qingyu had not seen it with his own eyes, he would not believe that there was such an incredible building on this world. 

Everyone on the airship needed to look up before they could appreciate the temple.  

On the two sides of the terrace of the temple there were white jade railings, and the simple and unadorned lines were filled with spirit energy. Looking up at the sky, the overall appearance of the temple was attributed mainly to the heavy eaves and halls. The walls were embedded with jade and gold. It was a unique and magnificent structure, which gave off a sense of majesty.

In particular, in contrast to the other buildings elsewhere, the surroundings of the temple were dotted with small statues of ancient mythological beasts, as if they were arranged on the basis of some ancient formation.  

“Hey, hey, that... hey, this is it, hey, don't be surprised. This is real, not an illusion. This is the Parliamentary Temple of the Domain Alliance,” the fat Elder Yan Wushuang introduced with a beaming smile.  

As this remark came out, the members of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps, one after another, looked over. 

Next, would the result of the assessment be announced in the temple? 


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