828 - The two exiled cities and the three missing cities

Chapter 828, The two exiled cities and the three missing cities 

Unmoving City of Darkness?! 

Ye Qingyu's expression immediately changed when he heard these words.

He hadn't heard of this name for a long time. 

In Ye Qingyu's mind, these four words should belong only in Heaven Wasteland Domain. His memories related to the Unmoving City of Darkness all occurred in Heaven Wasteland Domain. The little loli who was once his schoolmate and eventually gradually drifted away, the peerless female sword fairy who shook Deer City with her earthshaking sword strike, the girl who was dressed in a dark red armour and shrouded in dark red flames, the girl who drank to her heart's content in the Red Dust Inn, and the girl who was always there to protect him in the suspected Palace of Luosu... 

Time had changed, the place had changed, and even the memory and identity had changed. 

But the feelings in his heart towards that girl had never changed. 

And Ye Qingyu had always been in a bit of a trance.

Whether it was the first moment of waking up and opening his eyes every day, whether it was the moment of life and death, or when he was about to sleep,...

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