827 - Unexpected news and more unexpected news

Chapter 827, Unexpected news and more unexpected news 


I am born Li Xiaofei, I laugh until the end of the world. 

The whole world was filled with shock and silence because of him.  

A while ago, the rumours about the reappearance of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] had only spread across the Road of Chaos, and had not really spread out on a large scale. But now, following the powerful attacks of the Human Race’s green-robed Quasi-emperor and as the defeat of the thirty-one great forces, the whole world had been shaken. With the exception of some little domains such as Heaven Wasteland Domain, the news was like a torrent crushing the whole world. Almost all of the forces, sects, clans and races with a little bit of strength were aware of the reappearance of the powerful [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei]. 

Tens of thousands of years had passed without a Martial Emperor. 

The weight of a Quasi-emperor was enough to deter the world. 

It was said that the Ice Summit Demon Race and the Sky Fire Mountain had vanished under the power of the Quasi-emperor. Many sects and forces that had once made things difficult for the Li family were beginning to panic, and even some peak Saint level experts were trembling in fear, afraid that the jade-like green-robed Human Race Quasi-emperor would appear before them the moment they open their eyes. 

In an instant, countless creatures trembled under the attack of the green-robed Quasi-emperor. 

With the emergence of a Quasi-emperor, the wind rises. 

Those who even understood a little of what was going on would immediately know that the situation in the world was going to become chaotic. In particular, the people well acquainted with the ways of the world and who had an extremely sharp sense, could sense the sign of the arrival of upheaval even though the current situation was not quite clear at the moment. Every time the world was in turmoil, there were evildoers, geniuses and peerless masters showing up... 

Some of the weaker sects and forces had already begun to reduce their activities, and announced that they would seal the mountain in an attempt to avoid karma and to not get dragged into the turmoil. 

But there were some ambitious people that were excited. 

Because of the chaos, it was the time to take advantage of the crisis for their personal gain.

And Ye Qingyu, under such a background, walked out of the chamber from his secluded cultivation. 

Originally, he was a little anxious and wanted to complete the assessment with the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps as soon as possible, but he did not expect to receive such surprising news.  

The chubby face of Yan Wushuang appeared before the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps, saying, “There is a slight change, you need to stay here and wait for further notice from the Domain Alliance. There is no need to rush to participate in the other tests.” 

The news was a surprise to the entire Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps. 

Ye Qingyu thought over it carefully. 

He tried to ask further, but the sweating fat man spoke hesitantly. As for the icy cold Shuang Wuyan, he also could not get any more details out from him. 

The Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps was a bit confused about the change. They did not know whether it was a good thing or a bad thing. For a while, many people were a little nervous, especially some of the ordinary members. They felt the pressure of the outside world. In particular, after the battle with the Black Moon Immortal Palace, they saw the terror of the great wide world, and was worried that it was the result caused by the other party. 

There was also not any news from the Phoenix Race. 

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden seemed to have something extremely important to do. Ever since Ye Qingyu had come out from his cultivation, he also did not see the female Heaven's prideling of the Phoenix Race. However, he did see her Saint level guardian, who treated him very enthusiastically and warmly.

So enthusiastically that Ye Qingyu found it uncomfortable. 

He had always felt that the way the old man looked at him didn't feel quite right. 

If Ye Qingyu had not taken into account that the old man was the Saint expert of the Phoenix Race and had a high status, he would have had the urge to hang the old man up and torture him, and to ask him if he had any bad intentions. 

Since the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps could not leave, then they had no choice but to stay for the time being.

Ye Qingyu decided to shut himself away to continue to cultivate and treat his injuries. 

Time flew by. 

Another three days passed by in the blink of an eye. 

The members of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps, who have been waiting for news in the Phoenix Race's encampment, were gradually becoming anxious. The deadline of one month was about to come, but there still wasn't any news and they did not know what the current situation was. If they do not hurry up, they would most likely not have enough time to complete the assessment.

The meeting hall of the main tent. 

Yu Xiaoxing, Ye Qingyu, Wen Wan, Yan Buhui and Ximen Yeshui, the main members of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps were gathered in the hall, seemingly discussing something.  

Only Old Fish and the silly dog were crouched in the corner of the main tent, making rustling noises. It was unknown what they were doing.

It was at this moment. 

“Hey... you're all here... good...” The fat Elder Yan Wushuang finally showed up again, He went into the meeting hall and looked at the crowd cheerfully. 

All eyes were focused on the fat man, who was soaked in sweat.  

Ye Qingyu glanced at the flame token in the hands of the fat elder, which was flashing red, and immediately understood, “Is there news?” 

“Haha...” The fat elder Yan Wushuang waved about the token, smiling like the Maitreya Buddha. “According to the news that Shuang Wuyan and I found out, the external chaos has more or less subsided. Everything has passed, just now we finally received the news released from the Domain Alliance, telling the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps to immediately rush to the nineteenth City of Chaos to accept the final results of the rating assessment.” 

The members of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps were all shocked upon hearing this. 

“Then the tests of the other major cities...” Yu Xiaoxing was a little puzzled. 

“No need to go.” The skinny Shuang Wuyan's voice was as icy cold as thousand-year-old ice. He was like a moving block of ice as he slowly walked over to stand next to the fat Elder Yan Wushuang. 

Everyone exchanged glances. 

This change was clearly not within the scope of their previous discussion.

“What? Can you play like that? Without evaluation, then what about the result? It's not going to be... those big shots in the Domain Alliance would not directly fail the rating, right!?” Ximen Yeshui said, frowning as he brushed the feathers of the fat parrot in his arms. 

Standing behind Ye Qingyu, the young Luo Yi was unable to remain calm, looking anxious and worried, and could not hold himself back anymore, “The one month deadline has not passed! You can't...”

“Cough...” Wen Wan seemed to inadvertently cough, interrupting Luo Yi, and signaled him to not say anymore with his eyes.

At this time, the several representatives of the Brute Race and Demon Race who were standing around the meeting room also showed a look of puzzlement, evidently somewhat confused about the change.

But the Empress of Heaven Wasteland Imperial Court and the Palace Lord of the Light Palace did not speak. Therefore, the others naturally felt that they shouldn't question further.

On the other side, fat Elder Yan Wushuang's face was beaded with sweat, which hid the awkward expression on his face. 

In truth, he also didn't know for certain what the Domain Alliance's evaluation of Heaven Wasteland Domain would be.

It was the first time in thousands of years that he saw that a domain did not require to participate in further tests to receive evaluation.

Moreover, it was the first time that the brothers had encountered a new domain corps that was able to turn the Road of Chaos upside down, attract the attention of countless domains, and obtain the support of a Quasi-emperor.

Ye Qingyu, sitting on the right side, was in deep thought all this time. 

Although the final rating results had not been clearly released, the news at that moment was considered a good thing. 

He turned and looked at Yu Xiaoxing. As though able to read each other's mind, they nodded slightly to each other.

“In that case, then let's go, and when we get to the nineteenth City of Chaos, everything will be clear,” Ye Qingyu spoke. 

Immediately, Empress Yu Xiaoxing issued the order that the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps will set off immediately.

An hour later. 

In front of the gate of the Phoenix Race's encampment.

The members of the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps were lined up neatly and ready to depart.

It was at this time that the Celestial Phoenix Maiden finally rushed over. 

She wanted to see Ye Qingyu.


Clad in a snow-white robe, black hair fluttering in the wind, Ye Qingyu stood on the steps in front of the encampment. Compared to the previous few days, his complexion was much better, though he was still a little weak. Due to the fact that the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps was anxious to set off, he could not sit down and chat with the Celestial Phoenix Maiden.

On the steps. 

He stood next to the Celestial Phoenix Maiden who was wearing a mask and a long violet dress.

“In the past few days, I have to thank the Phoenix Race for their help,” Ye Qingyu sincerely expressed his thanks to the Celestial Phoenix Maiden.

“The Empress of your Heaven Wasteland Domain has already thanked me.” The Celestial Phoenix Maiden shook her head, and then turned to look at the rest of the diplomatic corps. Under the mask her clear eyes were looking at the slim and graceful girl in a yellow dress who exuded a hint of majesty.

For some reason, the image of that day in the pavilion surfaced in her mind again, that girl's face and her sparkling eyes, which contained a hint of shyness and pride.  

“Will you go to the nineteenth City of Chaos?” Ye Qingyu asked all of a sudden. 

He was stunned after he asked this question.

He didn't even know why he asked that. 

But at that moment, looking at the masked woman and the lost look in her clear eyes, he could not help but ask.

However, in Ye Qingyu’s view, the domain rating needs to be decided jointly by representatives of the major camps in the Domain Alliance, and at that time the main figures of the major super forces will attend. 

The Phoenix Race was naturally a super force of the Domain Alliance. 

But he did not know whether the Phoenix Race would send out their female prodigy as the representative. 

“If there is time, I will go.” The Celestial Phoenix Maiden's crystal clear eyes flickered. 

Ye Qingyu sharply captured some information from her words, and questioned further, “If there's time? What, you have other things to do? These days, you seem to be very busy?” 

The Celestial Phoenix Maiden nodded and did not conceal anything from him, “Yes, very busy, because recently, the power of the Unmoving City of Darkness has reappeared on the Road of Chaos, and my race was ordered to investigate this matter.” 

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