826 - Madman Ye and Green-robed Li

Chapter 826, Madman Ye and Green-robed Li


In the restriction storage space of the [Cloud Top Cauldron], everything was sealed by a mighty force. It was only Ye Qingyu, the master of the cauldron, who was unaffected.

With one thought, Ye Qingyu's feet landed on the deck.

The experts of the Black Moon Immortal Palace immediately retreated like they were avoiding a snake or scorpion. A look of awe came over their face as they looked at Ye Qingyu. Previously, the fierceness Ye Qingyu displayed during the battle of Chaos Storm had really frightened the courage out of this group of people, making them fear him like he was the god of death.  

After a thought, a tremendous energy surged out from Ye Qingyu. Like a gust of autumn wind sweeping the leaves, all Black Moon Immortal Palace experts were sent flying, one after another, falling into the dark space.

Ye Qingyu ignored them.

He scanned the surroundings, and soon found the entrance to the commander cabin on the ship. Observing the surrounding movements and light energy cannons, he came to the commander cabin. A ray of sword light shot out. It was an Immortal Step boundary expert of the Black Moon Immortal Palace, who was fiercely waving about his sword as he came speeding over.

Unfortunately, all of his yuan qi had been sealed, and no matter how strong...

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