825 - Take forcible possession

Chapter 825, Take forcible possession


It was said that when one’s martial arts reached a certain degree, any damage to one’s physical body could be restored with one thought, as long as the state of mind had not been destroyed. Even if only the last limb remains, one’s body could still be restored to as it was before. From this point of view, it may seem that the physical body was not important. 

But that was not the case. 

The first prerequisite for the recovery of one’s physical body was that the blood and qi should be as vigorous as the sea, and that the source must be undamaged. The source, blood and qi were provided by the physical body; therefore the two had a mutually reinforcing relationship. Those who claim to be Immortal existences, their flesh and blood were, in fact, at a peak level, and were almost impossible to wear out, allowing them to continue to regenerate. This life force can be called vitality. 

Ye Qingyu originally possessed a strong physical body, blood and qi as vigorous as the sea. However, in the previous days of continuous fierce battles, he was constantly exhausted, especially in the encampment of the Black Moon Immortal Palace. In order to delay Zhong Yuan and the other Great Saints, he had paid a huge price. Ye Qingyu was at the end...

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