770 - Because I Promised Her

Chapter 770 Because I Promised Her


Ye Qingyu's expression became serious.

He felt a huge pressuring force coming from his opponent's body.

The Third Prince of the Mizar Race was born to a genuine super force and his status was a class apart from the likes of Lu Li. He was a genuine super Heaven's prideling whose self-cultivation was vigorous and whose martial foundation was stable, and was god-knows-how-many times stronger than Lu Li, Yang Wanqu, and the rest. He displayed frightening strength with just one strike, in the form of his long spear breaching the field of thunder and lightning to rescue Yang Wanqu swiftly and easily. This served to show that the field of thunder and lightning was no deterrence to this Heaven's prideling who looked like  a sun war god.

Leaving everything else aside, just that highly-assertive vigor on his body alone was enough to cause a huge pressure upon many of his opponents.

Ye Qingyu long knew that the Third Prince was the Four Stars holy girl's suitor and, if rumors were to be believed, her childhood sweetheart as well. During their childhood romance, they were publicly perceived as a young golden couple. Although Ye Qingyu did not hear the earlier conversation between them, he could clearly see that they still had an intimate relationship.


He did not want to say too much.

His earlier pretense that he was trying hard against Yang Wanqu had managed to stall for enough time, such that four hours were nearly up. He thus did not need to worry or play for even more time.

Having run into such an opponent, he thought it just as well to have a good fight.

He unfolded the pair of purple thunder wings on his back as battle intent surged wildly in his eyes.

As a bona fide battle maniac, he felt that the blood throughout his body was on the verge of boiling and burning, now that he had a chance to lock horns with a contemporary Heaven's prideling of this level.

This was a fight he would not miss.

The Third Prince nodded his head and said nothing. With a nudge of the golden coiled-dragon spear in his hand, the situation in their vicinity abruptly changed. In no time, Ye Qingyu felt his sight blur, as if the surroundings had suddenly become pitch-black. Everything disappeared from view as the golden spear glowed, before a cold light struck toward his forehead.

This kind of spear technique was truly incredible.

Ye Qingyu himself was a spear expert, and was well-known for the [Four Moves of the Golden Armored King], which were the top spear techniques in the [Fiendgod Titled Chart] and possessed near-divine meaning. However, the might of the Third Prince's spear technique was no weaker than them, and vaguely contained meaning from an ancient fiendgod sect as well.

This spear cannot be withstood with the power of thunder and lightning.

Ye Qingyu determined this with just one look.

Clenching his backhand in the Void, he took out the [Dragonblood halberd] directly.

Just like the last time when cleaving those tombstones, he worked up the power of thunder and lightning and injected it into the [Dragonblood halberd]. Buzzing and vibrating, the golden weapon immediately seemed to become alive. Lightning flickered on the halberd body which was covered in dragon patterns, before a blend of golden blood radiance and purple lightning emanated and burst out a great power that instantly neutralized the surrounding darkness and exposed the trajectory of the Third Prince's coiled-dragon spear.

Ye Qingyu raised his halberd to parry.

Tink tink tink tink!

A metallic collision noise was heard.

The surrounding Void was blown open violently and fragments of its barrier flew in all directions.


The Third Prince let out a low cry of shock.

He was evidently shocked by this outcome.

He had not held back any of his strength during that earlier strike.

This was the first time someone had so easily resisted his spear technique, and judging from the feedback force upon the coiled-dragon spear, his opponent's physical cultivation must be extremely deep and powerful, and certainly no worse than his, which he had developed since he was young using the secret techniques of the Mizar Race.

Moreover, for reasons unknown, he vaguely felt that the golden halberd in his opponent's hand was somewhat familiar.

Thoughts circulated fleetingly in his mind, but he showed no hesitation in unleashing another spear attack.

He went for the secret divine spear technique of the Mizar imperial family this time. The spear shot forth like a dragon and turned into an all-penetrating ray of golden light which virtually exceeded the speed which the human eye could catch and seemed to transcend time itself.

Puff puff puff.

Blood spurted from Ye Qingyu's body.

This spear technique was too fast and exquisite for him to completely block.

"Hahaha..." He laughed wildly despite his injuries.

He stood in place like a huge rock, looking completely deranged as blood continued to spurt. Instead of trying to parry the spear technique, he changed his style and summoned the blade tempest of the [Four Moves of the Unmatched General], opting to go for an all-out offensive so as to achieve mutual destruction.



Two strange noises ensued.

Ye Qingyu was perforated by the golden coiled-dragon spear between his chest and his abdomen, where a transparent wound the size of a bowl appeared.

After the Third Prince was struck by the halberd at his neck area, a crack was slit on his golden chainmail and blood light oozed out, indicating that he was also injured albeit a lot lighter than Ye Qingyu. Besides, the injury recovered in a mere instant, and even the crack on the chainmail mended amid the glint and the circulation of formations.

This was a set of divine armor which was the secret treasure of the Mizar Race.

It would have been impossible for Ye Qingyu to breach this golden chainmail, let alone injure the Third Prince, if he was holding any weapon but the quasi-emperor divine weapon that was the [Dragonblood halberd].

"Good," the Third Prince roared, visibly excited.

With soaring battle intent, he made yet another attack.

Ye Qingyu remained standing in place.

He no longer paid any attention to the Third Prince's spear technique, for it was as elusive as time, and thus he might as well not waste his efforts on it. Brandishing the halberd, an unknown coercive power burst forth once more, accompanied by a series of dragon roars. He then operated the ultimate meaning of the [Human King Sword Mantra], causing his aura to change once again and acquire a matchless ferocity, before he struck directly at the head of the Third Prince.

The latter's countenance changed slightly.

He could feel that his opponent's apathy toward death was definitely genuine.

After a brief moment of hesitation, he decided to change moves.

He retracted his spear and held it horizontally as he fell into a defensive pose and parried.


The spear and the halberd collided.

A splendor flickered on his face as he was sent flying dozens of meters.

Ye Qingyu's purlicue was ripped open and his flesh ruptured. His figure rapidly tottered as his legs gave off a bone-fracturing noise. With several blood arrows spewing out of his mouth, his body seemed utterly soaked in blood and felt incomplete. He looked wretched like never before, looking like a zombie who had just crawled out of a pile of corpses.

"Why aren't you discharging the force?" A tinge of surprise flashed across the Third Prince's eyes.

He could tell that Ye Qingyu was in a worse condition than him because the former did not step back and discharge the feedback force, choosing instead to endure it completely.

While speaking, the Third Prince carried a slight admiration in the expression he looked at Ye Qingyu with.

Though his life had not been long, his name had already shocked the universe.

Throughout his life, the Third Prince had experienced countless life-and-death battles and slain many geniuses, among whom only a handful earned his respect, while the only person whom he thought higher of after just two exchanges of moves was the thick-browed and large-eyed young man standing in front of him right now. He could even feel a never-before-seen indifference and oppression on the body of this opponent.

"His position is the eye of the formation. If he takes even a step back, the formation of thunder and lightning will disappear and he'll no longer be able to defend the egg,"

the voice of the Four Stars holy girl was heard.

Peerless in elegance and talent, her otherworldly insight allowed her to see why Ye Qingyu chose to fight to the death and did not take a step back from the very start.

Her white clothes fluttered.

Her figure floated and arrived beside the Third Prince.

Upon hearing her words, the third prince was suddenly enlightened.

"You merely met the Phoenix by chance. Is it really worth it to repay her by defending her at all costs just because she gave you a chance to enter the Door of Life while you were at the Fierce Beast Peak?" He looked at Ye Qingyu with a puzzled expression.

The latter wiped away the bloodstains on his mouth and plainly replied, "No."

"Then, is it because you're worried that her guardian Saint would kill you if she dies?"


"Then why?"

"Because I promised her earlier that I'd guard this parasol tree."

The Third Prince was stunned.

A hint of surprise also flashed across the veiled eyes of the holy girl.

In the distance.

"Ridiculous, who do you think you are to speak like that... you showboaty thing... Scum..." Outside the field of thunder and lightning, Yang Wanqu became angry from shame and began to curse at this time. There was an incomparably hideous expression on his face, while his eyes were filled with malice, envy, and cruelty as he looked at Ye Qingyu.

Because of a promise, a complete nobody would rather die than step back even after his body was perforated by the Third Prince’s golden spear. As for Yang Wanqu himself, a human genius whose name had rocked the Vast Thousand Domains, he offered to become a slave out of his fear of death. This sharp contrast wildly triggered the darkness and resentment in his heart, and made him wish he could immediately charge at and cut Ye Qingyu into a thousand pieces.

"Shut up." The Mizar Race Third Prince abruptly turned his head back and snapped harshly.

Yang Wanqu's expression froze.

Behaving obsequiously, he dared not say another word as he lowered his head and gnashed his teeth.

Without bothering about Yang Wanqu anymore, the Third Prince turned his head forward to stare attentively at and size up Ye Qingyu. A hint of regret flashed in his eyes as he sighed and shook his head, before he looked at the holy girl with a bitter smile on his face. "Little Yu, I..."

The latter held his head and displayed a warm amusement in her eyes which had a bright and beautiful brilliance. She smiled and said plainly, "You don't have to say anything, I already know. Elder brother Yin, you're a noble and upright hero, and you greatly admire real warriors... You don't want to kill this kind of opponent, and moreso when they're in a perilous state, am I right?"

The Mizar Race's Third Prince nodded.

Nobody understood him better than this perceptive woman.

"If that's the case, let me do it." Her smile remained as gentle as ever. "My silly elder brother, I'll personally do and not trouble you with things you can't do."


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