769 - Yin Kaishan

Chapter 769 - Yin Kaishan


"Son of a bitch, are you still not backing down after all that Her Highness Kai'en said? Can't you tell what's good for you and appreciate this kindness? Or are you courting death?"

Ye Qingyu laughed.

"As they say, the eunuch is impatient while the emperor isn't. To think a thing of such lowly moral quality like you would dare to bark over here." He looked at Yang Wanqu with an undisguised contempt as if looking at a dog, "It's such a disgrace to the Black Moon Divine Palace to have produced a nincompoop like you. You and Lu Li are cut from the same cloth and aren't anything good... Oh, I nearly forgot, this madwoman talked about taking in slaves, perhaps that suits a dogface like you, or maybe, you've already become one having been following behind her. A slave should be clear about his status. Do you really think you have a place to talk here?"

Yang Wanqu fumed upon hearing this.

Every word that Ye Qingyu had said was like a knife that jabbed into his heart.

As one of the successors of the Black Moon Divine Palace, which, although not as illustrious as the Divine Sky Sect, was nevertheless a large force in the Vast Thousand Domains, Yang Wanqu could be considered a prominent person among the younger generation of the Human Race. And though it was only because he had no choice that he became a slave, this matter was nevertheless a sore spot which he was unwilling to talk about. However, the consolation for him was that he obtained huge benefits by recognizing such a peerless demon-like talent as the Four Stars holy girl as his master. If his plan succeeded, his status would rise directly into the clouds and he would become even more prominent than the master of his sect, and thus he would have profited overall.

However, he was on the verge of exploding having been embarrassed so badly by Ye Qingyu.

"Mistress, let me slay this person," he offered as he respectfully saluted the holy girl.

Although he had seen Lu Li's demise, he had just obtained an inheritance of immense power and thus his confidence was at its peak. He would certainly have attacked earlier on if the holy girl was not present and he did not have to seek permission as her slave before taking action.

She pondered for a moment before finally nodding gently.


Yang Wanqu instantly acted.

In a flash, his body turned into a cloud of black mist before flickering once more and arriving in front of Ye Qingyu. He was holding a crescent-shaped machete which was throbbing with captivating moonlight that multiplied in amount over time until the moon itself seemed to have descended and enveloped all of the vital parts on Ye Qingyu's body.

He had gone straight for the Black Moon Divine Palace's prized battle skill, the [Black Moon Faux Light Strike].

Ye Qingyu laughed softly.

Without evading, he raised both of his hands to turn them into myriad sky claws, which were wreathed by a purple electric radiance enchanted with lightning formations, and directly grabbed at the crescent-shaped machete.

Clang clang clang!

A chain of sparks sprayed from the Void.

A sound which seemed like a continuous series of metallic collisions dashed out from within.

"You..." Yang Wanqu was deeply shocked. He had used his newly-gained power to execute the battle skill of the Black Moon Divine Palace and did not hold anything back, all so that he could display his worth to his mistress. However, he did not expect his opponent to so easily catch hold of it and issue bursts of feedback force that nearly caused him to lose grip of his machete, and was thereby both shocked and enraged.

Ye Qingyu shook his head gently.


With the enchantment of the fiendgod formations within a hundred kilometers, the power of thunder and lightning on his body expanded severalfold and in turn enchanted his [True Will of the Sky Dragon], which was yet only on par with the Black Moon machete. This was not the result he had been hoping for.

The battle continued.

He practically stood on the spot exerting move after move to withstand Yang Wanqu's battle skill.

Yang Wanqu's figure turned into a ball of black flowing light that revolved around Ye Qingyu with a vigorous momentum like that of the raging billows of the Yangtze river, seeking to drown and pulverize the latter.

Thirty minutes passed by in the blink of an eye.

Both parties remained deadlocked.

In the distance.

On the face of the Mizar Race's Third Prince, who had been watching the battle from the Void, those sword brows were raised and a glimmer appeared. "Little Yu, that person is stalling for time, and we can't wait any longer... Actually, you should've seen from the get-go that Yang Wanqu isn't that person's match, so why let him fight?"

A meek laugh was heard from beneath the holy girl's veil. "Elder Brother Yin, your thoughts are always so simple. Yang Wanqu's talents are limited but his aspirations are high. Although he was forced by circumstance to become my pet, he's feeling upbeat having acquired the power of the evil ancestors, and thus it'll do him good to spar with this person as long as he doesn't die... By the way, have you discerned the discipleship and origin of this person?"

The only person who could address the Four Stars holy girl as Little Yu and talk to her in this kind of tone was the Mizar Race's Third Prince himself.

Similarly, the Four Stars holy girl's voice was only so gentle, amiable, and chirpy while talking to this prince. To anyone else, be it her teachers or elders, she always spoke frostily.

The prince shook his head, saying, "Strange, I can't tell. The depths of this person's strength cannot be seen clearly. Although his cultivation seems meager, there is a terrifying power lying dormant in his body. Plus, his manipulation of the power of thunder and lightning is astounding. I've never seen this kind formation handprint technique before, and read in the legends that only His Highness the Formation Emperor Luoso possessed it. Could it be that..."

"Are you saying that he could be a successor of His Highness the Formation Emperor Luoso?" There was a piercing chill in the holy girl's voice.

The prince nodded at first but then shook his head, saying, "That's possible... but no matter who he is, I'll get rid of him as long as he blocks your way. Plus, it's not a certainty that he's truly a successor of Luoso, and even so, so what? I'd fight for you even if Luoso personally comes."

This burly young man in golden armor spoke in a tone containing a heart-palpitating battle intent that burned and surged frenziedly, like an invincible demon war god whose virility was sky-high.

"Hee hee, don't talk nonsense, Elder Brother Yin," the holy girl purred in a gentle voice. "This person is definitely not a successor of Luoso. His strength is too weak and too far off the legacy of a martial emperor. I suspect that he was just fortunate to find a few legacies by chance... Hmm, this appearance shouldn't be his real self, and he's a talent in any case. If I can take him in as a slave, he would be much more useful than the likes of Lu Li and Yang Wanqu."

"But he killed Lu Li and will definitely not be spared by the Divine Sky Sect," the prince reminded.

"Hoho, I'm not trying to protect him by taking him in as a slave. If he cannot settle things with the Divine Sky Sect, I wouldn't trouble myself with cleaning up his mess." The holy girl's tone was grand and majestic, containing a hard-to-imagine self-confidence and boldness as if Ye Qingyu was already her slave.

"Time's almost up. The Celestial Phoenix Maiden might wake if we delay further." Drawing one of the golden coiled-dragon spears behind his back, the prince prepared to act, saying, "This young man is very arrogant. I shall defeat him and break his spirit while leaving him a breath. If you still find him useful, I'll spare his life..."

As soon as he spoke.


The vast field of thunder and lightning suddenly reappeared in the distant battlefield.

Several hundred streaks of lightning, which were each as thick as a bucket, burst out of the ground surface of the area within several tens of kilometers of the parasol tree and arranged themselves in amazing and peculiar positions. Like purple lightning dragons, they soared into the sky and circled around the Void. Thunder rumbled like dragon roars as the world turned into a sea of thunder liquid which was many times more overbearing than earlier when Lu Li was killed.

Ye Qingyu worked up his murderous spirit once again.

The field of thunder and lightning erupted.

Ye Qingyu had seen through the current opponent as he had Lu Li and knew that neither was anything good. Moreover, he would show no mercy also because people from the Black Moon Divine Palace had injured the First Princess Yu Junqing all those years back. This kind of goon would only be a hindrance to the Heaven Wasteland Domain if kept alive and was a degenerate of the Human Race, and thus was best slain before it was too late.

Yang Wanqu instantly felt the coming of death.

He could not understand why his opponent's vigor and aura swelled infinite times at this instant, and why his opponent's figure, which had remained as still as a massive rock while being attacked by him, suddenly resembled a descending divine mountain which could crush his body into powder at any moment.

At this time, he tasted the same sense of despair which Lu Li had earlier.

"Ah, no..." he yelled fiercely and crazily.

He was panic-stricken by the instantaneous and warningless reversal of the situation and understood at once that his opponent had been fooling around with him earlier, which would mean that they were not an equal match as seemed the case. He knew that even if he summoned his greatest powers now, he would not be able to put up a resistance.

Countless beams of purple lightning perforated his protective demon flames and seemed about to do the same to his body...

Just then, a trail of golden light that seemed to be from the earliest primordial world arrived in a flash. Though just a trail, it easily cut through the field of thunder and lightning and gently lifted Yang Wanqu's figure out of the field...

It made the heavy seem light.

The golden light condensed.

The figure of the Mizar Race's Third Prince appeared.

He was burly in body and mind, and was holding a golden coiled-dragon double-pointed spear in his backhand. Every ring of his full-body golden chainmail, on which strange golden formations circulated, gave off a radiance which was as glaring as the sun. As he stood in the field of thunder and lightning, no beam of lightning could get within three meters of his body or affect him in any way.

Meanwhile, Yang Wanqu's figure was lifted more than one hundred kilometers away and landed outside the field of thunder and lightning.

He looked like he had survived a disaster and his body and soul had parted, and was evidently frightened.

During that earlier moment, if the Mizar Race's Third Prince Yin Kaishan had not acted, Yang Wanqu would probably have turned into a pile of black dust by now. Originally possessing lofty ambitions, he thought that his new power would directly bring him on par with a Saint, but his heart had now turned ice-cold and tremblingly fearful. As he peered at the Third Prince's and Ye Qingyu's figures, he deeply understood that these two men's battle strength and stage were far superior to his.

In the meantime.

A layer of silver glow shone like moonlight all around the Four Stars holy girl's body, making the whiteness of her clothes seem as pure as snow. As chilly and mysterious as the moon fairy, she suspended in mid-air and, similarly, was not affected by the sea of thunder.

"Get ready to use your greatest power and battle skill. I hope you can fend off two more strokes for me, don't disappoint me." The rising radiance all over Yin Kaishan's body made him resemble a revived war god.

He aimed the coiled-dragon spear in his hand at Ye Qingyu in the distance.

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