711 - Direct promotion

Chapter 711 - Direct Promotion?


"Hmm? He's the master?!"

Ye Qingyu glanced at the green human-figure phantom floating in the air.

The phantom was like a mass of green wind and flowing light which circulated steadily, or like an air vortex. His aura was extremely weird, and clearly possessed powers of a stage which Ye Qingyu could not fathom given his present cultivation.

The master of the Violet Gold Divine Office was also the City Lord who was in charge of Sunrise City.

As the phantom drew closer, Ye could feel that the terrifying power on the plaza had stemmed from the body of this phantom.

Even someone so lofty and important was alarmed?

Ye Qingyu was largely surprised.

Why has the master come?

He exchanged a look with Yu Xiaoxing, both of them remaining silent.

"Master..." Shangguan Wu was somewhat eager to explain the events that took place here one more time.

"I know what happened." The phantom descended on the test platform, still retaining the appearance of a mass of circulating green light. His figure and visage could not be seen clearly, and his body circulated a chaotic aura. The one thing which could be felt was his gaze, which gave one a bizarre sensation.

He looked at Shangguan Wu and nodded his head slightly.

Frowning, Shangguan Wu's countenance became solemn as he continued, "My Lord, this matter is of utmost significance, affecting the destiny of the entire Human Race and even the future of the myriad domains. I cannot stress how important it is. If I may be so bold as to request my Lord to issue a Violet Gold Divine Order and seal up the passage of this news..."

While his words were still lingering in the air.

"A Divine Order? Lord Shangguan, that's a little far-fetched!" to one side, Huang Tayun abruptly interjected.

"If topping the Storm List doesn't warrant using the Divine Order, what does?" Unable to restrain himself any longer, Shangguan Wu flew into a rage and turned his head to glare at Huang Tayun, berating fiercely, "Supervisor Huang, for all these years we've hosted the Wall of Storm test together, you've been considerably fair and just, except for a little partiality every now and then which I've closed an eye to as long as it doesn't affect the overall situation. But today, you've acted completely out of character and harbored prejudice against the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps from the very start, repeatedly and purposely making things difficult for them. I would like to ask why, as a fellow human, you're doing this!"

Like all kinds of sharp ancient weapons, these words, which Shangguan Wu disclosed in a fit of anger, were simply compelling.

Over the past several hundred years, he had grown to understand Huang Tayun's way of doing things, having hosted many Wall of Storm tests together.

Although the latter had a bad, occasional habit of sucking up to the noble and bullying the weak, he had never behaved, during a test process, like he did today toward the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps - verbally disparaging them many times and deliberating making things difficult for them with his words.

Shangguan Wu did not mind initially.

He had thought that the contempt in Huang Tayun's words was simply because the latter despised the new domain somewhat. He could not but sense that something was amiss, however, when the latter repeatedly went about it.

And, seeing that the latter remained obstinate as ever even after Ye Qingyu had become number one on the Storm List, Shangguan Wu became seriously angry.

"You... you're throwing mud!" A hint of panic flashed across Huang Tayun's pupils.

With a somber face which gave the impression that he had been wronged, he hastily retorted, "I was simply... a little strict, so as to maintain the fairness of the test process...  Instead, Lord Shangguan, you seemed to show a great deal of partiality to the envoy mission regarding several judgments throughout the test, could it be that you've accepted some benefits from them?"

"Audacious!" Shangguan Wu's vigor intensified as his anger escalated, "Huang Tayun, you'd better figure out what you're saying. Everyone in Sunrise City knows I've always been impartial in all affairs. You can't just casually slander me like that!"

Huang Tayun flinched and his vigor shrank.

He had indeed spoken in panic, and did not consider Shangguan Wu's deep-rooted prestige in the city.

"I... I was simply worried about slip-ups during such an important event as domain rating, that... that was why I was so strict and harsh..." Huang Tayun lowered his head slightly and dared not look straight at Shangguan Wu.

"Strict and harsh? I believe you have an ulterior motive!" Shangguan Wu remained looking enraged.

"Master... I sincerely just wanted to manage the rating test well... please... I beseech Master to resolve this!" Huang Tayun revealed a look as if he had been gravely wronged as he kowtowed to the green phantom on the test platform.

On the test platform.

The green phantom was motionless.

After remaining silent for several breaths.

The phantom turned slightly toward Shangguan's direction and said, "Your consideration is right, but the Violet Gold Divine Order won't solve the problem fundamentally. After all, there are more than a thousand beings from other races here... it'll be hard to prevent all of them from speaking... Don't worry, I have a plan."

"Excellent..." Shangguan Wu was delighted upon hearing this.

He could finally relax his taut nerves slightly, and his face regained a calm look.

The person in front of him could be said to be a guiding deity within Sunrise City. Possessing immense powers and terrifying strength, he would certainly be able to handle this matter appropriately since he claimed to have a plan.

Exhaling a sigh of relief, Shangguan Wu took a look at the Wall of Storm and seemed to recall something. He then said, "Master, there's something I can't understand at all. During the second test today, nine marks were left on the wall, but for some reason, they later disappeared in front of everyone..."

To one side, Huang Tayun's body abruptly stiffened as he hurriedly added, "That's right, Master, we saw for ourselves that the marks disappeared for no reason... we even thought it was the Storm Martial Emperor's will..."

"I've already known about this too," the green phantom suddenly replied.

While his words were still lingering in the air.

A veil-like green wind mark suddenly disjoined from the green phantom and drifted toward the Wall of Storm which it then circuited.

A change appeared on the wall once more.

Like drops of water plummeting to the bottom of a lake, the Storm List completely disappeared into the wall. Subsequently, the rich and fresh layer of green misty glow reappeared on the wall. The entire wall surface seemed to be covered by a wandering green cloud as Dao surged upon it and continually changed the phenomena of the universe.

Soon, something even more unexpected happened.

On the wall surface which sparkled in green, a hair-like forest-green mist, which appeared to be trapped by a strange power, continually struggled to get free of the wall. The green wind mark pulled it off the wall and wrapped it up before drifting back to the test platform.

"The Wall of Storm had been tampered with."

A phantom palm disjoined from the green phantom and raised up slightly. Floating in the middle of the palm was the forest-green mist.

"There's a power that can interfere with the Wall of Storm?" Shangguan Wu was greatly alarmed.

The Wall of Storm was personally created by the Storm Martial Emperor, and was imbued with the law of storm and worldly Dao. It was simply unbelievable that it could be interfered with by other powers!

"Indeed! Who could be so crazy and audacious as to sabotage the test!" Huang Tayun suddenly spoke righteously.

"The power in this green mist is very odd. I'm unable to perceive its source for the time being. However, it definitely takes a martial Great Saint level being to be able to disturb the wall and in such an inconspicuous manner to boot. I must properly investigate this matter in the coming days." The phantom delicately clenched its fist, wrapping the forest-green mist in a green mass of light.

Huang Tayun lowered his head after seeing the strand of forest-green mist disappear in front of his eyes.

He inhaled a deep breath and moved his stiff fingers.

He had virtually smelled death during the moment that just past.

After living for so long, this was the first time he felt on the verge of being frightened to death.

Fortunately, the person who gave him the green ring possessed strength that reached the absolute summit, and thus no traces which the master could use to find out the source of the green energy were left.

Ye Qingyu was watching attentively.

After the wall returned to normal, he suddenly sensed the blurry green phantom on the test platform turning to look at him and Yu Xiaoxing.

Although the phantom did not have a face or eyes, Ye Qingyu could clearly feel that two eye beams were directed toward him and Yu Xiaoxing.

On the test platform.

"Hmm, this imperial qi..." The master, in his green phantom form, was slightly taken aback.

To his surprise, the imperial qi which he saw on the Heaven Wasteland Empress' body possessed an unusual power.

But he did not say anything. After all, the only person among the thousands of people on the test plaza who was important enough to make him appear via a doppelganger was the white-robed youth.

"Hoho, young man, you've shocked me. You're the first human to get on the Storm List for a thousand years, and the second human to ever top the list..." The master's phantom looked at Ye Qingyu and spoke in a deep and rich voice which sounded like jade stones knocking against each other. "The last time a human topped the list was more than three thousand years ago, the supreme talent called Wei Lie..."

"Wei Lie?" Ye Qingyu was surprised.

That name was originally ranked fifth on the Storm List.

Nobody had thought that this talent was a human who existed three thousand years ago.

"I'm also very surprised by today's matter." Ye Qingyu cupped his hands and expressed his deep respect for the widely renowned City Lord.

"Now that you've gotten on the list and taken top spot, the name Ye Qingyu will soon be known throughout the myriad domains. and you'll become a key focal point of various domains and human forces. Young man, are you ready?" The master's tone contained a hint of laughter. "But this matter isn't as simple as you think."

Ye Qingyu listened carefully without interjecting.

Given his current strength, he might already be considered "heaven-defying" in the Heaven Wasteland Domain, but among the myriad domains, especially those terrifying forces of the upper domains, he was just like a baby who did not have to be feared.

Moreover, as a new domain, the Heaven Wasteland's various forces were still very weak. If they were to be attacked by a force from any mature domain, they would probably be flattened and minced like meat on a chopping board.

After seeing Ye Qingyu's behavior, the green phantom nodded inwardly and raised his evaluation of the former by a level. He then continued, "If the Chaotic Sky City gets wind of this, they might just give the Heaven Wasteland Domain a pass for domain rating straight away. This would undoubtedly be incredible news for your domain."

Upon hearing this, Ye Qingyu became overjoyed at once.



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