1349 - The Arrival of the Abandoned Demon God

Chapter 1349 - The Arrival of the Abandoned Fiendgod 

As the Emperor of the Unmoving City's most loyal subject over the past two thousand years, Lingyun was now one of the rare influential figures within the military headquarters of the Unmoving City of Darkness. His strength had soared tremendously and he had become an Emperor ten years ago. 

Whenever he remembered how he had traveled tens of thousands of kilometers to the Royal City of the Guardians to seek aid two thousand years ago, he couldn't help sighing in wonder. He had met Immortal God Emperor Ye Qingyu because of that fateful trip to the Royal City, and that meeting had changed his life, as well as the face of the entire Dark Realm. 

The Vast Thousand Domains and the Dark Realm had changed drastically over the past two thousand years. 

He stood on the top of the Great Wall and looked toward the west, where the battle continued to rage wildly. 

The warships flickered with metallic light, and these warships had been constructed by merging the technologies from the Earth's civilization with the runic martial way. They moved like bloody sharks as they cruised along the battlefield and constantly killed their enemies. There were also large cannons installed along the Great Wall that had a shooting range of tens of thousands of kilometers, and each flaming ball of light was enough to slay thousands of Invaders. 

The earth quaked and smoke filled the air. 

Battle cries rang out all across the land. 

Bones flew everywhere and blood flowed like a river. 

This intense battle raged on for several thousand years. 

A long and strange-sounding clarion call resounded through the battlefield, then all these metallic warships retreated in an orderly manner without giving the Invaders a chance to pursue them. Next, soldiers clad in metallic formation armor jumped out of the warships like swarms of ants and quickly grouped into their battalions. These battalions continued to charge unceasingly, and they looked like gods of death wielding scythes in the void as they harvested the lives of their enemies. 

These were the newly trained troops from the empire over the past one thousand years, and the weapons they wielded were known as Formation Machine Guns, which could shoot out light at a rhythmic speed that could pierce through the bodies of even Invaders in the Saint realm. 

There were gigantic tanks on the ground that formed a formation that was as steadfast as a mountain. They stopped the Invaders from going within five kilometers of the Great Wall and this defensive line didn't even budge an inch for several centuries. 

This was the line of defense that the military was so proud of. 

The imperial military headquarters and the Heaven Wasteland Empire's military headquarters were full of confidence when it came to battling and resisting the Invaders. The morale of the soldiers, major battle divisions, and troops were all extremely high, and they were as majestic as mountains. 

If a battle of this scale had erupted during the Guardians' era, the army would have already been defeated many times over. However, the Invaders were extremely subdued when they battled against the empire's military forces and they were only able to enter within 10 kilometers of the defensive line because the military had deliberately lured them into their territory. 

The battle flags fluttered in the wind. 

Every single soldier from the empire was brimming with confidence and full of energy. 

"Reporting... Satellite probes have reached the chaotic zone of chaos and they detected large amounts of strange energy waves," a military scout said as he descended from the air. 

Lingyun took the container that had the report from the military scout. 

This container resembled a metallic mirror and was a technological product from the Earth's civilization. It was as large as a mirror but there were hundreds of ways to use it. And after battling these Invaders for such a long period of time, the soldiers and military officials from the empire were able to understand and use this device. They could clearly and instantly transmit the changes on the battlefield and the orders from the military headquarters to the generals at the frontline. 

The corners of Lingyun's mouth turned upward after he glanced at this mirror-like contraption. 

"Quasi-emperor realm troops... the Invaders are finally making their move." 

He had already known that large amounts of strange energy waves had been originating from the depths of the chaotic mist. He also knew that this was a large battle legion made up of tens of thousands of Quasi-emperor realm Invaders. The most terrifying ambush in two thousand years was about to begin. 

Evidently, this was a large-scale ambush that was planned by the commanding officers of the Invaders. 

Were the Invaders finally about to make their move after two thousand years? 

Lingyun scoffed coldly. 

Since Lord [The Beginning’s] Operation Heavenly Web had been implemented, almost every part of the world had come under the control of the military, even the Invaders' lair in the chaotic zone was under military surveillance. The past two thousand years worth of data had been enough for the brightest minds of the military to be able to predict the actions of the Invaders, and they had already simulated millions of battle strategies against these Invaders. 

The military had already predicted the impending ambush staged by Quasi-emperor realm Invaders. 

"Prepare to implement Operation Heavenly Light," Lingyun said and rattled off a series of orders. 

A cold smile danced on his handsome face and he was starting to look forward to the upcoming battle. 

"We are finally about to launch Operation Heavenly Lighting. It is said to be Lord [The Beginning’s] taboo strategy, so I wonder how terrifying this is going to be?" he wondered as he stood at the top of the Great Wall and looked out into the distance. There was a mountain range that looked like a cliff around one hundred kilometers  away. This was the hell that would await the Quasi-emperor realm Invaders when they arrived. 

Time ticked by. 

Thirty minutes later, a layer of black cumulus clouds rolled over, with a force that was so terrifying it couldn't be described in words, that crushed down toward the Great Wall—heaven and earth seemed to quake and tremble. 

The Quasi-emperor realm Invader legion descended on the battlefield. 

"The target is up ahead... forty-five degrees... Fire!" a military commander yelled as he waved the battle flag. 

They did not feel threatened by the Invaders' sudden surge in strength and aura. 

These were experienced soldiers who had been through countless battles, so they were as unyielding as steel. 

The formation giant cannons and battle trucks fired their cannons with a loud bang that clashed against the cumulus clouds. However, these cannons seemed to have hit an invisible pond and layers of ripples spread out across the void. The impact of these cannons disappeared into these ripples as though they had melted into this invisible pond. 

The soldiers clad in silver armor, who had been killing the Invaders in their battalion groups, immediately retreated back to their warships. These warships also retreated immediately and went behind the defensive line of the Great Wall. 

The defensive line of the Great Wall now contained countless formations and stood as unyielding as a natural moat that could keep everything at bay. 

This was the first time the empire's troops had retreated in such mass numbers when battling against the Invaders. 

The power of a Quasi-emperor realm legion was indeed terrifying. All creatures would quake in fear at the sight of this legion, but every soldier on the Great Wall stood upright and held their weapons fearlessly. Instead, they seemed a little eager to get right in the thick of the action. 

However, Lingyun's gaze never left the direction of the cliff. 

Soon after, the leader of the Quasi-emperor Invader legion passed by. 

The soldiers on the Great Wall could sense the evil and terrifying aura. It was just as though demons from hell were pressed up in front of them, breathing out death qi. Everyone could clearly sense the evil and murderous qi from the Quasi-emperor legion. 

Lingyun continued to wait patiently on the sidelines. 

Suddenly, dozens of milky white balls of light shot down from the firmament. 

Then, the earth started to tremble. 

A blinding divine light suddenly shot out from beneath the cliff, and several mushroom-shaped clouds slowly rose into the air. The orange-yellow splendor started to spread and completely shroud the Quasi-emperor legion. The soldiers on the Great Wall could clearly see the Quasi-emperor realm Invaders disappearing into a cloud of dust right in the middle of the mushroom-shaped clouds... 

"This power..." Lingyun was struck by fear despite the fact that he was a current Emperor. 

Was this the taboo strategy laid out by Lord [The Beginning]? 

It was too terrifying. 

How could it be so powerful that it managed to destroy thousands of Quasi-emperors in an instant? He guessed that even an Emperor would not have been able to achieve such a feat. Moreover, there wasn't a single yuan qi energy wave released the moment this mushroom-shaped cloud exploded, so their opponent would not even have been on guard in the first place... 


At the same time, hundreds of mushroom-shaped clouds rose to the sky. 

In thirty minutes, the Quasi-emperor Invader legion that had been rushing toward the Great Wall had not only failed in their ambush, but they had also fallen into the trap laid out by the military headquarters of the empire. This almost led to the total annihilation of the legion. The Quasi-emperor Invaders were like moths to a flame and they were all slain. 

Cheers rang out in waves like a tsunami and echoed all over the Great Wall. 

Countless soldiers from the empire cheered enthusiastically. 

Lingyun lips curved into a small smile. 

This was Operation Heavenly Lightning, and this had been the military's plan the entire time. 

This was how strong the soldiers from the empire were. 

Lord [The Beginning’s] methods were indeed terrifying, and Lingyun thought that he would not be able to last very long himself if he had fallen right into the heart of the heavenly lightning zone—this terrifying weapon could actually pose a threat to an Emperor of current times. 

"Had the ancient Earth civilization reached such terrifying heights?" 

Lingyun could not help wondering in astonishment. 

However, the report container in his hand suddenly emitted a bright red light, and the various defensive formations and alarm bells along the Great Wall started to go off wildly. 

What had happened? 

The loud cheers died off abruptly and everyone looked on as a majestic figure came walking toward the Great Wall from a distance. 

A human-shaped Invader was slowing walking across the void. His oppressive aura was even more terrifying than the Quasi-emperor legions earlier. 

Lingyun's pupils constricted. 

A possibility occurred to him. 

"Is such a powerful figure finally making an appearance? 

"Wait a minute, according to the reports and predictions of the military..." 

He was extremely shocked and was just about to issue his next command when there was a loud rumble, and heaven and earth quaked intensely. Layers of formations and bursts of light appeared in the sky above the Great Wall, which had been completely clear just moments earlier. The Emperor-level defensive systems that had been installed two thousand years ago had now been activated. 

"Haha, I'm surprised that a bunch of peasants actually managed to create a defensive formation that could resist me. Interesting." A cold voice rang out. The human Invader arrived in the air above the Great Wall and sent a powerful punch that caused the hidden underlying defensive power of the Great Wall to reveal itself. 

Then, he sent out another punch. 


The Great Wall started to quake once more. 

Lingyun yelled and wanted to strike back, but one glance from that human Invader rendered him immobile, as though a curse had been placed on him. 

"Oh no!" 

There was a vast difference in their strengths. 

If that person was indeed of that cultivation level... 

Lingyun struggled angrily but to no avail. 

"This puny defensive line managed to stop me for such a long time... Haha..." The human Invader yelled and tried to destroy the entire defensive formation that was placed along the defensive lines. 

Suddenly, a voice rang out—— 

"You must be courting death," Ye Qingyu said as he appeared. 

He raised his hand, and his palm as large as a jade plate crushed down toward the human Invader. 

"Hahahaha, are you the Destined One?" the human Invader said with a loud shout. He used his mental power to transmit his message, which sliced across the void like a violent tempest, so everyone could understand his message even if they could not understand his words. 

He was about to say something else... 

"Time to end this," Ye Qingyu said and reached his giant palm into the void and easily captured the human Invader. Then, this human Invader exploded with a gentle squeeze of his palm and the [Cloud Top Cauldron] immediately absorbed the human Invader's yuan qi and blood essence. 

Lingyun was even more astonished when he witnessed that. 

He knew how powerful the human Invader was and guessed that he might never be able to defeat this human Invader in his lifetime. But Imperial God Emperor Ye Qingyu killed this Invader as effortlessly as he would have killed a fly. His strength and ability... Exactly how powerful was he right now? 

"Abandoned Fiendgod, I know you're here... Show yourself," Ye Qingyu said clearly as he looked toward the depths of the chaotic zone. 

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