1345 - The rebirth of Liu Shaji

Chapter 1345, The rebirth of Liu Shaji 

The process of integrating with the Underworld destiny was much simpler than Ye Qingyu had first imagined.

In the imprisoned space of the [Cloud Top Cauldron], the Underworld destiny was still in a tangible image state, like flowing nebula. 

Ye Qingyu directly transformed the aura within his body to activate the underworld technique. He was instantly enveloped in the blue flames of the underworld, tyrannical underworld Emperor aura surged out like a sea. 

At the same time of activating the underworld technique, he guided the Underworld destiny into his body using the spiritual strength. 

This time it was entirely different from Ye Qingyu's previous try. The tangible Underworld destiny entered into his body, and no longer dispersed and drifted away as it did before. Instead it slowly infiltrated into Ye Qingyu's underworld technique, which was equivalent to entering Ye Qingyu's body, and began to show signs of integration with Ye Qingyu. 

Time flew by. 

The tangible image-like Underworld destiny within the imprisonment space of the [Cloud Top Cauldron] was constantly drawn into Ye Qingyu's body along with his breathing. 

While Ye Qingyu had already entered into a mysterious meditative state.  

As an existence of the Sovereign realm, the last time Ye Qingyu integrated with the destiny of the Vast Thousand Star Domains was a long and slow process. Moreover, because he was originally a being of the Vast Thousand Star Domains, when he was born, the destiny of the world was already gathered on his body. This was considered as natural possession, while the absorption and the integration of the destiny of the Underworld Star Domain was a day-to-day plunder. Although both were considered the possession of destiny, there was still a huge difference between them.

Ye Qingyu dared not to slow down. He carefully tried to understand the integration and was prepared to stop immediately at the sight of anything wrong. 

And as the Underworld destiny incessantly entered into his body, integrating with him, Ye Qingyu's mind, as though it was illuminated, gradually gained more and more information. There was a strong mysterious and intimate force from beyond the Vast Thousand Star Domains constantly beckoning to Ye Qingyu, like a prodigal son was longing to return home.

He knew that this was the beckoning of the Underworld Star Domain for the Underworld destiny. 

This kind of summoning was a spiritual connection of the world. Even if isolated by the endless distance of space and time, even if there was a treasure like the [Cloud Top Cauldron], it could not stop this force. 

What Ye Qingyu experienced, was in fact, the spectacle that the Ancient Ghostly Emperor had felt for the past thousands of years.

The Sky Emperor could not feel this because although he practiced the Ancient Underworld Scripture, his training was in the Vast Thousand Star Domains and he obtained the origin source power of the Vast Thousand Star Domains, which was not in the slightest contaminated with the power of the Underworld Star Domain.

As Ye Qiingyu integrated with the tangible destiny of the underworld, this feeling grew more and more intense.

Fortunately, there was no other discomfort and strangeness besides this, which made Ye Qingyu feel more at ease. 

Time flew by.

In the blink of an eye one year of time had passed. 

Ye Qingyu occasionally went out a few times to ask about the changes in the Vast Thousand Domains and the Dark Realm. It was only when he knew that everything was under control that he returned to the divine hall of the Ancient Sky Dragon Mountains to continue to absorb and fuse with the Underworld destiny.

In one year of time, Ye Qingyu was already half way through the integration with the Underworld destiny.  

And as Ye Qingyu possessed more and more destiny, he felt that this intimate beckoning power had gradually transformed into a magical spiritual connection. It was no longer a forced summoning, but made Ye Qingyu able to feel the changes in the Underworld Star Domain even if he was far away in the Vast Thousand Star Domains. 

This shows that he was gradually turning the Underworld Star Domain into his life star domain. 

In fact, such means of obtaining destiny and transforming it for one’s own use was countless times more difficult than any cultivation shortcut, almost like a dove occupying a magpie's nest. This was also the reason why the Abandoned Fiendgod and the Ancient Ghostly Emperor would try to descend onto the Vast Thousand Domains at any cost. Ye Qingyu could clearly feel that his cultivation strength was crazily rising at a speed unimaginable to an outsider. 

In the blink of an eye another ten years had passed. 

Sitting cross-legged in the imprisonment space of the [Cloud Top Cauldron], Ye Qingyu slowly opened his eyes and stood up. 

From the tangible Underworld destiny that drifted out of the body of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor, Ye Qingyu had already absorbed about nine-tenths, but it was no longer possible for him to absorb the remaining into his body no matter what method he used. 

“I am not from the Underworld Star Domain, it is already a heaven-defying opportunity to be able to obtain the destiny of this star domain. It is not possible to fully absorb it...” Ye Qingyu knew well that this couldn’t be forced. There was a difference in domain origin between the Ancient Ghostly Emperor and him. This was innate and cannot be forced. Therefore, he was already at the limit of absorption and it was impossible to progress any further, unless he removed his life origin source of the Vast Thousand Domains and reincarnated to the Underworld Star Domain. But for Ye Qingyu, this was not necessary and the gains did not make up for the losses.

However, Ye Qingyu also did not intend to give up on the remaining one-tenth of Underworld destiny. He let it leave the [Cloud Top Cauldron] and returned to the Underworld Star Domain.

For experts above the Emperor realm, cultivation was no longer about the practice of spiritual qi and the great Dao, but the competition for destiny.

Although Ye Qingyu was unable to use the Underworld destiny, that did not mean others were unable to.

For Emperor experts, destiny represents opportunity, represents battle strength, and represents ascension. 

At Ye Qingyu's side, as well as the Great Emperor Xiaofei and Empress Shiu Xiu, there were also other Emperor experts. As long as the operation and control was done well, these people could be sent to the Underworld Star Domain to absorb the Underworld destiny, which would allow their strength to rise even more. Otherwise, if he were to release the Underworld destiny back to the Underworld Star Domain and then the Emperor-level existences there were to obtain it, then a new tyrannical ruler would be born in the Underworld.

Having done all this, Ye Qingyu came out of the [Cloud Top Cauldron].  

“The goal has finally been achieved.” 

Ye Qingyu stood in the divine hall, trying to transform the power of the Underworld as well as his power of origin source. 

His aura was also constantly flickering and changing. One moment it was the aura of the Vast Thousand Star Domains, then the next moment it was the aura of the Underworld Star Domain. It was being switched freely, without the slightest conflict. The power of the Vast Thousand Star Domains had already reached the Sovereign realm, while the power of the Underworld Star Domain was at the pinnacle of the Emperor realm, one step away from the Sovereign realm.

But Ye Qingyu was not in a hurry. 

It was incredibly difficult to achieve the Sovereign realm. It was unknown how much difficulty and danger he had to go through to be able to become a Sovereign of the Vast Thousand Star Domains. Moreover, he had only been practicing in the Underworld Star Domain for ten years. If it were someone else it would have been impossible for them to progress this far with such little time. Ye Qingyu predicted that when he fully integrates with the power of the Underworld Star Domain that he had absorbed, was when he could break through the Underworld Emperor realm and directly ascend to the Sovereign realm. 

And then, combining the Sovereign qi of the Vast Thousand Star Domains and the Underworld Star Domain, he can enter the King of Sovereigns realm.

Ye Qingyu calculated that the whole process would take about one hundred years. 

This was already the shortest time. 



Two days later. 

Ye Qingyu and the Ferryman of the Netherworld came to the land of extreme death.  

Ye Qingyu, who had mastered the power of rebirth, decided to personally revive Liu Shaji. 

This was because Liu Shaji still was not completely reborn during this long period of time, and Ye Qingyu couldn't wait any longer. 

In the center of the island, before the well. 

A small World Tree was flourishing, and at the treetop was a three- or four-meter high strange fruit, in a semi-ripe state, which exuded a strange aura that Ye Qingyu was very familiar with. If he had his eyes closed he really would have thought that standing at the top of the tree was Liu Shaji himself.  

“In a hundred more years, maybe he could be reborn, but it's hard to say whether he would have the memories and emotions of the past,” the underworld ferryman said.

This time limit was not the same as he said before. It was clear that this process was not as he had expected at first, and did not go very smoothly. Although the Ferryman of the Netherworldn was already at the Emperor realm, he had not touched upon the field of rebirth power. The advice he gave Ye Qingyu before was born from the guidance of Old Fish and his own instincts, and he also wasn’t completely certain of it himself.  

“A hundred years is too long.” 

Ye Qingyu could tell that the Ferryman of the Netherworld did not have absolute certainty. 

Ye Qingyu made up his mind and decided to intervene directly. 

He triggered the life origin power of the Vast Thousand Star Domains and stimulated the small World Tree——To be precise, it should be Liu Shaji's tree of life. After a moment of understanding, he decided to directly promote the ripening of the fruit at the treetop, because in the fruit was Liu Shaji's body, and the [White Lotus Immortal Sword] that guarded Liu Shaji's soul was also in the fruit.

When the soul enters the body, the Immortal sword naturally fuse with the body, then the resurrection would be completed. 

Having already had previous experience, Ye Qingyu started methodically. 

He set up many formations on this little island. 

The Ferryman of the Netherworld had to leave the island for a while. 

On the little island of the land of extreme death was a terrifying power and aura surging like a tide. Even if the Ferryman of the Netherworld was a powerful Emperor expert, he still felt his heart pounding in fear. It should be said that Ye Qingyu's cultivation had already reached a level that present age Martial Emperors could not fathom, which was also why he had been actively assisting Ye Qingyu for hundreds of years. Instinct told him that, by following Ye Qingyu, he might have the hope of becoming a true being with blood, flesh and body, rather than just a scarecrow as he was now. 

After the birth of consciousness, in his long life, he had always been a selfish, cold, and greedy man, hoping to obtain a lot of treasures and find the opportunity to create his own body and life. But unfortunately he was unable to do so and had to rely on outsiders. 

Ten days of time was over. 

The aura of chaos dissipated from the land of extreme death.  

Two figures were treading across the water of the yellow spring. 

One was Ye Qingyu. 

The other... was Liu Shaji. 

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