1344 - Become Emperor again

Chapter 1344, Become Emperor again 

Ye Qingyu sat quietly in the [Cloud Top Cauldron], observing the tangible image formed from the underworld destiny for a full half a year.

Six months later, Ye Qingyu came out and arrived at the Ancient Fiendgod City of the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss alone. 

Back then, it was here that he found the small-scale space-time transportation formations under the black tombstones, but because Ye Qingyu was already at the Emperor realm at that time, he was instinctively rejected by other star domains. Thus it was impossible for him to enter other space-time star domains via this small transportation formation method. Now, Ye Qingyu was here again to travel to the Underworld Star Domain through these small transportation formations. 

Ye Qingyu clearly remembered that, back then the living beings that came out of these small scale transportation formations under the black tombstones were contaminated with the underworld aura of creatures of death, which are very similar to the creatures of death in the Water Moon Domain that were under the control of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor. Ye Qingyu speculated that it was very likely that among the small-scale space-time transportations beneath these black tombstones, there were some that lead to the Underworld Star Domain. 

And it turns out that Ye Qingyu's guess is correct. 

After trying for about half a day, from the thousands of black tombstones, Ye Qingyu identified one of them to be a transportation formation that leads to the Underworld, because the aura that exuded from it was exactly like the Ancient Ghostly Emperor. It was the power of the Underworld. 

Ye Qingyu suppressed his cultivation base down to beneath the Emperor realm, and then forcefully destroyed the repelling force of this small-scale space-time formation to force his way through. 

If it were in the past, it would have been incredibly difficult for Ye Qingyu to succeed, and he would most likely suffer from the counter force. 

But he had co-existed with the destiny of the Underworld Star Domain in the [Cloud Top Cauldron] for half a year, and although he could not absorb this destiny power, his body was still more or less affected by the aura of the Underworld destiny. And it was this aura that played a vital role. 

In the end, Ye Qingyu successfully entered the small-scale space-time transportation formation.

How far is the distance between star domains? It was incredibly difficult for even top experts of the King of Sovereigns realm to move unhindered across the universe and between star domains. Therefore, it was necessary to use space-time transportation doors to cross this distance. Back in the battle of the collapse of the Divine Light Court, the blood gate made by the Sky Emperor was also one of the space-time transportation formations. It was Ye Qingyu’s first time feeling the power of the space-time transportation formation, and feeling the taste of being transported through space and time.

But this process was not considered very long. 

In about ten breaths, the transportation already ended.

Ye Qingyu felt as though he was buried in sand unable to walk and struggling like a snail. He was in a very uncomfortable state, and then everything in front of him gradually grew clearer. 

The endless red gravel looked like a land of death, and the ground was gushing out fire and lava, forming a red river in the middle of the desert. Everywhere was barren land, and spirits were seen walking along the red desert of death. The power of these creatures was not particularly terrifying, and was exactly the same as the spirits that drilled out of the black tombstones back then. 

Ye Qingyu came to a new world.  

“Here, it should be the Underworld Star Domain.”  

He had a clear understanding in his heart. 

The strange world before him should be a domain star in the Underworld Star Domain, and the so-called Underworld Star Domain should be a huge star domain system similar to the Vast Thousand Star Domains, composed of many stars with strange laws, location and interactions. As to whether it is smaller or larger than the Vast Thousand Star, it was not known.

Ye Qingyu found that his power suffered a great repression on this strange star domain.  

In order to pass through the small-scale space-time transportation formation, he previously had suppressed his Emperor realm strength, and now he was once again suppressed by the universe protective power of the Underworld Star Domain, causing his strength to plummet to almost below the Saint realm. Most importantly, the martial arts law and the elements of power in the Underworld Star Domain differed greatly from those of the Vast Thousand Domains. Ye Qingyu also instinctively felt discomfort right away. 

And the surrounding spirits were very frantic and violent. After detecting the presence of Ye Qingyu, they immediately launched a crazy attack, like an earth-shattering tide.

Ye Qingyu didn't want to fight these low-level creatures.  

He directly removed his cultivation seal, and the next second, his battle strength soared to above the Emperor realm, before he disappeared from where he was.

After that, he walked across the new world. 

As he had guessed, it was indeed a domain star body, a small world in the Underworld Star Domain. 

After that, he observed closer and came to discover that there were more powerful spirit creatures on the star domain, whose strength had already reached the Emperor realm. These more powerful creatures evidently possessed intelligence, and controlled a large number of low-level spirit creatures. The creatures were divided into different factions and branches, like the clans, families, martial arts sects and empires of the Vast Thousand Star Domains. The civilization was very different from the Vast Thousand Star Domains, but had its own characteristics. 

And on this star domain, Ye Qingyu indeed found the domain gate. 

Through the domain gate, he left the domain star body and entered the other star bodies in the Underworld Star Domain.  

Approximately one year later, Ye Qingyu had already traveled across the thousands of star bodies in the Underworld Star Domain, gaining a rough understanding about the star domain. On this star domain, the living beings were all spirits. The low level spirits were similar to the intruders of the Vast Thousand Domains that entered through different gaps and channels, and only possessed killing instincts and desire. While the higher level spirits that possessed intelligence make up less than one tenth of the total spirit creatures in the Underworld Star Domain, which was not the same as it is in the Vast Thousand Domains. 

Compared with the Vast Thousand Star Domains, the history of the Underworld Star Domain was much longer and deeper. If the Vast Thousand Star Domains was only a youngster, then the Underworld Star Domain should be a strong man, more mature and more perfect, but can also give birth to more powerful existences. 

In the past year, while Ye Qingyu was wandering in this star domain, he vaguely sensed that there were extremely powerful spirit experts close to beyond the Emperor realm lurking about. The aura of these spirit experts also caused Ye Qingyu's heart to pound in fear. They were evidently incomparably ancient experts, but among them there wasn’t any Sovereign realm existences. 

This was because the power of destiny in this star domain was occupied by the Ancient Ghostly Emperor, unable to return. And even if the Ancient Ghostly Emperor had disappeared for tens of millions of years, other spirit experts, who had reached the pinnacle of the Emperor realm, cannot turn the Underworld Star Domain into their life star domain because they did not receive the strengthening power of the underworld destiny, and as a result could not step beyond the Emperor realm. 

Ye Qingyu had obtained quite a few spirit cultivation techniques from training in this star domain.

Eventually, he chose to begin his training in one of the ordinary-looking domain star bodies.  

As the Dark Purple Sovereign and other Space-Time Fiendgod Sovereigns had said, to integrate with the underworld destiny, one must intersect with the Underworld Star Domain, become a part of this star domain. Ye Qingyu, under the premise that he needed to preserve his present cultivation base and realm, he took another approach to practice the underworld technique in this world and to master the power of the underworld. As long as the power of the underworld was brought to the Emperor realm and received the recognition of the Underworld Star Domain, he could integrate with the destiny power of the Underworld Star Domain. 

Time flew by. 

In a blink of an eye, four years had passed. 

Ye Qingyu was only half a step away from the Emperor realm of the Underworld Dao. 

In the Underworld Star Domain, the laws and tide of power were all martial arts factors, and although they were different from that of the Vast Thousand Domains, the Underworld Star Domain was after all in the same universe as the Vast Thousand Star Domains and both belong to the same martial arts civilization system. Therefore, although the appearance was different, they were essentially the same. And as a Sovereign level expert of the Vast Thousand Domains, it would not be too difficult for him to recultivate the power of the underworld. 

In the sixth year, Ye Qingyu succeeded in his practice of the power of the underworld and became an Emperor of the Underworld Star Domain.

The moment the Emperor realm was reached, heaven and earth quaked, and spectacles appeared out of nowhere. 

Ye Qingyu finally clearly felt the origin source of the laws of this world, felt the original power of the Underworld Star Domain. 

All the spirit creatures on this domain star fell at the foot of Ye Qingyu. 

In the spirit world, strength is respect.  

“It's time to go back.” 

The moment Ye Qingyu achieved Emperor status in the Underworld, he immediately felt that the several absolute top Emperor existences who were sleeping in the underworld slowly beginning to wake up. It was as though they sensed the birth of a new Emperor, but that aura was not friendly at all, which made Ye Qingyu realized that there may also be a terrifying way between the Spirit Emperors to grow their strength by devouring each other. A new Spirit Emperor, in the eyes of an experienced Spirit Emperor was most likely similar to a precious tonic.

Ye Qingyu chose to leave. 

He had marked the position of the small-scale space-time transportation formation. 

The space-time transportation formation was operated once again. Ye Qingyu disappeared from the Underworld Star Domain. 


Vast Thousand Star Domains. The Ancient Fiendgod City of the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss. 

Ye Qingyu's figure appeared. 

His aura had already transformed into the power of this world, so there was no obstacle to his arrival. 

A day later, he returned to the divine hall of the Ancient Sky Dragon Star. 

After a series of questions, Ye Qingyu learnt that in the years since his departure, besides the fact that the number of Invaders west of the great wall in the Dark Realm had skyrocketed and that the situation had become unexpectedly serious, there wasn’t any special changes in other places. The restoration of the Water Moon Domain and the development of other star bodies were still being carried out in an orderly manner. 

Everything was going according to plan. 

The others did not know that Ye Qingyu had gone to the Underworld Star Domain for several years, and everyone thought he was cultivating in seclusion. 

So, Ye Qingyu continued to cultivate in seclusion.  

This time, he wanted to integrate with the destiny of the Underworld Star Domain, in order to completely refine the Underworld Star Domain into his life star domain. 

With the power of destiny of two major star domains, he could finally take that step to go beyond the Sovereign realm, and become an existence of the King of Sovereign realm. 

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