1343 - The secret of integration

Chapter 1343, The secret of integration 

The death of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor signified the elimination of the last root of evil in Ye Qingyu's heart. 

He was much more relieved. 

And the concealed expression of Sky Emperor in the last moment of his life made Ye Qingyu guess some of the truth that was already unverifiable. Perhaps the proud and conceited Sky Emperor only bows to the Divine Light Emperor, but unfortunately Ye Qingyu was not the complete Divine Light Emperor, therefore he regretfully said ‘you're not him’.

Ye Qingyu could only lament about the past events, as there was already nothing that he can change. 

Everything was already submerged in dust. 

What is known to future generations will not be the truth. 

Ye Qingyu would not deliberately promote and change the views of the world. Firstly, because this was not something that the Sky Emperor cared about. He lived as a great devil and thus will not be concerned about the future generations’s evaluation of him. Secondly, Ye Qingyu was too busy to involve himself with these meaningless matters. 

One day later, he returned to the Ancient Sky Dragon Star. 

It was an unexpected surprise and great harvest to obtain the destiny qi of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor.  

The Ancient Ghostly Emperor came to the Vast Thousand Star Domains to hunt, to seize the destiny of the Vast Thousand Star Domains, but he did not expect to present the destiny of the Underworld Star Domain accumulated on him to Ye Qingyu. Thinking back to the Era of the Divine Light Court, where there were many Space-Time Fiendgod Sovereigns and King of Sovereigns that competed for the destiny of the Vast Thousand Star Domains at all costs, it was obvious what the destiny of a star domain meant for a sovereign level expert. 

Ye Qingyu need to think about how to use the destiny of the Underworld Star Domain for his own use. 

If Ye Qingyu were to possess the destiny of two star domains, then his cultivation base would undoubtedly ascend to another level. In the future, if the Abandoned Fiendgod, the King of Destruction or other Space-Time King of Sovereigns were to descend onto the Vast Thousand Star Domains, he will have a much better chance of winning. 

Therefore Ye Qingyu first met up with the Empress of Heaven Wasteland Domain Yu Xiaoxing the moment he returned to the Ancient Sky Dragon Star. Having handed over and explained the repair and revival of the Water Moon Domain, he then met up with various great Emperor experts to discuss the follow-up military matters, and then immediately closed up to train. 

He began to study the power of destiny of the Underworld Star Domain. 

He summoned out the [Cloud Top Cauldron], and set up the strongest defensive formation in the Immortal Dojo. Ye Qingyu then directly entered into the world of the [Cloud Top Cauldron] and came to the storage space where the destiny power of the Underworld Star Domain was stored. 

This was a specially carved-out area that looks like the starry sky. 

Stars were dotted across, flashing away. 

Large areas of dark blue nebulae were floating in this space. 

Ye Qingyu operated the [Eyes of the Void] to observe the dark blue nebulae. 

Because that was precisely the underworld destiny. 

For a long period of time, for living beings below the Emperor realm, destiny was something mysterious, similar to a kind of luck, elusive. It is said that the great Dao is intangible, but for martial artists, the great Dao and laws were in fact something that can be captured and understood. On the contrary, destiny was not something that can be obtained through cultivation, but seemed to be distributed by the heavens from birth. Living beings with strong destiny will soar to the sky, and encounter many fortuitous events, while those with poor destiny will suffer their whole life. Destiny was not something that affects only the intelligent beings, but also plants and dead objects. 

The strength of one’s destiny seems to be irreversible and cannot be changed, decided only by the heavens. 

More importantly, destiny was entirely intangible and even Emperor experts cannot refine or grasp it. 

But for someone like Ye Qingyu, who dominates a star domain, destiny can be fathomed and grasped. 

Just like the nebula-like blue light before him, which was the tangible image of the destiny of the underworld. The Ancient Ghostly Emperor had been cultivating for many unknown years in the Underworld Star Domain to finally gather the majority of the destiny of the entire domain onto his body. After his death, the destiny scattered and should have left the Vast Thousand Star Domains and returned to the underworld to find a new son of destiny to attach to, but unfortunately Ye Qingyu had a treasure like the [Cloud Top Cauldron] in his hands. Even the destiny qi was directly intercepted and imprisoned. 

Ye Qingyu observed for three days and three nights, unable to capture the law of behaviour of the tangible image transformed by the underworld destiny. 

The [Eyes of the Void] was a Fiendgod Emperor technique, able to survey and break all illusions, but Ye Qingyu was not able to make much progress in the observation of the power of destiny.

For three days and three nights, Ye Qingyu tried to absorb this power. 

But he had no way to do so. 

Even if the underworld qi were directly inhaled into his abdomen and swallowed, it would not have any other effect. It was like an illusory existence, and would only escape out Ye Qingyu's body again. 

In the past, the nameless breathing technique also had no effect on the underworld destiny. 

But Ye Qingyu was not discouraged.

Because as early as tens of millions of years ago, during the battle of the collapse of the Divine Light Court, the arrival of the Space-Time Fiendgod Sovereigns was to plunder the destiny qi of the Vast Thousand Domains. If the power of destiny really cannot be absorbed and integrated, then these influential figures who stand at the top of the universe would not have done everything possible to compete for the destiny of the Vast Thousand Star Domains. 

The only explanation was that a certain opportunity or method was required to absorb the power of destiny. 

Ye Qingyu did not completely waste his time on distant attempts. 

He soon ended the training. 

Then he went to the Water Moon Domain once again. 

As one of the ancient and giant stars in the Vast Thousand Star Domains, first its life force was absorbed by the Ancient Ghostly Emperor, and then it was damaged in the battle between Ye Qingyu and the Ancient Ghostly Emperor. Its life had long faded and had been turned into a barren waste star. Under the direction of Yu Xiaoxing and the light brain [The Beginning], the empire made some restorations, but the biggest project, of course, was to rearrange the various formations on the dead star, to guide the energy of the star to reconstitute life, and to slowly restore its life force. In this artificial intervention and some subsequent established methods, according to the light brain [The Beginning’s] calculation, it would be approximately one hundred years later before the planet shows elements of life. 

But Ye Qingyu couldn't wait too long. 

The Water Moon Star was an incredibly important part of the star formations of the Vast Thousand Star Domains. If this were to continue, then the power of the Vast Thousand Star Domains formation will deteriorate, and because Ye Qingyu had become the master of the Vast Thousand Domains and the protective force of the universe, the deterioration of the star formation force was something that Ye Qingyu did not want to see. 

Although it was inevitable that the protective power of the Vast Thousand Star Domains would no longer be able to suppress the footsteps of the Space-Time Fiendgod Sovereigns, Ye Qingyu still hoped to push the date back as far as possible. 

The power of the star formation comes from the stars.

If every star in the Vast Thousand Star Domains was vibrant and full of life, then the star formation would become even more powerful. 

This was one of the reasons why Ye Qingyu was so keen on repairing the Water Moon Domain.  

At the same time, Ye Qingyu had now turned the Vast Thousand Star Domains into his life star domain. He knew this star domain like the back of his hand, and also knew that, in addition to the hundreds of domain stars known today, there were in fact many domain stars that were part of the Vast Thousand Star Domains not discovered by the world. Some were just born, some were in the barren era, and some, although they had civilization, had not yet reached the point where it could communicate with the mainstream star domains. The domain gate was not yet opened, just like Heaven Wasteland Domain back then. 

All this shows that even if tens of millions of years have passed, the Vast Thousand Star Domains was still a young and vibrant star domain.

In the eyes of many other star domains, the Vast Thousand Star Domains was just a baby who had just stumbled into the dark universe forest, and was still very weak. Therefore, there would be so many Space-Time Fiendgod Sovereigns in the era of the Divine Light Court here to snatch the destiny of the Vast Thousand Star Domains. 

Thousands of years have passed. The Vast Thousand Star Domains could be said to have passed the infant stage, and came to the juvenile stage.

According to the natural development and evolution of star domains, the domain stars who had yet given birth to the domain gate or been in contact with foreign star domains will most likely establish their domain gate in the next hundred million years, and then, at that time, the Vast Thousand Star Domains would truly enter the prime of its life.

But now, Ye Qingu decided to change the process. 

First of all, he used the rebirth technique that has been verified in the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain to arrange a formation in the Water Moon Domain. This was to directly reverse the speed of recovery of the Water Moon Domain, so that it would be restored more or less within five years. 

Then, he described the location of the domain stars he saw and gave them to Yu Xiaoxing and [The Beginning], allowing them to try to directly open the new domain gate and to force contact with the unopened domain star bodies. He wanted to make a top-to-bottom change and to force civilizations in the barren domain star bodies.  

“The means must be gentle and friendly. If there are predatory invasive developments, I will personally pursue further.” 

Ye Qingyu in the end set the tone for the ‘Vast Thousand Star Domains development plan’.

Then, he went to the Dark Realm, and headed straight to the front line of the great wall, and inspected the army with the Emperor of Darkness Song Xiaojun. 

After that, Ye Qingyu returned to the divine hall of the Ancient Sky Dragon Star to practice. 

This time, he began to torture the Dakr Purple Sovereign, the Three-eyed White-boned Dictator and other remaining Space-Time Fiendgod Sovereigns. 

Since these Space-Time Fiendgod Sovereigns descended onto the Vast Thousand Star Domains to devour the power of destiny of Vast Thousand Star Domains, Ye Qingyu was absolutely certain that they must know how to integrate with the power of destiny. 

Finally, a month later, Ye Qingyu obtained the secret to integration with destiny through the torture of the Dark Purple Sovereign. 

“One needs to descend onto that domain, and receive the recognition of the laws of heaven and earth of that domain to integrate with the destiny of that domain. Otherwise, it is impossible for people belonging to the other domains to force the integration.” These were the original words of the Dark Purple Sovereign.  

The Dark Purple Sovereign was unaware that Ye Qingyu had already obtained the destiny of the Underworld Star Domain. He did not think that Ye Qingyu had the strength to integrate with the destiny of other star domains. The Vast Thousand Star Domains had just started to learn to walk, it was already extremely difficult for Ye Qingyu to be able to protect himself, let alone deal with other matters? Moreover, the secret of this integration was really not a secret unknown to the world.   

After that, Ye Qingyu then questioned the Three-eyed White-boned Dictator and other Space-Time Fiendgod Sovereigns. 

The answer he obtained was the same as that of the Dark Purple Sovereign. 

“It seems that they did not lie.” 

Ye Qingyu began to formulate a plan on how to travel to the Underworld Star Domain. 


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