1342 - Unmatched prodigy

Chapter 1342, Unmatched prodigy 

Ye Qingyu was equally shocked. 

The death of the Sky Emperor happened right before his eyes. He saw it clearly and vividly, and it was definitely not a faked death. The consciousness and spirit of the Sky Emperor had completely dissipated between heaven and earth, and even the strength of his thousands of years of cultivation also faded between heaven and the earth. If it was a faked death, then this absolutely would not have happened. 

But he was reborn again? 


Ye Qingyu did not feel the slightest aura of rebirth. 

It should be said that, after witnessing the rebirth of the Great Dragon Turtle Demon and Yue Renfeng, Ye Qingyu had already gained some understanding of the power of rebirth. In this moment, within the Water Moon Domain, he couldn’t feel the slightest power of rebirth, law, dao, or aura, which suggests that it was not a rebirth of the Sky Emperor. 

But what was going on?  

It seemed that the Sky Emperor had unraveled the ancient scripture of the underworld, and then he returned to the body of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor? This should be to compete for the control of this body, and from the Ancient Ghostly Emperor’s expression, the situation seemed to be particularly unfavourable to him. 

Ye Qingyu decided to wait and watch the situation. 

“You schemed against me?” The Ancient Ghostly Emperor roared with fury. 

He was schemed by a chess piece that he identified as one he could casually move back and forth. This feeling was like a high and mighty Emperor laughing disdainfully and mockingly at a beggar, but was caught by this beggar and slapped several times. 

“The stupid always think they're in control.” The voice of the Sky Emperor was clear, but seemed to be coming from some strange state, “The wise calculates everything.”

The dark blue light that shrouded the body of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor was blazing like a raging flame. 

Ye Qingyu had already set up the golden ancient character formation and had completely sealed the area within hundreds of thousands of kilometers. No matter who it is that finally seized control of that body, they would be unable to escape from this area. 

Time flew by. 

The dark blue fire was burning madly. 

“No, impossible, how can you push the Ancient Underworld Scripture to this level...” The Ancient Ghostly Emperor roared and struggled. He issued a reluctant and desperate lament. He was clearly at a disadvantage, and gradually unable to withstand the corrosive power of the Sky Emperor.  

“You tried to do things along rigid, conventional lines, you only have yourself to blame for teaching me the true meaning of the first eight sections of the real Ancient Underworld Scripture.” The voice of the Sky Emperor was arrogant and icy-cold, “You underestimated the martial arts genius of the world.”

“I'm not willing...” The Ancient Ghostly Emperor roared, making a final frantic struggle. 

He felt the shadow of death approaching.  

He was the King of the Fiendgod Sovereigns. He possessed the Immortal body. If it were any other time, he would not be killed as long as his origin life star domain was undestroyed. But in this moment, he had just absorbed the underworld power that the Sky Emperor had cultivated for the past tens of millions of years, which belongs to the underworld power of the Vast Thousand Star Domains. Although this power could make him instantly return to his peak state of the past, stop him from being suppressed by the origin source power of the Vast Thousand Star Domains and bring out his real power, it had also unknowingly weakened his origin source power and converted it to the power of the Vast Thousand Star Domains. This meant that his state of immortality was subsequently destroyed. 

After the earth-shaking roar of anger, after losing his head out of fear and panic, the voice of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor finally disappeared completely in his body, and his spirit and will completely swallowed and dispelled. 

The Ancient Ghostly Emperor had perished. 

This time, he did not fake death, but really disappeared from the world. 

A gush of indescribable aura began to overflow out from his body towards the outside. It was not the power of martial arts, nor was it spiritual force.  

“Quickly intercept it... that's the destiny qi of the Underworld.” The Sky Emperor shouted, his voice returned to usual. 

His words were directed at Ye Qingyu. 

Ye Qingyu jolted, vaguely sensed something, and immediately tried to activate the one hundred eight ancient character technique, only to find that it was unable to intercept this destiny qi. He did not hesitate to trigger the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. Golden-yellow chaotic power right away enveloped the cauldron. The cauldron mouth was as black as a black hole of the universe, releasing an unparalleled force. 

The mysterious and indescribable underworld power of destiny was indeed sucked into the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. 

Ye Qingyu did not expect the result to be so desirable. 

He did not expect the [Cloud Top Cauldron] to be able to even absorb the terrifying power of destiny.

He thought to himself, while storing the power of destiny of the Underworld Star Domain into a space of the [Cloud Top Cauldron], and then looked to the Sky Emperor, who had occupied the body of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor.  

“We meet again.” The Sky Emperor was calm and indifferent, looking at Ye Qingyu, without the slightest intent to battle. 

It felt like a greeting from an old friend. 

Ye Qingyu also sensed that the aura of the Sky Emperor was still of nothingness, and there wasn’t the slightest life force following his possession of Ancient Ghostly Emperor’s body. Nor was there any evidence of his existence. This feeling was similar to when he saw a ray of soul projection of Ye Chongsheng in the maze back then. 

He realized that what he was talking to was just a projection of the soul of the Sky Emperor. 

“It seems that you’ve already noticed.” A teasing smile emerged on the blank face of Sky Emperor. “Did you feel shocked and afraid just now? Did you think that your fateful enemy has come back to life?” 

Ye Qingyu nodded silently. 

Although it was him who personally set up an ambush to kill the Sky Emperor, he also had to admit the fact that the Sky Emperor was no doubt a terrifying opponent. He absolutely did not want to cross paths with such a terrifying opponent again, and of course, did not want to see the resurrection of the Sky Emperor.  

“Haha, don't worry, I'm already dead, it's hard for me to return.” The Sky Emperor laughed. 

It was just that this laughter was mingled with a hint of indescribable sadness.  

“Before the collapse of the Divine Light Court, I have already met the Ancient Ghostly Emperor,” Sky Emperor spoke again, a touch of helplessness flashing across his face. 

This sentence was very sudden, but Ye Qingyu in that moment also understood the meaning of it. 

The Sky Emperor back then, although considered as one of the strongest Divine Generals under the Divine Light Emperor, was still only a present age Martial Emperor. Having encountered the Ancient Ghostly Emperor, a King of Sovereigns, he absolutely did not have any strength to fight back, and he could only either be killed and swallowed or be controlled. 

What Sky Emperor said was an explanation. An explanation to what he had done. 

He was a puppet that was secretly controlled by the Ancient Ghostly Emperor. 

He couldn't break free. 

He couldn't fight back. 

He couldn't disobey.  

Ye Qingyu almost believed this explanation right away.  

Because whether it was in the memory of Lan Tian, or in the subsequent duel against the Sky Emperor, he still did not find a real persuasive reason for the Sky Emperor to betray the Divine Light Emperor. The so-called reason ‘those who have different opinions or plans cannot work together’ and the Divine Light Emperor's obsessiveness seemed more like an excuse. 

Moreover, Ye Qingyu also firmly believed that, given the pride of the Sky Emperor, he would never use his last ray of soul projection after death to say such a lie. There was no need to do so, and it was meaningless. 

Adding to this, the Sky Emperor finally took revenge on the Ancient Ghostly Emperor, and killed this influential authority at the expense of death. This was also considered as the best explanation for his actions. 

Ye Qingyu understood.  

A thought suddenly flashed to his mind. Perhaps that back then in the Azure Cloud Platform in the Guardian Royal City, it wasn’t that the Sky Emperor did not realize it was a trap, but deliberately placed all his forces into this trap and destroyed everything with the help of Ye Qingyu's hand. This was to completely make the forces that he had created after scheming against the Ancient Ghostly Emperor to disappear like a puff of smoke. Then, with his death, he made the final choice, and completed the key step of his plan. Only then would the Ancient Ghostly Emperor appear so confidently. Thinking that he had control of everything, he blindly absorbed the underworld power of the world, and ultimately lost his body of immortality and died. 

A game of chess of thousands of years old. 

Everyone thinks they are a chess player. 

Every chess piece wants to break away, wants to control their own destiny. 

However, only the Sky Emperor set up a game with his life and finally broke the game of chess. A chess player like the Ancient Ghostly Emperor in the end reaped what he has sown.

Thinking of this, Ye Qingyu was more and more certain that his speculation was the truth. 

He looked into the eyes of the Sky Emperor, with surprise and shock.  

And the Sky Emperor just smiled, saying, “I have already repaid what I owed the world, and what I owe him, I have also made up for it... In this life, even though I have committed towering sins, my conscience is clear...” His eyes were firmly fixed on Ye Qingyu's face, and finally, with great regret, shook his head and said, “Unfortunately, you’re not him....you're not him yet.” 

His voice died away. 

The body of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor drifted away like ashes. 

And the last ray of soul projection of the Sky Emperor also dissipated from this world.

Ye Qingyu reached out to retain something, but he also cannot reverse time. 

The man, at last, had left. 

Yes, he owed the world, because he led the dark era of formation martial arts for thousands of years and had slaughtered countless creatures. But in the end he killed the Ancient Ghostly Emperor, and made a King of Sovereigns perish here. He had repaid the world. 

He owed the Divine Light Emperor and his former brothers, but he gave the destiny qi of the Underworld Star Domain to Ye Qingyu, which was considered as repayment.

At the last moment of his life, when he said ‘I have a clear conscience’, Ye Qingyu also had to agree with him. 

Such a man, such a prodigy, under the teasing of fate, had completed the reversal. If it were any other person, they would have been turned to ruins in the Vast Thousand Star Domains already. They would have long become a puppet, a tool, of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor. Ye Qingyu also asked himself the same question. If it were him, he also most likely wouldn’t have done any better than the Sky Emperor. 

How cruel was fate to him. 

Ye Qingyu breathed a long sigh. 

Eventually, he left the Water Moon Domain. 

After this battle, the Water Moon Domain was transformed into a lifeless ruined star body, but for Ye Qingyu, who has mastered the profound meaning of rebirth, he could make the Water Moon Domain come back to life sooner or later, just like how he changed the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain. 

For Ye Qingyu, the destiny of the Underworld Star Domain was a huge opportunity.   

From this, he saw the brightest light of the reversal of this calamity. 

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