1341 - Strange changes

Chapter 1341, Strange changes 

This didn't seem normal.  

Although the Ancient Ghostly Emperor was the King of the Space-Time Fiendgod Sovereigns, but after all he had been lost in the Vast Thousand Star Domains for too long. Not to mention that he was severely wounded during the first battle against the Divine Light Emperor, and was suppressed by the Sky Emperor in the ancient tomb for so many years after that. Although he had absorbed all of the life force of the Water Moon Domain, there was still quite a distance till he restores to his peak state. 

And Ye Qingyu had already entered the Sovereign realm. 

In the face of Ye Qingyu, the Ancient Ghostly Emperor should not have absolute certainty in winning. 

But his tone of voice was so arrogant, and his expression was not forced, suggesting that he really was confident in this battle. 

Why would he have such certainty? 

Ye Qingyu's mind flashed countless thoughts, before he said indifferently, “So, you devoured the entire Water Moon Domain not to obtain the life force to restore your strength, but to lead me here?” 

“You only understood now, it’s too late.” The Ancient Ghostly Emperor laughed, “The long days of suffering is just for today. What belongs to me, even if countless centuries have past, will finally return to my hands.” 

“I don't quite understand where your self-confidence comes from. Given your current state, you cannot even withstand the strength of my one finger.” 

“Hahaha, you'll soon understand.” The Ancient Ghostly Emperor laughed, underworld power rippling around his body. A force similar to blood vessels spread out slowly, that even the domain power couldn’t withstand against. In an instant, it had already penetrated out of the Water Moon Domain toward the universe space and other domains of the Vast Thousand Star Domains. 

Ye Qingyu did not obstruct right away.   

Because he could sense that this power was not the viral power of the spirits that were causing havoc, but a force similar to the summoning of something or being. The question was that what would the Ancient Ghostly Emperor be summoning in the Vast Thousand Star Domains? What kind of existence in the Vast Thousand Star Domains could pose a threat to Ye Qingyu? 

Ye Qingyu wanted to know.

And the answer was soon going to be clearly presented. 

The Ancient Ghostly Emperor summoned a ball of bizarre blue light from an unknown place of the Vast Thousand Star Domains, and in the split second of seeing this strange ball of blue light, Ye Qingyu also immediately saw through its origin. 

Sky Emperor!

No, to be precise, it was the underworld force that should have dissipated in the universe space after the fall of the Sky Emperor, but the wisps of power were summoned by the Ancient Ghostly Emperor from various unknown places of the Vast Thousand Star Domains, and then finally gathered into a cluster of strange blue light, which contained the most terrifying underworld power beyond Ye Qingyu’s expectation. 

“Hahaha, the Sky Emperor is just one of my selected puppets. He really thought he had leapt out of my control and rebelled successfully?” The Ancient Ghostly Emperor laughed, looking at the slightly surprised Ye Qingyu, with a condescending manner like he occupied an absolute advantage. “I have to thank the Sky Emperor for creating the most perfect spiritual place for me, and then with his physical body and spirit accumulated underworld power that is in line with the laws of this world. Hahahahaha, thousands of years have passed, he had done everything for me, and you killed him in the end. Although he has died, the underworld power that he had gathered from his cultivation is still between the heaven and the earth, perfect for my use.”

As he was speaking, the ball of blue light entered the shadow of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor. 

His power began to soar at a frantic speed. 

Ye Qingyu nodded his head slightly. 

He understood. 

An existence like the Ancient Ghostly Emperor was indeed intelligent and crafty. The Sky Emperor thought he had control of everything, but in the end was schemed against by the Ancient Ghostly Emperor. Thousands of years ago, in the battle of the underworld ancient tomb, was the second death of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor, which was also a fake death. He had completely deceived the self-confident Sky Emperor, and the so-called complete Underworld Scripture he found on the Ancient Ghostly Emperor's body was most likely deliberately placed by him to encourage the Sky Emperor to cultivate this cultivation technique. The Sky Emperor had painstakingly practiced the Underworld Scripture for thousands of years, thinking that he had taken a new road, but in truth it was nothing more than creating a wedding dress for someone else.

The Ancient Ghostly Emperor at this time activated a secret technique to, as much as possible, absorb the underworld power that the Sky Emperor had accumulated in the world. His aura began to grow wildly, and in the blink of an eye, was restored to the peak strength of his past state, and perhaps even surpassed that.  

“Now, do you have anything to say to stay in this world?” He stared at Ye Qingyu, a fierce and malicious glint in his eyes, as if looking at a rare treasure of the world. 

The destiny of the Vast Thousand Star Domains was gathered on the body of Ye Qingyu, and in the eyes of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor, Ye Qingyu was the most nourishing tonic in the world. As long as Ye Qingyu was killed and swallowed, then he could obtain his destiny and then integrate with the destiny of the Vast Thousand Star Domains and the Underworld Star Domain to break through into the King of Sovereign realm. 

At that time, he could truly move unhindered across the universe.  

“What I need to say is--” Ye Qingyu grinned, “You think too much.” 

As he was speaking, the Life Sword sword intent that filled the sky began to flow, golden character formations gathered onto the [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike], directly aiming towards the Ancient Ghostly Emperor. The sky and space directly separated under Ye Qingyu's sword. The entire Water Moon Domain seemed as if it was about to split into two like a painting by the sword strike. 

“Haha, destroy!” 

The Ancient Ghostly Emperor was blazing all over with the fire of the underworld. He spewed out a beam of blue light that collided with the [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike].


A gentle sound. 

The [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike] was blasted away.  

The spectacle in the space instantly disappeared, indescribable majestic power, like a hurricane, radiated in all directions, and the mountains and valleys within thousands of kilometers were instantaneously turned to dust and ashes, whipping up into the air. 

“Now, do you believe it?” The Ancient Ghostly Emperor looked at Ye Qingyu with a smile. 

In his eyes, Ye Qingyu was the Divine Light Emperor, the person who obstructed him thousands of years ago, the culprit who had severely wounded him. But so what? The prey is always the prey. No matter how strong a prey is, their final fate will still be slaughtered and cooked by the hunters. Everything today was something he had planned thousands of years ago. It was not only to deceive the Divine Light Emperor but also to deceive the Abandoned Fiendgod, the King of Destruction and his other competitors. 

Now, he can harvest ahead of time. 

By the time competitors such as the Abandoned Fiendgod descend onto the world again, everything would have already belonged to the Ancient Ghostly Emperor.  

“Now, Divine Light Emperor, I'll let you taste what is true despair.” The Ancient Ghostly Emperor laughed, exhaled, and sent a bolt of underworld blue lightning speeding towards Ye Qingyu. “

Ye Qingyu knitted his brows. 

He was indeed worthy of being called a King of Sovereigns existence. His use of qi had already reached an unbelievable degree. As he opened his mouth and exhaled, he could effortlessly blast away his [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike]. 

“Here comes the sword!” 

Ye Qingyu made a backhand grabbing motion, the [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike] rapidly shrank to normal size, glowing with a golden brilliance, as if constructed from immortal gold, and directly slashed through the air. 


The sword brilliance and the blue lightning collided, splitting the sky into two. 

In the blink of an eye, it was unknown how many times the two supreme experts had exchanged moves. 

If it were not for the protective force of the universe, it was unknown how many times the entire Water Moon Domain would have been destroyed.

Ye Qingyu was calculating while fighting. 

He had a clear understanding of the maximum power the universe protective force could tolerate.  

At the same time, he carefully observed the Ancient Ghostly Emperor’s way of fighting. After all, he had stepped into the realm of the King of Sovereigns and there were many places he could learn from, including the use of power, great Dao and law. Although he was the 108th reincarnation of the Divine Light Emperor, he had not integrated with his physical body and shell, and thus in essence, was not the same person as the Divine Light Emperor. Thus this was his first time in a battle against a King of Sovereign existence. 

The battle lasted a whole day. 

Ye Qingyu gradually figured out something.  

The Ancient Ghostly Emperor was indeed more terrifying than the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster, Dark Purple Sovereign and the others. His use of the power of the universe and the great Dao had already reached an unbelievable degree. If Ye Qingyu was not situated in the Vast Thousand Star Domains, which was his life star domain and thus had strengthening power, and were in other places, then he most likely would have already been defeated. 

Moreover, what the Ancient Ghostly Emperor said was right. He had obtained the underworld power that belongs to this world, which the Sky Emperor had accumulated for thousands of years. His battle strength grew stronger and stronger, and gradually was no longer suppressed by the Vast Thousand Star Domains. This battle was not inferior in any respect to the battle against the Divine Light Emperor back then. 

Ye Qingyu was pondering about how to destroy a King of Sovereign existence. 

Even if he were to summon out the [Cloud Top Cauldron], there was still no absolute certainty in winning. 

If he were unable to kill an opponent like him, then there would be endless sufferings in the future. 

However, just before Ye Qingyu had made a final decision, all of a sudden, the Ancient Ghostly Emperor ceased the attack, his expression turned extremely strange, and quickly retreated, opening up the distance between Ye Qingyu, before he came to stop. 

Ye Qingyu knitted his brows, adapting to the situation. 

At this time, the aura of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor suddenly became unstable. 

It fluctuated rapidly, as if something had suddenly broke out in his body.  

“Do you really think that you've calculated everything?” A voice that did not belong to the Ancient Ghostly Emperor bizarrely sounded from within his body.

And Ye Qingyu was in extreme shock. 

Because he could tell that this voice belonged to the Sky Emperor, belonged to the perished Sky Emperor.  

“You...” the Ancient Ghostly Emperor exclaimed in disbelief, “You are... aren't you dead? How can you do this, in the Underworld Scripture I gave you there absolutely isn’t such a technique, you actually...” 

To his shock, the Sky Emperor, even without a teacher, had pushed the ancient Underworld Scripture to an extreme degree, transformed life and death, and thereby deceived him. Through the use of the pure underworld power he had entered into his body, at this time, the Sky Emperor's will was competing for control of the body. 

He had been fighting geese all year round, but in the end was blinded by a big goose. 

He had failed miserably.

The shock and fury in the heart of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor were simply indescribable.

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