1340 - The Ancient Underworld Emperor

Chapter 1340, The Ancient Ghostly Emperor 

The Water Moon Domain——also called the Water Moon Star had collapsed. 

The news came and shook the entire Heaven Wasteland Empire. 

When Ye Qingyu was ready to head to the land of extreme death with the Ferryman of the Netherworld, he received an emergency message from the military division of the Heaven Wasteland Empire and the Imperial Empire at the same time. Ye Qingyu immediately had a change of expression when he saw this. 

As one of the super domains in the Vast Thousand Domains, the Water Moon Domain, whether it is in territory, population, or the average level of martial arts, it was enough to be ranked in the top ten of the Vast Thousand Domains. Its foundation was deep and profound, and even after being taken over by the Heaven Wasteland Empire, the military forces remained disciplined and orderly. Approximately half of the military forces of the Whip of Thunder Deity Corps, one of the ten major military corps of Heaven Wasteland Empire were stationed in this domain. 

However, disaster broke out overnight. 

Countless skeletons, under the beckoning of a mysterious and evil force, were suddenly resurrected, climbed out of the grave, and began to attack all living creatures in a frenzied manner. The situation had developed into an unmanageable one from the beginning. Many cities and towns in the Water Moon Domain were instantly turned into a land of death, a paradise for the dead. The living beings that were killed also turned into spirits, wreaking havoc on the Water Moon Domain. 

By the time the administrative officials of Heaven Wasteland Empire stationed in the Water Moon Domain found that the situation wasn't right, everything was already irreversible. The army of spirits had already swept in. The most elite troops of the [Whip of the Thunder Deity] could only withstand for less than half a day, and brought some important people and resources out of the Water Moon Domain, before the corps collapsed. 

The entire Water Moon Domain was completely lost. 

And the deputy leader of the Whip of Thunder Deity Corps, He Zizhong, who was a top Quasi-emperor expert and only one step away from the Emperor realm, in the end did not hesitate to self-detonate, directly blew up the domain gate and stone walls of the Water Moon Domain and destroyed the channel that linked the Water Moon Domain to the outside world. This was considered as temporarily isolating the army of spirits in the Water Moon Domain and stopping them from spreading to other domains. 

When the news came out, the Heaven Wasteland Empire and the Imperial God Emperor court were both extremely shocked. 

In view of the urgency and seriousness of the situation, Divine General Gong of the Six Divine General , Gao Diping, together with the spirit monkey battle companion Sun Wukong, attempted to investigate the situation in the Water Moon Domain through the secret channel controlled by the Empire. But less than half a day later, both were seriously injured and returned.

All of a sudden, the decision-making higher ups of the two empires immediately realized that things were much more serious than they had imagined at first, and had to report to Ye Qingyu at once. 

After receiving the news, Ye Qingyu had to temporarily suspend the trip to the land of extreme death.  

“The army of spirits... it’s strange that it broke out in the Water Moon Domain, since it belongs to a branch of the Invader system to some extent, and has been blocked by the western defense line of the great wall and has never appeared in the Vast Thousand Domains before. Could it be that there is a large space-time passage in the Water Moon Domain that allows the entry of the forces of the Space-Time Fiendgod Sovereigns?”

On his way to the Water Moon Domain, Ye Qingyu pondered over these questions. 

After Gao Diping and Sun Wukong had completely removed the reincarnation seal on them, their strength was restored and was no less inferior to present age Martial Emperors. The two people went into the Water Moon Domain together, but still couldn't escape unscathed and instead were seriously wounded. 

This was something that only the Space-Time Fiendgod Sovereigns could achieve. 

Having considered the special nature of the spirits, the Ferryman of the Netherworld also followed Ye Qingyu to observe the situation.

After an hour of receiving the news, Ye Qingyu returned to the Snow capital of Heaven Wasteland Domain and saw the injured Gao Diping and Sun Wukong. 

“It's indeed the power of the spirits, really terrifying.” The Ferryman of the Netherworld observed for a while before he came to a conclusion, and said in a slightly surprised voice, “No, this power, since ancient times, only one person can possess such terrifying and evil underworld power. Your Majesty can also tell right.”

Ye Qingyu nodded, “The Sky Emperor.” 

“Yes, only someone like the Sky Emperor who possessed the body of the underworld can grasp the power of death to this extent. However, the Sky Emperor has already perished in the hands of Your Majesty. Logically speaking, there shouldn't be such power in this world anymore,” the Ferryman of the Netherworld explained.

Ye Qingyu seemed to have thought of something upon hearing this, “No, there is an existence, who has this power, and is above the Sky Emperor.” 

“Who?” The Ferryman of the Netherworld gasped.  

Ye Qingyu said each word loud and clear. “The Ancient Ghostly Emperor.” 



Yes, it is the Ancient Ghostly Emperor. 

From the memory of Lan Tian, Ye Qingyu had seen the rebellion of the Sky Emperor, the Ancient Ghostly Emperor being killed, how he obtained the complete underworld scripture, and became the ruler of the underworld. At first, Ye Qingyu believed in this memory, because this was the memory of Lan Tian. There can’t be a mistake, but later, following the resurrection of the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and the others, he realized that there was a good chance that something had gone wrong in the middle.

The Ancient Ghostly Emperor was the King of the Space-Time Fiendgod Sovereigns, more powerful than the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster, the Dark Purple Sovereign and the others. Since even the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and the others were immortal because of the existence of their life star domain and cannot be destroyed, how would a higher-level existence like the Ancient Ghostly Emperor be destroyed by the impulsive Sky Emperor who had only learned little of the Underworld scriptures at that time? 

What's more, the underworld scriptures were passed onto the Sky Emperor by the Ancient Ghostly Emperor. 

After that, Ye Qingyu had many times searched for and calculated the location of the tomb of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor, hoping to find out the truth. But strangely, he was unable to find anything.

Mysteriously, there was a force that obstructed Ye Qingyu from finding out anything about the Ancient Ghostly Emperor. 

Unexpectedly, the ancient underworld tomb was actually in the Water Moon Domain. 

Nobody expected the Ancient Ghostly Emperor to reappear in such a way. 

Ye Qingyu came directly to the Water Moon Star.  

In just two or three days of time, this domain star had already become the paradise for spirits. All living beings were completely dead, and an evil corrosive deathly force enveloped the entire star. Even the grass and trees began to mutate and lost their vitality, and even the domain star was slowly aging. It was as if everything on the star domain was being swallowed up by some mysterious force. The sight was a bit like the Ancient Sky Dragon Star back then. 

Countless living creatures were hovering over this star body. 

The martial arts experts that were swallowed by the power of the spirits were turned into skeleton zombies, yet still maintained their battle strength of the past, which was incredibly terrifying. Although dead, their bodies and strength were still secretly controlled by someone, and had become puppets. 

Ye Qingyu walked around the Water Moon Domain. 

It was his first visit to this star domain. 

As he walked along, all the zombie skeletons behind him were turned into ashes and vanished, while the withered trees gradually restored vitality. No matter how strong the zombie skeletons were, in front of Ye Qingyu, they were unable to withstand a single blow nor could they get within one thousand meters of his body. 

Ye Qingyu nearly exterminated all the zombies on the Water Moon Star along the way.

The great army of spirits that even present age Martial Emperors would find tricky to deal with, in the face of Ye Qingyu, was like dead objects, and inferior to ants. 

Finally, he came to a lofty mountain peak.  

This mountain was originally lush green like the ocean, covered with primitive forests, and was the largest sea of primitive forest in the Water Moon Domain. But now, all the trees have turned to stones, all the vitality had been plundered, and one of the most terrifying forces of death shrouded this area. Evil blue aura visible to the naked eye had surrounded all the mountains.  

“It's indeed here. “

Ye Qingyu ran his eyes across. He could tell that here was the hidden tomb in Lan Tian's memory. 

“You're here,” an old voice sounded from among the mountains. 

Ye Qingyu step by step came to the depths of the mountains. “Ancient Ghostly Emperor, you indeed have not fallen, and have been hiding in the dark all alone.”

“Yes, you found me a little late. You think only you alone can live to this day?” The old voice sounded again, stirring the power of the underworld, like a Fiendgod that dominated everything.  

“It's not too late, it's still not too late to suppress you.” A golden character emerged above Ye Qingyu's head, and sword intent flowed all around. The whole mountain range was covered in seal formations, and with one thought, the Water Moon Star was quaking under his power.  

“Hahaha, the door of fate has been opened again. Otherwise, do you think I'll show up and let you find me?” The roaring voice of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor came from the depths of the mountains. The tomb that the Sky Emperor built for the Ancient Ghostly Emperor back then was in the depths of that cave. 

“Is it? No matter what the door is, if I don't want it to open, it won't open.” Ye Qingyu smiled. He indeed had such qualifications and strength. “If you open it, I’ll close it.” 

“Nonsense, it is no longer the era of the Divine Light Court. You took that step, but also exposed this star domain to the universe. The birth of every guardian signifies that the star it guards will be found...” The loud laughter of the Ancient Ghostly Emperor resounded like the waves of death. “This time, the protective power of the universe had diminished, and the true King of Sovereigns had come. You won't have the chance you had thousands of years ago again.” 

He knew the Vast Thousand Star Domains like the back of his hand. 

He also noticed the changes in Ye Qingyu's cultivation base right away. It was clear that he wasn’t sleeping all this time and knew nothing about the outside world. 

“I didn’t have a chance to say it, but you definitely won't have the opportunity you had a million years ago.” Ye Qingyu smiled, took a step forward, and terrifying power burst forth, directly shattering the mountain range below into fine powder. The stone cave and tomb were destroyed instantaneously.

A faint blue glow flashed, appearing in the sky. 

Who else would it be beside the Ancient Ghostly Emperor? 

He indeed had been alive all this time. It may have seemed that he was killed by the Sky Emperor back then, but that was all only a scheme. He had been sleeping till today, sitting on the mountain to watch the tigers fight. At this moment, it was only because he had absolute confidence that he appeared all of a sudden and sacrificed the entire Water Moon Domain to restore some strength.  

“Hahaha, Ye Qingyu, you’re too careless, too arrogant... it did not require much effort to lure you here. Today, I will behead you, devour the world's destiny, and when the other King of Sovereigns come, everything will belong to me, haha.” The Ancient Ghostly Emperor laughed, seemingly incredibly confident in dealing with Ye Qingyu. 

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