1338 - Beyond the Emperor Boundary

Chapter 1338, Beyond the Emperor Boundary 

It was much easier to get out of the Vast Thousand Star Domains than to enter from the outer starry sky, since Ye Qingyu was originally part of this star domain. With one thought, he had already transformed out of his Martial Emperor original form and returned to the Guardial Royal City of the Dark Realm. 

A long, long period of time have passed. 

The ‘cleansing’ of the Vast Thousand Domains and the Dark Realm was already completed, and the title of Imperial God Emperor resounded across all domains, rang through every space. Wherever the sun shines to, wherever there are living beings, the legend and prestige of the Imperial God Emperor widely circulated. 

And under the illumination of this prestige, no one or force dared to resist the rule of the Imperial God Emperor and the Heaven Wasteland Empire.  

The attack of the Sky Emperor had forced the Domain Alliance of the Vast Thousand Domains to disappear from the world. Even if Ye Qingyu had saved the higher ups of the Domain Alliance from the disaster in advance, in the eyes of the public, the supreme divine shrine that had once dominated the world for thousands of years had already been destroyed in their hearts. It wasn’t only the shrine, all of the buildings had also collapsed, as well as the majesty of the Domain Alliance. 

The Domain Alliance finally took this opportunity to declare the end of their era. 

After all, following the strong rise of the Heaven Wasteland Empire, even if the Alliance continues to exist, it would only remain a vassal, and instead may provoke and anger the Imperial God Emperor. This was no different to asking for death. Thus it was better to tactfully disband and actively integrate into the power system of the Heaven Wasteland Empire, which would allow them to obtain better developments. 

The collapse of Domain Alliance proclaimed the demise of the last third-party force in the whole world, and from then on, the Heaven Wasteland Empire and the Imperial Empire were like yin and yang, ruling the Vast Thousand Domains and the Dark Realm together. 

The old forces, the evil emperor clans and the rebellious nobles in the Dark Realm were all swept away. 

The whole world reached unprecedented unity. 

Ye Qingyu had created the most incredible feat since the birth of the world of martial arts. It is no exaggeration to say that, whether it is in political achievement or martial arts, he has surpassed the Divine Light Emperor and became the most remarkable one throughout history. 

Under his command, the earth civilization science and technology system was also widely promoted within the territory of Heaven Wasteland Empire and Imperial Empire, especially within the military. 

For the whole world, a perfect era of peace and calmness had finally been reached. Countless places, countless intelligent races were singing the Imperial God Emperor Ye Qingyu's praise. There were even many places that have built a shrine for him. The whole world has entered a high-speed development stage. 

The empire's merchant companies, fleets, and expeditions teams constantly opened up many vast and mysterious lands that intelligent races had never set foot on. New territories were developed, and even some new domains... 

The Vast Thousand Star Domains were constantly expanding.

And the prestige of Li Xiaofei, the six Divine Generals, Shui Xiu and the Emperor of Darkness also spread throughout the world. The height of the Imperial Empire's power could be said to have reached an unbelievable degree. It was unknown how many times stronger and more powerful it was than the Divine Light Court.

A golden age had begun to take shape.  

However, few people knew that, during the seemingly flourishing era, the empire's and Imperial Empire's military had never rested, and instead continued to strengthen and improve at the greatest rate. The military factories located in the major restricted areas were operating day and night without stopping. Whether it was the martial arts equipment, or the weapons of earth science and technology, as well as the various inventions and innovations from the combination of science and technology and formation martial arts technique were being produced non-stop. These important weapon factories were all overseen by top experts of the Imperial Empire. 

And under the proposal of [The Beginning], both worlds started their compulsory military service system. All children, regardless of race, regardless of domain, as long as they reached a certain age, must join the army, receive training, and understand the military order and military ranks, but also learn to control the new formation technology weapons for combat. 

And whether it was the army of the Heaven Wasteland Empire, or the ten great armies and new army of the Imperial Empire, all had never stopped expanding and growing stronger. Almost eighty percent of the Heaven Wasteland and Imperial Empire’s income went into the construction of the military. 

At the same time, the Heaven Wasteland and Imperial Empire continued to dispatch troops west of the great wall defense line of the Dark Realm. For tens of years, almost every formed army was sent to the Invader battlefield. 

And it was through this training that the army's combat power was maintained at a very high level. 

It was also because of this step that the intelligent beings could push the control area from under the great wall to more than one hundred thousand kilometers west. One time they almost broke through into the Chaos District, and almost wiped out all Invaders in several major battles. 

It could be said that even in the most peaceful times, the empire did not stop expanding its military. 

If there had not been a dramatic improvement in the status of civilians and the treatment of life, as well as an improvement to the lives of all races, then this policy could be described as ‘exhausting all resources to build up one's military power’. 

This tough militarized policy also made some intelligent people feel a hint of puzzlement and uneasiness.  

“Whether it is the cultivation base of the Imperial God Emperor, or the military strength of top Emperor experts of the Imperial Empire, both are enough to sweep away the world hundreds of times and take control of everything. Why would they promote the military in such a way?”

“Could it be that His Majesty God Emperor is about to go on expedition?”

“Expedition? Where? The entire great wide world is already under the rule of the Imperial Empire?” 

“Could it be in preparation for enemies?”

“Funny, are there enemies that can battle against the Imperial God Emperor?” 

Countless people argued endlessly.  

Someone raised the question, “What if the enemy of His Majesty is not in this world?” 

Everybody was taken aback by this question. 


The Ancient Sky Dragon Star. 

Ye Qingyu closed up the Immortal Dojo for practice. 

This was already the twentieth year since he secluded himself to cultivate. 

The him now did not need to rely on practice to improve his strength. Instead, he had to absorb foreign forces, skills, techniques and rare treasures. Even the most remarkable Emperor technique had limited effect on Ye Qingyu's strength. The [Blood Drinker Sword] was gradually unable to bear Ye Qingyu's Emperor strength. The Emperor life weapon that Ye Qingyu had created, although should have grown with his strength, in the end was unable to progress past the Emperor realm. While the ascension of Ye Qingyu's strength was close to surpassing the Emperor realm. 

Day after day, Ye Qingyu felt that he was step by step integrating with the Vast Thousand Star Domains. 

That day in the starry sky, the scene of the thousands of stars floating was engraved in Ye Qingyu’s mind all along. These years, he had been visualizing the movements and operation of the stars. From the chaotic state in the beginning to the present day where it gradually grew clearer, Ye Qingyu felt that he was getting stronger and stronger. 

As for how strong? 

He wasn't sure himself. 

Because in this world, there was already no one who could defeat him. 

Even someone as strong as the Great Emperor Xiaofei, who was regarded as second only to Ye Qingyu in the Vast Thousand Star Domains and who had surpassed ordinary Emperor experts, was still no match for Ye Qingyu. 

And the four great Space-Time Fienggod Sovereigns imprisoned in the [Cloud Top Cauldron] had also been defeated by Ye Qingyu time and time again. Even if the four Fiendgod Sovereigns had restored their strength to its peak state in the best area within the [Cloud Top Cauldron’’s] furnace space and had joined hands, they still were no match for Ye Qingyu. 

The Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and the others looked at Ye Qingyu's eyes in a way like looking at a monster.

“You're strong, but you're still no match for the Abandoned Fiendgod and the others, because you haven't reached that step yet...” the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster hissed. 

He was already in despair. 

Because these days, he began to feel his strength weakening. This was not due to the loss of power, nor resulted from the defeat against Ye Qingyu, but because of a problem with his origin source. There was only one reason for the cause of this problem, and that was, there were problems with the star domain that accepted his guardian status. It was beginning to die. 

For the Fiendgod Sovereign who had inherited the destiny and obtained the recognition of a star domain, their fate has been combined with the life of the star domain. Previously, the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and others had been suppressed by the Sky Emperor for thousands of years, but could not be killed completely. This was because the Sky Emperor could not go to the life star domain of these Fiendgod Sovereign to destroy it, and as long as their life star domain remains they were immortal.  

“That step? I've seen the way, and will be there soon.” 

Ye Qingyu isolated the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and fought against him to observe the state of his body. 

He was also aware of the changes in the state of the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster. 

Another ten years passed, the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster died from blood and qi exhaustion.

Ye Qingyu witnessed the whole process. 

The death process of the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster was of great value for Ye Qingyu, because he finally understood that final step from this deterioration. 

That step was an earth-shaking change. 

Ye Qingyu came out of the [Cloud Top Cauldron] and came to the divine shrine.  

There was no flashes of lightning, no clouds, no bizarre spectacles, no earth-shaking state... It was like blossoming flowers, like a drop of water, a breeze of wind scattering the clouds, like the melting snow and ice, like the rising sun, everything was incredibly natural. Ye Qingyu opened his eyes. 

Then, the Emperor qi around him, like a bubble, disappeared without a trace. 

Returned to the original nature.

Finally, he took that step and surpassed the Emperor realm. 

The disappearance of Emperor qi did not mean the disappearance of power, but the opposite. At this time, Ye Qingyu, couldn’t be described with the word powerful anymore, but as a Sovereign-level existence. In the Vast Thousand Star Domains, he could dominate everything. Even if there are hundreds and thousands of Emperors, Ye Qingyu could make them disappear like a puff of smoke. 

Sovereign had the meaning of controlling everything. 

“In terms of realm level, I am the same level as the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and the others. I have reached the Sovereign realm, integrated with the Vast Thousand Star Domains and obtained the recognition of theVast Thousand Star Domain... But in terms of combat power, I should be much stronger than them.” 

Ye Qingyu was full of confidence. 

He walked out of the great hall. 

The Immortal Dojo was now very large, with disciples in their millions. 

“What's the matter? There’s such a change?” Ye Qingyu swept his eyes across the Immortal Dojo and discovered something strange. 

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