1337 - The true face of the world

Chapter 1337, The true face of the world 

“The previous speculation is right.” 

Ye Qingyu stood in the void, looking at the scene in front of him with indescribable shock. 

The Vast Thousand Domains was indeed a star domain. 

A bizarre star domain. 

The starry system consisted of thousands of starry bodies of various sizes that were strangely apart from each other, revolving in a seemingly chaotic but extremely incredible natural manner. The trajectory and order were perfect to an unimaginable degree. There was even a power that Ye Qingyu could not fathom shrouding this star domain.

That was the interesting thing discovered on [The Beginning's] satellite network. 

Ye Qingyu had fought in the starry sky before, and was aware of what the universe and stars looked like, but the magnificent sight of this star domain before him was still beyond his imagination. In particular, the mysterious power that was circulating around this star domain was not something that Ye Qingyu had come across before during the battle in the starry sky. 

“What kind of force is this?” 

Ye Qingyu marveled. 

The battle of the Capital Sky Peak, as well as the first confrontation with the Sky Emperor, both happened in the starry sky. After the true Martial Emperor form is revealed, every movement of a Martial Emperor appeared to be able to destroy the stars. However, those stars were barren star domains without the protection of the power of the universe and thus would be destroyed in a battle between Martial Emperors.

However, the star domain before him was the star domain to which the Vast Thousand Domains belonged to, and which was protected by a strange power. Ye Qingyu believed that this was a cosmic force, and under the protection of this power, it was impossible for even the present Ye Qingyu to break any one of the stars. 

These thousands of stars, which revolved naturally, appear to be some kind of naturally-made formation that gave birth to the power of the universe. 

Previously, Ye Qingyu had made several attempts to escape from this star domain, and finally relied on the [Cloud Top Cauldron] to forcibly get out of this star domain.

As they say, one does know the shape of a mountain when standing on it. 

Previously, Ye Qingyu was situated in the domains of the Vast Thousand Domains, unaware of the true face of this Vast Thousand Domains. It was only now that he finally understood the world's true face.

Looking at the thousands of starry bodies from afar, Ye Qingyu operated the [Eyes of the Void] to locate where Heaven Wasteland Domain was——To be exact, it should now be called the Heaven Wasteland Star. Each domain of the Vast Thousand Domains corresponded to a starry body that floated in this star domain.  

Heaven Wasteland Star was enormous, one of the largest among the vast thousands star domains. It was a starry body full of life and with powerful life source, and in contrast, the Ancient Sky Dragon Star was dim and grey, shrouded in dead atmosphere. 

“If my guess is right, the so-called space-time should be a different starry domain, a strangely magnificent star domain similar to the Vast Thousand Star Domains that gives birth to a different civilization. The Space-Time Fiendgod Sovereigns had painstakingly tried to descend onto this star domain, in order to seize the destiny qi in this star domain, and the so-called destiny qi is most likely related to the power of life source of this star domain.” 

Ye Qingyu directly transformed into his true Martial Emperor form, observing the star domains within tens of thousands of kilometers of the Vast Thousand Star Domains. The more he took in, the more he could feel the true face of this star domain, and there were some information that he understood all of a sudden.  

“The power that weakened and obstructed the Space-Time Fiendgod Sovereigns that descended onto the Vast Thousand Star Domains should be the cosmic force that protected this star domain, which is also the force born from the natural formations of the thousands of starry bodies. This is the true cosmic power of the heavens and earth, and also a power that even the King of Sovereigns cannot escape from.”

Different star domains gives birth to different civilizations, and different civilized living creatures are only suited to the laws of heaven and earth of their original star domain, and thus should only be accepted by that star domain. More importantly, the strongest experts of different star domains were equivalent to the accumulation of destiny qi and the pinnacle of laws of their own star domain. The forceful entry onto other star domains was equivalent to destroying the power of laws and destiny of that star domain, and would certainly suffer from the attack of the power of heaven and earth of that star domain.

Because in every star domain was an instinctive tendency to protect itself.  

Ye Qingyu immediately thought of the tiny space-time formations connected to the black tombstones in the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss. It was clear that these formations were connected to another star domain. Ye Qingyu had tried to enter these space-time transmission formations before, but was blocked and repelled by a strange force. This was most likely because Ye Qingyu was the accumulation of the peak power and laws of the Vast Thousand Star Domains, and thus was repelled by the protective force of other star domains.

It was incredibly difficult for the King of Sovereigns to descend onto the Vast Thousand Star Domains.

And it was similarly extremely difficult for Ye Qingyu to enter the star domains where the different Space-Time Fiendgod Sovereigns were from.

Ye Qingyu's line of sight fell on the outer perimeter of the Vast Thousand Star Domains, where an enormous black starry body that had not completely separated from the Vast Thousand Star Domains was. 

This planet was even bigger than the Heaven Wasteland Star, and can be considered as the largest starry body of the entire Vast Thousand Star Domains. It looked very strange, not completely circular in shape, but was a bizarre angular star body, as if pieced together from numerous fragments. 

“This should be the Dark Realm.”

Understanding dawned on Ye Qingyu’s face. 

Back then, the Dark Realm that Ye Chongseng created from destroyed domains was in fact a new starry body created with fragments of the shattered starry bodies. 

“Ye Chongsheng must have also leapt out of the Vast Thousand Star Domains and saw the true face of the world from the outside, which is why he created the Dark Realm. With my current strength, I can also do this.” 

Ye Qingyu was very confident about this. 

His cultivation strength had now surpassed the strength of any of the reincarnations of the Divine Light Emperor, surpassed Ye Chongsheng, surpassed the peerless God of War, and even surpassed the Divine Light Emperor. 

Of course, this ascension was based on the accumulation of the previous 107 lives.

Although Ye Qingyu had not integrated with the physical body of the Divine Light Emperor, he had to admit that he was still influenced by all the past reincarnations of the Divine Light Emperor.  

“The location of the Dark Realm Star is very mysterious... Ah, I understand, Ye Chongsheng is really a rare genius.” Ye Qingyu analyzed the position of the Dark Realm and saw the significance behind it.

The huge dark planet, located on the edge of the Vast Thousand Star Domains, at first glance seemed inharmonious with the operation of the thousands of star domains. But on closer inspection, one can see that its existence solved the only flaw in the formation of the Vast Thousand Star Domains——Perhaps because the natural law itself was not always perfect, a trace of flaw was left behind. As they say the Dao of heaven reduces that which has too much, and adds to that which does not have enough. Of the fifty great Daos only forty-nine are used, and natural creation will always leave behind a trace of flaw. The existence of the Dark Realm Star was precisely the supplement to that trace of flaw. 

This was to make up for the shortcomings with human power, and although it cannot achieve perfection with the Dao of heaven, it still had an important effect on enhancing the defensive strength of the Vast Thousand Star Domains. 

“Yes, without the existence of the Dark Realm Star, the Vast Thousand Domains would have been broken through by Invaders long ago...”

Ye Qingyu's line of sight shifted away from the Dark Realm Star. 

A huge cloud of grey chaos mist, as if from the distant starry sky, was about to pierce into the Vast Thousand Star Domains, but was blocked by the Dark Realm Star. 

That grey chaos fog should be the area occupied by Innvaders west of the Great Wall defensive line in the Dark Realm. 

Ye Qingyu was also aware that in the Vast Thousand Star Domains were also wisps of grey chaotic mist, though extremely weak, like wires and ropes, connecting different star bodies and leading to beyond the Vast Thousand Star Domains.  

“That should be some space-time gaps, or the threads of power of space-time transmission formations.” 

Ye Qingyu activated the [Eyes of the Void], and very carefully observed. 

It was obvious that the situation was far more serious than he first thought. 

Evil grey chaos fog was incessantly eroding the Vast Thousand Star Domains. Once the protective formation is destroyed, the Space-Time Fiendgod Sovereigns can descend unrestricted and unsuppressed, which, for the Vast Thousand Star Domains, would be a nightmare. 

The star domains that have lost the power of the cosmic protection were like lambs exposed to the laws of the jungle in the cosmic space. Once its location and coordinates wee exposed it cannot escape from the fate of being swallowed up by a group of sharks.  

“The Vast Thousand Star Domainss have been destroyed once, and this is the so-called reincarnation of civilization. However, there are strange force fields and laws in this space. Therefore, after the destruction of the Vast Thousand Star Domains, after the long era and being subjected to the laws of the celestial bodies, it was regenerated... But this time, I will not let this tragic fate reappear.”  

Ye Qingyu operated the Light Emperor Detection Technique, and calculated the possible path and way.

In the end, he gained a little insight. 

To break away from the fate of the star domain being destroyed, a protector above the Emperor realm must be born, and the stronger the guardian, the more prosperous the fate of the star domain. For example, the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and others were guardians of their own star domain. However, after such a long period of time in the Vast Thousand Star Domains, their own star domain must have already been turned into a predatory land without its guardian. 

But for the Abandoned Fiendgod, the King of Destruction, as well as the Sword-Saber Divine Emperor Ding Hao, and other King of Sovereign existences, it is by suppressing the destiny of their own star domain that it will almost never be destroyed and can achieve eternal protection. 

“I understand.”  

Ye Qingyu observed the movement of the stars and rhythms between the Vast Thousand Star Domains. It was a full ten years later that he understood everything. 

His cultivation base also grew without him knowing. 

He was able to clearly feel that the connection between himself and the Vast Thousand Star Domains was growing closer and closer. The life force of this star domain, the power of creation, began to gather towards the body of Ye Qingyu.

This star domain began to recognize Ye Qingyu’s identity. 

It was time to go back. 

Ye Qingyu understood that if he wanted to break through the Emperor realm and become the guardian of this star domain, he must make a breakthrough in this star domain, and not outside the star domain. He had already grasped the opportunity of breakthrough, and was ready to go back to give it a try. 

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