1336 - God Emperor as title

Chapter 1336, God Emperor as title

An ancient ruthless and ambitious person had finally come to the end.

Watching the body of the Sky Emperor gradually growing dimmer, Ye Qingyu did not feel much emotion rippling in his heart. 

It was the Divine Light Emperor who took the Sky Emperor in back then. In truth, Ye Qingyu wasn't too sure of the relationship between the Divine Light Emperor and the Sky Emperor. But there was one thing that he was certain about and that is the relationship between the two must be better than the relationship that the Divine Light Emperor had with the Sx Divine Generals. There must be some other secrets unknown to anyone.

But Ye Qingyu did not want to know. 

All he knew was that the Sky Emperor deserved death. 

Let alone the fact that the Sky Emperor schemed against and prepared an ambush for him, caused the death of the Celestial Phoenix Maiden in the starry battlefield, even in this fight, although Ye Qingyu was more or less prepared, many people still died as a result. In particular, Song Jiannan's death, which for Song Qingluo and Song Xiaojun, was a great damage and was out of Ye Qingyu's calculation. He was after all not god, and cannot predict everything. His plan against the Sky Emperor seemed perfect, but there were still damages in the end. 

This blood debt, of course, should be written on the head of the Sky Emperor. 

The present Ye Qingyu was still just Ye Qingyu, and not the Divine Light Emperor. Thus, he will not go investigate the past, and will only ask about the present life. And in this life, the Sky Emperor was his greatest enemy and must die. 

Watching beads of blue tears streaming down from the Sky Emperor's eyes before he died, there wasn't the slightest ripple of emotion in Ye Qingyu's heart. 

On the contrary, Wen Wan, Gao Diping and the other Divine Generals, as well as the grumpy sprit monkey battle pet Sun Wukong, at such a time, revealed a strange expression, heart trembling with incomparably complex feelings. 

The blue figure before them that was about to fade was once their brother. They drank and ate together, fought and shed blood together, and then became sworn enemies. The goal and significance of their life seemed to be to kill this person. For so many lives, for such a long time, after awakening, they hated the fact that they were unable to tear him apart. However, when this day was finally here, when they finally saw the end of the life of the Sky Emperor, there was an indescribable feeling inside them. They felt at a loss, frustrated, disappointed, and not as happy as imagined. 

“Although you are still as heartless, but this time I will help you, hahaha. I will make you regret it. You will eventually shed tears for me one day.” The Sky Emperor seemed to have a momentary recovery of consciousness. His face suddenly took on a very strange smile, staring at Ye Qingyu, eyes hazy as though caught in the good memories of the past. 

And in such a strange state, his body finally dissipated completely. 

All signs of life, all his martial arts, all his aura, all traces of him, in this instant, disappeared from this world. 

Ye Qingyu was certain that the Sky Emperor was truly dead. It was not a fake death, nor did he escape. 

The world also seemed to have sensed the death of an ambitious and ruthless person. The innate aura of the Sky Emperor slowly faded from the universe, and at the same time, the wind whistled, and rain bucketed down. In the blink of an eye, the whole Guardian Royal City was drowned in rain. 

Between heaven and earth were curtains of rain. 

It was all over. 

Ye Qingyu stretched his palm out. The power of the golden ancient characters formation gathered on the long sword also began to slowly disperse, transforming into tens of thousands of specks of formation power that scattered between the heavens and earth. It then assembled into a formation that surrounded the entire Imperial Palace again. 

With one thought, the formations were able to transform into a sword, which was one of the remarkable skills that Ye Qingyu had mastered and which had transcended the Emperor realm. 

If given enough time, the golden ancient characters formation engraved between heaven and earth could become the weapon of Ye Qingyu. The reason why the Sky Emperor was unable to escape this calamity was precisely because Ye Qingyu's mastery of the one hundred eight ancient characters technique had already reached the peak state, beyond that of Ye Chongsheng, the peerless God of War and the others. Once fallen into such a formation, it was impossible to escape and one must accept their fate.

The terror of such a remarkable technique, which can make someone like the Sky Emperor accept fate, can easily be imagined. 

Gather like fire, scatter like specks of stars. 

That is power. 

After so many years of cultivation, Ye Qingyu's strength had reached a degree that no other people can fathom and experience. It was only the Sky Emperor who could understand it, but he was already dead. 

“Prepare arrangements to deal with the aftermath,” Ye Qingyu said indifferently. 

Emperor Xiaofei nodded. 

Silvery rays of light flickered in the void, without the slightest fluctuation of power. It was the light transmission technology of the earth's civilization. The mechanical body of [The Beginning] appeared. 

The plan against the Sky Emperor was operated so smoothly due to [The Beginning's] monitoring and calculation. Now, [The Beginning's] control can be said to have thoroughly infiltrated the Vast Thousand Domains and the various domains of the Dark Realm. When Ye Qingyu said to prepare to deal with the aftermath, he in fact, was speaking to [The Beginning]. 

It was unknown how many forces, nobles, and influential families were directly involved in the Sky Emperor's plan. Some were fanning the flames, and some although did not do anything, their position were extremely unstable... There was nothing much that can be said about these forces, except that they must be reorganized, and subjected to cleaning and transformation. Ye Qingyu decided that he wouldn’t be lenient this time. 

And it was the most appropriate for [The Beginning], who was responsible for the monitoring of the whole process, to do so.



The result of the Battle of the Guardian Royal City soon spread throughout the two domains. 

On the surface, such an outcome did not set off many waves. 

Because even the people that were the most shocked dared not to show too much of a reaction. Everything made sense, but at the same time was difficult to accept. Such a reversal, such a miracle, had happened too many times on Ye Qingyu. But those who really understood the rise of Ye Qingyu would have been numb to all this. 

But in the dark, countless ambitious people most likely would have shattered from the shock. 

In just a few days of time, the Imperial Empire had turned the situation around with ease. 

It should be said that before this, the forces who secretly went against the Immortal God Emperor could be said to be the strongest since ancient times. There were more than ten Martial Emperors of the past who can be called a violent tyrannical force and that if placed in any era was enough to sweep the world. But such forces were wiped out in less than one day in the battle of the Guardian Royal City. Moreover, not even one was able to escape. What had actually happened in the Imperial Palace? 

Time flew by. 

Too many things have happened in the Vast Thousand Domains and the Dark Realm. 

Many ancient sects and influential families were ruthlessly wiped out. Some domains, noble clans, and even some Dark One tribal forces were treated coldly, suppressed and punished. The Imperial Empire and the Heaven Wasteland Empire were like the two wings behind Immortal God Emperor Ye Qingyu, were like the alternating sun and moon in the sky, like yin and yang, they gradually ruled the Vast Thousand Domains and the Dark Realm.

And bits of clues were constantly spreading out from different places.

“[Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] in fact did not fail in becoming Emperor the first time, but succeeded. Everything on the Azure Cloud Platform were within the calculation of the Immortal God Emperor. It was all to lead the snake out of the hole...” 

“The world was always under the control of the Great Immortal God Emperor.” 

“It is rumoured that the Great Immortal God Emperor has already broken through the barrier of life and death and surpassed the Emperor realm.” 

“What is after the Emperor realm? Immortal Demon?” 

“If that were the case, wouldn't the Great Immortal God Emperor be the strongest Emperor since ancient times?” 

“The title Great Emperor is already unable to match up to the name Ye Qingyu. In the future, he can be known as the Imperial God Emperor.” 

Whether it was on the governmental side of the non-governmental side, there were numerous rumours. 

Gradually, the Ye Qingyu’s began to change, and the world referred Ye Qingyu as the God Emperor. The title Imperial God Emperor also became Ye Qingyu’s new Emperor title.  

“The Sky Emperor is dead, and this title has no real meaning.” 

Ye Qingyu was also not too concerned about this. 

Back then it was to declare war on the Sky Emperor that he chose to use the Emperor title Immortal God. 

However, he had no intention of correcting this and left it.

The fall of the Sky Emperor made Ye Qingyu relax.  

Because he knew very clearly who the real enemy of this world is. The Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and the others were nothing to worry about. The real threats were the Abandoned Fiendgod, the King of Destruction and other King of Sovereigns who had once come through the Gate of Blood during the collapse of the Divine Light Court. Since they have come once before, then there will certainly be a second time. These greedy and brutal fiendgods had never stopped lusting after the destiny of the world. The intruders suppressed by the black tombstones in the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss, and the invaders in the Chaos District west of the great wall of the Dark Realm were the best proof. 

Following the ascension of his cultivation base, Ye Qingyu more and more clearly felt the urgency of the situation. It was like the rising wind before the coming storm.

The Heaven Wasteland Empire and the Imperial Empire handed over the matter for [The Beginning] and other important officials to take care of. While Ye Qingyu’s main interest, for the next fifty years, was to analyze the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and other captives, as well as the source of power and weaknesses of the Three-eyed white-bone giant and other Space-Time Fiendgod Sovereigns. 

These five fiendgod sovereigns were considered to have bad luck to fall into the hands of Ye Qingyu. They were directly sealed and suppressed in the [Cloud Top Cauldron], and treated as experimental mice, observed, tested and analyzed day and night. Ye Qingyu hoped to find the similarity in the power of these Space-Time Fiendgod Sovereigns. 

The outside rumour was that Ye Qingyu's cultivation strength was already beyond the Emperor realm, but this was not the case.

The Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and the others like him were existences that have transcended the Emperor realm. 

It was only because they couldn’t be contained by the heaven and earth of this world that they were forced to descend onto the world, causing their battle strength to decline and which allowed them to be captured as prisoners. For existences of their level, strength and realm represent a different meaning. What Ye Qingyu had to do was to find the secret of transcending the Emperor realm from these five existences. 

In a blink of an eye, fifty years of time have passed.

During these fifty years, Ye Qingyu had never been seen in the world. 

But in this world, his legends were still being recounted everywhere. 

This day, [The Beginning] showed up to find Ye Qingyu.  

“We've built a satellite network in the starry sky... Anyway, I found some interesting things that you’ll be very interested about.” [The Beginning] said in a mysterious voice, “Perhaps, from now on, the Vast Thousand Domains and the Dark Realm will need to be redefined and understood.”


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