1334 - Ye Qingyu appears

Chapter 1334, Ye Qingyu appears

“Hahaha, this day has finally come.” 

“The delicious taste, the rich blood, Sky Emperor, you have proved your sincerity.” 

“Where is the reincarnation of the Divine Light Emperor?” 

The Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster, the Dark Purple Sovereign, and other fiendgod sovereigns from a different space-time emitted crazy deafening laughter, resembling the cheer of a group of demons from hell. Power of terror spread out from their bodies, wildly devouring and absorbing the Emperor corpses and blood on the ground. The Emperor techniques, law, essence and power within the corpses were also swallowed up, absorbed, and transformed into their power.  

“Not good...” Gao Diping's countenance changed.  

The terror of the fiendgod sovereigns from a different space-time had emerged before in the battle of the collapse of the Divine Light Court. They were an almost invincible existence, suppressed only by the supreme power of the Divine Light Emperor. Moreover, by devouring the essence, flesh and blood of Emperor experts, they will grow even stronger than before. It was unexpected of the Sky Emperor to release the great fiendgod sovereigns from a different space-time since it was him who suppressed them back then in order to obtain the world's destiny qi.  

It seems that the Sky Emperor has reached an understanding with these fiendgods and had joined forces with them. Only then would he release them.   

“Don't let them recover.”  

Wen Wan roared, his blood axe erupted in a blaze of divine light, shooting directly towards the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster.  

“Attack together.” Gao Diping and the others also charged in the direction of the Dark Purple Sovereign, the Destroyer of the Living, the White-boned Dictator and other fiendgod sovereigns from a different space-time.  

The fiendgod sovereigns had been suppressed by the Sky Emperor for a long period of time, as a result their power had been worn down massively. They were considered in a weak state, but if they were to succeed in devouring the power, flesh and essence of the many Emperors on the palace square, thereby completely restore the power of the past, then there could be trouble.  

“Haha, hahahaha...”  

Sky Emperor wildly laughed.  

He didn't obstruct them.  

“Back then, even I was unable to kill them. They could only be suppressed. Do you think you can stop them on your own... you, are not on the same level.” 

The fiendgod sovereigns from a different space-time were already beyond the cultivation level of Martial Emperor. Back then when they descended onto the world through the gate of blood, unable to be contained by this world, their strength drastically fell as a result and were firstly easily defeated by the Divine Light Emperor, before being suppressed by the Sky Emperor’s netherworld technique. This was only due to a lack of battle strength. If it were based on level and realm alone then they had already reached a point where no one in this world could kill them. 

Therefore, even if under the attack of the Six Divine Generals, Shui Xiu and Song Xiaojun, the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and the others were only wounded, and absolutely couldn’t be killed. Even if they were injured, the presence of the fifty or sixty corpses and Emperor blood were enough for them to heal themselves.  

In the end, the speed of recovery of the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and the others had obviously exceeded the extent of damage caused by the Six Divine Generals and the other Emperor expert's attack.

The situation was reversed once again.  

The aura of the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster, the Dark Purple Sovereiggn and the other fiendgod sovereigns from a different space-time continued to grow stronger and stronger.  

Gradually, the attacks of the Six Divine Generals and the others were not particularly effective.  

“It's all over.” 

The Sky Emperor stood in the void, looking at the scene below, a calm and fierce look on his face as if everything was within his control.  

“So many years have passed, I am still the winner. The Divine Light Emperor, no matter how many times you reincarnate, you will be defeated in my hands. This is your fate. The grudges of the past will finally come to an end today. The world's destiny will belong to me in the end.”  

He smiled, eyes shifted to the Imperial Palace.  

But, at this moment, the smile suddenly froze on his lips.  

Because he saw that, unknowingly, a figure had appeared at the parapet wall under the enemy's building.  

His robe was white as jade, black hair flowing like a waterfall.  

Who else would it be but the Great Immortal God Emperor Ye Qingyu?  

Like a bottomless abyss, the mysterious vast aura that exuded from Ye Qingyu seemed extremely far, unclear and obscure. It was as though it contained all things, and as though above thousands of creatures. It was an incredibly strange aura that the Sky Emperor couldn't help but tremble slightly at the sight. This feeling had only once ever appeared in the body of the Divine Light Emperor. 

“You...” Sky Emperor's pupils shrank.  

Ye Qingyu took a step out, walking straight out of the upper floor of the multistoried imperial building.

Every step he took, there were golden formation character flashing in the void, like golden lotus flowers blossoming, supporting him up. 

His every footstep made a lotus flower grow.   

At the same time, the originally faintly discernible golden formation between heaven and the earth erupted in a blaze of golden light, like numerous golden chains, formed the outline of an endless net. Every character released an indescribable great force, like stars in the universe 

The smile on the face of the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster as well as the four different space-time fiendgod sovereigns, who were originally absorbing the blood and essence of the emperor corpses, instantly froze, then twisted into an expression of disbelief, looking up to the sky.

They felt that the power within their own body could no longer grow, despite the devouring and absorption of the power of the Emperor's corpses. Not only this, they also felt an inexplicable sign of crumbling.   

“You... who are you?”  

“What power is this? How could... you suppress us?” 

The Dark Purple Sovereign and the Destroyer of the Living gasped at the same time. 

“Aren't you looking for me?” Ye Qingyu spoke in a strange rhythm, stirring up heaven and earth. It was as if the universe was rumbling.  

“You... you're the reincarnation of the Divine Light Emperor?” The White-boned Dictator spirit roared, looking at Ye Qingyu with an undisguised expression of fear.  “ 

Although countless years have passed, the shadow that the Divine Light Emperor left in their mind in that battle back then still had not faded. The Divine Light Emperor really was too powerful. If it were not for the devil within, the existence of the gaps in martial arts, he would not have failed. Otherwise, given his level of cultivation, combined with the power of heaven and earth, even if the Abandoned fiendgod, the Ancient Underworld Emperor, the King of Destruction and the others join hands, they would never be a match for the Divine Light Emperor.

At the beginning of that war, the White-bone Dictator and other King of Sovereigns also felt an instinctive fear.   

“Yes, and no.” Ye Qingyu fixed a look at them without saying too much. “The seal of endless years had not cleansed your heart. You dare to set off a disaster again? You dare to revert to your old ways? Today, I will put a complete end to you.”  

Before his voice faded, the golden ancient character chain that criss crossed across the sky, like a bundle of Immortals ropes, rippled outward, suppressing and wrapping around the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and the others.  

“Well, even if you are the reincarnation of the Divine Light Emperor, what can you do to me?” The Dark Purple Sovereign snorted, the violet-coloured divine brilliance that enveloped his body surged out. “I am originally Immortal, it is impossible for you to kill me.” 

“That's correct.” 

“You are strong in combat, but you can't kill us at that level.”  

After the initial shock, the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and the Destroyer of the Living began to calm down, each activated their power to resist the binding of the golden rope, patiently looking for an opportunity to counterattack.  

“Retreat.” Ye Qingyu gave a wave of his hand. 

Song Xiaojun, Shui Xiu, the Six Divine Generals and other Emperor experts of the Immortal Empire's camp immediately retreated back to the palace walls upon hearing this.

Sun Yi, who had been spectating the battle all along, felt all this was like a dream.   

It turned out that His Majesty, the Great Immortal God Emperor, had already prepared beforehand. It was most likely that everything that happened during the course of [Quasi-emperor Xiaofei] being attack was also calculated beforehand... This all made sense. Given the mind and cultivation base of the Immortal God Emperor, how could he be unaware that a Martial Emperor of the past had infiltrated into the audience?  

The pillar of the Immortal Empire had not collapsed.  

He was still an invincible existence.  

Whether it was an open spear thrust or an arrow in the dark, whether it was an attack by a hidden enemy or an overt plot, he could always calmly resolve it. He was still invincible as always, and will still be the one who has the last laugh.  

How lucky is it to be with such a person? 

Sun Yi's heart suddenly was filled with unprecedented calmness and self-confidence.  

It was as though he could already see the final ray of light falling onto the world.  


“You... you're not wounded? You were prepared beforehand?”  

The Sky Emperor's eyes blazed with flames, intently staring at Ye Qingyu.  

The state that Ye Qingyu showed already explained everything, which was unacceptable to the Sky Emperor. 

Why did this happen? He had calculated and planned out everything already. Everything was perfect. It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when Li Xiaofei attacked the Emperor path and Ye Qingyu chose to personally act as his protector. Thus, the Sky Emperor who had been hidden all along finally chose to act.  

Moreover, he considered his arrangement to be perfect. 

The feedback and results at that time were also perfect. The calamity of the world was real, the destruction of the atmosphere was real, and the blood of the Immortal God Emperor that flowed across the square was also real... All this point to the direction he wants. Of course, even so, he was still sceptical, and thus carried out a lot of planning, many tests, and many verifications.... 

And everything indicated that Ye Qingyu was absolutely seriously injured. 

It was only after this was confirmed that the Sky Emperor decided to attack the Guardian Royal City.  

Moreover, even if it seems that everything was foolproof, the Sky Emperor still had a hidden card prepared, which was the temporary alliance he had secretly reached with the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and the others. After that, these fiendgod sovereigns from a different space-time were released from the formation that he had set up back then.  

This should have been a foolproof plan. There was absolutely no reason for it to fail. But now, an uninjured Immortal God Emperor Ye Qingyu had appeared out of nowhere and destroyed everything with one move. Everything that the Sky Emperor had painstakingly planned had turned into a joke.  

The Sky Emperor was not anybody. He could tell that the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and the others, although fierce, were already arrows at the end of their flight. It was over for them. The final scene is either being sealed for eternity, or deteriorate bit by bit.   

“I'm unwilling...” The Sky Emperor let out a long, long sigh. 

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