1333 - Reversal

Chapter 1333, Reversal

Now that the fighting had reached this extent, it can be said to be completely off its initial trajectory, which, for the Sky Emperor's camp, was undoubtedly a considerable setback. 

Before this, in their view, the Great Immortal God Emperor and others were already in the bag. Under their previous numerous schemes, the Imperial Empire was already forced into a desperate state and can be easily crushed with a little force. 

However, the Immortal God Emperor had numerous trump cards and Emperor experts under him, far more than they expected.  

Moreover, besides Shui Xiu and Song Xiaojun, the majority of the Emperor experts of the Immortal Empire were Martial Emperors of the past, but for some reason, their battle strength was incredibly astonishing, comparable to present age Martial Emperors. As a result, the Sky Emperor's camp was unable to display their advantage in number.  

“Extreme sublimation!” 

“If we don't kill Immortal God, we will certainly come to a tragic end.”  


These past Martial Emperors were really desperate. 

Everyone knew that Immortal God Emperor Ye Qingyu was famous for being vengeful, and his means were incomparably powerful. Since they had offended him, if they cannot get rid of him completely, he will certainly kill them all in the future when he has the chance.  



Terrifying power spread around the land surrounding the palace, indescribable Emperor qi was overflowing, and different Dao powers were bursting forth. Every Martial Emperor represented the pinnacle of a Dao intent of the world, which erupted at the same time. In an instant the laws and Emperor qi of the universe in this area all turned chaotic. 

One figure after another was bursting forth brilliance as dazzling as the scorching sun.  

The extreme sublimation was equivalent to destroying the seal within one’s body, as well as restoring one's strength to its peak state. That is the true extreme power of a Martial Emperor. 

The battle instantly turned brutal.   

At the same time, within dozens of kilometers of the Imperial Palace, that strange sealing force was increasingly obvious and clear. Under the ground was a bizarre pattern, extending out like a dragon. At the same time, thousands of meters above were similarly countless strange formation symbols and text flickering incessantly, connecting into words, like a golden ancient chain, which completely sealed the powers across the battlefield.  

The past Martial Emperors of the Sky Emperor's camp, even if undergone extreme sublimation, very soon found that, under the repression of the sealing force, their strength was also suppressed. While the power of the Emperor experts of the Immortal God Emperor's camp, under such an environment, seemed to have been strengthened, and grew increasingly braver.  

What made them even more shocked was that their recovery ability also greatly declined in such an environment. A past Martial Emperor was struck in the head by Sun Wukong, was unable to recover, and had no choice but use his wounded body to meet the enemies.  

Inside the Imperial Palace, the deafening sound of the drum rang out.  

Another figure appeared. 

It was the million-year-old soul who had obtained the Immortal body. Shrouded in incomparably powerful Emperor qi all over, and holding up a silver palace hall, he came out of the Imperial Palace. He raised his palm into the air, activating the secret technique. That silver palm-sized palace floated up, the wind rose, and instantly grew to tens of meters tall before it slammed down. A past Martial Emperor desperately tried to evade and resist, but in the end was crushed, bones and blood splattering everywhere.

There were constantly past Martial Emperors being killed.  

After losing that near Immorttal recovery ability of an Emperor expert, death seemed to be getting nearer and nearer. 

The Sky Emperor's camp had suffered disastrous losses.  

At this time of the battle, it was all people on their side who died.  

“Hahaha, Sky Emperor, you have calculated everything, but today still fell into the shooting range.” Wen Wan laughed. His blood axe had already killed a past Martial Emperor. Dripping with blood all over, he resembled a God of War climbing out of a pool of blood. 

Around the underground palace, Emperor's blood tumbled, and Emperor corpses lay in disarray.  

The ferocity of this war can definitely be ranked in the top three since ancient times, right after the battle of the collapse of the Divine Light Court. There were sixteen past Martial Emperors in the Sky Emperor’s camp and all died in the state of extreme sublimation.  

Empress Shui Xiu's sword power was like a sacred mountain, vast and sharp, as she joined hands with Song Xiaojun to fight against the Sky Emperor. 

At the same time, in the face of two true Martial Emperors, the Sky Emperor also felt the pressure. Although not worried, he couldn’t separate too much energy to assist his group of people, but helplessly watched the Martial Emperors under him continue to fight to the death.  

Emperor's blood stained the weak water.  

Emperor's corpses floated in the blood.  

And even if the number on the Immortal Empire's side was small, there were no casualties. Ximen Yeshui and Old Fish were injured but still had the strength to fight. The omnipresent sealing force greatly strengthened their power. Their body surface was glowing with golden formation symbols, and at critical moments, can receive help from the sealing force of heaven and earth...


A beam of sword light pierced the sky.  

Yan Xingtian appeared.  

The sight of the successor of the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect was incredibly unexpected. He was well known across the Vast Thousand Domains, but did not have a particularly deep friendship with the Heaven Wasteland Empire or Ye Qingyu. It was unexpected for him to appear at this time. Sword light overflowed, Heaven Devastator intent roamed everywhere, and the air was filled with intense murderous spirit. The moment he made a move, someone was immediately wounded, reeling back in anger...

There was no doubt that the appearance of Yan Xingtian was the last straw that crushed the past Martial Emperors of the Sky Emperor's camp.  

Because the news that they had received previously was that Yan Xingtian was in Clear River Domain. But now that he had shown up here, what does it signify? It signifies that, from the beginning to end, the Immortal God Emperor was in control of everything and was not passively taking a beating, but had been actively planning, waiting for their arrival.  

There was an abrupt reversal in who is the prey and who is the hunter in today’s battle.   


“Fight, fight, fight. I'll kill you.”  

“My way never fails, blood dyes the destroyed bodies.” 

“A single slip can cause everlasting sorrow, and when look back again one hundred years have past.” 

“The curtain finally drops. Our era, perhaps really should be over.”  

The Emperors of the past truly felt the coming of death. In the last moments of their life, they look backed at the past and clearly knew that they had taken the wrong path. All their expectations and pursuits were nothing more than a dream. Even if they were unwilling, it was time to wake up from this dream.  

Emperors of the past perished one after another. 

The battle was so bitter and tragic.  

After another hour, there were only two remaining powerful experts of the dozens of Emperors that came with Sky Emperor, although both were barely able to support any longer. The Emperors’ body was exhausted, dripping with blood and riddled with wounds. The entire palace square was like a land where fiendgods had fallen. No matter how they attempted to escape, all were blocked by the terrifying sealing power, unable to flee.  

“Your Majesty, the situation is beyond salvageable.”  

“Make a decision early.”  

The last two Emperors of the past retreated to the side of the Sky Emperor, looking disappointed and panicked.  

The Sky Emperor shook off the two Empresses, constantly retreated, and then stood in midair with a frost-like indifferent face. It was hard to distinguish whether he was happy or angry. He swept his eyes around, seeing the corpses of the Emperor experts he had worked hard to cultivate all these years, there was not a hint of ripple in his eyes. It was as if he was looking at a completely unrelated person.  

But everyone knew that the last effort of this ambitious and ruthless character was, in the end, a complete failure.  

Song Xiaojun, Shui Xiu and the other Emperors of the Immortal Empire slowly moved closer. Though riddled with wounds and blood, their imposing manner was just as earth shaking as before.  

“Your Majesty, what do we do?”  

“We must not fight any longer.”  

The last two Emperors had completely lost their fighting spirit. The situation in front of them was already beyond salvageable. They saw the danger of defeat, and those omnipresent golden ancient symbols all over the sky and ground made them lose hope of the possibility of escape. 

It was almost a situation of despair.  

“Don't worry, I have a hidden trump card... the winner today will certainly be me, Hahaha.” The Sky Emperor laughed coldly, lips curved in a strange arc, as he suddenly made a move.  

“Pff! Why?”  

“Ah... Your Majesty, you...”  

The two Martial Emperors of the past who insisted on fighting to the end revealed a dumbstruck expression, because the Sky Emperor's blue palm that was blazing with the flames of the underworld had pierced their bodies, skewering their hearts. The flames of the underworld, which could destroy everything in the world, was madly burning in their bodies, devouring the destruction of their origin and dantian.  

At the most critical moment, the Sky Emperor's attack was not aimed at the enemies, but to attack his last two forces.  

“Have a good journey, I will certainly avenge you.” The Sky Emperor's face was devoid of the slightest trace of guilt. Looking at the expression of shocked disbelief on their face, he still wore a calm expression.

The two Emperors of the past finally left with endless puzzlements and anger.  

The Sky Emperor withdrew his palm, a strange smile resurfacing on his face.  


The two Emperor corpses plunged to the pool of blood on the ground.  

Song Xiaojun and others were equally surprised, by such a scene, an unpredictable hunch came to their mind. The Sky Emperor was a peerless ambitious and ruthless character who had dominated over a long period of time. He was a ruler hidden in the darkness, and who possessed supreme schemes and mind. Could this be his trump card?  

“Hahaha, Ye Qingyu, if these ants in front are your trump card, then you really have let me down, but that's all.” The Sky Emperor threw his head back and laughed.  

He raised his hand and tossed out a black lacquer box. 


The lid of the box cracked.  

Several incomparably terrifying fiendgod figures struggled out of the black lacquer box.  

An unspeakable power of destruction filled the entire space instantaneously.  

“It's them...” The Six Divine Generals and others were taken aback because they recognized the existences that emerged out of the lacquer box. That sinister aura was far too clear.  

The Sky Emperor threw his head back and burst into laughter.  

“Haha, the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster, the Dark Purple Sovereign, the White-Boned Dictator... Our previous agreement is now in force. This area is already filled with the blood of Emperors and corpses, similar to the battle of the Divine Light Court in the past, You can all eat at will, seize the time to recover, restore your strength, and kill the reincarnation of the Divine Light Emperor for me, who is also your sworn enemy.” 

The mad and fierce voice of the Sky Emperor's reverberated across the Imperial Palace.  

This was his real plan. 

Those Emperors were only pawns for him to sacrifice. Their only value was to weaken the wings of Ye Qingyu and then die here. The most important thing was not their lives, but their flesh and blood, which could provide qi and blood as a source of food for the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and the others.

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