1331 - The Arrival of the Inspiration King

Chapter 1331 - The Arrival of the Inspiration King 

Everyone thought that the current clan elder of the Sun Clan, Sun Yi, was the Immortal God Emperor's most loyal supporter because the entire Sun Clan had made their choice when the ancestor of the Sun Clan had chosen to groom Ye Qingyu before he became Emperor. After the Immortal God Emperor became Emperor, everyone linked the Sun Clan with the Immortal God Emperor.

The Sun Clan had also benefited tremendously from their association with the Immortal God Emperor.

Their clan had risen in power along with the ascension of the Immortal God Emperor, and as the clan elder, Sun Yi held a high position within the Immortal Empire. Although he was not as high-ranking as the Emperor of Darkness, Song Xiaojun, his rank was on par with another official who was highly regarded by the Immortal God Emperor, Marquis Tingtao Lin Xuan, and was above Nie Tiankong of the Nie Clan.

Everyone had thought that the Sun Clan had made the best investment in the history of mankind.

If their rise to power were to continue to progress at its current speed, they would have been able to replicate the glorious days of when they had been an Emperor clan. There was also a possibility of a Martial...

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