1311 - Life Answer

Chapter 1311 - Life Answer 

Ye Qingyu looked at Ye Chongsheng with difficulty. 

In his mind, he had slowly digested the meanings of the words of many different people, as well as the tremendous significance of this information. 

An epoch-shaking kind of significance. 

A kind of significance that could rewrite the history of the entire world. 

A kind of significance that could restate the historical truths of the Vast Thousand Domains over the past ten million years. 

At this moment, Ye Qingyu really wanted to laugh out loud and rebut Ye Chongsheng's words. 

But reason informed him that all of this was true. 

After the collapse of the Divine Light Court, the Vast Thousand Domains entered a long age of darkness, one in which beings suffered great misery, slaughter, and death. The formation martial civilization nearly collapsed amid the flames of war. Each time the Six Great Divine Generals and others awakened from reincarnation, they would find a so-called Destined One to fix this chaotic world. Thanks to their efforts during each life, this dark age was finally ended, while new otherworldly talents of the Human Race, such as the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, were nurtured, thereby allowing this world to get back on the right track. 

But, in reality, the present situation was only brought about because the Divine Light Emperor used his incarnations and his power to reshape this world ceaselessly. 

Perhaps, allowing the Six Great Divine Generals and the spirit monkey battle companion Sun Wukong to enter reincarnation was all along the preparation he made for future generations. In particular, before the Divine Light Emperor awakened his memory post-reincarnation, he needed the assistance and support of the Six Great Divine Generals. 

Ye Qingyu looked at Ye Chongsheng. 

The latter was looking at him with a grin. 

He could feel the good-willed mockery in the latter's eyes. 

He was not bothered by this sort of thing anymore. 

This was because he remembered something else. 

He remembered the peerless War God. 

Both Divine Generals Zhi and Jue had said that the Destined Ones they found during each incarnation were the incarnations of the Divine Light Emperor. But how about the peerless War God? He is a Destined One whom the Six Great Divine Generals found during this life, and has been recognized by them as the most amazingly talented Destined One since the Divine Light Emperor and Ye Chongsheng. Doesn't this prove that the peerless War God is also an incarnation of the Divine Light Emperor? 

This mysterious character who seems to be my true father... Is he actually an incarnation of the Divine Light Emperor? 

In that case, I'm actually a descendant of the Divine Light Emperor, and might even be his natural son? 

This idea popped up in Ye Qingyu's mind, causing him to involuntarily become flabbergasted once again. 

This... this is too... unbelievable. 

At this point, he raised his head and looked at Ye Chongsheng again. 

The latter laughed. "You don't have to say a word. I know what you want to ask. Were you about to ask me whether the person who built the Light Palace in the Snow Empire and gained the support and recognition of the Six Great Divine Generals is also an incarnation of the Divine Light Emperor?" 

Ye Qingyu nodded. 

"My answer is..." Ye Chongsheng continued to grin at him. "That's right, the peerless War God is an incarnation of the Divine Light Emperor. I'm the 106th incarnation, while he's the 107th." 


Astonished inside, Ye Qingyu had known that Ye Chongsheng would surely say this. 

However, there was actually a logical contradiction within. 

"If he's the 107th incarnation of the Divine Light Emperor, what about you? Since you're the previous incarnation, why would there be the peerless War God when you're still alive?" Ye Qingyu asked. 

As complicated as reincarnation sounded, there was an eternally unalterable principle - there could only be a new incarnation after the previous incarnation had died and entered reincarnation. This was much the same as the reincarnation in the supernatural legends. If the previous incarnation had not died and reincarnated, there could not be the next incarnation. 

As the saying goes, the new cannot come when the old has not gone. 

This was immutable. 

Ye Chongsheng clapped his hands and guffawed, "Haha, who told you that I'm still alive?" 

Taken aback, Ye Qingyu frowned at once. 

Ye Chongsheng continued, "What you see isn't always true. Given your current cultivation and vision, you should be able to tell that the me in front of you has neither vitality nor blood qi nor energy. If it wasn't for the fact that your eyes can see me, you would definitely not be able to sense me, as powerful as you are. Don't you think so?" 

Ye Qingyu nodded. 

"That's why, what your eyes see are nothing but a spiritual projection. You aren't talking to the true Ye Chongsheng, but only a wisp of his spirit that fortunately remains in this world instead. Although it can talk just like a real person, it isn't a true living creature," Ye Chongsheng said with a smile. 

"But I can touch the true presence of your body," Ye Qingyu said. 

He could certainly feel the strangeness of Ye Chongsheng's state, and that was why he had suspected that the figure before him was something like a hologram formation projection. The problem was that the physical body before him truly existed, and he could touch it by reaching out a hand. This was something truly tangible rather than virtual, and was why he questioned with uncertainty. 

"Oh, you mean this body?" Ye Chongsheng laughed even more delightedly, rubbing his face and then crossing his arms. "I'm just borrowing it for a while. The silver glow that inerrantly led you here from the labyrinth is my true self. As for this body... it's the ultimate being attainable by the formation martial way in this world for tens of millions of years, and is the most powerful treasure between heaven and earth, without equal." 

"Oh?" Ye Qingyu did not really understand. 

When I just came here, the body was unmistakably as unmoving as a statue, and only came to life abruptly when the wisp of silver glow zipped into it. In this way, what Ye Chongsheng said is right. It's that wisp of silver glow that has been talking to me. 

But what did he mean when he said that this body is the all-time most powerful treasure between heaven and earth? 

He could not comprehend this point. 

He looked at Ye Chongsheng and waited for further explanation. 

But the latter did not elaborate, and instead changed the subject, "Having said so much, let's talk about you now... Tell me honestly, have you figured out your true identity clearly?" 

Ye Qingyu's heart jolted. "I've seen Divine Generals Zhi and Jue. If their predictions aren't wrong, I should be a descendant of the peerless War God. And based on all those secrets you revealed, I guess that makes me a descendant of the Divine Light Emperor. From a certain perspective, I might even be considered your descendant. Is that right?" 

Hearing this, Ye Chongsheng laughed heartily. 

With a theatrical expression on his face, he laughed with both hands on his stomach and looked like he was going to roll on the floor, as if he had heard the funniest joke ever. Eventually, he pointed a finger at Ye Qingyu, with his eyes nearly tearing from laughter. "Haha, you... you almost made me die from laughing. Is that the conclusion you drew from all that I said? Hahaha, interesting, real interesting. But actually, I've heard similar answers too many times..." 

"Am I wrong?" Ye Qingyu frowned. 

Ye Chongsheng's words vaguely revealed some information that suddenly gave him an extremely terrifying idea. 

"Of course you're wrong. And not just wrong, but massively, gravely wrong." Ye Chongsheng restrained his expressions effortfully as he wiped away the tears of laughter and panted. "Let me ask you, if you're the son of the peerless War God, then where has he gone?" 

"This... is also what I wanted to ask you," Ye Qingyu replied. 

Neither he nor the Six Great Divine Generals nor the spirit monkey battle companion Sun Wukong nor Yu Junhan knew where the peerless War God had gone. In fact, it was as if not a single person between heaven and earth knew. Ever since the War God left the Snow Empire and the Heaven Wasteland Domain, he seemed to disappear from this world. 

However, Ye Chongsheng seemed to know, judging from the meaning of his words. 

Indeed, he chortled once more and said, "Alright, since you asked me earnestly, I shall most kindly tell you that he... reincarnated long ago." 

"Reincarnated?" Ye Qingyu became wildly shocked upon hearing this answer. 

The peerless War God has reincarnated? 

In other words...

The final tinge of doubt in his mind dissipated at this very instant. 

He understood. 

He understood why Ye Chongsheng laughed at him so uncontrollably and idiotically after hearing his guess regarding his identity. 

He also understood what his identity was. 

He, Ye Qingyu, was not the son of the peerless War God. 

He was the Divine Light Emperor. 

He was Ye Chongsheng. 

He was the 108th incarnation of the Divine Light Emperor. 

Ye Chongsheng was a supreme oddball whom the Six Great Divine Generals called the greatest person after the Divine Light Emperor, and who was a legendary being worshipped by the entire Black Demon Race and even the Black Demon imperial capital. The reason why this spiritual projection left behind by the 106th incarnation of the Divine Light Emperor was so chirpy and casual while talking to Ye Qingyu was neither because he was always like that nor because it was his first time interacting with someone else for a long, long time, but because... he was simply interacting with another self of his. 

In his eyes, the Ye Qingyu he saw was himself, and not the Ye Qingyu that outsiders saw. 

This was why he was casual. 

Nobody would disguise their face and pinch their words when facing themself. 

"Looks like you've finally figured it out." Ye Chongsheng pinched his own nose. "Talking about this, you should understand your real identity by now. Besides, I believe that this is something really fun, no? Haha, there's nothing hard to accept about this. According to what the main body of the Divine Light Emperor said in the original world, you're neither a clone of any sort nor a robot that has been given memory. You ARE the main body of the Divine Light Emperor and also yourself, except that you've experienced different ages under different identities over a long period of time. You are still you, minus a few memories... Heh heh, in any case, this was how I consoled myself when I found out the truth. It's no big deal." 

Ye Qingyu said nothing. 

Hard to accept? 


Unwilling to believe? 

Also nope. 

It was just that... he felt this truth to be a little sudden, catching himself somewhat unprepared. 

Is it because I haven't awakened my memories that I don't know anything about the past despite being the 108th incarnation of the Divine Light Emperor? Will I turn out to be like the 107th incarnation, who learned everything about this world and changed completely as a person after awakening my memories?

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