1310 - The Same Person

Chapter 1310 - The Same Person 

Ye Qingyu's heart leapt wildly. 

He felt that he had used up all of his lifetime's shock on this day. 

This person is actually Ye Chongsheng? 

He's actually Ye Chongsheng? 

But, if he's Ye Chongsheng, why is he so similar in appearance to the Divine Light Emperor? 

Could it be that he's a worshipper of the Divine Light Emperor, and thus created and developed a physical body that's identical to him? But this doesn't make sense. For a person of such extraordinary talent like Ye Chongsheng, even if he worshipped someone, he certainly wouldn't use a method like this to express his reverence. This is totally akin to becoming a dependent of the worshipped. 

"Are you intending to ask me why I have a physical body of the Divine Light Emperor even though I'm not him?" Ye Chongsheng asked gigglingly, completely devoid of the bearing of an ancestral leader. 

Ye Qingyu nodded. 

He had too many doubts and conundrums that he did not know how to ask about, and so he felt that he might as well listen to what Ye Chongsheng had to say. 

The latter stood up from the futon and stretched his waist before looking at Ye Qingyu. "Actually, you're wrong. This physical body is of myself, and not of the Divine Light Emperor." 

Ye Qingyu raised his eyebrows. 

Ye Chongsheng had a teasing look on his face. "I know you're now going to ask why I look so similar to the Divine Light Emperor, such that we're completely like the same person, right?" 

Ye Qingyu nodded. 

Ye Chongsheng guffawed, "Haha, listen well. You'll definitely be shocked after you know the answer. This is a secret that even Divine General Zhi, Divine General Jue, and the others have no idea about. Haha, they'd probably freak out if they knew... Hey, do you need to take a deep breath and calm yourself down before I tell you?" 

Ye Qingyu's heart leapt. It's not surprising that Ye Chongsheng knows about Divine General Zhi and the others, for he'd originally only risen up thanks to the assistance provided by the Six Great Divine Generals and the spirit monkey battle companion. However, exactly what secret would cause the Six Great Divine Generals to go mad if they knew about it? 

He recalled Divine General Zhi's words. During the initial phase of Ye Chongsheng's rise, everything was as envisaged and anticipated by the Six Great Divine Generals. Subsequently, however, for reasons unknown, Ye Chongsheng became a different person and began doing several things that the Six Great Divine Generals could not understand, and everything began to spiral out of control. 

Could it be that the answer and secret that Ye Chongsheng is going to tell me now are related to his strange changes? 

As Ye Qingyu thought about this, a sense of expectation and gravity formed in his heart for real. 

At the same time, he discovered that this Ye Chongsheng was clearly a chatterbox, completely unlike what he imagined. 

"Haha, relax, don't worry." The smile on Ye Chongsheng's face was highly punchable, and was fairly similar to that of the bastardy fat man Wang Lijin. Looking and smiling at Ye Qingyu, he said, "Actually, the answer is very simple, and that is..." At this point, he deliberately increased the suspense by pausing for a moment and taking another look at Ye Qingyu's expressions. He noticed that the latter was indeed looking back at him with a face of expectation, and so he casually continued, "Because Ye Chongsheng is also the Divine Light Emperor. Since the start, the Divine Light Emperor and Ye Chongsheng has always been one and the same person. Hahahaha, surprising, eh?" 

With that, he guffawed proudly, expecting to see Ye Qingyu's dumbstruck expressions. 

Ye Qingyu was indeed astonished. 

This answer was simply quite epoch-shaking. 

"How... is this possible? Didn't the Divine Light Emperor... already... pass away back then?" Ye Qingyu asked in reply. He was a little skeptical of this answer. If Ye Chongsheng and the Divine Light Emperor are the same person, how could the Six Great Divine Generals and the spirit monkey battle companion not know? I clearly saw in Lan Tian's memory world that the Divine Light Emperor lost all cultivation and power, becoming much like an ordinary old person and eventually dissipating between heaven and earth like a wisp of dust being carried away by the wind.

Stroking his chin, Ye Chongsheng admired Ye Qingyu's expressions for a moment. "Haha, death is reincarnation, and reincarnation is death. You must've seen the memories in Lan Tian's body, eh? Hahaha, did you not see that at the very moment when the Six Great Divine Generals entered reincarnation, they also seemed to die?" 

Ye Qingyu instantly understood what he meant. 

"Are you saying that... the Divine Light Emperor did not truly pass away, but entered reincarnation instead? Thereafter... he reincarnated to become Ye Chongsheng?" Ye Qingyu asked in exclamation. 

Ye Chongsheng nodded. "You've finally understood a little." 

Ye Qingyu became silent. 

This secret was even more epoch-shaking than any possibility Ye Qingyu had conceived . He had never thought that Ye Chongsheng would be the reincarnation of the Divine Light Emperor. Although it sounded unbelievable, he began to feel that it was not impossible on second thought. 

After all, Ye Chongsheng was so amazingly talented and so superior to all eternity. There was certainly nobody in the history of the Vast Thousand Domains who could do all that he had done. As Ye Qingyu had judged earlier, Ye Chongsheng's historical achievements were, to some degree, even greater than those of the Divine Light Emperor. 

Yet, why would such a great and brilliant person emerge from among troubled times so suddenly and without warning? Even with the assistance provided by the Six Great Divine Generals, there was no guarantee that he would grow to this extent. After all, the Six Great Divine Generals themselves were unable to reach such heights. 

Since he was the reincarnation of the Divine Light Emperor, everything started to make sense. 

An idea suddenly flashed across Ye Qingyu's mind. Could it be that the Divine Light Emperor had already planned everything in full and was making preparations for his own reincarnation when he arranged for the Six Great Divine Generals and the spirit monkey battle companion to undergo reincarnation?

Back then, after the collapse of the Divine Light Court, the Divine Light Emperor slept in the small world of light for more than three hundred years. It now seemed that he was not completely unconscious while sleeping, and was not merely storing up energy in order to plot against the Sky Emperor. Instead, he was already making plans for the next life. In other words, to the Divine Light Emperor back then, the Sky Emperor was not the most terrifying person. Instead, his true enemies were the invading Fiendgod sovereigns from a different space-time. This was why, after reincarnating as Ye Chongsheng, he made new arrangements, created the Dark Realm, and subsequently formulated the formations of the one hundred eight ancient characters in the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss, thereby developing a set of mysterious formation techniques that could truly suppress the Fiendgod sovereigns from a different space-time. 

As Divine Generals Zhi and Jue had said, after entering reincarnation and beginning a new life, there would be a period of time during which the memory from the previous life could not be awakened. Based on this point, it was not hard to see why Ye Chongsheng suddenly broke free from the control of the Six Great Divine Generals. Clearly, after reincarnation, he awakened the awareness of the Divine Light Emperor, and thus began to lay the foundations for the bigger picture. In the eyes of the Six Great Divine Generals, it was as if Ye Chongsheng had suddenly become a different person, leaving them baffled. 

In this case, everything seems to make logical sense, no? 

But why didn't Ye Chongsheng tell the Six Great Divine Generals the truth after awakening the memory of the Divine Light Emperor? 

Besides, why did Ye Chongsheng abandon the Ye clan's palace and the Dark Realm after laying all these foundations... and then disappeared among this world completely? Was it really just because the Sky Emperor's long-plotted subversion caused the Emperors in the Dark Realm to rebel? 

Ye Qingyu absolutely would not believe that the Divine Light Emperor would not guard against the Sky Emperor, given that Ye Chongsheng was his reincarnation. As the saying goes, a fall into the pit, a gain in your wit. Back then, the reason why the Sky Emperor could succeed on the first rebellion was that he was the Divine Light Emperor's most trusted subordinate. However, by Ye Chongsheng's time, the Sky Emperor had already become a visible enemy, and thus it was impossible that Ye Chongsheng would not guard against him. 

Seeing that the expressions on Ye Qingyu's face were constantly changing, enlightened one moment yet confused the next, Ye Chongsheng crossed his arms and grinned as he leaned against a wall. His eyes were brimming with ridicule, indicating that he was highly appreciative of Ye Qingyu's uneasiness. 

It took a long while before he spoke again, "I know what you're thinking. Haha, I can give you all the answers you want. Back then, after I planned everything painstakingly, I realized that my preparations were still rather inadequate, and was therefore unable to push back the mass intrusion of the fiendgods from a different space-time. Besides, I still hadn't gotten rid of a few inner demons, and continued to miss my hometown despite having gone through reincarnation... That's why I was still not confident of victory during this life as Ye Chongsheng, and had no choice but to enter a new incarnation." 

"A new incarnation?" Ye Qingyu's mind lit up abruptly. 

Ye Chongsheng laughed out loud, "Haha, of course, if Monkey Sun and the rest can undergo reincarnation time after time, then I certainly can as well. Besides, hahaha... I might as well tell you that this life as Ye Chongsheng isn't my first reincarnation."

The ray of light in Ye Qingyu's mind became ever brighter, as if it would soon purge all of the darkness. "You're saying..." 

"Haha, you should know about the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors." Ye Chongsheng gave a you-know look. 

Ye Qingyu felt his breath become short. "Are you saying that the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors were also your reincarnations? This.... this... this is..." He began to stammer. 

"Bingo, you're right." Ye Chongsheng snapped his fingers frivolously. 

Ye Qingyu was completely taken aback. 

Had it been anyone else who offered such an epoch-shaking explanation, they would certainly be deemed to have gone mad. However, it came from the mouth of Ye Chongsheng - although his expressions did not look too reliable, Ye Qingyu knew that he was telling the truth instead of bullshitting. 

Are the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors really the reincarnations of the Divine Light Emperor? 

In... In that case, are the Destined One, whom the Six Great Divine Generals and Sun Wukong found, and most of the supreme experts whom they assisted also reincarnations of the Divine Light Emperor? No, it's even possible that all of them are. 


This is definitely the most incredible thing of all time. 

An extraordinary secret that even the Six Great Divine Generals don't know about. 

Simply unbelievable.

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