1309 - I'm Called Ye Chongsheng

Chapter 1309 - I'm Called Ye Chongsheng 

The Black Demon Emperor and the others were waiting patiently outside the labyrinth. 

It had already been some time since Ye Qingyu entered. 

Although there were many doubts in the Emperor's heart, he did not ask Ye Qingyu about them. 

The last time the latter came to the Black Demon Abyss, he was only an insignificant character who struggled hard for the sake of the Heaven Wasteland Domain's grading test. Now, however, he was already the Immortal God Emperor whose orders nobody in the world dared to disobey. Wherever the prestigious name of the contemporary Martial Emperor was spread to, everyone there would submit. In recent times, the Black Demon Race had been paying great attention to the situation in the outside world, and so the Black Demon Emperor knew that the Water Moon Domain and others had been enemies with the Heaven Wasteland Domain during the age of the Four Stars Holy Girl's alliance of Quasi-emperors. The people who had secretly done a few dark things had turned themselves in one after another without the Heaven Wasteland Empire doing anything, such that all enemies had already yielded. 

As he thought about this, the Black Demon Emperor could not help feeling that his young daughter was truly a lucky star. 

If it was not for her, the Black Demon Abyss naturally could not have obtained a favorable position and been so close to the Immortal God Emperor. If only my daughter can marry the Immortal God Emperor... This idea popped up in the Emperor's mind, but he quickly shook his head. After all, as the Emperor of an imperial race, he could not do something as shameless as offering his daughter up. Besides, the Immortal God Emperor and the Little Princess could be considered old friends whose relations were fairly deep. If he did something like this, it might end up backfiring and be worse than letting things take their natural course. 

After all, the fact that he could rise to become the sovereign of the Black Demon Race showed that he was certainly not lacking in temperament and wisdom. 

In truth, he still had a huge doubt in his mind, and that was whether Ye Qingyu was really a descendant of Ye Chongsheng. 

He believed that this was probably so. 

Thinking it over, he felt that it was absolutely impossible for someone like Ye Qingyu, who emerged from a low-level domain, to defeat all of the Heaven's pridelings and contenders along the way and to crush the current age so invincibly without receiving inheritance. Just as a true dragon could not possibly grow in a small mire, a Martial Emperor could not possibly grow in a small domain like the Heaven Wasteland. The only explanation was that Ye Qingyu had a miraculous encounter outside the Heaven Wasteland Domain, and was only thus able to become a Martial Emperor in such a short time. This kind of miraculous encounter would definitely be world-shocking. After further contemplation, he felt that everything would make perfect sense if Ye Qingyu was Oddball Ye Chongsheng's descendant. 



In the core area of the labyrinth. 

Ye Qingyu was looking at a body ahead, the shock in his heart indescribable. 

The thing that surprised him was that there were neither mind-blowing riches and treasures nor divine weapons at the center of the labyrinth. Instead, it seemed more like the living room of an ordinary family. It was lit up in a soft milk-white color, and was furnished with household furniture such as beds, tables, chairs, futons, paintings, and writing brushes, appearing solemn and soothing in a simple and elegant three-room layout. 

A few pieces of furniture were oddly shaped and seemed rather like appliances from the ancient earthly civilization of the Dark Realm's Earth Province. For example, some of the lamps that were hung at the middlemost of the ceiling were somewhat similar to the "electric lights"of the Earth Province's civilization, albeit they appeared much more archaic and crude. Many of the other furniture were carved from milk-white stones. Although they looked good, they had no practical functions. The words carved on them were also similar to those of the earthly civilization, but were identical to those carved on the altars of the divine temple in the ruins of the ancient city in the 18th district. Ye Qingyu could even conclude that these words were carved by the same person. 

By this time, everything was almost certain. 

Ye Qingyu's earlier guess was right. 

Indeed, everything in the ancient Fiendgod City was Ye Chongsheng's creation. 

Subsequently, Ye Qingyu saw a body in the hall in the middle of the three rooms - it was a figure who was wearing a simple cotton gown and sitting quietly on a futon, with a head of black hair that was approximately an inch long. From behind, he looked big and tall, and possessed a solemn and upright bearing even though he was sitting quietly. On first sight, Ye Qingyu felt that this figure resembled someone greatly. 

He slowly walked to the front side of the person. 

With one look, the shock in his heart became apparent. 

The Divine Light Emperor? 

This body actually has the appearance of the Divine Light Emperor? 

This was truly a body of blood and flesh. Although it did not have any aura, vitality, or energy, Ye Qingyu could confirm that it was truly a body of blood and flesh, and not a formation illusion or a statue carved from other materials. Upon careful examination, he discovered that it was completely identical in looks to the Divine Light Emperor that he saw in Lan Tian's memory world. The only difference was that it was not wearing armor but a cotton gown instead, making it look a little less murderous and a little more solemn. 

Why would the Divine Light Emperor's physical body be in a labyrinth created by Ye Chongsheng? 

This is an actual physical body for sure. 

Ye Qingyu clearly remembered the ending he saw in the memory world of Lan Tian's body, whereby the Divine Light Emperor's physical body turned into rays of light and completely disappeared among the tiny world of light. 

Why would it appear here now? 

If the Divine Light Emperor's physical body is here, then where did Ye Chongsheng go? 

According to the Black Demon Emperor, this labyrinth was an important place built by Ye Chongsheng. But why isn't there a single trace of him here? 

He felt his mind becoming clouded by a fog that could not be gotten rid of. 

An unprecedented idea suddenly flashed across his mind, one that could not be any more shocking. His body became as if struck by lightning, and even his breath became short. 

Surely not? 

Is it really so? 

He stared hard at the physical body of the Divine Light Emperor as if he wanted to see through it. 

Just then, the silver glowing ball of light that had suspended above his head all this time dove into the Divine Light Emperor's body as swiftly as a swallow returning to its nest. This startled Ye Qingyu. Indeed, the next moment, something incredible happened... 

The body slowly opened its eyes. 

Absurdly shocked, Ye Qingyu stepped back immediately. 

This was all too bizarre. Uncertain of what danger there might be, the Emperor qi throughout his body became agitated, and he became most vigilant. 

"Aha..." The body moved, slowly stretching its arms in the laziest of postures, while the expression on its face became vivid. 

It's alive! 

This body has regained life.

Ye Qingyu's heart leapt wildly. 

What's going on? 

Has the Divine Light Emperor resurrected? 

Amazed that such an eternally incredible thing would happen in front of his eyes, Ye Qingyu's mind became all but blank. Despite how advanced his cultivation and temperament were now, he could not restrain the palpitations in his heart. This was simply a moment of witnessing an unimaginable historical myth. 

"Ughhh..." The "Divine Light Emperor" patted his mouth and made a series of weird noises and amusingly casual actions. Thereafter, he took a look at Ye Qingyu and did not appear surprised at all. Laughing, he said, "Good, you're finally here. What age is it out there right now?" 

Ye Qingyu was speechless. 

It seems as if the "Divine Light Emperor" has long known that I will come, and that it will definitely be me, this... Can it be that everything is within his calculations? This is too scary. Is he able to foresee everything?" 

"You look very amazed." The "Divine Light Emperor" sized Ye Qingyu up and nodded gently, revealing a rare teasing expression on his face and laughing. "But that's to be expected. You must've found out about the identity of my current body from Lan Tian, am I right? Hahaha, don't worry, I don't bear you any malice at all, and will never have any intention of plotting against you." 

Although he laughed as he spoke, his expression could not be any more sincere. 

By this time, Ye Qingyu had already calmed down slowly. 

This was because he discovered that the "Divine Light Emperor" in front of him did not have any vitality, aura, or energy. This physical body was nothing but a physical body. Moreover, he could discern that it was not the case that the "Divine Light Emperor" was using his profound cultivation to conceal his aura, but instead that the body simply did not have any energy or aura, much like a being of nothingness. 

"You... Ancestor... seem to have long foreseen that I will come?" Ye Qingyu asked, restraining his inner surprise. 

"But of course. Of course I knew. You see, everything here was prepared for you." The "Divine Light Emperor" nodded nonchalantly. 

"You... know me?" Ye Qingyu's inner doubts grew. 

"I don't know you, but I knew that you'll come here." The words of the "Divine Light Emperor" were most far-fetched. "Only you can come here, and the key only has significance when it's in your hands. Nobody else could've opened the doors of the labyrinth." 

"This... why?" Ye Qingyu was quite confused. 

Is it because of the techniques I cultivated, or because of my bodily blood relations? 

Could it be that... I have some kind of amazing connection to the Divine Light Emperor? 

The "Divine Light Emperor" before him did not have the demeanor of an ancestral leader at all. Aside from his looks, he was completely different from the image of the Divine Light Emperor that Ye Qingyu saw in Lan Tian's memory world, whether in terms of his expressions, his words, or his behaviors. Moreover, he appeared to be rather weird. If not for his looks, Ye Qingyu would really have thought that they were two different people. 

Ye Qingyu became doubtful. 

Is this person really the Divine Light Emperor? 

As if he knew what Ye Qingyu was thinking about, the "Divine Light Emperor" smiled and said, "I guess that you must be wondering whether I'm really the person who once led the Divine Light Court, am I right?" 

Ye Qingyu nodded and waited for an answer. 

The "Divine Light Emperor" guffawed. "No." 


A "sure enough" thought formed in Ye Qingyu's mind. However, he felt that things were even weirder now. If he isn't the Divine Light Emperor, then who is he? Why does he look completely alike with the Divine Light Emperor?

"Hahaha..." The person before him laughed out loud once more. "Are you now thinking about asking me who I am if I'm not the Divine Light Emperor?" 

Ye Qingyu nodded again. 

The person laughed mysteriously. "You should have heard my name before... I'm called... Ye Chongsheng!" 

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