1304 - Above the God Emperor of Light (2)

Chapter 1304, Above the Divine Light Emperor

The value of the World Tree, Ye Qingyu was greatly aware of. 

It was said that the power of life of countless domains and even the whole world stemmed from the World Tree. It nourishes all things, and is the source of all lives. If the World Tree is healthy and thrives, then that world would prosper. If the World Tree withers and ages, then the world would deteriorate and die.

The World Tree within Ye Qingyu's body can only be regarded as a small sapling, but in order to nourish and support it, he had consumed the essence of life of many Martial Emperor and Quasi-emperor experts. It can easily be imagined how precious the World Tree is.  

And now, someone had used the stump of the World Tree to set up formations to imprison a Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Space. This was too astonishing. At least it was not something the present Ye Qingyu could achieve. 

However, only the tree stump of the World Tree can imprison a Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Space here for such a long period of time.  

Ye Qingyu made several attempts only to find that he could not shake the tree stump of the World Tree at all.   

“The person who defeated the three-eyed giant skeleton back then must have not known how to eliminate it completely or kill it forever, so he used this method to imprison it here, in order to prevent it from bringing disaster to the world,”  Ye Qingyu pondered.  

At the same time, he also understood why those Emperor-level bones in the Fallen God Abyss would lose their divine nature——all of it was absorbed by the three-eyed giant skeleton. Over the years, the Fallen God Abyss had become one of the famous forbidden places in the Vast Thousand Domains because many living beings that entered here were killed and swallowed up by this giant.  

Ye Qingyu took out the [Blood Drinker Sword] and attempted to kill the giant three-eyed skeleton.  

But to his surprise, when the blade of the sword touched the skeleton, sparks of metallic light were splashed out, and although the white bones were slashed into fine powder, almost the next instant it already re-assembled and restored to its original form, as though nothing had happened. No matter how many sword strikes he launched, no matter how many white bones were crushed, all were restored the next moment. Even if Ye Qingyu had used the power of law, he still couldn’t stop this process.  

The three-eyed giant skeleton howled frantically, time and time it tried to kill Ye Qingyu.  

However, it had been imprisoned here for so many years and its strength had deteriorated greatly. If it were to encounter another Emperor expert, perhaps it would have the power to fight, but with Ye Qingyu, there was not the slightest chance of winning. With Ye Qingyu stepping on its neck, no matter how it struggled it could not get up. It was nailed to the spot by Ye Qingyu's foot.  

“These bones contain power above the laws. It is an Immortal substance, and thus cannot be destroyed. Although it is not immortal, but it is close to it. Perhaps, this is the power of a Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Space. Back then the Sky Emperor used the underworld technique to suppress the Bloodied-Spear Daoist Grandmaster and others, but still failed to completely wipe them out. Perhaps this was the reason.”  

Looking at the three-eyed giant skeleton struggling frantically at his foot and almost lost its consciousness and rationality, Ye Qingyu continued to hack his body to pieces to observe the whole process of the bone fragments re-assembling together, which for him, had an extraordinary enlightening significance, because he was now stepping on the edge of immortality with one foot. He wanted to observe the changes of this Immortal substance, which would have huge benefits to his cultivation realm.  

Time flew by. 

In the blink of an eye dozens of days had passed.   

During this dozens of days, it was unknown how many times Ye Qingyu had shattered the three-eyed skeleton's body. He found that the one hundred eight ancient characters on the blood-coloured chain contained a power that restrains the power of immortality. Even if the three-eyed giant's body was completely crushed into fine powder, this blood-coloured chain was still traveling back and forth between the white bone fragments, and even if the body recovers, the blood chain still locked onto it again.  

“In other words, the power of the one hundred eight ancient characters can restrain the power of immortality, and even restrain a Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Space?”  

Ye Qingyu's eyes lit up following this discovery.  

Ever since he had seen the process of the Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Spaces invading the Vast Thousand Domains through the memory of Lan Tian, besides shocked by the power of these invaders, Ye Qingyu had been thinking about how to combat such terrifying existences.  

Back then, the supreme power of light of the Divine Light Emperor could restrain and inflict serious damage to the Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Space, but that was only because the Divine Light Emperor’s strength had reached an unparalleled realm. He also fought at his home grounds, thereby occupied the advantage.  The rest of the people, such as the six Divine Generals, the spirit monkey battle companion Sun Wukong and some other loyal Martial Emperors, even if combined their strength, there was nothing they could do to the four different Fiendgod Sovereigns of Time and Space, not to mention the Sovereign King. 

Ye Qingyu did not know how much more time it would take for him to reach the cultivation realm of the Divine Light Emperor.  

But there was one thing he was certain of; there wasn’t much time left for the world.   

Judging from the movements coming from the western border of the great wall in the Dark Realm, the signs of the Invaders' return had already emerged. The low-level Invaders were equal to the beginning of the arrival of the true Fiendgod Sovereigns of Time and Space, like cannon fodder, and, evidently, unlike the last time when they came through the gate of blood, this time, the Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Spaces, who had been planning for millions of years, could come even without the gate of blood. The emergence of low-level Invaders was a sign, and the presence of this three-eyed giant skeleton was even better proof. 

From all these various indications, Ye Chongsheng should be the first person to be aware of all this.  

Therefore he not only suppressed the three-eyed giant skeleton, but also created the Dark Realm, as a buffer zone of the Vast Thousand Domains. He had made a lot of planning, but unfortunately, all this effort was ultimately destroyed by a betrayal that the Sky Emperor had set up.   

The Sky Emperor. It was the Sky Emperor again.  

This man was simply a traitor to the world.  

How to use the present formation martial arts civilization of the Vast Thousand Domains and the Dark Realm to withstand against the Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Spaces that may descend at any time was a matter that Ye Qingyu had been pondering over. Before today, he still did not find any answer.  

However, now, the blood-coloured chain strengthened with the secret technique of the one hundred eight ancient characters had showed signs of restraining force on the power of the Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Space, which shone a light into Ye Qingyu’s eyes and vaguely, he seemed to have seen a path.  

If the secret technique of the one hundred eight ancient characters were brought to a whole new level, then perhaps it may become a force to rely on? Ye Qingyu thought over the possibility.  

At the same time, he couldn’t help another mystery coming to his mind——The secret technique of the one hundred eight ancient characters was not created by Ye Chongsehng, right? After all, now all the clues points to the fact that, after the death of the Divine Light Emperor, the closest person in the world to the Divine Light Emperor was Ye Chongsheng. Besides him, nobody including the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors could achieve something like this.  

Ye Qingyu did not know how to evaluate Ye Chongsheng anymore.  

If all of Ye Qingyu's speculations were correct, it means that Ye Chongsheng could no longer be defined and described with the word ‘weirdo’, and was most likely the greatest and far-sighted person in the post-Divine Light Emperor era.   

Ye Qingyu even suspected that it wasn't that Ye Chongsheng couldn’t completely kill the three-eyed skeleton giant, but deliberately used this method to make it stay in this era, in order to let future generations observe the enemy’s weakness and flaws from the weakened Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Space. He also specially used the blood-coloured chains as a guide to direct future generations to find ways to overcome the Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Spaces.  

Even the thought of it was shocking enough.  

If this were the case, then the historical status of Ye Chongsheng would even surpass that of the Divine Light Emperor.  

After all, when the Divine Light Emperor unified the great world, it was just a kind of conquest and domination. If Ye Chongsheng wanted to do this, he also could, as he did in the first half of his life. In fact, he also developed in accordance with the direction of the six Divine Generals, uniting the world to build a powerful unified empire. But then, perhaps there was something that happened which made Ye Chongsheng changed his mind.   

Compared with Ye Chongsheng, the Divine Light Emperor's most glorious moment in his life was in fact the battle of the gloomy and clear sea as well as the collapse of the Divine Light Court, where he almost destroyed the invasion of the Fiendgod Sovereigns of Time and Space alone. But in this process he was in fact extremely passive. He was the victim who rose up to fight back, but Ye Chongsheng was more like a wise man who actively plans and strategizes. He took the initiative to fight against the Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Spaces and to defend all the living beings of the world.  

After comparing the two, Ye Qingyu's evaluation of Ye Chongsheng was simply pulled higher and higher time after time.  

Even Ye Qingyu began to wonder if the Sky Emperor could really scheme against such a person? 

Maybe there's another truth to the betrayal?  

Or is it true that no man is wise at all times. Ye Chongsheng really was unaware of the Sky Emperor's scheme?  

The more Ye Qingyu thought, the more difficult it was to grasp the mysterious Ye Chongsheng. 

In the next few months, Ye Qingyu remained in the Fallen God Abyss, constantly torturing the three-eyed skeleton giant to carefully understand the matter of immortality in its body. Finally he made some harvest, and unknowingly he achieved an indescribable increase in strength once again. 

In the end, after several attempts, he successfully stored the three-eyed skeleton giant, the blood-coloured chain and the dried-up tree stump into the [Cloud Top Cauldron]——The power of this supreme weapon did not disappoint Ye Qingyu, and indeed could hold everything.  

It was then that Ye Qingyu left Fallen God Abyss.  

He came to the Taowu Mountain Range, the deepest area of the 17th district of the Black Demon Abyss, and forcibly split open the door of space that leads to the 18th district of the Black Demon Abyss. The discoveries in the Fallen God Abyss made Ye Qingyu more convinced that there would be more astonishing discoveries in the 18th district. Perhaps, there, he would find more clues about Ye Chongsheng, or even... completely uncover the mystery that hangs over Ye Chongsheng.

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