1304 - Some discoveries (1)

Chapter 1304, Some discoveries 

Back when Ye Qingyu was in the Black Demon Abyss, in order to obtain Black Demon Grass, and complete the assessment set by the Domain Alliance, he had spent a lot of thought and most of the time in the 17th and 18th districts of the Black Demon Abyss. 

In the 17th district was the Fallen God Abyss, where there was Black Demon Grass all year round.  

Back then Ye Qingyu had found something strange in the Fallen God Abyss and almost died there, so he had a deep memory of that place. Everywhere in the Fallen God Abyss were strange white bones. The body of battle beast Little Ten was also pieced together from those bones. Now, Little Ten's cultivation base was almost at the peak of the Quasi-emperor realm, and its body of bones was flawless as before. It could be seen that the value of these bones was close to the Emperor level, thus Ye Qingyu couldn't help but have some interest in the Fallen God Abyss.  

Light flickered.  

A figure appeared in the midst of the miasma. 

It was Ye Qingyu.  

Now that his cultivation base had greatly improved, he naturally did not need to be extremely cautious like he did the last time. He scanned the surroundings with his divine sense, taking in the situation of the Fallen God Abyss at once. This abyss was larger than it looked on the surface. Under the fog, it covered an extremely vast area.  

It's like a small world... Ye Qingyu thought to himself.  

Beneath the abyss, across at least hundreds of thousand kilometers, there were faintly fluctuations of space. Although not a formation that someone had set up, vaguely there was a natural atmosphere like a sort of space force, resembling a naturally created space world. 

“This should be an ancient battlefield where many Emperor-level experts had fought before.” Ye Qingyu walked in the abyss, gradually noticing some clues.  

Given his current sight, he could distinguish that the miserable bones at the bottom of the abyss belonged to Quasi-emperor or true Emperor-level experts. This discovery also made Ye Qingyu inwardly fearful, because there were too many bones here to be counted. The number of Quasi-emperor and even Emperor-level experts who had fought and ultimately fallen in this ancient battlefield was too frightening.  

“A great battle has caused so many Emperor-level experts to perish. Throughout history, there are only two great battles that could have left such a scene. The first one is the collapse of the Divine Light Court, the second one should be the battle where Ye Chongsheng was betrayed, which father and mother have mentioned in the Ye clan's imperial palace.”  

Ye Qingyu pondered and observed as he walked.  

The battle of the collapse of the Divine Light Court should not have happened here. The ruins of the Divine Light Court did not look like this. Ye Qingyu had seen it in the memory of Lan Tian. Thus it could only be the ruins of the battle where Ye Chongsheng was betrayed.  

“However, it’s also a bit strange that Ye Chongsheng created the Dark Realm, yet he did not perish in the Dark Realm. When the Sky Emperor plotted to kill Ye Chongsheng, why did he choose this location? why did he choose the Black Demon Abyss?”  

Ye Qingyu looked a little hesitant.  

“Also, even if the Emperor-level experts have died thousands of years ago, the remains have yet to decay, like sacred treasures. The body's purification power and laws also haven’t dissipated. And now, the bones in this Fallen God Abyss, though tough as iron, does not contain Emperor-level spirits.” 

He continued walking, observing carefully.  

He was almost certain that this was the site of the battle where Ye Chongsheng was betrayed. 

“I encountered a crisis here last time, if it were not for the [Cloud Top Cauldron], I might not have gotten out of the trouble. That terrifying killing intent from underground...” Ye Qingyu came to the place he was at in Fallen God Abyss the previous time.  

He scanned the surroundings with his divine sense, before he went underground to investigate. 

Just then——  


Terrifying killing intent broke out. That violent, sharp and extremely cruel aura erupted without the slightest warning. It was not the same as the last time when it was slowly revealed and then gradually intensified. This time it instantly and directly broke out like a tide, striking the divine spirit of Ye Qingyu, like maggots feeding on a corpse, trying to penetrate directly into Ye Qingyu's mind.  

The terrifying power and force field appeared at the same time, and the bones of the dead, rocks and dust on the ground floated up as though they had lost gravity.  

At the same time, a giant bone claw suddenly extended out from the ground, lifting up countless fragments of rocks and dust, like the claws of death from the hidden hell, and directly latched onto Ye Qingyu.   


Ye Qingyu gasped.  

He sensed a strange power in this force field, just like the sealing power of the [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike] of the [Four Moves of the Unmatched General], which can instantly seal an enemy's power and cultivation base. The moment such a terrifying force field appeared, the yuan qi and Emperor qi within Ye Qingyu's body was immediately silenced. 

It was during this moment of silence that the giant bone claw tightly clutched Ye Qingyu.  

Between the joints of the snowy white bones was a bizarre, deathly pale mist circulating around, penetrating into Ye Qingyu's skin, nose, mouth and pores, and then frantically began to extract all his power.  

“This is it.”  

Although in danger, Ye Qingyu seemed like he was unaware, and did not avoid nor struggle.  

He suddenly understood why there were so many Emperor-level bones in the Fallen God Abyss, which had lost all their essence and spiritual nature. It turned out that they had been corroded and absorbed over a long period of time by this power. When the killing intent broke out in the Fallen God Abyss the last time it was also from underground. It appeared that a very terrifying monster was hiding underground. 

Having understood this, the mystery of the past was all swept away.  


Ye Qingyu roared, his body slightly shook, and a gush of majestic power erupted directly. With a loud boom, he directly crushed the bone claw that had latched onto him into fine powder. At the same time, exerting force to his foot, the black rocky ground, suddenly, as if melting, was rippling like waves, spreading out in all directions with Ye Qingyu’s body as the center.  

Vaguely, a long mournful howl could be heard from underground.  

It seemed as though something had suffered an injury.  

Ye Qingyu smiled.   

He was different from the other Martial Emperor. He had originally been walking the route of inner yuan and physical strength. His physical strength was not in any aspect inferior to his inner yuan, and since experiencing the nourishment power of the World Tree, his physical strength could be said to be unparalleled. Thus, even if his inner yuan Emperor qi had been sealed, he still possessed Emperor-level battle strength.  

With the stamp of his foot, not only did he break the seal of the force field, but also severely wounded the monster underground.  

His Emperor qi inner yuan was instantly recovered.   


He spread open his hand. 

The strange white mist was directly compressed into a strange white pill by his Emperor-level power.  

At this time, the mountains were tottering and the ground quaked.  

Like an earthquake. It seemed that even the sky was about to shatter to pieces and collapse. What sort of monster was about to break free from the ground? Ye Qingyu flashed to his previous position, where a white bone was piercing out from the soil and stone like a bolt of silver lightning.  

“Evil creature!” 

Ye Qingyu stomped his foot again.  


The ground was bubbling like boiling water. 

A terrifying power directly destroyed the area below the ground.  

“Roar...” An-earth-shaking roar, a white-bone arm, stretched out from underground, then another arm, then a skull, then it was the upper body... It was a three-eyed giant skeleton. Except for the three eyes on its skull, the other parts were identical to a human being. However, it was incomparably huge, from just the parts exposed above the ground it was at least thousands of meters high.  

However, pierced into the back of the shoulder bone of the three-eyed skeleton was a tremendous scarlet-red chain, which seemed to be tied to some object beneath the ground, letting the giant skeleton wildly and desperately struggle. The blood-coloured chain was flickering with ancient formation symbols, flowing with mysterious power, that the giant skeleton could not break free from.  

“Strange, like it’s being imprisoned and tied to the ground.”  

Ye Qingyu was slightly surprised.  

Then his look soon turned to astonishment. 

Because the aura of this giant three-eyed skeleton was very similar to that of the Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Space in the battle of the collapse of the Divine Light Court——no, Ye Qingyu could confirm that it was identical.  

It was a Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Space.  

Ye Qingyu was certain that back in the battle of the collapse of the Divine Light Court, there wasn't such a Fiendgod Sovereign. In others words, the giant three-eyed skeleton was a Fiendgod Sovereign that appeared later on.  

This discovery was an incomparable surprise to Ye Qingyu.   

Could it be that, in the years after the collapse of the Divine Light Court there were different Fiendgod Sovereigns of Time and Space descending into this world? Who could it be that could firmly imprison such a level of existence here?  

Boom! Boom! Boom!  

The rocks crumbled and the little mountains shattered.  

The giant three-eyed skeleton crazily roared, slamming the ground. The entire Fallen God Abyss was quaking and in a state of chaos and darkness, as if about to be destroyed. The skeleton was struggling desperately, but the blood-coloured chain inserted through its shoulder blade was tightly tied that even as a Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Space it also could not break free. 

“The aura is absolutely the same. It is indeed a Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Space and not a creature of this world... However, its strength seems to have been weakened, and is probably less than a third of its peak... Huh? That chain...”  

Ye Qingyu noticed a cluster of blood-coloured light on the chain, and upon a careful look, came to find that the blood-coloured chain was engraved with strange symbols. Others may not recognize what these symbols are, but Ye Qingyu was extremely familiar with them. It was the one hundred eight ancient characters. 

How could this be?  

Ye Qingyu was completely dumbstruck.  

All along, in this world, only he alone had mastered the technique of the one hundred eight ancient characters, which is a secret technique from the [Cloud Top Cauldron]. Unexpectedly, the symbols engraved on that blood-coloured chain were also... 

Could there be some kind of relationship between the blood-coloured chain and the [Cloud Top Cauldron]? 

Ye Qingyu realized that his trip to the Fallen God Abyss would very likely solve a huge historical mystery.  

He approached and observed the blood-coloured chain.  

There was no mistake. It really was the one hundred eight ancient characters, arranged in different combinations, which was superior to Ye Qingyu's understanding of the technique. Every time the giant three-eyed skeleton struggled, there was a glow of bizarre light blooming out from each ancient symbol. There was even a power flowing around that surpassed the power of law, making the blood chain indestructible. In pain, the giant three-eyed skeleton grew more violent and irritable.  


The three-eyed white-bone giant charged at Ye Qingyu, throwing out its mountain-like bone claws. 

Ye Qingyu directly punched out, knocking it over, then his body leapt into the air and onto the three-eyed giant's neck. His power erupted as he pressed the giant into the ground, and then closely examined the arrangement of the one hundred eight ancient character on the blood-coloured chain. The more he looked the more astonished he was, because he realized that the person who engraved and set up the secret technique onto the chain had a much greater understanding of the secret technique compared to him.  

This surprised Ye Qingyu.  

The three-eyed skeleton desperately struggled, although there was nothing it could do to Qingyu. Its strength was greatly damaged, and was no match for Ye Qingyu.   

Finally, Ye Qingyu dug up the layer of soil, looked down following along the chain to see the lower body of the three-eyed giant buried under the soil layer, but also saw a number of blood-coloured chains tied to the bones below its waist and stomach. These blood-coloured chains were similarly engraved with the one hundred eight ancient characters. Like a spiderweb, it all eventually converged towards a chain ten times the thickness of the other chains.   

“Someone has imprisoned a Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Space here using a remarkable divine formations technique. The person who did this must be a great expert with unimaginable strength, and is absolutely above the realm of Martial Emperor, Moreover, he is a master of formations... Such an existence, after the Divine Light Emperor, there is only one person who would have such skills.” 

Ye Qingyu took on a strange expression.  

Ye Chongsheng.  

Only this strange peerless Ye Chongsheng would have had such ability.  

Could it be that after the collapse of the Divine Light Court there was a Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Space who descended onto this world and was imprisoned here by Ye Chongsheng? In other worlds, this strange Ye Chongsheng should also be a compassionate Emperor expert, right?  

Moreover, Ye Qingyu was aware of another point.  

If his guess was right, then wouldn't it mean that the Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Space doesn't need to go through the door of blood that someone like the Sky Emperor created to descend onto this world? If so, this could be serious.  

Ye Qingyu dug deeper down following the thickest chain.  

Eventually, he found that the chain was tied to a wooden pile buried deep underground  

A wooden pile could imprison a Fiendgod Sovereign of Time and Space?  

This wooden pile was a bit exaggerated. Moreover, Ye Qingyu found that there wasn’t any inscriptions on the wooden pile. In other worlds it was natural and primitive, rather than an object created by the power of later generations.  

“It's... the roots of the World Tree?” 

Ye Qingyu was dumbfounded. 

He finally recognized that this dried up, fossil-like wooden pilewas a part of the roots of the World Tree. Although withered and dead for a long period of time, it still possessed a certain power. Ye Qingyu tried to shake the chain, but could not move the wooden pile in the slightest.   

This layout, this method, was indeed astonishing.  

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