1300 - Catch everything in one net

Chapter 1300, Catch everything in one net

“You finally showed up?”  

Watching Ye Qingyu walk out from the Heaven Wasteland Building, the expression on the face of the Four Stars Holy Girl turned incomparably sinister. The originally beautiful and pure face was somewhat contorted. Looking at Ye Qingyu from afar, after the initial change of expression, her lips curled in an anticipating smile.  

“Good, you showed up. Today will be the end of the legend, and this day next year, I will plant a grass for you.” “

The Four Stars Sect Holy Girl rose to her feet.  

She walked down from the high platform, and every step she took in the void, there were black ripples blossoming out. Under the attention of countless people, she slowly strode towards the Heaven Wasteland Building.  

At the same time, in the sky, the Black Moon Quasi-emperor also steadied his body.  

“Despicable.” He stared coldly at Ye Qingyu below, “You dare attack me from behind?” 

Yes, the Black Moon Quasi-emperor concluded that his defeat was due to Ye Qingyu's sudden attack from behind. He firmly believed that if it were a face-to-face battle, there was no way Ye Qingyu could wound him so severely with one move.  

However, Ye Qingyu did not glance at him, treating him like air.  

Under countless watchful gazes, Ye Qingyu's eyes, as if there was no focal point, swept around. The aura of each expert above the Saint realm within hundreds of kilometers of him was clearly remembered. Among them, there were some who came to watch, some here to help Heaven Wasteland Domain, and of course the majority were accomplices gathered by the several powerful forces, such as the Four Stars Sect, and were hiding all over the place.  

This time, Ye Qingyu would not let these people go.  

“What? You don’t dare to speak, do you admit it then?” The Black Moon Quasi-emperor sneered. Activating the power of the Black Moon, it looked as if the brilliance of death was curling around his body.  

Hearing that, Ximen Yeshui finally couldn’t hold back any longer.   

“You're already a dead man yet still don't know anything, still jumping and barking like a clown. You really are pitiful and pathetic!” Ximen Yeshui looked the Black Moon Quasi-emperor with a gaze like he was looking at a dead pig tied to a board, full of ridicule and pity.  

“What did you say? You...” The Black Moon Quasi-emperor was enraged.  

However, the next moment——  


His body, suddenly exploded, like a watermelon shot by a powerful arrow. Immediately, red and white liquid splattered everywhere, turning into a puddle of blood and sprinkled from the void. The spiritual qi and power contained within the flesh and blood, also in this moment, transformed into a cloud of blood mist, drifting towards Ye Qingyu.  

Ye Qingyu reached his hand out with a grabbing motion, refining the Black Moon Quasi-emperor’s lifetime cultivation base, and compressed it into a drop of spinning blood pill, before he stored it away.  

All around there were gasps of astonishment.  

It was only then that everybody understood that during the exchange of moves just now, Ye Qingyu's punch had not only struck the Black Moon Quasi-emperor, but completely taken away his life source. This was all done without even the Black Moon Quasi-emperor knowing, yet he was still shouting arrogantly. In the end, the murderous intent within his body broke out and led him to a tragic end.  

It really was a terrifying means.  

This was the means of the strongest expert of the Human Race?  

Some of the new rising martial artists in recent years, who had only heard about the various legends but had never witnessed the terror of Ye Qingyu's power before, at this time also couldn't help trembling with fear. In the present age, where Quasi-emperors were appearing one after another in great numbers, the killing of a Quasi-emperor may not be a shocking matter, but to kill someone without them being aware, like Ye Qingyu had done, was unimaginable.  

For a while, some of the experts of the anti-Heaven Wasteland Domain alliance knitted their brows in a frown.  

The scene before them was somewhat familiar. There had been many times before when Heaven Wasteland Domain was in a desperate situation that this man called Ye Qingyu easily reversed everything. This time, will it be the same?  

“Ye Qingyu, we meet again.” The Four Stars Holy Girl came stepping through the air.  

In the end, she stood in the space hundreds of meters in front of the Heaven Wasteland Building, staring down with a fierce look.   

“Time and time again I had given you a chance in the past. This time, no one can save you.” Ye Qingyu looked at the Four Stars Holy Girl, extremely clear and certain killing intent in his heart but the look in his eyes was incredibly calm.  

Now, the killing of one or two Quasi-emperors, for Ye Qingyu, was like pinching a fly to death. It cannot stir up any waves in his heart.   

The only thing that Ye Qingyu felt regret towards was that the love of the Third Prince of the Mizar Race, a present age genius, was unable to guide this ruthless woman back to the right path. He originally thought that after the last life and death situation, this woman would finally wake up, and would cherish the people around her and her life. Unexpectedly, she won't shed a tear until she sees the coffin. If he had known about this earlier, he would have sent her on the road in the last battle of the Four Stars Sect.  

“Hahahaha, ridiculous.” The Four Stars Holy Girl threw her head back and coldly laughed, black hair dancing wildly like snakes, eyes sharp as a knife, as she looked down. “Save me? Ye Qingyu, don't dream, you should think about how to save yourself first? Your actions before have already angered the heavens and the people. Now, my Four Stars Sect has joined forces with a number of major sects. There are sixteen Quasi-emperors here. Even if you are made of iron, how many nails can you take? As soon as you die, the Heaven Wasteland Empire will be destroyed. Everything you did to my Four Stars Sect will be repeated on your Heaven Wasteland Empire.”  

As her voice faded, there were powers spreading from all sides that made countless people palpitate.  

The next moment, a number of figures from near and far and from different directions, were darting over to the Four Stars Holy Girl's side to show their position. These figures were all enveloped in Quasi-emperor level aura. In addition to the Black Moon Quasi-emperor, who had just been killed, there was a total of fifteen Quasi-emperor existences. Of which there were some powerful Quasi-emperors who had made a name for themselves in the past few years.  

“That's correct, we're all here,” a Quasi-emperor covered in dark-green flames stated proudly. 

“Now, the golden era has arrived, hundreds of flowers are in full bloom. The era where you suppressed the world by yourself has passed. You should accept it.” The Patriarch of the Tianqian Sect gave a sinister smile. “The golden era belongs to all living beings, your time is over. We will send you on the road, and personally put an end to your life.”  

“It's my pleasure to be able to bury a martial arts legend.” Another foreign race Quasi-emperor wore a relaxed smile on his face thinking that everything was under control. 

The atmosphere suddenly turned incomparably tense. 

Ye Qingyu had showed tyrannical and unparalleled power by killing the Black Moon Quasi-emperor. He had used the blood and spirit of a Quasi-emperor to tell the world that he still has the ruling power. But the problem was that, this time, he was not facing one or two Quasi-emperors, but fifteen Quasi-emperors at the same time. Even in the age of Quasi-emperors, a force like this could still destroy almost everything, and was considered as an almost invincible existence.  

Many people looked at Ye Qingyu with a pitiful gaze.  

It is a pity that a martial arts legend cannot escape this siege. This has to be said to be a sad ending. The behaviour of the Four Stars Holy Girl and others was very despicable, but the force was so great that many people were afraid to speak out.  

Fifteen Quasi-emperors were slowly approaching.   

“Damn, my Brother Ye Qingyu is too unlucky.” 

Ximen Yeshui couldn't stand it any longer.  

He really couldn't watch the jumping clowns showing off anymore. The matters that had happened in the Dark Realm and Heaven Wasteland Domain had not spread to the Vast Thousand Domains yet. They were just a group of Quasi-emperors. Let alone in front of Ye Qingyu, even in front of him, they were like ants. When Ye Qingyu shows his real strength later, what would these people be like?  

Ye Qingyu secretly motioned Ximen Yeshui to not let out the secret.  

He took two steps forward, swept his eyes around, and said, “Haha, who else wants to take advantage of the fire, why don’t you all stand up together.”  

“Haha, count me in.” A Quasi-emperor figure, whose face was obscured by purple mist, shot a glance at the Four Stars Holy Girl and the others, saying, “I heard that there is no shortage of famous mountains and rivers in Heaven Wasteland Domain. I'll help you kill Ye Qingyu, destroy the Heaven Wasteland Empire, and after that I want to choose a mountain in Heaven Wasteland Domain to establish my own sect.” 

“Okay.” The Four Stars Holy Girl agreed right away.

There was no reason to refuse.  

The addition of a Quasi-emperor meant that today's hunt for Ye Qingyu was more certain——though she already felt that everything was completely under her control. 

Following this, another three Quasi-emperors, who previously chose to observe in the dark, made a choice and decided to join forces with the Four Stars Holy Girl.  

Ximen Yeshui clutched his stomach with laughter when he saw this scene.  

A few more had come to throw away their lives.  

“Very good, they all jumped out, it will save a lot of effort by catching everyone in one net.” Ye Qingyu laughed wildly, soaring into the sky.  

“Having returned from the Dark Realm, I did not want to kill without mercy. There are many things in the past that cannot be pursued. You all know that it is the golden age now, but you must not know who created this golden age. You live in happiness but are not grateful for it. Your strength may have improved, but you lack a mind that matches up to that strength. Your ambition is too wild, like a snake trying to swallow an elephant...” Ye Qingyu’s laughter abruptly ceased, his expression turned stern and his voice grew cold, “Since this is the case, I have no choice but to kill, clean away your dark souls, and create a real golden age.”  

Just as the Four Stars Holy Girl was about to retort, her countenance abruptly changed.  

She saw an indescribable aura of terror spreading out from the body of Ye Qingyu.  

In an instant, all of the Quasi-emperor experts were like leaves caught in a tornado, shivering all over uncontrollably, then dropped from the air and collapsed on the ground, unable to move. 

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