1298- A new crisis

Chapter 1298, A new crisis

After Heaven Wasteland Domain was blocked by the Sky Emperor, the Domain Alliance was also pushed into turmoil, because the people outside of Heaven Wasteland Domain were shocked to find that they couldn’t contact the domain and the Domain Gate leading to Heaven Wasteland Domain also wouldn’t open. This was an unprecedented phenomenon. 

It was a core-shaking test for the living beings of Heaven Wasteland Domain that were in other domains for business, travel, and cultivation. In particular, the imperial envoys dispatched and stationed in other domains and in the Domain Alliance.  

There were all sorts of statements. 

Over these years, Heaven Wasteland Domain had vaguely become the world's most powerful territory, especially since the Deputy Envoy of the Human Race, Ye Qingyu, had consecutively made legendary accomplishments in several battles. Ye Qingyu had also created a very high reputation and status for the Human Race and Heaven Wasteland Domain.  

However, with the gradual refinement of the laws of heaven and earth and the rising spiritual qi tide, the experts of all sides continued to break through the upper limit of the past. In the past few years, the strength of Quasi-emperor experts can be said to be close to that of Martial Emperors. A Quasi-emperor can almost suppress one side, standing at the commanding heights overlooking the whole world. The reason why Ye Qingyu was able to suppress all sides was because he had killed the Quasi-emperor of the Four Stars Sect. But now, there were constantly experts breaking through into the Quasi-emperor realm, and in a few years time, the number of Quasi-emperors had risen dramatically. 

An unprecedented increase in power, of course, is accompanied by the growth of wild ambition. 

Against such a backdrop, some forces, some people, and some sects, had become restless again.  

The newly promoted Quasi-emperor experts were constantly trying to improve themselves in the hope of advancing further, while some seek after fame and fortune, aiming to achieve the reputation of the best in the world. And the best and fastest way to become famous, of course, was to challenge and defeat the renowned experts.  

For the high and mighty Quasi-emperors, there were not many people worthy of challenging. Ye Qingyu, who was vaguely known as the strongest expert in the Vast Thousand Domains these years, was obviously a good target to challenge.  

But Ye Qingyu had accumulated a lot of prestige, and although many new Quasi-emperors were tempted to challenge him, they did not dare to rashly rush to his door, and instead did some petty tricks in the dark while waiting for the right opportunity. 

Some of them arrogantly let out the words in various occasions that Ye Qingyu is the past and now is the golden era of the tens of millions of Quasi-emperors, and that Ye Qingyu no longer possessed ruling power. Through various ways of provocation they hoped to ignite Ye Qingyu's anger and take the initiative to attack. Some even used this method to trigger battles between Ye Qingyu and some other Quasi-emperors, while they watch and then reap the rewards when both sides are exhausted.  

However, to the disappointment of many people, no matter what kind of provocation it was, Ye Qingyu remained silent and never made any response.  

In these years, the former strongest martial artist of the Vast Thousand Domains had not appeared again.   

Some people thought that Ye Qingyu was saving strength to attack the Emperor realm, while some thought that flaws had emerged in Ye Qingyu's cultivation. After all, he had risen to the top too rapidly. A rapid advancement along the martial arts path could cause one’s foundation to be unstable. There were also rumours that Ye Qingyu had gone to the Dark Realm to fight with the dark creatures in order to improve himself, but may have died in the Dark Realm. The Dark Realm had always been the grave of experts of the Vast Thousand Domains. The former main envoy of the Human Race Ren Puyang also died in the Dark Realm.  

Under various rumours were all sorts of ambitions and wild schemes.  

Therefore, when the Domain Gate of Heaven Wasteland Domain was suddenly sealed without warning, the outside world could no longer contact Heaven Wasteland Domain, these statements and rumours also exploded and spread uncontrollably. As some people added fuel to the fire, the situation began to move in a direction unfavourable to Heaven Wasteland Domain.  

In Heaven Connect City, the Great Dragon Turtle Demon, who oversaw the Heaven Wasteland Building, found that the board that Ye Qingyu personally inscribed ‘Heaven Wasteland Building’ on had unknowingly been crushed by a fist print early in the morning. At the same time, many figures appeared around the Heaven Wasteland Building. They were evidently from the sects and forces with new Quasi-emperors...  

At the same time, the envoys of Heaven Wasteland Domain stationed in other major domains were also in extremely difficult situations.  

Many of Heaven Wasteland Domain embassies in other domains also suffered from attacks.  

In particular, an envoy of Heaven Wasteland Domain in the Water Moon Domain was intercepted and killed by an unidentified Quasi-emperor expert on the official road...

There was an invisible countercurrent aimed at Heaven Wasteland Domain surging violently.  

The Great Dragon Turtle Demon felt the crisis.  

He had tried countless times to contact the empire, but unfortunately the Domain Gate of Heaven Wasteland Domain couldn’t be opened, as if isolated. The emergency contact channels that Ye Qingyu left behind also failed to operate.  

Everyone in the Heaven Wasteland Building was in panic.  

The Great Dragon Turtle Demon tried to calm himself down. 

He was already at the peak of the Great Saint realm, and was only one step away from the Quasi-emperor, but in today's situation, he still felt the great pressure.   

 “Heaven Wasteland Domain is captured.”  

On this day, the Four Stars Sect let out these words that shocked all sides.  

The figure of the Four Stars Holy Girl that had not been seen for a long while appeared in Heaven Connect City. The Four Stars Holy Girl, who was almost crippled by Ye Qingyu back then, displayed the strongest tyrannical strength. Not only was her strength restored, it had improved drastically and had already reached the Quasi-emperor realm.  

“Ye Qingyu is finished, he is in the Dark Realm and had offended the wrong person. The glory that belongs to him is now in the past!” 

The remaining members of the Black Moon Immortal Palace also re-emerged.  

And the Patriarch of another former large sect, Tianqian Sect, also showed up in Heaven Connect City, in a restaurant a few hundred meters away from the Heaven Wasteland Building. He had also become a Quasi-emperor expert. He watched the Heaven Wasteland Building from afar, while drinking and joking with countless martial arts experts, “Haha, this small building can be the garbage storage of my Tianqian sect...” 

Even the main envoy of the Human Race of the Domain Alliance, because of his former bias towards Ye Qingyu and the Heaven Wasteland Empire, also suffered from accusations and criticism. The main envoys of other domains suddenly revolted at another meeting, causing the present chief envoy of the Human Race to be stripped off the position of parliamentary elder, which was similar to having his power seized.  

“The short era is coming to an end.”  

“Ye Qingyu's glory is about to set with the sun.” 

“Unfortunately, Ye Qingyu's strength, for the Human Race, is more like the last radiance of the setting sun. Now that last wisp of light had dissipated. The crisis and weakening of power of the Human Race is already unstoppable.”  

There were such rumours everywhere across Heaven Connect City.  

Suddenly, another news began to spread in Heaven Connect City. A total of sixteen Quasi-emperor forces, including the Four Stars Sect and the Tianqian Sect had announced the formation of an alliance to officially revolt against Heaven Wasteland Domain and Ye Qingyu. 

“The shame of the past must be erased. If you win you are the king, if you lose you are nothing. Our Four Stars Sect wants revenge, and will absolutely not endure any longer.” 

The Four Stars Holy Girl appeared outside the Heaven Wasteland Building.  

Along with the masters and patriarchs of other major forces, as well as many influential people who had come to watch the lively scene.  

The shops within thousands of kilometers of the Heaven Wasteland Building had quietly closed. 

Many hawkers also closed up and left the trouble spot.  

More importantly, some cowardly people also left Heaven Connect City.  

“Tell Ye Qingyu to come out. There is no use in hiding, he can't escape either way.” The patriarch of the Tianqian Sect ordered people to spread these words out while he was drinking in that restaurant.   

“There should be an end to everything, Ye Qingyu must pay for his previous tyrannical massacre,” the Four Stars Holy Girl stated. 

She had been humiliated in the hands of Ye Qingyu, and if the Third Prince of the Mizar Race had not saved her perhaps she would have been dead now. But now she had paid a huge price and made a strong effort to recover, possessing even greater strength than before. She was now the present patriarch of the Four Stars Sect and planned to erase the humiliation of the past. 

The situation was extremely unfavourable to Heaven Wasteland Domain.  

And facing the pressure was the people in the Heaven Wasteland Building. 

The envoys of other domains that could come came right away. At the same time, the allies of Heaven Wasteland Domain also came to assist. The Dragon Human Race that had reached a strategic alliance with Heaven Wasteland Domain long ago, also came to help right away. The Dragon Human Race’s Military God Xu Wuya and an army of iron armour-clad guards were stationed next to the Heaven Wasteland Building.  

For the first time, some Quasi-emperor forces that had a peaceful relationship with Heaven Wasteland Domain also came to Heaven Connect City.  

Yu Xiaxing's operation in the Vast Thousand Domains these years was not useless. 

But overall, they were still at a disadvantage.  

After all, no one knew what the situation in Heaven Wasteland Domain was, and many forces were watching from the sidelines.  


“The Palace Lord's kindheartedness had allowed a trash like the Four Stars Holy Girl to re-emerge.” An official of the Heaven Wasteland Building was enraged.

At this time, the officials stationed in the building, regardless of their strength, had already put on armour and were ready for a fight to the death. In the face of the coming storm, the elites and faithful officials selected by the Heaven Wasteland Empire were incomparably united.  

“At worst it’s only death.”  

Everyone was ready to die for their country.   

At this moment, words came from the Four Stars Sect once again——  

“The people in the Heaven Wasteland Building listen up, if you come out to surrender now you can be spared death. Otherwise, today I will wash the Heaven Wasteland Building with blood to avenge the brothers who died for the Four Stars Sect back then.”  

The person who yelled was the trusted aide of the Four Stars Holy Girl. His tone of voice was aggressive and arrogant.  

They incredibly looked forward to the members of the Heaven Wasteland Building coming out to surrender, which will be a huge blow to the power of Ye Qingyu and the dignity of the Heaven Wasteland Empire.  

Inside the building.  

The Great Dragon Turtle Demon wore a smile on his face. The greater the pressure, the calmer his heart was. He ran his eyes across every colleague, noticing the same calmness, battle intent, and anger against the enemy. Everybody was unafraid of dying. That's correct, the Heaven Wasteland Building may be attacked, and all the colleagues and I may die in battle, but we will never surrender.  

“Everyone, please drink this cup, do not regret being part of Heaven Wasteland Domain, even after death we are souls of Heaven Wasteland!” The Great Dragon Turtle Demon roared.  

All of the officials of the Heaven Wasteland Building laughed and drank the cup of wine heroically.  

Just then, suddenly, a voice sounded, “Haha, ‘do not regret being part of Heaven Wasteland Domain, even after death we are souls of Heaven Wasteland’. You are indeed worthy of being called the warriors of my Heaven Wasteland Empire. How can you drink without me?” 

Everybody was taken aback.  

The Great Dragon Turtle Demon's face lit up with indescribable joy, voice trembling, “Palace Lord Ye Qingyu... you... you're back?

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