1297- Dust settled

Chapter 1297, Dust settled

Ye Qingyu was speechless when he heard this answer. 

This was the contradiction in logic that he had thought of before. 

If the peerless God of War were the son of destiny of this era and world, then he would not have had the cultivation base that he has presently because the universe's destiny and luck cannot be divided. Unless, it was a good and an evil star like back then, where both the God Emperor of Light and the Sky Emperor existed. However, from the way the God of War acts he was surely not evil and Ye Qingyu also firmly believed that he is good. 

There was only one explanation for this: the peerless God of War really has fallen and vanished. 

Therefore, he was able to reoccupy the destiny of the world and grew stronger so smoothly. 

The questions that Ye Qingyu could think of had basically all been asked and answered. 

Many of the mysteries that have troubled him for a long period of time had been solved, and some things that can't be solved, after this conversation, can also be figured out. However, there were subsequently more questions and mysteries.

Ye Qingyu firmly believed that many things were absolutely not as simple as they appeared to be on the surface. 

But he also has to admit that perhaps, following the disappearance of some people there were some mysteries that may never be solved. 

Next, the trio talked about something else. 

When they mentioned Lang Zhong and Lang Yong, the two Divine Generals also sighed. 

In the countless reincarnation cycles before this life, they, who had to shoulder the mission, were basically constantly on the move in every life. They were rarely able to leisurely truly experience the secular world like an ordinary martial artist. When they adopted Long Zhong and Long Yong, it was their first time taking in children in their long lives thus it was inevitable for them to be so attached. 

“Father and mother, are you going to go out or continue to stay here?” Ye Qingyu asked: “Why don't you return to Light City with Little Yu. The Snow Empire has undergone great changes.” 

Divine General Jue and Divine General Zhi exchanged a glance. 

Divine General Zhi responded. “Of course it will be great to return to the real world, but we must stay here and guard the imperial palace. If we leave, the imperial palace will be left unguarded, and it will be very dangerous if anything were to happen. If this earth-shaking wealth falls into the hands of others, there is bound to be endless disasters.” 

Ye Qingyu gave a slight smile and said: “Don't worry about this, I will first take a look at the formations in the imperial palaces.” 

Since the peerless God of War had given him this generous gift, then he has no reason to decline. This amazing wealth, for Ye Qingyu, who plans to fight against the civilization reincarnation calamity, will undoubtedly be of great help. Moreover, Ye Qingyu even more urgently needs this wealth after learning about the existence of the Demon God of time and space. 


Next, under the guidance of the two Divine Generals, Ye Qingyu began to understand the central core formations of the Ye clan's imperial palace. 


These formations were originally very complicated and profound, and differed entirely from many of the present age formations. Instead they belong to the product of the ancient times. However, this was not a problem for Ye Qingyu because he was very familiar with the text and formations of the God and Demon era and had a deep mastery of the 108 ancient symbols of the Cloud top cauldron. Thus he could easily control the core formations of the Ye clan's imperial palace. 


“The formations in this imperial palace are vaguely similar to the 108 ancient symbols, and seem to be of the same style of rune formations.” Ye Qingyu found some clues.


It took him about half a day to completely control and understand all the formations in the entire Ye clan's imperial palace. 


“It is indeed mysterious, like the means of an immortal demon.” 


Ye Qingyu's divine sense sank into the formations, immediately taking control of everything within the palace. In each of the palaces there were killing Emperor formations, Emperor concealment formations and Emperor protection formations,  the three great emperor formations, as defense. Even if a martial Emperor were to come, it would be still be difficult to notice the existence of the imperial palace. And even if found, it will be difficult for them to break through. Once an Emperor killing formation is triggered they will most likely be buried in this palace. Even if a top enemy manages to break through one imperial palace, the 99 imperial palace can at the same time join forces to strike back. Even Ye Qingyu might not be able to withstand against such force. 


This also explains why the Ye clan can rely on these imperial palaces to last for such a long period of time, from the era of Ye Chongsheng to the present day.


If they had not encountered the peerless God of War, the Ye clan would most likely still be looking disdainfully at other forces of the world. 


Through the formations, Ye Qingyu could even see Hon Kong, Yan Xingtian and Qin Wushuang anxiously waiting in the 10th imperial palace. Yan Xingtian and Hon Kong even tried to break the door of the imperial palace several times, but failed in the end——Fortunately the killing formations in the imperial palace were not activated, otherwise, these two would have been in a very difficult situation. 


“Please don’t be impatient.” Ye Qingyu directly transmitted his voice through the formation. “I will soon be out.” 

It was only when Hon Kong and the others realised that it was Ye Qingyu’s voice that they breathed a sigh of relief knowing that Ye Qingyu was not in any danger. 

Next, Ye Qingyu, through the formation ccontrol, observed the storage space of the other 88 imperial palaces, and was still utterly shocked despite what the two Divine Generals had told him. 


For example, in one imperial palace was the most complete rune formation scripture of the rune Emperor Luosu, and in another palace stored the Storm Emperor's Dao scripture and Emperor weapon [The Source of the Storm].....Basically, the inheritance of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors can be found in a particular imperial palace, and were incomparably intact. 


In addition to the inheritance of the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, there were inheritances of the Emperors of the dark age after the God Emperor of Light——which the later generations called the God and Demon era, as well as inheritance of Emperors after the disappearance of Ye Chongsheng. Within the imperial palaces were countless immortal treasures, piles of immortal materials used to cast Emperor weapons, and a variety of treasures, including refined divine weapons, as well as divine pills with medicinal properties. There were also all kinds of armour, imperial battleships, and mobile transportation formations.......


Ye Qingyu only roughly scanned across the treasure but stormy waves were still set off in his mind. 


Looking at these treasures and remarkable wealth, you will imagine what kind of power and civilizations had been born and developed over the past long history. 


And now they all belonged to him. 


The huge problem that Ye Qingyu had to face now was how to make good use of the wealth in the Ye clan's imperial palace. 

Then he quickly thought of the cosmic-level light brain Taichu.


Such a complex project will require the calculation, classification, and adjustment of the light brain, in order to create a plan that can truly maximise the wealth of the imperial palace and then strictly implement it. In this regard, Ye Qingyu had the utmost confidence in the light brain of the earth civilization, which was much more powerful than an Emperor-level expert's divine sense.  

After pondering for a while, Ye Qingyu once again set up some little formations with the 108 ancient symbols in the core formation of the imperial palace before he said to the two Divine Generals: “After such modifications, even if we're not in the imperial palace, I can still control everything. Father and Mother can go out with me and will no longer have to stay here.”




Yan Xingtian and others were taken aback when they saw Ye Qingyu come out of the 10th imperial palace with the two Divine Generals.


They didn't expect there to be people in the Ye clan's imperial palace. 

When asked about the palace, Ye Qingyu did not hesitate to speak the truth, but when it comes to the contents of the core treasure, he still slightly concealed a little information.  


Qin Wushuang was very excited to hear this. “If so, then the Empire's Light City and Deer City can be rebuild and a Divine city can be built in Heaven Wasteland domain. It will become the iconic city-state of Heaven Wasteland domain. As for the rest of the wealth, if used appropriately, it can bring the strength of the entire Heaven Wasteland Empire up another level.” 


Ye Qingyu nodded with a smile: “That’s correct, but at this time we still have a lot to consider. Senior Qin may wish to discuss this matter with the survivors of White Deer Academy and Deer city. If there are any requirements, you can report to the Imperial Military Department. In the future, Senior Qin will also need to take control of this newly built Deer City.” 


Qin Wushuang's eyes lit up with excitement when he heard this.  


Because he knew very clearly that, after reconstruction, Deer City will certainly play a vital role in the Empire. Moreover, Deer City was after all the land of the Qin clan. His father and relatives have also died here, and as a descendant of the Qin clan, he also hoped to revitalize the prestige of the Qin clan and let his clan continue to expand here. 


As for the introduction of the two Divine Generals, Ye Qingyu also did not conceal anything and directly addressed them as his parents. 


This came as a shock to Hon Kong and the others. 


They only knew little about the life of Ye Qingyu, and had occasionally heard about the relationship between Yu Junhan and Ye Qingyu. However, they did not care too much. But now, knowing that these two people were actually Ye Qingyu's parents, they also dared not to be disrespectful and hurried over to pay respect.


After that, the group left the imperial palace. 


The seal on the ground remained. 


Ye Qingyu ordered people to fill up this pit, and then released the news that below are the abandoned ruins of an ancient sect and are full of hidden dangers. 


The pit was quickly filled. 


After that, Ye Qingyu and the others returned to the imperial capital. 


Yan Xingtian followed. 


Divine General Jue and Divine General Zhi met Wen Wan, Gao Diping and Wang Lijin and the Martial Artist of Shadow in the Light city. Their appearance made Wen Wan and others remember everything from the past, and completely awakened their memory. 


They couldn't help feeling emotional seeing that the old comrades had gathered together once again. 


Three days later, Ye Qingyu left Heaven Wasteland domain and traveled to the Domain Alliance of the Chaos Domain. 


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