1261 - I am him

Chapter 1261, I am him 

“The Sky Emperor will be here soon, I am no match for him.” Empress Shui Xiu was very frank. “The reason I attacked him previously was because I had the help of the condensed power of heaven and earth during the ascension to Martial Emperor. I am a new Empress, thus my Emperor qi had not completely transformed and is not stable yet.” 

Everyone's heart sank when they heard this.  

The spirit monkey battle companion was already in a state of sleep. After all, the underworld flame had damaged his divine soul, and under the self-protection ability of the soul he had fallen into a deep sleep. It was unknown when he would wake up, but it wasn't right to rely on him to withstand and delay time for them. Moreover, Yu Xiaoxing was unsure what the purpose of stalling for time would be since there was no definite arrival of reinforcements. 

Unless Brother Qingyu can arrive in time. 

She had heard from Yan Xingtian that Brother Qingyu was now known as Immortal God Emperor, the ruler of the Dark Realm. He may be able to match the Sky Emperor in strength, but the problem was that Heaven Wasteland Domain was sealed off, unable to contact the outside world. It was clear that the Sky Emperor had done this to isolate Heaven Wasteland Domain from Brother Qingyu and stop it from contacting the outside world. Water from afar can't help put out a fire nearby. 

For a while, Yu Xiaoxing and Lin Zheng were at a loss on what to do.

Even though they were knowledgeable and intelligent, in the face of an ancient formidable person like the Sky Emperor, in the face of absolute strength, everything seemed ridiculous.  

Shui Xiu's eyes swept over the Empress, faintly smiled, and said in a voice as calm as water: “the worst outcome is that we fight to death. There is nothing to fear.” Her expression was calm, and not in the slightest worried or anxious because of the danger and critical circumstances. All along her expression was weak and gentle like water, but in this weakness there was a resilience that not even Wen Wan and the other divine generals could match. 

Not even a divine sword can destroy her resilience. 

Yu Xiaoxing suddenly calmed down upon hearing this.  

From Empress Shui Xiu’s body, there was a beauty that calms and heals one's mood. Any restlessness and anxiety will vanish like smoke in thin air in front of this temperament. “Yes, it’s just death, there is never an everlasting person.” Yu Xiaoxing suddenly felt everything before her had become clear at once. Empress Shui Xiu had nothing to do with this matter, but was also implicated. As one of the people involved, she even more should calmly face everything.  

“The flow of space and time is somewhat difficult to control. I hope it can break through the seal of Heaven Wasteland Domain and find a way out before the Sky Emperor’s arrival,” 

Empress Shui Xiu said.  

At this time, everyone was enveloped in violet-coloured Emperor qi, including the Light Palace. The feeling of shuttling in the torrent of time and space was similar to diving in an ocean of chaos. They were surrounded by the endless turbulence of time and space, like ashes of chaos, frantically surging with great power of destruction. It was like a cosmic vacuum, but at the same time completely different. 

Looking around, there were strange colours everywhere, like a distorted space. Without the violet Emperor qi, Yu Xiaoxing and the others, whose cultivation base was slightly weaker, would have been crushed into minced flesh in the space turbulence, or turned to dust in the time turbulence. 

It was a feeling that many peerless experts in the world had never experienced before.

As everyone knows, as long as a martial artist's strength was sufficient, one can travel in the void turbulence, can shuttle back and forth in the cosmic vacuum of space. But it was only a Martial Emperor who could go against the turbulence of time and space, and under the circumstances of a disruption to the time and space, kill a vast majority of the living beings of the world. 

The reason why Empress Shui Xiu brought everyone into the turbulence of time and space was because this environment can easily hide one's aura and can delay the time before the Sky Emperor finds them. 

“Maybe we don't need to be too pessimistic,” Wen Wan spoke out all of a sudden. 

Everybody twisted around to look at him. 

Wen Wan scratched his head, saying, “The prophecy that His Highness left behind was that the day Sky Emperor finds the Light Palace, is when all the dust settles. The thousands of years of endurance will come to an end...” The ‘His Highness’ he mentioned was obviously the remarkable War God of the Snow Empire back then, also whom the Sky Emperor called the Divine Light Emperor. 

“What does that mean? You mean His Highness had long predicted this so he would have made arrangements?” Lin Zheng’s eyes lit up.

To plan very carefully with every conceivable possibility taken to account for over thousands of years was something only His Highness could achieve. 

All the people gazed at Wen Wan with anticipation.

Who would have thought that Wen Wan simply spread his hand open, saying, “I do not know what it means, but since His Highness had said so, he must have predicted what would happen today. As to whether there is an arrangement in place, I am not sure.” 

Everyone's face darkened, completely speechless.  

“Old Wen, you're talking nonsense, you might as well hide to one side and fart,” Ximen Yeshui uttered while picking his nose. 

Wen Wan snapped, “You're the one who only farts... there must be a deep meaning in His Highness's arrangements. I believe that changes will happen.”

Ximen Yeshui cast a contemptuous look at the noodle maniac, and suddenly remembered something, “Say, your His Highness, where is he now? Why don’t we go find him, or you can contact him, perhaps he can come save us?”

Wen Wan's face turned gloomy, “I haven’t seen His Highness in many years, and do not know where he had gone... Many years have past. Since that year when His Highness arranged where to place us, he then disappeared. He did not tell us where he was going, and there’s no news of him ever since then. We simply cannot contact him.” 

Back then, when the Snow Empire was founded, the Human Race of the Heaven Wasteland Domain was unified, it seemed peaceful on the surface, but in truth there were still a lot of things happening in the dark. Wen Wan remembered that His Highness had gathered all the Divine Generals under his command, and arranged a new identity and mission for everyone. Almost all matters were dealt with, regardless of its importance. Since then, like stars in the sky, they had all scattered, and even they did not know where each other were going. They had lost contact with each other. In particular, there was completely no trace of the married couple Divine General Shang and Divine General Jue. While Gao Diping, the spirit monkey battle companion and the martial artist of the shadow all appeared in the battle of the Light Palace later and finally contacted Wen Wan. Later, Wen Wan carefully pondered and assumed that Gao Diping and the others showed up at that time was also because His Highness’s arrangement. Back then, the identity that His Highness gave him, was to go serve as a teacher at White Deer Academy in Deer City, until fifteen years later when the badge was activated by Yu Qingyu’s yuan qi. It was only then that he began his next mission, left for Youyan Pass and secretly took care of Ye Qingyu. 

Up until now, Wen Wan still did not understand why His Highness would know the existence of a youngster before his arrival into the world, and told him to do whatever it took to secretly guard him. 

Later, Ye Qingyu's astonishing talent made Wen Wan roughly understand that in this world, every once in a while, there would be a real matchless genius born from the luck of heaven and earth, who carried the fate of an era and was destined to soar to the sky. In Wen Wan's view, His Highness must have predicted the appearance of such a person, so he had placed all the hope of turning everything around onto the protagonist of the new era.  

And all along, Ye Qingyu 's way of thinking and strategy were in line with Wen Wan's expectations. 

“Can't get in touch?” Ximen Yeshui said in deliberately exaggerated voice,“He won't be hiding right?” 

Wen Wan raged, “Knock your teeth off.” 

Fatty Wang Lijin promptly tried to stop the fight. 

Following the quarrel between these two, the atmosphere in the Light Palace had finally relaxed by a lot. There was no longer a heavy feeling in their hearts.

At this time, Lan Tian suddenly came out of the palace hall. 

Taking off his body armor and helmet, his sky blue hair was as bright as the waves.  He had in fact been in the Light Palace all along.

The Sky Emperor had guessed right. In the whole imperial capital, it was only when Lan Tian was hiding in the Light Palace that the Sky Emperor could not accurately sense his specific location. However, when the Sky Emperor realized this, Lan Tian's tracks was instead more thoroughly exposed.

“The one that the Sky Emperor is looking for is I.” Lan Tian, regardless of the obstruction of the thin and tall mysterious expert behind him, said each word loud and clear, “Send me out, he will certainly go after me first, at that time everyone has the opportunity to escape.” 

“No.” Before waiting for others to speak, the slim and tall mysterious expert had directly refused, “Even if everyone present is dead, you still cannot fall into the hands of the Sky Emperor, absolutely not.” His response was unhesitating and with no room for negotiation. 

Ximen Yeshui grumbled discontently when he heard this, “That said, although we really will not surrender to that so-called Sky Emperor, and would rather die, but our life is less valuable than this boy?”    

The thin and tall mysterious expert snorted, blade-like brows raised, and was about to say something when Hon Kong stopped him at once. He knew that this comrade had a fiery temper and was stubborn and direct. If he were to say anything else, he most likely would have angered and offended everyone. 

“Little brother don't be angry. Lan Tian can't fall into the hands of the Sky Emperor because this matter relates to the fate of the Vast Thousand Domains and the life and death of the Dark Realm. It is no small matter.” Hon Kong had no reason to hide anything anymore at this time. He explained, “Once the Sky Emperor gets Lan Tian, he will immediately restore the invincible strength he had in the past. At that time he can move unhindered across the world and slaughter all Emperors. There will no longer be anyone who can withstand his slaughter blade.”

The people looked shocked when they heard this, turning their head to look at Lan Tian. 

From some things that had happened before, especially the dialogue between the spirit monkey battle companion and the Sky Emperor, everyone had already guessed that the Sky Emperor was now in a bizarre state, possessed only the soul body, and did not have even one tenth of the strength he had in the past. However, he was already terrifyingly strong, and the reason for this state seemed to be the result of a plan that the Divine Light Emperor had made. It was just that, the reason the Sky Emperor searched everywhere for Lan Tian was so he could restore the strength of the past? Why was this? 

In the face of the puzzled gaze of everyone, Lan Tian smiled bitterly.  

“Because... I am him.” He sighed. “Lan Tian is the Sky Emperor, the Sky Emperor is Lan Tian.” 

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