1259 - Fight alone

Chapter 1259, Fight alone

A brief dialogue had revealed too many information.     

But only the parties involved would understand the wrath of the Sky Emperor and the spirit monkey battle companion. 

The strength of the enraged Sky Emperor was like a flame burning in the wind, growing rapidly.

And the golden flames all over the esteemed elder spirit monkey battle companion were similarly constantly enlarging.

The battle between two supreme experts, like an asteroid striking the earth, was constantly producing deafening rumbles of the Dao. In the air, a number of law chains and flow of order were visibly being disrupted. The impact of such a battle between two top experts could be said to be annihilating everything. Even Wen Wan and the others, as well as other sovereigns of the Dark Realm also had to draw back continuously, ending their respective battles. Once swept into the battle circle, one would most likely be destroyed into ashes instantly.

Without the presence of the pure silver force field of the [Three Thousand Feet of Fallen Emperor Snow], the entire Snow capital would have been wiped out in such a terrifying battle.

The battle was so fierce that even the sovereigns from the Dark Realm couldn't help feeling apprehensive. 

Before this, they had never met an opponent who could compete against the Sky Emperor. 

In their mind, no matter how powerful an existence is, in front of the Sky Emperor, they would be unable to withstand a single blow. Even Martial Emperor who had dominated an era would find it difficult to withstand against the power of the Sky Emperor. But now, the ape that was clad in golden Immortal armour was unexpectedly so strong. Everyone felt numb at this thought. There was finally someone strong enough to contend against the Sky Emperor. If the Sky Emperor were to lose to this ape then they would also no doubt have to die, right? 

Contrary to how the sovereigns of the Dark Realm were feeling, Yu Xiaoxing and the others were excited and hopeful. 

The joint attack of Wen Wan, Gao Diping and the others were like the dying struggle of trapped beasts, but the appearance of the esteemed elder spirit monkey battle companion made them see hope.


Earth shaking rumbles of Dao again broke out from the battle circle. 

The entire pure silver field of the [Three Thousand Feet of Fallen Emperor Snow] was violently quaking.  

The cloth robe on the Sky Emperor’s body was unexpectedly torn and shredded, revealing the blue flame-like body beneath. It was similar to human appearance, but resembled more of an energy body of flowing liquid. His arms were shattered into fine powder by the golden cudgel, half his shoulders was crushed, and his blue body was seen reeling back constantly. His injury was not minor at all. In contrast, the esteemed elder spirit monkey battle companion only stumbled back four steps, blood seeping out between his fingers, and appeared to be in a much better state.

The sovereigns of the Dark Realm all exclaimed in shock.

By contrast, it was clear that the Sky Emperor was defeated. 

Such an ending, to them, was as though the sky had collapsed. 

“His Majesty has long set up tens of thousands of ancient killing formations. The Vast Thousand Domains is not a place you can come and go. Without a flesh shell, your soul does not have one-tenth of your power back then.” The spirit monkey battle companion sneered. The coiled dragon around the golden cudgel in his hand seemed to be alive, twisting and wandering nonstop. His body was enveloped in golden flames, like the scorching sun, so bright and dazzling that it was impossible to look at from up close. 

“What can the killing formations that a loser set up do to me.” The Sky Emperor gradually recovered his arms. The injury was not as serious as it seemed on the surface. He cold smiled, “Even if I only have the soul, even if I only have a tenth of my strength of back then, you still can't kill me. Compared to me, your deterioration is much more obvious. It seems that in these millions of years, he did not help treat your injuries at all. Instead it had worsened, and you're just extending your last gasp now.”  

As the voice fell, the Sky Emperor had completely restored his arms, which suddenly extended out across tens of meters, and grabbed a sovereign of the Dark Realm in the distance.

“Your Majesty...” Although shocked, the sovereign of the Dark Realm dared not to resist.

The Sky Emperor's face was entirely devoid of expression as he directly dragged the sovereign over. His blue liquid-like body suddenly turned into a blue flame, poured into the body of the sovereign of the Dark Realm, and, like a flame, directly burned and incinerated the consciousness of the sovereign, thereby allowing him to enter the body. 

The dark blue flame filled and overflowed the body. 


He had killed a loyal subordinate without mercy and took over his body. 

The other sovereigns of the Dark Realm were trembling all over, face contorted with fear, but were afraid to hide. 

“Now, I have a body.” 

The Flying Bear spoke in the voice of the Sky Emperor. 

But the tone of voice initially was very strange, like the sound of friction between rocks. It was evident that he was not suitable for this body. 

But the next few words became normal. 

The Martial Emperor original form of this body appeared. It was a giant black winged bear, an ancient species called Flying Bear. Its tremendous black body, under the illumination of the light of the blue flame, appeared extremely strange and mysterious. The body moved forward, producing bone crackling noises, and pressed toward the esteemed elder spirit monkey battle companion.  

“How can the body of someone else's hold your power... don't talk so much nonsense, fight!” The spirit monkey battle companion sneered.

His large, tall body squatted down, and then the ground began to quake. His body leapt up like a bolt of lightning, while the golden cudgel in his hands transformed into a lofty mountain, spinning frantically with the power of the earth's fire and heavenly thunder, before the cudgel was swung down.

“Hahaha, you will know after trying,” the Sky Emperor roared facing upwards. With the beat of the wings on his back, he shot up at lightning speed, and before the golden cudgel was brought down he was already standing below the spirit monkey battle companion, slamming a punch into his stomach.


The spirit monkey battle companion’s golden body was blasted away. It was unknown how many of the silver trees he slammed into and broke along the way, sending silver leaves fluttering in the sky like snowflakes. 

“It's the same, you're still unable to withstand a single attack.” The voice of the Sky Emperor echoed, and with one step he was already standing above the spirit monkey battle companion, stamping down his foot.

The spirit monkey battle companion’s body flashed, dodging the attack at the critical moment.


With the stamp of his foot, the Sky Emperor had set the whole area of pure silver force field quaking. The silver ground suddenly exploded with a huge pit, and the silver roots of the fire trees below were spreading. The terror of this power was clearly illustrated by the damage made to the [Three Thousand Feet of Fallen Emperor Snow] formation, which almost was unable to withstand.

But in the next instant, the ground, like mercury, was restored right away. 

Even the broken silver fire trees, in the flickering silvery light, had completely recovered. 

The mysteriousness of the pure silver force field of the [Three Thousand Feet of Fallen Emperor Snow] was indeed astonishing. It was no wonder that Immortal celestial beings had used this kind of force field to strengthen the Immortal Palace.


The esteemed elder spirit monkey battle companion raged, eyes overflowing with blood red light, like blood seeping out. His power and aura rose sharply once again. The golden cudgel in his hand had directly transformed into an enraged dragon, and swung out at a much faster speed than before. Before the black flying bear turned his head, he was already struck in the waist and sent through the air. 

The battle instantly entered into an indescribable madness. 

Moreover, it was almost a fist-to-flesh combat, completely lacking the manner and bearing of an Emperor. It resembled more of a fight between two primitive creatures. The two figures were constantly sent flying by each other, striking each other back and forth in the fire woods. 

In the course of the battle, all kinds of remarkable abilities and transformations were fully displayed. In particular, the spirit monkey battle companion evidently had mastered a variety of transformation techniques, able to instantaneously transform into various kinds of ancient beasts, dragons and snakes as he wishes. The golden cudgel in his hands could turn into lightning and wind, while the dragon spewed out Immortal light. There were several times that he had almost managed to refine the Sky Emperor’s Flying Bear body! 

It was a different kind of fierce battle. The two supreme experts were wounded in the blink of an eye.

It can even be said that it was not a battle, but tearing at each other like animals. 

In the end, there were no more tricks, but looked more like beasts wrestling. The spirit monkey battle companion obviously hated the Sky Emperor. It was unknown how many times he had torn flesh off the Flying Bear. The Flying Bear's wings were also ripped off, its body mangled, while the spirit monkey battle companion was soaked in blood! 

“Ahhhh, let's settle everything,” the Sky Emperor raged like a beast, grabbing the head of the spirit monkey battle companion with one hand to rip it off, while the other aimed a punch to the waist of the spirit monkey battle companion, and directly launched him into the silvery ground. 

“I'm afraid you don't have that ability.” The head of the spirit monkey battle companion was instantly regrown. Bellowing, he slammed the head of the giant bear with a hammer, knocking him away.

But the gap in strength between the two forces was finally shown. The Sky Emperor, who had occupied the Martial Emperor  body of others, would not care about injury, just like how he was in the starry battlefield against Ye Qingyu. Moreover, his strength in the end was stronger. He had time and time again sent the spirit monkey battle companion flying through the air, dying the pure silver fire woods red with his blood.

The spectators of the battle had repeatedly retreated. 

Such a bitter and fierce battle, even those who had mastered Emperor power feared of getting involved.  

“Haha, he had passed on the remarkable skill of the seventy-two transformations of heaven and earth to you, how many transformations do you have left? Even if you have seventy-two lives, I will kill them one by one. Today, let everything in the past disperse with the wind. Let's put a complete end to all this.” 

The Sky Emperor let out a ruthless roar, erupted out a terrifying power, and once again launched a strike at the esteemed elder spirit monkey battle companion. 

Blood light filled the air, blood mist spreading everywhere.  

“Ahhh, you can't kill me.” The body of the spirit monkey battle companion was restored once again.  

The Sky Emperor fixed his giant claws onto the skull of the spirit monkey battle companion, shooting blue underworld light out from his eyes and penetrated the eye socket of the spirit monkey battle companion. He planned to use the destructive force of the underworld to completely erase the mind of the spirit monkey battle companion, destroying his soul——After all, the spirit monkey battle companion seemed to possess a body of immortality. The secret techniques passed down from that man was indeed frightening.  

“Go on the path and put an end to everything.” The voice of the Sky Emperor reverberated between the heavens and the earth like an ancient bell.

Gradually, the body of the spirit monkey battle companion began to flicker with a strange blue colour, his resistance also weakening. 

“Your Immortal body is not bad, but unfortunately it is not my own body. Considering the relationship with that person, I won't possess your body...” The Sky Emperor sneered, igniting the final killing intent. 

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