1258 - Smelly monkey

Chapter 1258, Smelly monkey 

A sneer sounded in the air. 

The black shadow figure that was shattered to pieces rejoined back together, blood falling from the void. Then, with a flash, the black shadow quickly retreated and hid in the air without leaving behind the slightest aura. 

A look of surprise came onto the Sky Emperor's face again. 

If in his first attack, he was said to have disdain towards the assassin, and as a result, unable to completely kill him, then his attack just now was already filled with killing intent. What he did not expect was that the shadow was only wounded and did not perish.

However, his footsteps did not stop as he continued to advance towards the Light Palace. 

An Emperor-level assassin that appears and disappears unpredictably is indeed terrifying; however, an assassin is after all just an assassin, and not a guard. Thus, when an assassin acts as a guard, his deterrence is gone, and as long as the Sky Emperor continues to move towards the Light Palace, the shadow assassin will be forced to act. 

As expected, very soon, just as the Sky Emperor was nearing the steps of the Light Palace, the shadow assassin reappeared.

A pair of crescent-moon-like black blades silently slashed through the air from behind Sky Emperor. 

The black blades were blazing with black flames, like the soul-refining flames from hell. 

However, the Sky Emperor seemed to have long been aware of this. Without turning around, his head made a one hundred and eighty degree rotation, while his arm very strangely extended back, like there weren't any joints in his body. His front and back body had unbelievably switched, stretching out his hands to grasp the black crescent-shaped blade. A serene blue pattern instantly spread everywhere, like a lightning chain, and locked onto the shadow assassin's body behind the black blade.  

“Die.” The Sky Emperor opened his mouth, blue flames spewing out once again. 

The shadow assassin struggled violently, eased the grip on the black blade but still could not get away. The blue formation pattern sketched out the outline of his body, and at the same time locked onto him to prevent him from performing the assassination escape technique. The blue flame rumbled and was about to spray onto his body.

From the previous exchange of moves, the shadow assassin knew that, once the blue flame touched his body, awaiting him would only be the destruction of his soul and body. 

However, after the initial struggle, the shadow assassin seemed to have accepted fate, and gave up, standing there motionless. 

He spat out. 

A golden glow flickered. 

A small needle-like golden stick was spurted out of his mouth. 

The golden stick was very bizarre, a dragon was coiling around the body of the stick, and the two ends were in the shape of a dragon head. As the golden brilliance flashed, the stick expanded in the wind, and finally emitted a strange chirping noise. Then, with a sudden tremble, the dark blue flames were abruptly dispersed, along with the blue chain that locked the shadow assassin.

The shadow assassin, like a fish broken free of a fishing net, slipped into the air and disappeared without a trace. 

And the golden dragon cudgel had transformed into a bolt of golden lightning, aiming for the head of the Sky Emperor.

The Emperor's face grew serious, punching out at the same time. 


The pure silver force field of the [Three Thousand Feet of Fallen Emperor Snow] across the whole fire woods was quaking. 

The other Emperors present all retreated in shock one after another, opening up the distance. Puzzled and on guard, they could imagine that without the pure silver force field reducing the destructive force, the impact caused would have completely destroyed the Snow capital into ruins. 

The Sky Emperor took a step back. 

Two deep footprints were left on the pure silver ground. 

And that golden dragon cudgel that was flowing with golden light, while sent flying, was buzzing and vibrating violently, like a gold lightning bolt, whizzing in the direction of where Yu Xiaoxing and the others were with tremendous speed. 

“Not good.”  

Lin Zheng's expression changed abruptly, but it was already too late to block it. 

In the pure silver force field of the [Three Thousand Feet of Fallen Emperor Snow], their cultivation base was inferior to even ordinary people. It was simply impossible for them to block the earth-shaking power of the golden cudgel. Just as Yu Xiaoxing was almost exploded to pieces, in that critical moment, another change occurred.  

A hairy palm stretched out from the piercing air. 

This palm was not like a human hand. Instead, it was covered with thick and dense golden hair, and was overflowing with golden light, like a monkey's paw. With a gentle grasping motion, as though catching a feather, the lightning-fast cudgel was already in his hand. 

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! 

The golden dragon cudgel was still slightly quivering. 

The figure clasping the cudgel slowly came out of the void near Yu Xiaoxing. 

The figure was tall and large, about two meters high, clad in an Immortal gold chain armour and a phoenix wing purple-gold crown. Wielding the golden dragon cudgel, the figure that emerged from the void and was bathed in golden light, like a blazing golden flame, was like a golden War God from the Asura battlefield. 

For a moment, nobody could see the true face of this figure. 

But this figure stood in front of Yu Xiaoxing and the others, like a golden wall, shielding everyone behind him. The people, whose mind was swaying uncontrollably under the Sky Emperor's tyrannical power, suddenly felt an unprecedented sense of security.  

“Dog thing, this is not your place to be.” The figure spoke in an obscure tone, which did not resemble present age speech. 

Standing on the opposite side, the Sky Emperor’s expression finally was no longer calm and indifferent, instead his face was twisted with extreme shock, “You... Smelly monkey, you're still alive? Could he be here too?” 

Evidently, he recognized the golden figure. 

“Why talk so much nonsense? Don't you always believe in strength?” The golden figure leapt up in the pure silver force field, swinging up the golden cudgel, and sped over at lightning speed, roaring, “Eat my stick!” 

The golden cudgel rumbled like thunder, aiming for the head of Sky Emperor. 

At this time, Yu Xiaoxing, Lin Zheng and the others suddenly realized that the golden figure that had appeared all of a sudden was the esteemed elder who they had always only heard of in name and never seen in person——the battle companion who the God of War left in the Light City's underground fire spirit spring to guard the Light Palace. They had all thought that, after the peerless War God’s departure, what remained here would only be a wisp of consciousness, but unexpectedly his true body had always been here. 

The battle companion of the peerless War God was an ancient giant ape species known to be invincible all over the ninth heaven. Adding to this, back then his prestige was well above that of the Five Divine Generals as well as the martial artist of shadow. 

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! 

The golden cudgel awakened a sky of lightning and thunder. Tens of thousand beams of dazzling light were launched from the heavens with mighty force. 

The Sky Emperor coldly snorted, both his hands suddenly expanded into hundreds of meters wide, arms raised, crossed at the wrist, like he was holding up the power of the heavens. 


The terrifying quaking came again. 

With the Sky Emperor as the center, cobweb-like cracks began to spread across the pure silver ground. The Sky Emperor's legs sank into the ground, and his arms were snapped off abruptly.

 “Your Majesty!” 

“How is that possible!” 


The sovereigns of the Dark Realm who had been spectating the battle all this time, upon seeing this scene, their eyes almost popped out.

In their minds, the Sky Emperor was an omnipotent existence that ruled over everything. Any opponent would be turned to fine powder in front of him, but now he was planted into the mud like a radish by the opponent’s stick. 

The sovereigns of the Dark Realm urgently rushed up to help.

But at this moment, in the void, there was a black crescent-shaped blade slicing through the air. 

Unguarded, the Wild Ox Martial Emperor was immediately struck. 

He realized something, wanted to scream out in panic and wanted to immediately sublimate to his peak state regardless of the consequences, but it was already too late. When he opened his mouth again, there were only black ashes and flames gushing out, and under the terrifying gaze of the others around him, the sovereign who had fled from death the other day had already turned into a cloud of ashes, dissipating between the heavens and the earth... 


“It's the shadow assassin.”

Some other sovereign exclaimed, immediately realized that this was the terrifying assassin who had previously escaped from the hands of the Sky Emperor, and began to harvest life in the dark. All of a sudden there was a warning sign rising in their heart, but they still rushed in the direction of the Sky Emperor to assist him.

It was then that the second move of the golden War God war figure had already been crushed.

Bathed in golden flames, the golden cudgel once again, carrying the power of heaven and earth, aimed for the forehead of the Sky Emperor.

 “Get lost!” 

The Sky Emperor uttered a roar that had not been heard for a long period of time. 

When had he ever been suppressed like this? 

It was just unforgivable. 

“Smelly monkey, you were no match for me back then, now you're also not... If you're the last card he left behind, then it's pointless.” The Sky Emperor's body slightly shook as a force of terror burst out from his body, easily pulling him up from the ground. He was flashing ocean-like blue flames all over, his aura rising sharply, and his right fist was blazing with dark blue flames. With a slam of his fist, he directly struck the golden cudgel.


The golden figure, along with the golden cudgel, was blasted out.

The Sky Emperor transformed into a beam of dark blue light, chasing after.  

“Dog thing, are you worthy of being called Sky Emperor? Back then you were just a child abandoned by your parents, thrown into the gutter and left to die. It was Master who saved you, raised you, and taught you martial arts. It was because of him that you can move unhindered across the heavens and earth, but you betrayed Master for your own benefits. Now, your soul is incomplete, how can you fight against me? Today, I will send you on the road.”

The golden War God figure gave an angry roar. 

The golden cudgel, like a bolt of gold lightning, was launched once again.

The shadows of cudgels filled the sky, stacking over one another, like a shower of rain.  

“Hmph, I was sincere to the moon but why did the moon shine onto the ditch? Back then when had I not wholeheartedly supported him? How many times had I risked my life or him? Had I ever have a word of complaint? But he was unable to let go of his obsessions, and only wants to return to his so-called hometown. For this ridiculous obsession, he disregarded the world that his subordinates and people created, disregarded our bitter pleas. He betrayed us first... what I did was just to help him correct his heart. He just adhered to his own foolish ways. Had he once cared about our feelings? He forced me to do that.” 

The Sky Emperor of heaven also roared. 

It was clear that this was the first time he lost control over himself. 

Only that person of the past had enough weight to really trigger the great waves in the mind of this ambitious and ruthless man——

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