1257 - The three thousand feet of fallen Emperor snow

Chapter 1257: The three thousand feet of fallen Emperor snow 

This person was naturally Ximen Yeshui. 

He came to stand beside Wen Wan, and immediately exuded an aura that was in no way inferior to that of Wen Wan. In particular, the three-pronged spear, compared to how it was in the past, had undergone a significant change in appearance. It was now orange-blue, similar to the colour and luster of the sea. Like a spirit refined from the ocean was circulating around, there vaguely was the whooshing sound of the ocean. 

But he was also not weaker than Wen Wan. 

Neither was he stronger. 

Therefore it didn't seem to change anything. 

The Sky Emperor, standing in the middle of the fire woods, looked as though he was admiring the scenery. From beginning to end, besides the few words he said to Yu Xiaoxing, he had paid no attention to the other matters, including the mockery of a top expert like Gao Diping. It was clear that in his eyes, Gao Diping and the other Emperor-level experts were no different to ordinary people, all were just like ants.

Even when Ximen Yeshui threateningly came over riding the waves, he also did not cast a glance at him. 

A figure slowly came out of the Light Palace. 

“It seems that I can't hide for too long, might as well let go and prepare for a battle.” The one who came out was Hon Kong, a smile on his face as though relieved from a burden. He slowly took off the white robe of the Dean of White Deer Academy and very carefully folded it and set it on the steps of a stone pillar in front of the Light Palace. He then stretched his arms and legs. Worn beneath the white robe was unexpectedly a strange orange-coloured light armour.

Empress Yu Xiaoxing, Lin Zheng, Li Guangbi, Yu Feiyan and the others looked at Hon Kong with a strange gaze. 

Because they were extremely shocked to find that, with each step that Hon Kong took, his imposing manner soared significantly. In the four or five steps he took, as he came to stand next to Wen Wan and the others, the orange-yellow light aura was already in no way inferior to that of Wen Wan and the others. 

Wen Wan was already an expert who had mastered Emperor qi. 

This was a fact that the Empress and others clearly knew. 

But there was absolutely no one who knew that Hon Kong had been concealing his strength all this time, and possessed strength that was equal to Wen Wan and the others. The former great teacher of White Deer Academy, who was now the academy’s Dean, was also a top expert who had kept his skills and powers a secret. It really took everyone by surprise.

In the minds of Yu Xiaoxing, Lin Zheng and the others were countless thoughts flashing. 

They originally thought that everything in the Heaven Wasteland Empire was within their grasp and that there was no secret unknown to them. But now, all of a sudden, they felt that the whole world had become unfamiliar and mysterious. Adding to this, watching Emperor qi radiating all over from Hon Kong as he stood next to Wen Wan, Gao Diping and Ximen Yeshui, as the ruler of this domain, Yu Xiaoxing had a very strange feeling, like the ice floe she saw was just the tip of an iceberg.

Since he was not a Divine General of the Light Palace, and also not a descendant of a secret sect like Ximen Yeshui, then what sort of background did Hon Kong have? Why did he conceal his identity in the Empire's White Deer Academy? Why reside in Deer City? Could it be related to Ye Qingyu?

Countless thoughts raced through Yu Xiaoxing's mind. 

However, this was not important compared to the immediate situation. 

What was important was that the strength that Hon Kong showed was comparable to that of Wen Wan, and he chose to stand on the side of the Light Palace. This meant that they had another helping hand that can join the battlefield.

The Sky Emperor still did not have any response following the appearance of Hon Kong. 

The appearance of a new expert who had also mastered Emperor qi did not affect him in the slightest. So much that, even a leaf falling from a fire tree branch had more attractive force to him. 

In truth, this was indeed the case. 

On the basis of the difference in strength, three against twenty-one was not much different from four against twenty-one. The only difference was that perhaps it will take a little more time.  


The Wild Ox Martial Emperor bellowed and was the first to make a move. 

Having been defeated a few days ago, he had received Sky Emperor’s reprimand and severe punishment. Thus he had to act first, in order to atone for his mistake by meritorious acts. Otherwise there will no doubt be a punishment in the future and he will lose points in front of the Sky Emperor.

Almost at the same time, another change occurred. 

A low dragon roar suddenly sounded from the Light Palace, before a strange stream of silver formation light burst forth, and before the many Martial Emperors and even the Sky Emperor could react, it had already spread throughout the Light City. All of the fire trees were rustling and swaying side to side. The originally red fire leaves had suddenly turned a dazzling silver colour. The roots of the fire trees that were connected below the ground also become pure silver.  

A pure silver force field had formed  

The Wild Ox Emperor punched out. The originally world-shaking Emperor-level power, the terrifying earth-shattering fist flame law, after the emergence of the pure silver force field, had all of a sudden lost its Emperor qi, like a blazing torch suddenly dipped into ice water. There was no longer the slightest trace of Emperor qi, but resembled more of the strength of a Spirit Spring martial artist.

The power and pressure exuded by the other Emperors also, almost at the same time, dimmed like candle flames in the wind.  

“What's going on?” 

The Wild Ox Martial Emperor was terror-stricken. 

The entourage of the Sky Emperor also had an abrupt change of countenance, feeling the strength within their body being suppressed. 

However, they soon found that Wen Wan and the others opposite had also suffered the same experience. The Emperor qi flowing around their body had melted like ice and snow, revealing an aura that was around the strength of a high-ranking Spirit Spring expert. 

What was happening?  

At this moment, the Sky Emperor, who was indifferent to everything, finally took on a change of expression. He seemed to be a pleasantly surprised. “This is only right, it is most likely what that person left behind. If it were just the four ugly guards before me then I would have been really disappointed. Good, finally there's a little surprise. I didn't expect him to cultivate the formation of the [Three Thousand Feet of Fallen Emperor Snow]. This is a interesting.”

Then he looked at the somewhat flustered entourage, and reassured, “no need to panic, the [Three Thousand Feet of Fallen Emperor Snow] is nothing more than a power-controlling formation, which has an effect on both ordinary creatures and Emperors of the past. It is to avoid damage to the surrounding buildings during the battle. In the ancient years, there were also Immortal celestial beings who had set up such formations all over the Temple in Heaven. It has not really removed your cultivation base.” 

At this point, the Sky Emperor smiled, sweeping his eyes across the Light Palace, his face lighting up, “I did not realize before, but it turns out that this palace is the true treasure of the world. Back then that person relied on this palace to escape... I am surprised he placed it here... no wonder I can’t detect some people, it seems they are hiding in the inside... Huh?” 

The end of this sentence turned into a cry of astonishment. 

The Sky Emperor suddenly held out his hand, middle finger and thumb pinched together. 

The next moment, a curved blade flashing black light, like a ghost sped out of the void, was slashing through the air in the direction of the Sky Emperor’s throat. This blade seemed to have come from beyond the heavens. Not one of the many Martial Emperors present was able to detect its arrival. However, under the Sky Emperor's actions, it looked as though it came to his fingers on its own initiative, and was pinched between his two fingers. 


The black light on the blade, like highly toxic flames, spread towards the palm from the Sky Emperor's finger.  

“Insignificant skill.”

The Sky Emperor opened his mouth to blow gently. 

A blue flame spewed out from his mouth, and completely destroyed the black flame upon contact. The dark blue flame continued along the body of the curved black blade at an incredible speed, instantly incinerating the blade to ashes. At the same time, it spread to the outside of the blade and vaguely sketched out the outline of a palm. 

A black figure in the void retreated with a low cry of pain. 

By the time he drew back to ten meters away, the blue flame blazing in his palm had already gone out, and his body disappeared once again with a flash. 

The Sky Emperor frowned, looking a little surprised. 

It was surprising that the figure was able to survive his underworld fire.  

And it was only then that the other Martial Emperors came to notice that there was an assassin in a secret place. 

A top assassin, who was even able to attack the Sky Emperor from behind and was only discovered at the last moment. Adding to this, even following the Sky Emperor's counterattack, he was able to retreat alive... this assassin was far too terrifying.

“It's him,” the Wild Ox Martial Emperor bellowed. 

That day, it was this black shadow-like assassin who killed his companion in the critical time. He was a terrifying existence that struck fear to his heart.

“Kill!” he roared, charging towards Wen Wan and others.

The other twenty figures, like arrows released from a bow, charged ahead at tremendous speed.

In the silver force field of the [Three Thousand Feet of Fallen Emperor Snow], the cultivation base of these past Emperors were all suppressed, and although they still able to manipulate the laws and the Dao, the destructive power was equivalent to that of an expert of the Spirit Spring stage. It will not affect Yu Xiaoxing and the others in the distance. The scene looked strange. The imposing manner of twenty-one Emperors charging full speed ahead should have momentarily destroyed the heavens and earth of the domain, but in fact was only equivalent to the onslaught of a little elite army. 

Wen Wan smiled, swinging the battle-axe up to meet the enemies. 

Ximen Yeshui rolled up the sleeves of his scholar robe, held the battle spear in a tight grip, and launched an attack without the slightest fear. 

Hon Kong's weapon was his two fists. The method of combat of the refined and gentle-looking White Deer Academy Dean was unexpectedly like a barbarian.

And Gao Diping directly summoned out a dragon spear. 

A battle quickly broke out. 

Although the number of people on the two sides differed greatly, but because of the existence of the pure silver force field, the outcome of the battle won't be decided any time soon, and there won’t be any casualties. 

After the Sky Emperor realized the value of the Light Palace, he was no longer indifferent and unconcerned as he was before. Instead, he walked through the battlefield, advancing step by step towards the Light Palace.

The martial artist in the shadows appeared again, trying to obstruct him.


The Sky Emperor made a move, launching a palm strike that directly shattered the black shadow—— 

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