1254 - Major victory

Chapter 1254, Major victory

“Who are you?” The winged python's Martial Emperor's original form was quickly restored, but his aura had significantly weakened. He stared at Wen Wan with anger and uncertainty. 

Wen Wan finished the last mouthful of noodles before he gave a slight smile, “Why are you still asking when you know the answer?” As his voice faded, the pair of chopsticks, like two beams of divine light, shot out in the direction of the vital parts of the winged python. 

Hit where it hurts. 

Even if it was a rare prehistoric species, its vital parts were the same as other snakes.   

The pair of wings behind the winged python vibrated, and then a gush of bright red light burst out, shattering the chopsticks directly. 

The next moment, Wen Wan's bowl of noodle soup splashed out like a sea and engulfed the winged python. It was boiling hot, emitting a strange aroma, and was as though trying to wrap the python in it to cook it directly. 

“You're going too far.” The winged python, who was continuously attacked by means that was verging on harassment, suddenly roared, spewing out an unending stream of green toxic gas, like a layer of annihilating and chaotic fog, which turned the ocean-like noodle soup into a deathly toxic liquid. The poisonous force was activated, and again pressed down and shrouded the entire north city gate of the imperial capital. 

Once the poisonous liquid engulfs the city, everyone on the city wall would most likely die instantaneously.  

“Hahaha, what a good bowl of poisonous noodle soup.” Wen Wan burst into laughter. The ordinary-looking noodle bowl in his hands suddenly surged with the law of Emperor qi, and, like a whale drawing in water, instantly the ocean-like toxic liquid was sucked into the bowl, and turned into a bowl of sparkling jade-green noodle soup.

With a flash of light, Wen Wan stored away the noodle bowl. 

He took the blood axe with a backhand motion and soared skywards, countless blood-coloured flames bursting forth from his body. Before he reached midair, his body had already grown incomparably large. The surface of his body was glistening with blood light, and his skin was also blood red. This was his Martial Emperor original form. The pair of blood axes also changed and grew accordingly, which looked like blood was flowing in his hands. 

“It turns out to be another surviving follower of the Light Divine Emperor, die!” The winged python snorted coldly, before he raged and inhaled the green mist. His huge body twisted and spiraled indefinitely in the void with incredibly speed in an attempt to strangle Wen Wan.  

This was the way snakes faught. 

Wen Wan laughed, rays of blood light flashing around his body, like an endless sea of blood was bubbling. However, this blood qi did not carry the slightest evil, instead possessed bright and great intention. It did not evade the winged python's attacks, but took it head-on to burn the giant python with the sea of blood.

Because of the success of Wen Wan’s previous attack, the strength of the winged python was greatly reduced, and evidently Wen Wan had the upper hand.

“Another one?” The wild ox cow was even more puzzled when he saw this scene. 

How could there be so many surviving followers of the Light Divine Emperor? 

Could this be the home of the Light Divine Emperor? 

The Light Divine Emperor himself is not also hiding here, right? 

If that were the case, then it's going to be troublesome. 

With this thought, he sent out a secret signal. 

However, before he had yet to receive a response, the battlefield had changed again. A stream of black light flashed across, and the dark Wolf Emperor expert who had surrounded Divine General Gong, Gao Diping, with the wild ox was suddenly severed into two from the head. 

Emperor's blood splashed across the sky. 

“What's going on?” The other two dark Emperors were horrified. 

They could only see black flames blazing, the Wolf Emperor howling in pain, and the tremendous Martial Emperor original form lit by the black light, unable to be extinguished. Half of his body was already incinerated. He writhed in agony and almost crushed the sky.

But soon the head of the wolf was also burning. 

This scene was too terrifying. Countless people watched the fall of a Martial Emperor. 

Before the Wolf Emperor had the chance to sublimate and restore his true Martial Emperor qi, he had already perished in this state, incinerated by the black flame, and left nothing behind.

In the end, the black flame formed a black light sword, and with a flash, re-entered into the void.  

“Who attacked from behind?” 

In panic, the wild ox dared not to let his guard down, quickly retreated and pulled away from the battlefield.  

The Wolf Emperor has had a long life, a profound foundation, and had once dominated an era. Although in order to extend his life he had to reduce his cultivation base, and in order to enter the Vast Thousand Domains he had to seal some of his powers and paid a certain price, but he was still an Emperor expert with terrifying combat experience and instinct. How would he die so bizarrely? He was killed before even displaying his true strength? How strong was the person who attacked him? 

He originally thought that he and the others could crush the Vast Thousand Domains, but now it seems that there are hidden dragons concealed in Heaven Wasteland Domain. There were dangers lurking, and the slightest carelessness could lead to their death.

The person who attacked, could it be the Light Divine Emperor who had disappeared for a long period of time? 

The wild ox was terror-stricken when this thought surfaced in his mind. 

The terror of that person was indescribable with words. The fact that even His Majesty the Sky Emperor was one of his underlings back then was enough to illustrate this. 

Thinking of this, the wild ox knew he must retreat.

It was then that the anguished roar of the giant winged python came from below. He then saw that the tens of thousand of meters long snake body that had coiled around Wen Wan to strangle him to death had ruptured into tens of sections, even his wings were directly torn off...

He was defeated.  


The wild ox, facing Gao Diping’s attacks, had no intent to battle any longer and was frantically drawing back.

At this time, there was another flash of a black sword, slicing across the winged python’s Martial Emperor’s original form that was attempting to reassemble together. A blurry figure flashed past, beautiful and graceful, and then without the slightest suspense, the winged python was incinerated into ashes within seconds.

The mysterious black figure flickered like a shadow, a dancing shadow. 

The wild ox and the remaining dark Emperor almost lost their soul from fear.

In the face of the threat of death, even the high and mighty Emperor would be afraid, especially since that black flame was too terrifying. Once struck, one would be killed before they had the chance to sublimate.

The longer you live, the more afraid you are of dying. 

More importantly, they had paid so much to stay alive. 

Thus, the two Emperors quickly retreated from the battlefield, and directly tore apart the void to escape.

But it was then—— 

A beam of golden light suddenly overflowed from the direction of Light City. 

Before anyone could react, they could hear anguished screams from one of the dark Emperors who had already entered the space cracks. On his back was a rapidly vibrating golden arrow, which had almost pierced through his body. A large amount of Emperor blood splattered before he fell from the space cracks... 

Vaguely, in the far Light City there was loud cheering from a fatty and a group of soldiers. 

And this arrow had completely put an end to this battle. 

In the end, the four Martial Emperors from the Dark Realm who came in a very threatening manner were all defeated, and only the Wild Ox Emperor managed to escape. 

The other three Emperors of the Dark Realm had all perished. 

Everyone at the city gate was staring blankly. 

Unsurprisingly, this would become an earthshaking battle recorded in the history of the empire.

In the Vast Thousand Domains, where a Martial Emperor had not been seen for tens of thousands of years, a battle broke out among several Martial Emperors. This, for most people, was like a dream. 

It was originally thought to be a disaster, who knew that it was going to be full of twists and turns, and in the end forced out the real hidden card of the Light Palace——Although the identity of Gao Diping and Wen Wan were only known to the upper-ups of the empire, and many ordinary soldiers did not know them, this was already enough. The emergence of Martial Emperors had unsurprisingly set off an unimaginable wave in Heaven Wasteland Domain. 

Of the four Emperors of the Dark Realm, three were dead and one had escaped. The haze over Snow capital was swept away immediately.

Countless soldiers were cheering at the city gate.

The morale skyrocketed like a surging tide. 

It was only Yu Xiaoxing, Lin Zheng and a few higher-ups of the empire, who vaguely understood the truth, and were not so optimistic. They knew very clearly that this victory was just the first battle. The real crisis had not yet dispersed.

Because the strange force field that enveloped the whole imperial capital did not dissipate, the Heaven Wasteland Empire still couldn’t contact the outside world in any way.

Shadows were still hanging over the capital. 

But now was not the time to discuss these things. 

Because under the Empress’s order, the imperial army had launched a counter-attack, and with the cooperation of Gao Diping and Wen Wan, the imperial elite army that had been restrained for a period of time, like a tiger let out of its cave, charged out and directly submerged the horde of beasts stationed outside the city.

This was the real large-scale war that the imperial army launched against the horde of beasts.

Without the manipulation of the dark Emperors such as the wild ox, the horde of beasts became chaotic and disorderly again, and even appeared to kill each other. Although the battle strength under the rampage was still very terrifying, in the end they were no match for the Human Race army. The battle lasted for about one day and one night, and it was at dawn when the horde of beasts finally collapsed and fled back in droves in the direction of Deer City. 

Looking around, the ground was covered with corpses of fierce beasts.  

Wang Lijin, along with the soldiers of the Light battalion, as well as Yang Henshui, Li Changkong and others, and with the cooperation of the imperial guards, began to clean the battlefield. Although the fierce beasts were terrifying when alive, after death their bodies were full of treasures. Although their meat cannot be eaten, their bones, tendons, and fur were extremely remarkable materials for alchemy. A variety of weapons and armour can be made from them, which may not be useful for top experts, but as equipment for the general army, can increase the strength of the whole army. 

There was a joyful atmosphere in the imperial capital. 

There were stories of the battle being retold everywhere. 

But inside the imperial city, it was a different story. 

The power that Gao Diping and Wen Wan showed was enough for them to obtain absolute transcendental status. After the war, the Empress first went to the Light Palace.  

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