1253 - Delicious with noodles

Chapter 1253, Delicious with noodles 

The moment this person appeared, everyone on the city gate tower, including Yu Xiaoxing, suddenly felt the pressure on them being eased.

The feeling was as though the sky that would have collapsed and crushed everyone was suddenly held up by a tall man, thereby taking the pressure off everyone.  

“Insignificant skill yet dares to act ferocious, destroy!” 

The muscles around this figure were bulging like mountains, full of explosive power. With a punch skywards, flame formations intertwining with the fist light, the ox hoof was crushed to fine powder. The four different powers of laws had crumbled, and even a thousands of meters wide hole was blasted in the vault of the sky.

The ox-headed Emperor cried out in surprise, stumbling in midair, before the boot on his left foot ruptured to pieces. 

“Who are you?” he roared in rage and shock. 

How can there be this level of existence in the imperial capital of the little Heaven Wasteland Domain? 

This moment, he sensed a dangerous aura from the other side. Adding to this, from his tone of voice it was clear that he knew of some inside information. He couldn’t help having a bad feeling about this. 

“A person here for revenge,” the tall and burly figure answered. 

His long hair was dancing wildly, ordinary clothes torn by his bulging muscles, and was exuding a wild imposing manner all over like raging flames. He flashed into the air, punching out once again. The flame formation law transformed into a fire dragon, charging towards the ox-headed Emperor expert with its mouth wide open. 


The ox-headed Emperor was enraged by the attitude of the other side. 

A great battle broke out. 

During the exchange of moves, the Human Race expert, who appeared all of a sudden, erupted out with a tremendous power and launched out nine fire dragons with one fist strike, directly crushing the Emperor qi that protected the ox-headed Emperor expert and swallowed him in. 

“Ah... damn it.” The ox-headed Emperor roared, his body expanding, and finally grew to a giant one-legged wild ox of tens of thousands of meters large. His voice resonated across the heavens and earth. This was his Martial Emperor’s original form that had been forced out. “Who are you? This strength, you shouldn’t belong to Heaven Wasteland Domain. Even in the Vast Thousand Domains, there shouldn't be someone like you.” 

The strength of the wild ox, whose Martial Emperor's original form had been exposed, rose once again. 

He was on the verge of going berserk. 

“Someone is strong just because they defeated you? How ignorant and narrow-minded...” The burly man sneered, “You came from the Dark Realm to the Vast Thousand Domains, how much strength do you have left? Do you really think His Majesty God Emperor didn't leave anything behind?” 

When this sentence came out not only the wild ox, even the other three Emperors had an abrupt change of expression. 

“You... who are you? Could it be a surviving follower of the God Emperor, you... you're still alive?” The wild ox was dumbstruck like he had seen a ghost, finding it hard to believe his own judgment. It can't be, the people back then should have all been killed? How could they be resurrected?  

The burly man was incomparably heroic looking, like a war god, as he laughed, “How can you understand His Majesty God Emperor’s means? Is now the era of repayment for the shameless betrayal back then. The God Emperor will return. He will come to take back everything he had lost. While your group of dogs are just dried bones in a burial mound. I will first behead you four evil dogs today, until the time comes then he will be killed too.”

The burly man acted. 

He was like the god of fire. He punched out, sending out a fire dragon transformed from the laws of the true fire, while his figure was constantly expanding, turning into a giant of tens of thousands of meters in height. It was his Martial Emperor original form. He was also an Emperor-level expert. 

“Kill him!” the wild ox roared. 

The three figures beside him also knew that they could no longer spectate the battle. 

The appearance of a surviving follower of the Light Divine Emperor was a huge matter. Given the Sky Emperor's attitude towards these remaining followers, they knew that they must completely kill him today. Otherwise, there will be great trouble in the future. Moreover, there was already endless enmity between the four of them and the Light Divine Emperor. Ever since that betrayal, they had also hunted down many surviving followers of the God Emperor. As a result, the hatred between them was no longer resolvable.  

“Let's attack together, kill this surviving follower.”  


“I can't imagine having such a harvest today. Behead him and bring his head to His Majesty Sky Emperor for reward.”

The other three Emperors also made a move. 

Yu Xiaoxing and the others had already recovered from the surprise. 

Lin Zheng and the others were incomparably shocked to identify the wild and bold man, who resembled the ancient fire god, to be one of the Five Great Divine Generals in the Battle of Light City, Divine General Gong, Gao Diping. It was just that Gao Diping's strength was much more terrifying than it was back then, truly like a god. There were raging laws of flames rushing forth with his every movement, and truly exhibited the power of destruction.  

How could this be? 

The Light Palace. The Light Divine Emperor. The Five Great Divine Generals! 

Could it be that the remarkable War God who founded the Snow Empire and created the Light Palace was the Light Divine Emperor? What kind of story was behind this? 

Yu Xiaoxing vaguely knew some inside information, but it was not entirely clear.

But even so, a stormy wave was set off in her heart, because she realized that what she knew was probably only the tip of the iceberg. There may be much more to the origin and background of the remarkable War God of the Light Palace than what was recorded. The fact that Gao Diping had been living in seclusion in the fire woods for so many years yet still possessed such powerful strength was enough to illustrate this. 

The power that Gao Diping displayed at this moment was enough to destroy the Vast Thousand Domains, yet he had been hiding in Light City. What sort of secret was there behind all this? 

Yu Xiaoxing's thoughts soon fell onto Ye Qingyu. 

Since Gao Diping possessed such strength, then Wen Wan, who was also classified as one of the Five Great Divine Generals, was he also concealing his strength? These two people had always showed special respect to Ye Qingyu, and this respect was not only the respect that seniors have for juniors, elders to a successor, but more like the relationship between a superior and subordinates. Adding to this, Ye Qingyu has always had an incredible fate with the Light Palace...

Could Brother Qingyu be a descendant of the Light Divine Emperor? 


For some reason, in this moment, Yu Xiaoxing who should have relaxed, was incredibly worried all of a sudden.

While the others, on the other hand, were a lot more relaxed. 

No one could have imagined that, at the most critical moment, there was a saviour falling from the sky. 

Lin Zheng and Li Guangbi exchanged a glance, noticing the astonishment in each other's eyes. It was clear that the background of the person who created the Light Palace was really too terrifying, far beyond their imagination. It made them realize that Ye Qingyu's life and background was absolutely not that simple. Even... the origin of Heaven Wasteland Domain was not as simple as it seems. 

A battle violently broke out in the sky. 

The flame giant was unexpectedly able to withstand the siege of four Emperor experts of the Dark Realm. 

“Must not drag this out any longer, or the offender will get away. He must be in the city, otherwise the remaining follower of the God Emperor would not have done whatever it takes to stop us.” The wild ox realized that Gao Diping had taken a risk to appear at this time, because the Sky Emperor had killed many surviving followers of the God Emperor these years, which was also the reason why he had gone into hiding and was afraid to show himself. The only reason for this remaining follower to appear now must be to protect others.” 

Those worthy of the surviving follower of the God Emperor to risk his life to protect must not be the higher-ups of the Heaven Wasteland Empire or the Empress, it could only be that person. 

The wild ox decided not to continue the battle. 

As long as the offender was found, His Majesty the Sky Emperor can break out, and all obstructions will be crushed. 


An Emperor of the Dark Realm responded before he turned into a stream of light and dived down the edge of the walls. 

It was a giant python with wings on its back, a strange ancient species that had the aura of the legendary dragon. As it swooped down, it was continuously emitting hissing noises that shook the north city gate that had lost its defensive formations to the point that it was almost crumbling.

However, the flame giant was unable to free himself from the battle. He had no intention to block the attack of the python. 

The wild ox had a bad feeling when he saw this. 

As expected, the next moment, an indescribably terrifying blood-coloured arc was seen flickering above the city gate. In the blink of an eye, the unguarded python had already been split into two, large amounts of Emperor blood splattered across the sky.

“Ahh... damn it! Who dares attack me from behind?” The winged python fumed. His Martial Emperor original form had been severed in half, and although still alive, this was equivalent to destroying half his cultivation base and was harmful to his life yuan. It was a huge wound that he was unable to tolerate. 

“A little snake dares to act arrogantly here... Haha, since it is an ancient species it must be delicious. When I catch you I will make a bowl of snake soup to have with noodles, hahahaha.” A figure very familiar to countless higher-ups of the empire slowly emerged from the crowd, holding a bowl of noodles in his hand. At his waist hung a blood-coloured axe, which at the edge, there were drops of blood trickling down. It was identical to the blood of the giant snake sprayed across the sky. 

It was evident that it was this blood axe that destroyed the python's Martial Emperor's original form. 

It was Wen Wan. 

Wen Wan who had disappeared for a long, long period of time. 

Wen Wan the noodle maniac. 

Wen Wan who was once Ye Qingyu's body refining teacher. 

Wen Wan whose name means ‘gentle evening’. 

Yu Xiaoxing's pupils suddenly constricted. She realized that her prediction had come true, and that Wen Wan did indeed appear at the critical time, just like he did in the Battle of Light City. His appearance this time was still as shocking as it was the last time, because the terror shown in the axe was in no way inferior to the strength of Gao Diping who had transformed into a flame giant.  

As expected, Wen Wan was also a person who had been concealing his strength—— 

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