1252 - Changes (2)

Chapter 1252, Changes 

The speaker, an ox-headed expert with a human body, was more than ten meters tall, covered with green mist all over, and dressed in black-coloured armour, giving off a condescending attitude. The way he called out the Empress was like calling on a servant on the roadside. He did not disguise his disdain in the slightest.

And at his side were three other figures that were similarly strangely shaped and not of the Human Race. The only thing similar was that they were all dressed in black armour, like an iron tower. The yuan qi and aura they exuded were greatly different from each other, but still vast as the sea and gave off an indefensible power. 

There were only four figures in total, but the pressure they brought was several times more frightening than the endless tide of beasts before.

On the north city gate, the expression of the Empress, Lin Zheng, Li Guangbi and others grew serious. 

Everyone could tell that the strength of these four figures was too strong, and had already reached an unbelievable level. Back then, Ye Qingyu was invincible across the Vast Thousand Domains, but even Ye Qingyu at his peak state did not have this majesty.  

“Who are you? Do you know the severity of the sin of driving the horde of beasts to bring utter distress to the people?” operating yuan qi, Lin Zheng’s voice rumbled like a thunderbolt. He was a rare martial arts talent, otherwise he would not have been valued by the War God back then. But it was only because of his involvement in political affairs that he had a lack of time to practice. However, although he did not solely focus on cultivating martial arts like Yan Buhui and Qin Zhishui, his martial arts cultivation base still skyrocketed and his strength also steadily grew. He had now entered the Great Saint realm. When he spoke, his voice could be clearly heard within a range of hundreds of kilometers. 

“Haha, how dare an ant talk to me?” The ox-headed expert sneered, “I am a sovereign of the Dark Realm, a Martial Emperor who had dominated an era, and had slaughtered thousands of races. I am just killing some ants and worms, how dare you speak of sin? Die!”  

As he was speaking, a palm strike was pressed down from the distant void. 

All of a sudden, clouds scudded across the sky, wind rolled up the clouds into a huge ox hoof print, carrying the power of wind, fire, lightning and thunder. The law of the Dao had turned into a fog of chaos and annihilation. In the blink of an eye, the hoof print was already thousands of meters in size, crushing the windblown dust, separating the void, and directly pressed down at the north city gate. 

On the north city gate, everybody felt suffocated and couldn't breathe. 

Lin Zheng felt a tremendous violent intent pressing down, and an indescribable aura of death enveloped him. Both his body and soul seemed to be unable to bear this terrifying pressure, making him feel an urge to fall to his knees and beg for forgiveness or to die. 


The fire and lightning ox hoof print heavily stomped on the protective shield above the city gate, causing the ground to quake and the mountains tremble. Crackling noises like broken glass could be heard as countless layers of shields were destroyed. However, there were still some that survived, although the colour dimmed, in the end they were able to withstand this destructive force. 

The city walls shook. 

Countless plumes of smoke shot to the sky. 

It was grey and gloomy all around. 

Yu Xiaoxing, who had been sitting on the imperial throne with a grave expression all this time, stood up slowly. 

The experts and esteemed masters of the imperial family immediately crowded around her. 

The top experts of the military also protected the empire's important courtiers right away.  

“Huh?” The startled voice of the ox-headed expert could be heard in the sky. It was clear that he was surprised by the fact that he failed to destroy the defensive formation of the Snow capital in one move. But he was only surprised for a while, the next moment his second move was already launched without hesitation.

An even more gigantic fire and lightning hoof was crushing down from the layers of clouds in the direction of the Snow capital, which had already lost half of its defense protection. This time the power was greater and the force was even crazier.

The four types of power, wind, thunder, lightning and fire, had evolved into the power of chaos. Vaguely, the roar of the divine wild ox could be heard from the void. 

On the city gate tower, some of the less powerful soldiers had already lost consciousness from the impact of the sound waves. 


It was like a death knell. 

Crackle! Crackle! 

The layers of protective formations, like eggshells being struck by a rock, were shattered to pieces. 

In the face of such absolute strength, the imperial capital that the Snow Empire had operated for countless years, and the countless formations that Ye Qingyu had strengthened back then, were all destroyed in an instant. Back then, Ye Qingyu was only at the Quasi-emperor realm, and even though he had set up countless formations and ways of escape, in the face of a Martial Emperor expert, it was still not enough. More importantly, the core strong formations he had left behind were in the imperial palace and the Light Palace. Although Yu Xiaoxing and the others held the key and can manipulate many of these formations, but ultimately their strength was not enough to do so, and cannot display the true power of the many formations like Ye Qingyu.

As the giant ox hoof trampled down, everyone on the city walls felt the terror of death. 


Yu Xiaoxing sprang up, the golden imperial armour glowing brightly, her fair jade-like hand flashing with ninety-nine rays of golden light that shot toward the domed roof of the formations, before transforming into ninety-nine gigantic golden people. They were all flashing all over with golden brilliance as they lifted up the huge ox hoof.

These were the Immortal golden battle puppets that the Domain Alliance gave to Ye Qingyu, which he further refined and handed to Yu Xiaoxing before he went to the Dark Realm for it to be used in the critical moment as a last resort.

The ninety-nine golden people were frantically flashing with various light beams of formation chains, withstanding against the pressure of the fire and lightning ox hoof.

Under the wrestling, the power of the golden people was unexpectedly able to lift up the lightning and fire hoof. 

Yu Xiaoxing revealed a look of relief. 

But just then, a cold roar sounded, “All your tricks have been exhausted, how can such trash block me?” The ox-headed figure suddenly lashed out with a stomp of his giant ox hoof. 

Bang! Bang! Bang! 

In the midst of the explosion, there were dozens of golden people that exploded to pieces, turning into metal fragments that filled the sky. 

“Hurry leave the city gate tower.” Yu Xiaoxing's expression abruptly changed, imperial aura surging from her body and the golden armour began glowing with a strange brilliance. She wanted to forcibly withstand against the death-like ox hoof, which could wipe out all the citizens and soldiers at the city gate if successfully passes through the defense formations. 

She attempted to activate the Emperor qi to forcibly take on the power of an Emperor expert. 

“Hahaha...” The playful laughter of the ox-headed Emperor expert sounded. 

Then, bizarre Emperor qi was being released. All the people at the city gate seemed to have been frozen, unable to budge an inch, while the huge ox hoof paused for a moment, hanging over the city gate like a drawn bow. 

Just like the sword of death was hanging over the head of the crowd and would descend at any time to harvest life. 

The condescending voice of the other side rang again. 

“The lowly indigenous people in a small domain dare to stand up to the power of the heavens, you really have overestimated your capabilities. I will not pursue this matter any further. I came not to destroy the empire, but to capture the offender on the orders of Sky Emperor. Heavenly Empress, if you are willing to surrender and help me hunt down the wanted offender, then I can spare the Snow capital from a massacre. Otherwise, the annihilation of Heaven Wasteland Empire is something that can be done with the flip of my hand.” 

The ox-headed Emperor spoke with a cold grin. 

The reason he showed his power with such tyrannical means was to break the confidence of the Heaven Wasteland Empire, let them see the reality, and to make them cooperate. After all, the power of intelligent beings was no doubt much stronger than that of the fierce beasts. It would be much easier to use the power of the Heaven Wasteland Empire to find the person they were looking for. 

As he was speaking, there was a huge formation projection emerging in the sky. 

The appearance of the figure shown was vivid and clear. He had long blue hair, a handsome face and wore a carefree expression. He was a very remarkable-looking young man who people can't help but develop a good opinion upon seeing him.  

Many people didn't know who this person was. 

But Yu Xiaoxing and some higher-ups instantly had a change of countenance. 

Because they knew this man. 

How could it be him?

Yu Xiaoxing and the others couldn't understand. 

This was too unbelievable. The other side was able to drive the horde of beasts and possessed Martial Emperor qi, but they had gone to so much trouble for the ultimate goal of finding a good-for-nothing student of White Deer Academy? Could there be some sort of secrets on him? 

“I am the Empress of Heaven Wasteland, who carry the mandate of heaven, and is responsible to enlighten and civilize the citizens on behalf of the heavens. How would I bow my head to you beasts who have slaughtered millions of people? The emperors of Heaven Wasteland only die in battle and will never surrender.” Yu Xiaoxing almost did not use much time to give an answer. Her tone was firm and determined, without the slightest hesitation. She simply did not allow bargaining or negotiating.

Because she came to know from Hon Kong and the others that the present Ye Qingyu was already the Great Immortal God Emperor, and these people were Ye Qingyu's enemies, who seemed to have come to retaliate after the defeat in the Dark Realm. Since they were her Brother Qingyu's enemies, then she would not bow down even if she was turned to minced flesh.

The ox-headed Emperor expert was infuriated. 

“Haha, from your expression you must know where this offender is. By capturing you and search your soul, we can still know his whereabouts.” His expression changed as he came to a decision. To kill Yu Xiaoxing would be as easy as crushing an ant, but by cultivating a new puppet, they could still crush and rule everything of the Heaven Wasteland Empire. 

The tremendous hoof was once again crushing down towards the city gate.

This time, there was no hesitation. 

Yu Xiaoxing was serious and calm as she attempted to burn her imperial power to withstand the attack. 

But at this time, a change suddenly occurred.  

“So many years have past, I did not expect to see traces of the betrayers again. Since you dare to leave the Dark Realm and came to Heaven Wasteland Domain, then you are seeking your own death.” A strange voice sounded, which at first sounded incomparably old, like it came from the mouth of an old man, but after a few words, the voice gradually revealed a vigorous heroic spirit. It was sharp and clear like the voice of a young man. 

A light beam of Emperor qi gushed up from where Light City was. 

A number of fire leaves were fluttering in the sky.  

Everything blurred as a tall and burly figure appeared above the north city gate—— 

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