1252 - Sealed off (1)

Chapter 1252, Sealed off

The Emperor of the imperial heaven reigns over the heavens, exercises control over the world, and is all invincible. 

This was the true meaning of the four words of ‘Great Immortal God Emperor’. 

After hearing what Yan Xingtian said, these words and a magnificent spectacle came to everybody's mind. Vaguely, there was the majestic scene of a deity sitting high in the clouds ruling over all living things. 

Although many people had, with the most incredible degree of optimism, tried to imagine the height that Ye Qingyu could reach before this, but at this moment everybody was still dumbfounded.  

Even Hon Kong and the mysterious thin and tall expert were quietly exchanging glances with each other, eyes twinkling with disbelief, because they understood the meaning of these words more than any others. In the past, there was also someone who had reached this height, and was considered to be the only one since ancient times. There was no one in later generations able to achieve the same thing as him and reach the same height as him, but now, Ye Qingyu had managed to do so.

Under the metal helmet, Lan Tian's eyes began to regain a glimmer of light. 

It was indeed astonishing that the little guy who was locked in the Academy's Grievance Hall with him back then had unexpectedly grown to this extent. Does this mean that, as long as he finds him, the problems that had been troubling him all these years can be solved? 

He was about to say something when Yan Xingtian's expression abruptly changed, “The haunting ghost is unwilling to leave.” 

Before everyone had yet to react, Yan Xingtian urged, “Go, I will bring you all away first, go find the Domain Alliance of the Chaos Domain and ask the present envoy of the Human Race to contact the Great Immortal God Emperor. Only he can reverse the current situation. Otherwise, not only Heaven Wasteland Domain, but the whole world will be drowned in disaster.” Before his voice faded, a sword flashed out from his palm, directly tearing apart the space barrier above the grassland. Then, a gentle force gushed out to engulf Wang Yi, Hon Kong, Qin Lan and all the others. 

“Where do you think you're going?”  

“Do you know what you're doing?” 

“The enemies of the Sky Emperor will be killed without question.”  

At the same time, there were several loud and tyrannical voices coming from a distance. 

Accompanying the voices were extremely terrifying flashes of Emperor qi, containing incomparably rare power of destruction, and carrying an imposing manner that could destroy the heavens and split apart the earth. The Emperor qi whizzed to where everybody was, evidently to obstruct Yan Xingtian from sending the people away. 

Yan Xingtian did not say a word, pulled his sword free of its sheath on his back, and then the sword intent of the demonic blade shot out like a raging wave and swept across the heavens and earth, isolating the several beams of Emperor qi tens of thousands of meters away. 

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Dao sound reverberated across the heavens and earth. 

Before Hon Kong and the others who were swallowed into the cracks of the space had snapped out of the shock, everything in front of them had blurred, and the space cracks were sealed back together again. 

The last scene they saw was Yan Xingtian and his sword, like a shark swimming against the current, charging towards the several figures shrouded in Emperor qi that were frantically rushing over to block them.

By the time everybody's five senses had recovered, they came to realize that the surrounding scenery had already changed. They had left the grasslands and came to a fertile land several thousands of kilometers away from the Snow capital.

In the sky, there were battleships of the empire sailing across and which contacted them right away when they discovered them. 

After the time to make a cup of tea, Qin Lan, Hon Kong, Lan Tian and others had already boarded the flagship, and was seen by the old Marshal of the empire, Li Guangbi. It turns out that the old Marshal was ordered to go to the grasslands to provide support. This was already the fourth wave of support army, and this time it was under the command of the old Marshal. 

Li Guangbi was also relieved. 

Among the Deer City, the two most important sets of people were the elite students and teachers of White Deer Academy, which can be said to be the most outstanding group of people in the Human Race of Heaven Wasteland, and the other group was Qin Lan and others, who were Ye Qingyu's relatives. Now that they were all found, Her Majesty can finally relax a little. 

However, while Li Guangbi breathed a sigh of relief, old teacher Wang Yi's heart was pounding with worry. 

The last scene he saw made him really worried because anyone can tell that the several figures that were rushing over frantically were in no way weaker than the figure on the huge King of Birds. They were all terrifying existences. Would Yan Xingtian be able to withstand and would he be in danger?

Old teacher Wang Yi hated the fact that he was unable to return to the grasslands immediately.

The others could obviously tell what Wang Yi was thinking, but they didn’t know how to comfort him.  

Hon Kong came over, clapped his hand on his shoulder, and said, “Old Wang Yi, don't worry, Yan Xingtian's martial arts has already reached a world-shaking level. He won't be in any critical danger. As long as we leave, he won’t have anything to worry about anymore. Given his strength, even if he is no match for the many opponents, he certainly can still escape.”

Wang Yi sighed and nodded, “I hope so.” 

Hon Kong turned around and recounted what happened on the grassland to Li Guangbi and then added, “The horde of beasts this time is more terrifying than before. The horde of beasts is being controlled by someone frightening. Adding to this, there is not only one person. The horde of beasts is ferocious and not as chaotic as before. This time they are more like an army, which advanced and retreated in an orderly manner. It has become a huge trouble to the empire, and must not be taken lightly. Yan Xingtian had asked me to tell Her Majesty that she needs to contact Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu as soon as possible. Otherwise, the entire Vast Thousand Domains will be in danger. 

Li Guangbi was shocked by the news. 

Although all the people in the imperial capital knew that the horde of beasts this time was different from the past, they did not think it was serious to this extent. Upon hearing this, he hurriedly headed to the imperial capital with everyone to report to Her Majesty. 

However, the changes of things was far worse than they had expected. 

Just when Empress Yu Xiaoxing heard the report, ready to assemble an army, and contact the Domain Alliance, she found that the Domain Gate of Heaven Wasteland Domain, which leads to the outside world, had been completely cut off by a mysterious force field. At the same time the contact with the outside world had been broken. The imperial family had tried various secret techniques and special means to contact the Domain Alliance with no success.  

There was a very bad feeling in everybody's heart. 

How terrifying was an existence able to block an entire domain? 

Combined with what happened on the grasslands before, the higher-ups of the empire all realized that a terrifying upheaval was about to happen.

On the second day when the sun began to rise, there was a message from the outpost army that in an area thousands of kilometers away from the imperial capital were traces of the horde of beasts. At the same time, some small towns in the safety area had suffered an attack from the horde of beasts. The number of casualties was disastrous, and only a few had escaped. 

Such news made Lin Zheng, Li Guangbi and the others even more deeply worried. 

And when old teacher Wang Yi heard this news he was even more concerned about Yan Xingtian.

By noon on the same day, there was news that the horde of beasts was advancing in the direction of the imperial city, and even the group of demonic beasts on the grassland had been crushed by the great army of the horde of beasts. Where they passed, the ground was scorched and not even a blade of grass survived. It was like a vast dead domain.  

“The horde of beasts is advancing so orderly, and had deliberately controlled its speed. It must be manipulated by someone.” 

Almost all the higher-ups of the empire who were qualified to learn about the upheaval were aware of this fact. 

Under normal circumstances, although the horde of beasts was terrifying, it was only because of their infinite number, madness and fearlessness of death. They possessed no intelligence, nor paid attention to tactics, and had no degree of organisation. If the same number of horde of beasts and the imperial army were to clash, the final victory would certainly belong to the imperial army. However, now that the horde of beasts had gained intelligence and tactics, everything was difficult to say. After all, the combat force of the most inferior wild beast was still stronger than that of the lowest level of soldiers.  

The outside and inside of the imperial capital had begun to prepare for war. 

The land within thousands of kilometers of Snow capital had already become fertile soil, because in the past few years the Human Race had expelled the wild beasts, and turned this place into a populous and affluent land. But now they had no choice but to organize the evacuation of everyone. In the process, the Heaven Wasteland Empire showed absolute control and efficiency. At sunset of that day, when the great horde of beasts had finally appeared in the soldiers’ sights on the city walls of the imperial capital, all the citizens outside the imperial capital, with the assistance of the army, had already retreated into the imperial city.  

The horde of beasts continued to approach the imperial city without stopping, and immediately launched the first round of attacks. 

Bugle horns, cries, yelling, cannons, howling... 

Everything that can be heard and seen in war appeared around the imperial capital. 

Countless colourful protective barriers spread across everywhere, completely enveloping the huge Snow capital. In this moment, the foundation that the Heaven Wasteland Empire had accumulated for decades was all revealed. This was Snow capital and not Deer City, thus the difference in defensive force was naturally poles apart. The horde of beasts was fierce, but for a moment it had no threat to the soldiers on the city walls. In the first four hours of the first wave of fighting broke out, the team of the empire that guarded the city had even organized several tough counter-offensives, attacking directly from the walls, slaughtering millions of beasts on the front line of the horde of beasts army... 

Empress Yu Xiaoxing had even personally supervised and directed the battle from the north city gate. 

After the great horde of beasts had continuously attacked for six hours, it was around dawn that they abandoned two or three million beast carcasses and retreated like a tide. At the end of the first round of offensive, outside the city walls, the corpses of beasts piled up like hills, blood flowed like rivers, and the pungent smell of blood saturated the air and shot to the sky, dying half the sky blood-red. 

The horde of beasts receded, and set up an encampment hundreds of kilometersoutside like an army. 

When the sun rose, several figures flashed up from the horde of beasts camp and instantly came to the north gate of the Imperial capital. 

“Where is the Empress of the Heaven Wasteland Empire?” One of the figures bellowed, “Come out to answer.” 

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