1251 - That person's news

Chapter 1251, That person's news

“Child, it's really you...” Teacher Wang Yi was so excited that his voice was trembling.  

All this was like a dream, he was afraid that everything would disappear the moment he opens his eyes. Although the time spent together was short, he had always regarded Yan Xingtian as his descendant. Before Yan Xingtian entered White Deer Academy there was a time when he was an orphan and had to rely on Teacher Wang Yi for material assistance. The relationship between the two was simply not something easily understood by others.  

“Sir, I'm back.” Yan Xingtian's personality was stubborn and cold, but in front of Teacher Wang Yi he was extremely respectful. 

Teacher Wang Yi stretched out his hand to clap Yan Xingtian on the shoulder, eyes reddening. Then he subconsciously raised his hand to rub his eyes and said, “Good, good, it’s good that you're back. To be able to see you again while I’m still alive, I, Wang Yi, can now die happily.” At this point, his tears were already streaming uncontrollably down his cheeks. Wang Yi was also an orphan, and his wife and children died of illness at a young age. When he encountered Yan Xingtian on the streets, he was already without child, and thus cultivated Yan Xingtian as his son. Back when Yan Xingtian went missing, the entire White Deer Academy was very grief-stricken but the one who was most upset was certainly old teacher Wang Yi. 

“Student has been wandering outside all these years, but has also inquired about Teacher and even went to the Road Name Academy to watch Teacher from afar. It was because of some reasons that I was unable to see Teacher. I hope Teacher won't blame me for this.” Yan Xingtian bowed deeply while speaking.  

He was an orphan since a young age, without relatives and without friends. He had been wandering alone like a stray cat in Deer City. As a result his lonely and icy-cold personality was developed. He was unruly and unyielding, and no matter who it was, he did not attach any importance to them. Therefore back then, even as a student of a poor and humble background, his relationship with Ye Qingyu was no better than that between Ye Qingyu and Qin Wushuang. In this world, it was only Wang Yi who made him feel the warmth of love in the most difficult years of his childhood. Now he has become one of the strongest experts in the world and was only half a step away from the last pass. He showed disdain for the entire world, but in front of Wang Yi, he was extremely polite and respectful.  

“Don't worry, don't worry, knowing that you are still alive and possess the cultivation base you have now, I am already more happy than anything. I have nothing else to wish for now.” Wang Yi wiped away tears, gradually calmed his emotions, and then suddenly remembered something: “You just said that, because of some reasons it was inconvenient for you to show up, but you appeared this time... is this not going to bring you any trouble?”

As they say, the more one cares, the more troubled one is. Wang Yi was extremely worried all of a sudden. 

Since it was inconvenient for Yan Xingtian to show up for so many years, and had to watch over him secretly, then there must be some terrifying reason behind this. But because he and the others encountered danger, Yan Xingtian had to appear to save him. Would that bring trouble to Yan Xingtian?  

Yan Xingtian shook his head and smiled, “Teacher please don’t worry. In this world there aren't many people that can make me feel troubled now.” 

He was full of confidence, but it was indeed the truth. The him now was almost standing at the peak of the world, able to overlook thousands of creatures. Even the power of that sword just now was enough to destroy thousands of peerless experts in the Vast Thousand Domains. 

Teacher Wang Yi could finally relax when he heard this. He nodded and said with a wide smile, “Right, your sword strike just now can split apart the world and frighten fiendgods. You have already reached a state which we cannot fathom. Your cultivation base can be said to be world-shaking. Haha, I really have been worrying too much. Back then you and Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu were called the double walls of White Deer Academy. Unfortunately you have vanished without any news. After that, Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu traveled north to Youyan Pass, and from then on, soared to the sky, fought the world, and has achieved unparallel prestige. I have countless times thought that, if you were still around, you will certainly be as glorious as Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu is now. I was right hahaha. The two most outstanding talents of my White Deer Academy are both already peerless experts, hahaha!” 

Once one is happy, as if they had been drinking, one would speak a lot more.  

At this time, Wang Yi was in this state. After intense emotional fluctuations, he was overjoyed and spoke much more and even directly compared Yan Xingtian with Ye Qingyu. 

But the reaction of the others around wasn’t too unusual——In truth, in other occasions, if someone dares to be compared with Ye Qingyu, then that would just be bringing disgrace to their own head. Especially in Heaven Wasteland Domain, where Ye Qingyu had a high and mighty status. Even the present age Empress who brought about the peaceful and prosperous Heaven Wasteland Domain may not be able to compare with Ye Qingyu. In the hearts of many martial artists, Ye Qingyu was similar to a god-like existence. All of the students and teachers of White Deer Academy also had a special feeling towards him. If someone acted slightly disrespectful to Ye Qingyu, they would be attacked from all sides.  

But at this moment, Wang Yi had compared Ye Qingyu with Yan Xingtian and even said that these two were evenly matched. Of course this was because of the special relationship they had. However, the other people also did not know how to disagree, because firstly Yan Xingtian was indeed from White Deer Academy, and it was a known fact that the two people were known as the double walls of White Deer Academy. Adding to this, Yan Xingtian's sword strike just now was indeed unmatched. The people present couldn’t help but acknowledge the fact that his swordsmanship was absolutely comparable to Ye Qingyu’s, and perhaps... even stronger than that of Ye Qingyu a few years ago. 

In particular, Hon Kong and the mysterious thin and tall expert, whose insight and knowledge were sharper than those of ordinary people, were truly aware of Ye Qingyu’s cultivation realm when he was at his peak. Therefore, in truth, they had already ranked Yan Xingtian above Ye Qingyu. After all, to defeat an expert shrouded with Emperor power in one sword slash was something that not even Ye Qingyu could achieve in his strongest state back then.  

However, unexpectedly, after hearing Teacher Wang Yi's words, Yan Xingtian's face was crossed with a complex expression.  

After a brief pause, he shook his head, “Thank you for the compliment Teacher, to be equally famous as the Great Immortal God Emperor is an incredibly lucky thing. I have made success in my cultivation, but compared to the Great Immortal God Emperor, the gap is still too great. It is like comparing a firefly and the sky. Perhaps my achievements in the future can be compared to his, but now there is still a great distance between us.” Yan Xingtian was a very conceited and proud person, and looked at almost all heroes in the world disdainfully. There was not many people he attached importance to. But the same reason, the prouder a person is, the more one would not go to deliberately belittle someone comparable to oneself in front of others. So, although somewhat unwilling to accept it, and despite the fact that he had been trying to catch up all this time, he must admit that the present Ye Qingyu was much stronger than he was now. He of course was aware of what had happened in the Dark Realm.

The Great Immortal God Emperor? 

Everyone was puzzled for a moment. 

Then they immediately understood that the Great Immortal God Emperor that Yan Xingtian mentioned was referring to Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu.

But when did Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu become the Great Immortal God Emperor? 

The Great Emperor was not a title anyone can claim. Since ancient times, it was only the real Martial Emperor who could call themselves the Great Emperor. Moreover, the two words, Immortal God was even more impressive, an air of self confidence hits one directly in the face upon hearing this. This title alone was enough to explain everything, and since it came from someone like Yan Xingtian it truly had strength and persuasiveness. 

“There hasn’t been any news of Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu for several years after he tidied up the Domain Alliance. When did he become the Great Immortal God Emperor?” A teacher who also taught Yan Xingtian back then finally couldn’t help asking. 

This was a question that everybody had. 

For a while, everybody had forgotten that the invaders army had just retreated and there may be danger again. All were staring at Yan Xingtian, waiting for his answer. 

Vaguely, many people have guessed that, during the seemingly calm years in the Vast Thousand Domains, Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu, who appeared to have been living in seclusion, had made some earthshaking achievements once again.

Yan Xingtian knew about what had happened in the Dark Realm, but there were not many people in the Vast Thousand Domains that does.

He originally did not want to say anything more, but when he saw that Teacher Wang Yi was also quite interested, he explained, “Ye Qingyu did not really vanish, but left the Vast Thousand Domains to enter the Dark Realm. In just a few years, he has already emerged as a new force to be reckoned with, swept the Guardian Royal City, and killed countless marquis and sovereign experts. Through the battle on the Azure Cloud Platform, he stepped into the Emperor realm and became a present age Martial Emperor of the world. In accordance with the rules of the Royal City, he governed the Dark Realm, and later on put down a revolt and was rumoured to have killed several existences of a similar level. He is now the supreme ruler of the Dark Realm. Under his sword, no one is a match for him. Besides a few hidden old monsters, he is most likely already the most supreme existence...” 


“Deputy Envoy Ye Qingyu has ascended to Martial Emperor?”

“Is this true? A present age Martial Emperor... unbelievable.” 

“Heavens, a present age Martial Emperor...” 

Before Yan Xingtian had finished speaking, clamour had already broke out. 

Even the most crazy Ye Qingyu admirers, when they heard the words, ‘stepped into the Emperor realmand ‘become a present age Martial Emperor’, were still dumbfounded. 

It has been a long time since a Martial Emperor had emerged in the Vast Thousand Domains, and without an Emperor, the Quasi-emperors were invincible. Back then, the reason that Ye Qingyu was able to win resounding fame throughout the world and crush all major clans, and that no one dared to fight back was because he had killed a number of Quasi-emperor experts. Although it has only been a few years since then, but Ye Qingyu had already stepped into the Emperor realm and ascended to the true pinnacle of martial arts. Such news, once out, was enough to make the whole world go completely crazy and cause a sensation. 

Martial Emperor, these few words were enough to explain everything, but also able to set off a huge wave. 

The majority of the people present were from the Human Race of the Heaven Wasteland Damain apart from a few genius successors of foreign races and other domains among the students of White Deer Academy. However all were admirers of Ye Qingyu. On hearing such news, after the initial great shock, all were bursting with excitement. Now that Ye Qingyu had become a Martial Emperor, it was unimaginable what kind of impact he will have on Heaven Wasteland Domain and even the Vast Thousand Domains. But there was one thing that was certain, and that it has incomparably great benefits to both the Human Race and the Heaven Wasteland Empire.

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