1250 - A Prodigy Who Has Reincarnated

Chapter 1250 - A Prodigy Who Has Reincarnated 

"How audacious of you!" the figure on the back of the King of Birds cried out angrily. The deathly black mist aura circling around him suddenly exploded like a tsunami. Heaven and earth shook and the firmament trembled as his aura crushed down toward the southern part with an invincible force. "You deserve death for slandering His Highness." 

The black-robed swordsman shook his head and said, "You're just a walking corpse; there's no hope for you at all." 

The black longsword behind him trembled slightly and released a clear and mellow sword call. It was clear, long, and vaguely audible. His sword will suddenly exploded all over the sky as well, showering down like a circulating nebula, and crashed violently against the black mist. 


Dao sounds boomed in the sky. 

A powerful clash of energies happened, so powerful that it couldn't be put into words. The firmament above the vast grass plains seemed to transform into a chaotic canvas, as a myriad of rare and exotic scenes flashed past. It seemed as though the evolution of all things, the formation and destruction of planets, large stars floating in space, nebulae appearing and disappearing, like the death of all things, the Heavenly River turning upside down, the formation of thunder and lightning... all kinds of strange scenes were visible in the firmament. 

At that instant, countless creatures on the plains stared at these scenes in avid fascination. 

Many of them, including ordinary beasts that had yet to evolve, or even the fierce vicious beasts that lacked intellectual abilities, stared at the sky in fascination. The scenes that they were witnessing looked like a mysterious scroll, one that closely resembled the Expansion Way of the Universe. These scenes held a fatal attraction to all living creatures in the world. 

All beings were instinctively drawn to the universal Great Dao. 

Lan Tian, Hon Kong, and the tall and skinny expert were the only ones who remained clear-headed. 


A shrill howl of the sword was suddenly heard, as the black-robed swordsman used his backhand to draw the sword that he carried on his back. 

It was as though a sharp demonic sword that had been drenched in ink was drawn. Its blade split the void open and the sword will that filled the southern part of the sky seemed to gather toward this sword. It slashed out powerfully and the sword will that exploded from it was far too terrifying to fathom. It seemed like this weapon had the power to destroy the entire world for it was so cold, overpowering, and authoritative, filled with a killing intent that seemed bent on destroying everything. Its sword light split apart the strange scenes that flitted across the void like a natural moat. 

After the two experts exchanged blows, it was evident who the victor was. 

"Ah...! You..." the figure on the King of Birds' back yelled in pain. He sounded extremely shocked as though he had discovered something unbelievable. 

The next instant— 


There was a muffled bang as the King of Birds that was several tens of thousands of meters tall was hit by the sword will. Its large body suddenly exploded and the sky was filled with a shower of blood. 

Feathers flew everywhere. 

This fierce King of Birds didn't even have the time to let out a mournful screech before it died without a proper burial. 

The fierce beast's blood fell like torrential rain and covered the surrounding thousands of meters of the vast grass plains, dying the green sea of grass red. 

"I'll remember you... You'll regret today's actions when we next meet. I'll make sure that you pay the price!" said the mysterious figure who had stood on the King of Birds' back. He seemed to have been critically injured, letting out a painful growl before bellowing in resentment. 

Then, his figure flickered as he left the area that was covered with destructive sword will. Deathly sinister mist swirled around him as he hastily made his retreat, instantly disappearing in the northern part of the firmament. The crushing aura that left everyone breathless also melted away immediately, as though boiling water had been poured onto a patch of snow. 

The vicious beast scouts that circled the sky and the flying beast horde that had come to lend aid seemed to sense danger. They let out mournful wails as they hastily attempted to flee, but heaven and earth were now filled with a destructive sword will; rays of silver sword radiance criss-crossed the firmament around the surrounding tens of thousands of meters like a raging tempest. Soon, all of the vicious beasts were reduced to ashes that were scattered in the wind. 

All of the strange scenes in the firmament dissipated, revealing the black-robed swordsman standing as erect as a mountain in the sky. 

His black demonic sword had been sheathed before anyone noticed. 

Blood qi spread across the air and the winds howled. 

The wind caused his inky black long hair to dance in the wind. 

Black robes, black hair, and a black sword! 

As he stood in the sky with his sword in its scabbard, he seemed to draw all eyes toward him as though he had a magnetic pull. 

Who exactly could this person be? This man who seemed to be like a sword god? 

Everyone wondered. 

Even the youngest students of White Deer Academy had realized that this black-robed figure was definitely not Yan Buhui, Li Shui, or any of the other people who they had guessed earlier. The power of his sword had been far too formidable. If they looked at the current generation of prodigies, perhaps it would be only comparable to the power Ye Qingyu had unleashed when he killed the Quasi-emperor of the Four Stars Sect; this was in front of the Four Stars Sect's main gates some time ago. 

When had the Vast Thousand Domains produced such a matchless sword god? 

If not for the fact that everyone knew how much the Deputy Spokesperson Ye Qingyu loved wearing white robes and did not possess a black demonic blade, they would have mistakenly thought that Ye Qingyu himself had arrived. 

Suddenly, an elderly instructor who had been with White Deer Academy for several decades let out a soft gasp and said, "He... seems so familiar... Impossible, you can't be him... It has been countless years since he disappeared..." 

"Who are you talking about?" 

"Sir, who are you referring to...?" 

Several students and instructors turned to look at this elderly instructor. 

The elderly instructor quickly shook his head and said, "I might be mistaken... It can't be, it can't possibly be him... He died many years ago. What a pity. If he were still alive, he might be as formidable as this man... Don't look at me that way, I've mistaken him for someone else." 

His words left everyone else speechless. 

However, another instructor who was also relatively old suddenly said as realization slowly dawned, "Master Wang Yi, are you referring to Yan Xingtian who had been known as the two treasures of humble origins from our White Deer Academy? You're right, his figure and black robes bear a strong resemblance to Yan Xingtian's. Back in those days, Yan Xingtian had also been a peerless prodigy but had unfortunately met with an accident while out training. His whereabouts are unknown and it is likely that he has perished." This instructor sounded very regretful. 

Everyone finally realized who Instructor Wang Yi had been referring to. 

Not many people had heard of Yan Xingtian since; in spite of his peerless aptitude and the fact that he had been highly regarded by many instructors, including the previous head of the academy, he had disappeared before he could fully live up to his aptitude and potential. Many people have forgotten his name with the exception of the few elderly instructors who had taught him. 

Several instructors couldn't help but sigh inward in regret at the mention of Yan Xingtian's name. 

This was especially true for Instructor Wang Yi who had admired Yan Xingtian's aptitude the most, among all the instructors. He was also on very good terms with Yan Xingtian and had tried his best to look after him in many aspects. He had put in a lot of effort to groom Yan Xingtian because he was also an instructor of humble origins, so he hoped that he could groom Yan Xingtian to be a model for future students of a humbler background in the empire. Instructor Wang Yi had been devastated when Yan Xingtian had met with an accident and had erected a grave for Yan Xingtian, putting his personal belongings inside. 

This was the reason why Instructor Wang Yi had immediately drawn the connection between the black sword-wielding  god of swords in the sky and Yan Xingtian. He had probably never forgotten that determined, quiet, and strong-willed student of his who had a penchant for black robes. This student, along with Ye Qingyu, had been known as the two treasures from humble origins at White Deer Academy. If he had truly lived up to his potential, Yan Xingtian might have even been as famous as Ye Qingyu, or at the very least, achieved outstanding feats in their own right. 

The instructors who were aware of Instructor Wang Yi's feelings for Yan Xingtian couldn't help but sigh to themselves in regret. 

Yan Xingtian was probably the most painful part of Instructor Wang Yi's past. 

It was a pity that the sight of this man had dredged up Instructor Wang Yi's memories of his favorite student, only being wishful thinking on his part. This had happened on several occasions as well, and he would make this comment each time he saw a prodigy that reminded him of Yan Xingtian. It was impossible for that figure in the sky, who resembled a sword god, to be Yan Xingtian. After all, Yan Xingtian had perished decades ago and could not possibly exist in this world. It was impossible for him to have escaped death based on the circumstances of that accident. 

However, the figure who stood in the sky suddenly disappeared. 

A voice rang out clearly in everyone's ears— 

"Greetings, Instructor Wang Yi." 

Everyone saw a blurry flash and when their visions cleared, they saw the black-robed figure in front of Instructor Wang Yi. He stood tall and upright as he bowed respectfully at Instructor Wang Yi; the gesture made was indeed the one used by students of White Deer Academy when greeting their instructors. 

"You..." Instructor Wang Yi said dumbly and his eyes widened in disbelief. 

The black-robed swordsman bowed once more and said, "Greetings, sir. I'm Yan Xingtian." 

"It is truly you? God, I..." Instructor Wang Yi stammered as he came back to his senses. He had dreamed of the lonely and determined black-robed young man, bowing to him on countless occasions. But each time he woke up, he was disappointed to find that it was nothing but an illusion. Yet, this time, everything seemed so real and this was something that he had yearned for... but, it couldn't possibly be a dream, right? 

Everyone else froze in shock. 

Hon Kong and the mysterious expert were also overcome with shock. 

How... could it be the prodigy who everyone thought was dead? Was he truly back? 

"Greetings, Grand Instructor Hon Kong. Greetings to all instructors," the swordsman in black continued to bow respectfully at Hon Kong and the other instructors who had once taught him. Hon Kong had not been the head of the academy when he had left; only a Grand Instructor. Thus, this was the title Yan Xingtian used when he greeted Hon Kong. Hon Kong had also been an admirer of Yan Xingtian's talents back in those days, but did not put in as much effort in grooming him as Instructor Wang Yi had done. Nonetheless, he had been on rather good terms with Yan Xingtian. 

They all shook out of their reveries and were finally certain that this black-robed swordsman was truly White Deer Academy's prodigy that had died an early death, Yan Xingtian. 

Everything felt like a dream. 

The young man whom everyone assumed was dead had come back to life, and now possessed such terrifying and unbelievable cultivation. 

Several younger students looked at this black-robed young man admiringly. They were in awe of Yan Xingtian's formidable sword skills and hoped to become like him one day. 

Finally, Yan Xingtian circled back to Instructor Wang Yi and gave him a formal greeting once again. 

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