Chapter 1244 - The Hordes of Beasts from the Heavenly Wasteland

Chapter 1244 - The Hordes of Beasts from the Heavenly Wasteland 

At the Vast Thousand Domains.

As time passed and the moon waxed and waned. 

This world was in the midst of a significant change. 

Over the past couple of years, the yuan qi found in the universe became more and more abundant, and the power of laws was more well-defined. This resulted in many experts emerging in the various domains including the Heavenly Wasteland Domain. It was truly the age of martial artists. 

It was as though the restrictions on the martial way that had prevented all lifeforms from furthering their cultivation had been smashed overnight, and millions of races welcomed a golden age of the martial way. There were more Saint and Great Saint experts than ever; all experts could feel the bottleneck on their martial way loosening and easily achieved breakthroughs. The techniques that they had found so challenging in the past suddenly became very easy to cultivate. 

In a few short years, the standards of the Vast Thousand Domains' martial way skyrocketed rapidly. 

Countless prodigies, heroes, ambitious men, and talents emerged rapidly one after another; the age of powerful talents was about to begin.

However, no matter how much this world has changed and no matter how many peerless prodigies fought to show off their talents, there was still that one person that nobody was able to surpass—the third deputy spokesperson of the Human Race, Ye Qingyu. 

This was a peerless human prodigy who had come from humble beginnings but was easily the most powerful person throughout the Vast Thousand Domains. He had not been seen for several years, but his miraculous achievements in battle were still enough to make those recently emerged talents quake in fear. This was especially so since as time passed, news of what actually happened during the space battle at Capital Sky Peak, the battle at the Four Stars Sect, and the battle at Ren Puyang's funeral hall were made public, and this caused the entire Vast Thousand Domains to tremble at the mention of the name 'Ye Qingyu'. 

He killed Quasi-emperors as easily as slaughtering chickens or dogs. 

He single-handedly killed several true Quasi-emperors, and his amazing achievements seemed so miraculous that no matter how outstanding the later prodigies seemed, none of them could quite match up to him. 

At the Heaven Wasteland Domain. 

The Heaven Wasteland Domain was now a rising star. It was rich and powerful; it was said to be the most outstanding emerging power of the entire Vast Thousand Domains. Its far-reaching influence could be seen in the Heaven Wasteland businesses that have popped up all over the Vast Thousand Domains; the citizens of the Heaven Wasteland Domain were seen everywhere and even in the most remote small domains, they were extremely active. Wherever the Heaven Wasteland Domain set up businesses, all the other forces would approve of all their proposals and even the super domains such as the Water Moon Domain and the Dragon Human Domain did not have designs nor show any form of disrespect to the Heaven Wasteland Domain.

The most outstanding business group in the Heaven Wasteland envoy mission was the Qingluo Chamber of Commerce. 

The leader of the Qingluo Chamber of Commerce was Song Qingluo, a famous beauty known throughout the Vast Thousand Domains. She was exquisitely gorgeous, very intelligent and extremely powerful herself. Many young and handsome men admired this beautiful and rich woman. Many wanted to court her, from the most talented man in a domain to the talented men in a sect; she had many suitors and many were truly talented, but they failed to win her hand.

It was said that Song Qingluo used to be Deputy Spokesperson Ye Qingyu's lover, and there were also rumors that Song Qingluo was so powerful because Ye Qingyu had imparted his skills to her. There were even rumors that Goddess Song had a long-lost sister and her sister was Deputy Spokesperson Ye Qingyu's lover; due to their familial connection, he had given the Qingluo Business Group preferential treatment. 

These rumors also contributed to the reason why the Qingluo Chamber of Commerce was able to take its place amongst the top five chambers of commerce within the Vast Thousand Domains in a short period of time. 

There were also several other flourishing chambers of commerce besides the Qingluo Chamber of Commerce. 

The Human Race of the Heaven Wasteland Domain were treated like royalty wherever they went. 

Their Empress' authority and dignified manner was also known throughout the land. 

Yu Xiaoxing was known throughout as the most powerful woman in the Vast Thousand Domains. She enjoyed a higher status and title compared to Song Qingluo, but because her title was far too noble, the common people did not dare to gossip about the Empress. Thus, Song Qingluo was more widely discussed amongst the people than Yu Xiaoxing. 

There were many talents and heroes that emerged from the Heaven Wasteland Domain, and excluding Lin Zheng, Li Guangbi and the others who were part of the older generation, the two Brute Kings and two Beast Kings who were titled kings amongst the foreign races also enjoyed high prestige throughout the entire domain. This was especially so for the two Demon Kings, Yan Buhui and the Dragon Turtle—one guarded the Snow Ground Demon Court while the other was stationed at the Heaven Wasteland Building. These were all experts who had emerged recently from the foreign races and were known to have achieved outstanding feats in battle, so many people were of the opinion that it was highly likely that they'd be able to become Quasi-emperors one day. 

Besides them, there was also Qin Zhishui, the [Saber King of the Heaven Wasteland], Lin Baiyi the [Elixir King], Li Rui the [Sword Saint], the dragon son of the Dragon Tiger Sect, and so forth; they were all part of the new generation of prodigies whose names were known throughout the Vast Thousand Domains. They had achieved outstanding results in battle and were known as the heroes of an age. They were even more outstanding than the prodigies that had come before them, such as the Four Stars Sect Holy Girl and the Sacred Son of the Divine Sky Sect. 

Due to its connection with Ye Qingyu, Deer City of the Heaven Wasteland Domain became a place of pilgrimage for countless martial artists. 

There were three sacred places of the martial way located at the Heaven Wasteland Domain. 

The first was Matchless Blade City, where Deputy Spokesperson Ye Qingyu had once opened a forum for martial arts and established an arsenal. Over the years, under the [Saber King of Heaven Wasteland] Qin Zhishui's leadership, the city had flourished. Many sect members of the sects within the Heaven Wasteland Domain would make a pilgrimage there and discover a divine skill or secret technique that was perfect for them, so they treated the place with extreme reverence. 

The second place was the arsenal located within the Snow Capital. This had also been established by Ye Qingyu and it was the official martial hall of the Empire, so countess martial experts within the military treated it as a sacred place. This was the place that had groomed many experts from the military, and it was said that the War God of Youyan Pass Lu Chaoge, Liu Suifeng, and the others had once locked themselves in self-isolation in this very place. This was the reason why it was a place where countless military experts dreamed of cultivating at. 

The third place was Deer City. 

There wasn't any top-level arsenal to be found within Deer City, but White Deer Academy was now indisputably the best academy within the Empire, having groomed and produced many young prodigies. However, this was not enough for Deer City to seal its status as a sacred place. The only reason for it being known as a sacred place was because Ye Qingyu had studied there. Thus, the significance of the place lay in its reputation and not anything else. Nonetheless, its reputation had spread far beyond the Heaven Wasteland Domain and was a popular spot throughout the Vast Thousand Domains. Many martial experts and prodigies from the foreign domains would come to Heaven Wasteland Domain to visit Deer City and White Deer Academy in hopes that they'd be able to walk in Ye Qingyu's footsteps and gain enlightenment for their future along the martial way. 

It was a sunny day with clear skies. 

The sky was a sea of blue, like a giant blue stone, so clear and pure that it was absolutely enchanting. 

The scenery was gorgeous outside Deer City, and there was a bustling stream of people. 

It was a beautiful morning and everyone at Deer City was about to start a new day. Everyone looked happy and contented; thanks to Deputy Spokesperson Ye Qingyu, Deer City had welcomed a huge number of visitors, so all the citizens of Deer City had made money from this never ending stream of visitors and accumulated great wealth. The laws of the city were strictly enforced and well-regulated, so this place was like heaven to its citizens. 

In the Song estate. 

Song Qingluo who had managed to schedule a rare trip home had changed into simple robes, lightly masked her aura, wore an exquisite silver mask with intricate markings, then headed toward White Deer Academy with several men. 

This was a habit that she had nurtured. 

No matter how busy she was, she would always find time to make several trips to White Deer Academy every year, to look at the place where the man-made forest, mountains and the trainer's square had once been. She had precious memories of these places and had an unattainable dream. She knew that this dream would never come true, but she would still make a trip to this familiar place, as though she could find that person waiting for her by the dying embers if she turned back. 

As she walked along the streets, she saw many creatures from foreign domains and lands, all clad in a strange variety of clothes. 

There were several people like Song Qingluo who wore masks made of silver silk, and thus, no one recognized this slender and beautiful lady as the goddess who was known throughout the entire Vast Thousand Domains. 

Song Qingluo walked very slowly. 

Soon, she arrived at the main gates of White Deer Academy. 

She couldn't help but smile at this sight. 

This was when she was at her most relaxed state of mind. 

The status of White Deer Academy was now so special that it wasn't open to the public on weekdays, but an outstanding alumnus like Song Qingluo would naturally be allowed to enter once she made her identity known. Today was no exception, either. 

As she walked past the main gates of the Academy, the scenes that were so familiar to her could all be seen. 

Over the years, under the leadership of the head of the Academy Hon Kong, White Deer Academy did not blindly expand but continued to maintain the intricacies and scale of the past, so nothing had changed. 

Song Qingluo looked down and was contemplating whether she should pay a visit to the head of the Academy Hon Kong when suddenly, a shrill alarm shattered the tranquility of White Deer Academy and the entire Deer City. 

Song Qingluo was surprised. 

The next instant, the shrill alarm sound turned into an endless series of crashes in the sky above Deer City. 

"What's going on?" 

She had been taken aback by the first warning signal, but after the twelfth sound of this signal and countless rays of colorful yuan qi splendor flew into the air throughout Deer City, she immediately realized that something big was about to happen. 

Twelve warning signals meant that this was the highest alert state of the Empire. 

These colorful splendors signified that all the defensive formations of Deer City had been activated without any hesitation at that moment. 

The tranquil White Deer Academy was now a bustling hub of activity. 

Classes were canceled and the young students looked on curiously. 

At the same time, the crowds on the streets outside the Academy seemed a little flustered and they looked up at the sky in surprise. 

Further in the distance, along the city wall of Deer City, battalions of armored soldiers made their way toward their appointed defensive positions at the fastest possible speed. 

The residents of this city who were still in the outskirts were all ushered back in at the first instant. 

Several warring airships that were within a several hundred kilometer radius returned to the city. 

When the defensive formation of the city was activated, layers of colored light shields appeared from all around and wrapped themselves in layers around Deer City. There were more than ten layers and this formed an extremely secure net. 

The formation had just finished activating when a black sea of beasts could be seen on the horizon. They charged frantically and ferociously toward Deer City. As the stampede made its way to the city, hills were stomped flat, trees were broken, wild beasts were reduced to bones, and everything in their way was turned to ashes. It was like a destructive force that instantly destroyed everything.

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