1238 - The Military and Political Sides

Chapter 1238 The Military and Political Sides

Everyone was asking, but nobody had the answer.

Many non-believing people personally went to the residences of the sixteen Emperor clans to take a look.

The sights of the forbidding, magnificent residences used to cause one to tremble in fear even from afar. However, at present, they were already in a state of decadence. The nobles of the Great Emperor clans, who had grown pompous, were by now sealed of their cultivations and were shivering under the custody of the armored soldiers. They had never imagined that they would fall into such a plight. In particular, a few Emperor clans which put up fierce resistance were personally demolished by the Immortal God Emperor. Those members who became captives now looked no different from ordinary humans.

Among them, the scenes in the residences of four Great Emperor clans, including the Sky-reaching clan, the Dark Feather clan, and the Lofty Mountain clan, were the most tragic. 

These residences were all but destroyed, suffering heavy casualties, while all of their surviving members were taken into custody. This was no different from an expropriation. From the clan’s leader down to the bodyguards, everyone was sealed before being sent to the military prison, their fates virtually imaginable. They certainly would not have another day to redeem themselves, and the fall of these four Great Emperor clans could be said to be destined. 

Upon careful analysis, some observant people discovered that the other twelve Great Emperor clans were those that had angrily departed in advance in the morning.

They were basically forces which were extremely powerful within the imperial capital during more ordinary days, and had a heritage spanning hundreds of thousands of years. With such long histories and deep foundations, their respective power and foundation were top fifty among the Emperor clans in the Royal City, and they could be said to be heavyweights that even several Martial Emperors dared not provoke easily. The reason why they dared to do something so insulting to the new Emperor as departing in advance on the first day of the new dynasty was precisely because they had great backing, and were confident enough to not fear the new Emperor even if they had truly insulted him.

After all, they were backed by hidden sovereigns.

However, who knew that, subject to the fury of the Immortal God Emperor, the so-called Emperor clans would collapse at the first blow and instantly disintegrate? As for the hidden sovereigns whom the Emperor clans’ members had pinned their hopes on, they did not reveal themselves to surround and attack the new Emperor as imagined. From start till end, they did not reveal themselves, make any expression, or say a word even when the leaders of the Emperor clans were being slaughtered on the spot by the new Emperor. 

Countless people were astounded by this outcome. 

How did it turn out like this?

It was not just outsiders, but also the members of the Emperor clans, who could not understand.

Why didn’t our ancestors reveal themselves and do all they can to save the situation even at such a critical moment when our family and clan are being destroyed?

The members of the sixteen Great Emperor clans cried and shivered. All of their pride, arrogance, and dignity as an Emperor clan were crushed by the new Emperor on this day, and they were now feeling fear that was being involuntarily produced in their hearts. Several members were wailing out loud, while several clan leaders looked utterly remorseful, expressing that they had made the wrong decision during a moment of misjudgment and were now willing to repent and admit their mistakes, and begging the new Emperor for mercy… 

The sight of their faces would make one unsure whether to laugh or cry.

Being not caught up in the whirlpool for the time being, the outsiders were able to see things more clearly and could thus analyze more of what was going on behind the scenes.

For example, after the expropriation of the sixteen Great Emperor clans came to a complete end, all of the nobles in Royal City came to a common viewpoint – the power of the new Emperor was unparalleled throughout history and had reached a state of full invincibility. This was why the hidden sovereigns of the various Great Emperor clans grew fearful and were not confident of defeating the new Emperor even if they revealed themselves to surround and attack him, and were thus forced to take things lying down.

This conclusion shook the soul of every noble.

After all these years, has a truly world-domineering, fearless, and ruthless sovereign finally arrived? 

If even the Emperor clans can’t withstand the new Emperor’s might, then who in Royal City can? Who dares to fight him? 

The answer was…

No one.

Several other Emperor clans which were fortunate enough not to fight the new Emperor directly were secretly counting their blessings without end. Fortunately for them, they had restrained their inner arrogance during the dynasty’s opening, or otherwise, their fates would be exactly the same as that of the sixteen Great Emperor clans.

In the main governing hall.

Ye Qingyu sat high up on the sovereign’s divine throne.

Chief Commander Sun Yi was reporting the details of the day’s expropriation.

Aside from the “ten  new nobles”, the other military leaders were all present. Regardless of their stand or their clan, they were quiet and solemn, while their postures were respectful and not the least bit neglectful, such that they dared not even exhale their heavy breaths. The names and numbers rolling off Chief Commander Sun Yi’s tongue startled them – those names had previously been celebrated in Royal City and those numbers used to take away people’s breaths, yet they were now nothing more than pitiful victims under the might of the new Emperor.

“The sixteen Great Emperor clans are completely within control. Please explain how we should go about our next step, Your Highness.” Sun Yi asked for instructions after reporting everything.

“Well done. Hand down my orders that all nobles of the sixteen clans shall be stripped of their titles regardless of their status, while the clans’ armored troops shall be disassembled. All grown men, and people whose cultivations are at the Great Saint realm and above, shall be exiled, while the young, the old, the weak, the sick, and the disabled shall be temporarily imprisoned. Choose a remote place outside Royal City and build a central city there. After it has been built, move the old, the weak, the sick, and the disabled there, to be imprisoned and examined.”

Ye Qingyu's voice carried a chill like that of dark ice as it sounded from atop the sovereign’s divine throne, causing everyone in the hall to tremble with fear. At this time, nobody dared to try challenging the will of the new Emperor any longer.

This form of punishment basically announced the doom of the sixteen Great Emperor clans.

The methods of the new Emperor were ruthless, decisive, and heart-palpitating.

“I obey your order.” Sun Yi bowed in acknowledgment. 

Political battles were always cruel. Thinking from Ye Qingyu's perspective, if the sixteen Great Emperor clans successfully pulled the new Emperor down, his fate would not be any good. At this time, anyone with a working brain would not be kindhearted, and could see that the new Emperor’s actions were intended to kill the chicken to frighten the monkey. If he did not follow through with his ruthlessness, the effect would be heavily reduced.

After a pause, Sun Yi bowed and said in a clear voice, “Your Highness, there are many aces among the sixteen clans. If we exile all of them and they ever resurge one day, they’ll definitely cause unrest among the military and the people. Dare I suggest that we only break up the sixteen clans internally and reorganize them into new battalions, and delegate capable people to administer and command them? With strict supervision, we may be able to build up many powerful new battalions.”

Although Sun Yi had all along hidden his capabilities and did not participate in concrete decision-making, having served in the military for a long time after all, his foresight and knowledge were absolutely sharp. He thus acutely captured the flaws in Ye Qingyu's order to exile the Emperor clans and spoke up to provide a warning. 

On the divine throne, Ye Qingyu nodded his head and replied, “I approve.”

After hearing what Sun Yi said, he immediately realized the flaws in his idea and thus agreed with the former’s suggestion.

In the eyes of those present, this scene naturally became further evidence that Sun Yi was favored by the new Emperor.

Subsequently, Ye Qingyu issued many other regulations and decrees which numbered in the hundreds in total and were extremely systematic and complete. They were evidently not impulsive decisions but tracks he was highly familiar with instead. There were three core purposes. The first was to suppress and divide the nobles of the Guardian camp, the second was to raise the status of the Dark Ones and the Sinners, while the third was to eliminate all nepotism from the system of promotion, demotion, appointment, and removal of the nobility. Replacing it would be meritocratic standards, in which ability and merit would become the only criteria for promotion. Even Sinners could be promoted to become nobles if they made great contributions.

The three core purposes implemented Ye Qingyu's will to the fullest.

After hearing all this, the people in the main hall felt as if they had been thoroughly drenched from head to toe in ice water.

If these three purposes were confirmed, the status of the nobles would rapidly decline in the new dynasty, and this would deeply affect everyone’s interests. Yet, nobody in the hall dared to oppose explicitly. Since the fate of the sixteen Great Emperor clans had set a precedent, who would still dare to provoke the mighty new Emperor? 

Many nobles looked at Sun Yi, hoping that this favorite of the new Emperor could speak up and fight for a few benefits for the nobility. After all, he and the entire Sun clan belonged to the nobility, and thus the new Emperor’s policy would undoubtedly affect the interests of the Sun clan.

However, Sun Yi showed no change of countenance.

“I obey your orders,” he said in a loud voice.

Many people felt immensely disappointed at once.

Of course, there were also a few long-frustrated people who became eager and excited at this time. They thought themselves to be talented people, except that they never had opportunities. If the new Emperor’s decree could truly be implemented, perhaps they might have the chance to set the world on fire.

The thoughts of the people in the hall could not be hidden from Ye Qingyu's observation.

Given the extent of his strength and cultivation, he could gain insight of any worldly affair with just a thought. In plainer terms, he could clearly perceive the alarm in the hearts of everyone present, and could read the mind of anyone who made the slightest change or revelation of expression.

The might of an Emperor was neither comprehensible nor imaginable by the average person.

Subsequently, Ye Qingyu called out the names of dozens of people in succession.

Those who were called walked out trembling with fear. Believing that the new Emperor would condemn them, all of them looked gloomy.

Who knew that, this time, they instead received important appointments from the new Emperor, with several key positions and duties in the military falling into their hands. On close observation, one would discover that these people had been moderates and extremely talented people in the military. In the past, it was only because of their lack of family status that they could not go a step further. Without this huge transformation, they would probably never have the chance to distinguish themselves throughout their lifetimes.

For a time, these people were overwhelmed by honor and ecstatically expressed their gratitude.

“I’m going to self-isolate for a month. You all shall be responsible for everything in the city. Since my policies have been finalized, they must be rapidly implemented. Sun Yi shall have the last say on military matters, while [The Beginning] shall have the last say on internal affairs.” Ye Qingyu stood up and continued, “[The Beginning], please show yourself to let everyone take a look at you.”

As soon as he finished speaking.

A beam of white splendor flickered in the hall.

As it faded, a lean figure appeared in everyone’s sight.

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