1225 - A Choice

Chapter 1225 - A Choice 

"My supplies have already run out, so please issue the command to return to Royal City," the chubby man said. His name was Gu Xunchao and he was the leader of the noblemen military officers who had been creating trouble recently. He belonged to a prominent family within Royal City and treated the commanders that Lin Xuan had groomed recently with contempt. Both Gu Xunchao and the veteran noblemen thought of Lin Xuan as an upstart. 

"Your supplies have run out?" Lin Xuan said angrily. "I've already allocated and transferred supplies to your camp this afternoon and there are only three thousand soldiers in your camp. These supplies should have been enough to for more than three days, how did you manage to finish your supplies in the span of one day?" 

"Haha, I guess the soldiers under my command have a larger appetite," Gu Xunchao said with a straight face. 

The dozen or so noblemen military officers behind him also burst out laughing. 

They had heard rumors from other families and vaguely knew that the new Emperor was in dire straits, maybe already having perished in battle. This was why their actions had become even more overbearing. If the new Emperor was at his peak, they would have not dared to behave in such an unruly manner. 

Mo Weinan's eyes blazed with anger and committed every military officers' face to memory. He had received some teachings from Ye Qingyu but he had only been cultivating for a short period of time; there...

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