1224 - An Unforeseen Event at the Royal City

Chapter 1224 - An Unforeseen Event at the Royal City 

The three supreme commanders walked out of the Unmoving City of Darkness fearfully and only let out sighs of relief when they returned to their respective warships. 

"What exactly is in this box?" Ran Guangyao asked in surprise as he placed the box on the table. 

Guo Yuan and He Yan were both curious and fearful. 

Ren Guangyao hesitated for a moment before he finally opened the box in front of the other two supreme commanders. 

They were hit with the pungent scent of blood the moment the box was opened, and Ren Guangyao gasped softly while He Yan and Guo Yuan turned pale for there was a head in the box. The facial features of this head were extremely clear and its final expression was one of abject terror.

All three of them looked at each other in dismay and felt as though their hearts were about to jump out of their chests. 

They had taken countless lives so, under ordinary circumstances, they wouldn't be fazed at the sight of a head. However, they were so shocked because this head once belonged to Yang Feng, who had also been a supreme commander like them. 

They had already guessed that Yang Feng had probably met with a bad end, but when they saw his head for themselves, they couldn't help but gasp and suddenly felt chills run...

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